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Free AngelTouch Healing Sessions During January and February


pirit of Agape will offer free 30-minute sessions of a new modality called AngelTouch Healing from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., January 17, 24 and February 7, at Spirit of Agape, in Warren. This new modality is an energy technique that uses rose quartz crystals, a crystal pendulum and sacred geometr to release blockages in the client s energ field. he method is innatel fluid in that it complements other modalities and allows the practitioner to intuit from within while still getting concrete feedback. The information that is drawn from a series of sessions can be used to see patterns of disharmony in the body, and these patterns can be used to correlate connections to emotional, mental and physical changes occurring in each client. The mind-body connection can clearly be seen. Even more important than the analytical information derived from a session, the method employs the use of crystals and rotational energy flow to release blockages found and then replenishes the lack of essential life energ with health flowing life force energy, also known as chi. am certified to practice and teach the modality. I use it on myself regularly and it gives me a wonderful guideline of how my thoughts, feelings, habits and actions influence m health and so, it assists not only with my physical well-being but with my own self awareness,� asserts Shari Bitsis, owner of Spirit of Agape. Location: 32 Cole St., Warren. To book a session, call Shari at 401-465-4249 or email See ad on page 16.

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