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Dr. Kate Siner, Ph.D.

r. imoth . rien has worked in the healthcare field for more than 35 years. Prior to his work in acupuncture, he specialized in critical care aid and emergency medicine as a registered nurse. He discovered acupuncture when as a patient it greatly helped his chronic back pain. His Dr. Timothy E. O’Brien, experience with acupuncture DA, M.Ac. provided the insight that motivated him to make a mid-life career change leading to the study and practice of acupuncture.

Author and educator with a Ph.D. in psychology from Saybrook graduate school, Dr. Kate Siner is a true visionary who advocates for compassionate, conscious and integrated living. She has dedicated her career to helping people find and develop their own fulfillment and success by connecting to their true selves. Dr. Kate has Dr. Kate Siner, Ph.D. provided world-class training in entrepreneurial and personal development for more than a decade.

Services offered r. rien has been in practice in Rhode Island for 15 years, providing acupuncture and herbal medicine to more than 10,000 patients.

Services offered: Mentoring, retreats, virtual classes and more to help highly motivated individuals change the world for the better by transforming themselves.

Areas of specialty: He is a graduate of the New England School of Acupuncture (NESA), the oldest college of Oriental edicine in the nited tates. e is nationall certified b the ational ertification ommission for cupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM). He is licensed in the State of Rhode Island by the Department of Health as a Doctor of Acupuncture.

Areas of specialty: Personal Growth Mentoring, Business Development

Opus Acupuncture WEST GREENWICH


Philosophy of healing: Your health is your wealth. Take care of yourself naturally. Have fun. Live long. Dr. Timothy E. O’Brien, DA, M.Ac., Opus Acupuncture, 66 Nooseneck Hill Rd., West Greenwich. For more information, call 401-397-6333 or visit See ad on page 8.

Philosophy of healing: “There is no cookie cutter model,” Siner says. “I tailor everything that I do to meet you where you are at and grow along side you. I also believe that you can t change our life ust b talking through our problems, so I help my clients create effective plans for taking action so they can change themselves—and the world around them—for the better.” Dr. Kate Siner, Ph.D., Dr. Kate Inc., 3 Ship St., Providence. For more information, call 401-272-4578 or visit KateSiner. com. See ad on page 11.

How to Talk with a Doctor by Carol L. Roberts


any patients, both men and women, have a hero-worshipping attitude toward their physicians and can be intimidated during visits. he ma feel it s impolite to question a doctor, even to get information needed to make critical decisions for one s self or a loved one. Some doctors seem to have forgotten they are still just people with a medical degree. Patients should remember this if they encounter any perceived aloofness or arrogance. Too often, such an unhelpful attitude may be acquired


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along with professional experience. Getting ready for a visit to a doctor often entails following instructions, but should also include preparing questions you want answered. If a serious health issue has surfaced, such as an abnormal lab test or a diagnosis that requires treatment, make key questions count: “Where did this come from? Is there anything I can do for myself? What is the recommended treatment? What are the expected effects and unintended side effects of the proposed treatment? Are there alternative forms of treatment? Can I speak to one of your patients that has undergone this treatment?” Then, do online research upon returning home. The Internet has placed

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Practitioner Profiles/Glorious Aging