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Autocad maSTerplan 01 autocad plans 02 photoshop 1 03 photoshop 2 04 concepts 05 kerkythea 06 3ds max 1 07 3ds max 2 08

10 nalpreSTam dacotuA 20 snalp dacotua 30 1 pohsotohp 40 2 pohsotohp 50 stpecnoc 60 aehtykrek 70 1 xam sd3 80 2 xam sd3

1 Autocad maSTerpla

02 Autocad plans

Inserting a tree into public space

3 Photoshop 1

Elevation exploring materiality and shadow within the maSTerplan

4 Photoshop 2

Roots draw warmth from the earth flowing up concrete trunks that transport resources to and from the dwellings, providing the inhabitants with essential nutrients. Metal leaves catch water, channelling it into the roots for STorage and recycling. The canopies are nurtured, branches and leaves STretch out from the trunk expanding space as the community it holds evolves. Elevation gives a level of separation and privacy form the intense publicity of the ground, allowing inhabitants to observe or ignore the movement below. Below the trees people pass amongST the urban floor moving between zones, in and out of the dappled shadows of the canopies and light filled clearings of concrete STumps.

rban tress

5 concepts

perspeCTive plans modelled in sketchup and rendered in kerkythea

6 kerkythea

firts attempt at 3ds max exploring lightinh and applying materials

08 3ds max 2

second attempt at 3ds max Modelling my suSTainable dwelling and combining it with photoshop to add the painting and figures

Digital Journal - Michael Carruthers  
Digital Journal - Michael Carruthers  

Digital Journal - Michael Carruthers