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UNIT 1 TUTORIAL 1 Exercise 1. Cities: Barcelona, Zaragoza, Cádiz. 1. Cádiz is the smallest city. 2. Barcelona is the biggest city. 3. Zaragoza is bigger than Cádiz. 4. Barcelona is more beautiful than Zaragoza. 5. Barcelona is the most beautiful city. 6. Cádiz is the best city for a holiday in summer.

Exercise 2. 1. The best way of travelling in Zaragoza is the bus. 2. Travel by car is worse than bus because there is much traffic. 3. The taxi is more expensive than the bus. 4. I use the car because I need to go to work. 5. When I go shopping, I walk or take the bus. 6. When I go out at night whit friends, I take a taxi to go home.

Exercise 3. 1. The best month to travel in Spain is May. 2. In May the weather is better than in other months; it’s hot but not much. 3. On the beach is less crowded than in summer, and the hotels are cheaper.