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Clinical Nutrition/Chiropractic

Nutrition Response Testing may be just what you’ve been looking for … answers to: • Digestive Problems • Fatigue • Weight Problems • Joint/Muscle Pains

Receive an Initial Nutritional Evaluation and Report of Findings

• Anxiety/Depression • Skin Problems • Allergies • Mystery Illnesses


$60 OFF Regularly $120

WITH THIS AD Chiropractic not included;










The Feeling Alright Health Fair and Concert will be held at the Rhode Island Music Hall of Fame, 999 Main St., Pawtucket. The fair is free. Tickets for the All Star Concert are $20 at tickets or Empire Guitars, 1271 N. Main Street, Providence. See ad on page 9.

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prised entirely of Rhode Island physicians, will open the show, followed by the funk and soul of Take It to The Bridge, with headline acts by the Tune In & Tune Up All-Star Band featuring The Fabulous Tunettes and The In Tune Horns. For the finale, all the musicians will join together to play the Joe Cocker classic “Feelin’ Alright.” Tickets to the concert are $20. Both the health fair and concert are family-friendly. The Tune In & Tune Up initiative and Feeling Alright health fair and concert were born several years ago at a Hall of Fame meeting when Culp and his fellow musicians began reminiscing about their many friends who had passed away due to poor health. “Musicians think they’re bulletproof,” he says. “Over the years, I’ve noticed that many of us just don’t have the best health habits. We’re on the road, we have lots of late nights and don’t always make the best decisions. If we have a sore throat or aren’t feeling well, we tend to think it’s cool to just push through. I knew one guy who hadn’t been to the doctor in nine years. “We have a big problem in our society with heart disease, obesity, insomnia, diabetes and depression,” Culp says. “What we’re doing is not working. We need to get back to basics and simplify our lives. It’s not natural for people to be under this amount of stress. People are using electronics more, their lives are fast-paced, and they’re losing patience and consciousness of self. The human body is incredibly resilient but it can only take so much. We’re too busy and we suffer for it.” The Feeling Alright Health Fair, Culp says, is an opportunity to not only educate musicians and the general public, but to connect the communities. “We’re all in this together. We’re all trying to be more health conscious and more spiritually conscious.”


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