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XTO Energy makes a donation of $1,000 to the Bugtussle Volunteer Fire Department. Pictured from left are XTO Lease Operator Ronny Dees, XTO Energy Operation Foreman Jade Fitzer, Bugtussle Fire Chief Doyle Morris, and XTO Energy Production Foremen Dan Lorlovick and Mark Page.


sense,” Ward said. “Now I have to bring in money to keep the doors open,” Ward said. “We shouldn’t have to be in the money collecting business.” Ward said he also sees a conflict of interest with the program. “We are supervising the same people we are prosecuting,” Ward said. The Legislature created the District Attorney Supervision Program in 2005 as an alternative to supervision by the state Department of Corrections. If a judge gives someone a deferred or sus-

pended sentence but doesn't order them to DOC supervision, then, according to law, the person “shall be required to pay the district attorney a monthly supervision fee” of $40 for the supervision, according to Oklahoma Watch is an investigative journalism non-profit group covering Oklahoma public policy. In other business at the Saturday meeting, Brenda Calahan, vice chairman of the Second Congressional District Democrats, said a large political event is planned for June 2014 in Durant, “ We are hoping to bring big names like Bill and Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren,” Calahan said.

Also during the meeting, Jerry Donathan and Donald Mathis asked for support from the club as they both run for the unexpired term of Pittsburg County District 3 commissioner. The seat became available after the sudden death of Commissioner Ronnie Young on Aug. 7. An election for the seat is set for Oct. 8. Donathan is chairman of the Pittsburg County Democrat Club. The next meeting of Pittsburg County Democrat Club is set for 11:30 a.m. on Sept. 28 at the Stubborn Mule restaurant. The meetings are open to the public.


ment coordinator for the city, noted there are only four weekends left prior to the Oct. 5 Wild West Festival in Old Town, so volunteers will need to come together soon to start work on the site. More information about a work day will be made available as plans are completed, she said. “By Oct. 5, we want to have some of the arbors up and the stickball field

ready,” she said, referring to some of the early phases of the project. Plans are to use the Tobucksy Courthouse building already at the park as a welcoming and educational center, she said. She said she will be working closely with the Choctaw Nation on the project. “The Choctaws will have complete control over the authenticity of everything in the park,” she said. Kirby is also eyeing a site where saplings could be


and Substance Abuse Services, Perryman said. “It’s a QPR training, Perryman said. “ Its an acronym for Question Persuade and Refer.” He said the one hour class will teach how recognize the signs of a person who could be having trouble coping. “The students will be taught how to direct this person to help available within the community,” Perryman said. He said trainings can also be made available for organizations . Those attending must be 18 or older and seating is limited. For more information contact Perryman at 918423-3525 or email Contact Jeanne LeFlore at jleflore@mcalesternews. com. cut down to use as some of the fencing and for the traditional Choctaw dwelling in the park. Johns said Wednesday she’s glad to see the project move forward. “I’m very proud the city council agreed the Choctaw village is an amazing project for our community,” Johns said. “I look forward to working with other community volunteers to make this project a reality.” Contact James Beaty at

Contact Jeanne LeFlore at jleflore@mcalesternews. com.

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Staff photo by KEVIN HARVISON

From left, City Manager Pete Stasiak and Mayor Steve Harrison listen to a presentation by McAlester News-Capital Publisher Amy Johns at City Hall on Tuesday night. Johns spoke in support of re-purposing Hutchison Park in Old Town to serve as the site for the recreation of a traditional Choctaw village. The city council passed the measure by a vote of 6-0.

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