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STORY INTRODUCT ION It was a rich family. They lived in New York. The family was very closetogether, and I went to excursions together.

Narrative It all begin on Saturday. The Harrissons went to excursion like every weekend. The Saturday 10-10-11 they went to the mountain to fish in the Druch river. The father said, that he was going to the river to have a bath and suddenly Ms Smith realized that Ms John Harrisson took too long. Soshe fetched him and suddenly he was found dead with a knife nailed on the neck. Ms Smith was a scared and run away towards their children. Sheexplained what had happened and tried to call police. There was no coverage. They took refuge with in the forest. In the morning they wake up at 8:00O’clock and returned to try to call the police but they still didn’t have coverage. In the afternoon they went out of the shelter and on the hill. Eventually they found coverage on a hill. They called the police becausethey wanted help. Keyn realized that the car was in the river where John Harrisson died. The Ms Smith explained to the police. The police investigated the murder. At the and the murder was his work friend of John.

Marc and Khadija  

narrative about a family

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