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Table of Contents 2 | Martin Luther King, Jr.

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3 | Feature: Ben Weinhold

good at talking to people great at getting information interested in taking pictures able to work with graphics a curious person who can go after a story with diligence and enthusiasm involved (or want to be) in school events . . . and if you like to write

4 | Feature: Violet Sutton 5 | MCA Bowling 6|

Scholars Bowl




Feature: Molly Welch New Journalism Staff

You could be in journalism! Consider joining us for 2017-2018 Journalism

Journalism staff Jina Kim (12) Niko Enna (12) Lilly Bower (12) Braden Lockwood (11) Haili Wisener (9)

| Editor in Chief | Reporter & Graphic Editor | Reporter *newbie* | Reporter | Reporter *newbie*


Martin Luther King, Jr. A Nation’s Hero By Lilly Bower

In 1954, Rosa Parks, the black secretary of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (also known as the NAACP), refused to give up her bus seat to a white man. After her arrest, King was elected as the leader of a bus boycott (it would eventually last 381 days) by the Montgomery black community. This decision put King at the forefront of the Civil Rights movement and also made him a target by the racist opposition to the movement. King and his family experienced severe harassment, including their house being bombed. However, King’s incredible determination and faith inspired thousands to join the Civil Rights movement.   The next few years were critical for King and the move-

Martin Luther King, Jr. is an American hero. Although thousands of books, articles, essays, movies, and TV shows have been made about the Civil Rights leader, many people are unaware of the life King led and the legacy he left behind. King was born the son of a black minister on January 15, 1929, in  Atlanta, Georgia. From an early age, the young King showed great intelligence and promise. At age 15, he started attending Morehouse College, followed by Crozer TheologMartin Luther King, Jr. and protesters begin the march ical Seminary in Chester, from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama on March 7, 1965. Pennsylvania, and then he went to graduate ment he led. Following desegschool at Boston University. regation of the buses in thanks There, King met and married to the bus boycott, King and Coretta Scott. The young couple many fellow ministers formed soon moved to Montgomery, Althe Southern Christian Leaderabama, a place that would launch ship Conference in 1957. They King’s Civil Rights career.      -2-

wanted to keep the movement’s eyes on God for direction and strength. As president of the Leadership Conference, King became a world-renowned leader and lecturer of non-violent opposition. King was also arrested several times for his actions in the Civil Rights movement. He began writing about his experiences and the reasons behind the non-violent movement in his famous “Letter from Birmingham Jail” in April 1963. Four months later, King led hundreds of thousands of

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. became a leader and activist in the 1960s Civil Rights Movement.

both blacks and whites on the “March on Washington” to make their voices heard. Once there, King delivered his legendary “I Have a Dream” speech. “I have a dream,” he said, “that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” Millions were inspired. By the next year, the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was ...continues →

Plot Twist: passed and segregation between races was banned; this was one of the most important successes for the movement. King was also awarded the Nobel Peace Prize that same year. In 1965, King lead peaceful protesters marching from Selma, Alabama to the state capital of Montgomery. The marchers were abruptly stopped when they were violently assaulted by local Alabama police. Instead of resisting, the protesters prayed and turned back. The altercation was videotaped and broadcast in the media, which brought the violence in the South to the attention of Americans who had not previously been aware. This event contributed to the passage of the Voting Rights Act of 1965. After gaining desegrega-

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. - MLK JR.

tion and voting rights, King and his followers began to focus on African-American poverty and opposing the Vietnam War.   However, in 1968, tragedy struck. As King was exiting his hotel room, ex-convict James Earl Ray shot him. The nation, and in fact the whole world, grieved. King had inspired millions with his determination, his grace, his love for others. He showed the world that, as he said, “The time is always right to do what is right.”  Sources:

Ben is Secretly a Ninja

by Jina Kim

Perhaps martial arts sounds a little exotic. Would you believe that Ben Weinhold (12) has been doing martial arts for about twelve years? “When I was about six, my dad offered me an option between martial arts and baseball,” said Ben. Since his T-ball experience did not trigger his interest, he started his sports career with taekwondo at Premiere Martial Arts in Lawrence. Seven years later, looking for a better place that was closer, he switched to Brazil Academy in Olathe. There, he practices jiu jitsu and muay ti for one hour each, three or four times a week. Ben explained, “Jiu jitsu is like judo, while muay tai is like kick boxing, but better, with more elbows and knees.” Ben said that prejudice against martial arts as a “rough” sport is wrong, and highly recommends the sport. “Martial arts is used to defend yourself and others, and helps [you] gain self-confidence,” he said. In fact, he says the only downside is injuries. But “even injuries build character and self-reliance.” His goal is to become better, strong, and faster. He grows stronger every year, and holds a 2-2 record. Safety equipment includes a helmet, mouthpiece, cup and wraps. Participants win competitions by getting more points, strikes and knock-outs, and must avoid disqualifying moves such as illegal swipes, chokes or joint locks. Ben has never been disqualified. His favorite techniques are “punching and kicking harder.” At competitions, scoring can be a little arbitrary, based on “who’s the more aggressive, or who gives more damage,” said Ben. At tournaments, he said that a participant can gain an unintentional advantage if there is an uneven number of competitors. For example, if there are three competitors, two of them compete while the third one takes it easy. Then the tired winner competes against the third, fresh participant. Ben expects college life to occupy most of his time, giving him barely any extra time to practice martial arts. However, he expects to jump back into his martial arts routine over summers with his brother. Ben’s wise advice is, “If you’re going to hit somebody, hit hard.” -3-

Get Back Up and Wrestle Sweep the leg, flip ‘em, pin ‘em by Jina Kim

“Wrestling is like chess, you need strategies,” said Violet Sutton (12), who is aiming high for the state high school wrestling championship in her last year of high school. “I want to excel by focusing on moves, working out, and basics,” she added.

women’s you were scared is wrestling. hard.” Women’s She practices at wresLawrence Elite tling is Wrestling Club relativewith two coaches ly new and other wrestlers. to the “They are like famOlympics. ily,” she said, “and you get support At the beginning of her se- While men’s from everyone.” nior year, she marked four and a wrestling Violet enjoys sharhalf years of wrestling. She tried became ing her experiences out for wrestling along with her Violet placed second in “War of the Roses,” a an Olym- national tournament for high school girls, held and encouraging brothers when she was six years pic sport at Ottawa University during her junior year. younger wrestlers, old and quit, but she jumped in 1904, giving them advice back into the sport when girls’ wrestling became popular her 8th it wasn’t until one hundred years not only as a wrestler, but as a later that women’s wrestling begood friend. She also sets a good grade year. came an official Olympic sport in example for others spiritually. “I She eventually “fell in 2004. always pray before I wrestle,” she love” with wrestling, and notes Wrestling is both physical said. the overall confidence she’s Her goal is to beat Bailey, gained from the sport. “The train- and mental. Violet said that phys- ically, “it’s tough and draining. Emily, and another Violet who ing helps you in life, because you You only wrestle for about six are her tournament rivals. To work hard for what you want,” minutes each time. . . . You use win a wrestling match, a wrestler she explained. every muscle in your body and must pin the opponent or score Her role model is Helen all your strength [to win].” As more points. Illegal moves, such Maroulis, the first American to for the mental aspect, Violet said, as punching, are a shortcut to diswin an Olympic gold medal in “It’s very menqualification. Her favorite stratetal. You beat gy? “A blast double leg to a turk,” your opponent she said with a grin. in your head For Violet, the only downfirst, then on side of wrestling is injuries. She the mat. If you hasn’t had any major injuries exare scared, then cept a wrist fracture two summers you will wrestle ago. scared. Losing when you know This fierce little lady’s you can beat motto: “Take from them everysomeone, or not thing, and give them nothing. Violet (right) competes against a female opponent at a male/female winning because Show no mercy.” wrestling tournament at Paola High School in March 2016. -4-

Bowlers Always Have Time to Spare Bowling with style “Strike one, strike two, strike

three—it’s a turkey!” Strike, turkey, spare, frame and gutter are all terms the bowling team learns and uses at each practice. (A “strike” is when all ten pins are knocked down with one ball. A “turkey” is three strikes in a row).


by Braden Lockwood

Matches The team bowls a variety of schools. Coach Isaac explained

that the hardest teams to compete against are the 6A teams, such as Olathe East and Lawrence, while the more competitive matches are usually with smaller bowling teams, such as Washington and Schagle High School. “At this time we are typically superior to the smaller schools in talent. I am confident that our team is capable of winning any of our matches,” he said.




“We perform our skills fiercely each time we practice,” said Brett Perry (11), who has been on the team since his freshman year. One of the skills the team practices is hand placement. “When we place both hands under the ball, it spins, which hits the pins at an angle that makes it more likely to get a strike.” Stance is another important skill. Ty Caffery (11), who also joined the team his freshman year, explained, “We adjust our stance to the dots on the bowling floor depending on which pins we are aiming for.” For incoming bowlers, Ty and Brett have this advice. “Practice, because that is how your skills improve,” said Ty. Brett added, “Don’t let your spirit get you down. No matter what, you will improve if you want to.” The sixteen member bowling team is made up of ten boys and six girls. The team has either one or two practices week for about an hour at Park Lanes Bowling Alley on Renner Road in Shawnee.

Cody Brown C.J. Bruner Ty Caffery Jadyn Carver Selena Chen Grace Ensminger Katie Guo James Heddings David Li Samuel McGowan Zak Oster Stephanie Pang Brett Perry Mellenie Redick Daniel Sun Joey Zhou

9 9 11 9 10 9 11 9 12 11 11 11 11 10 10 11

Braden’s One of my favorite bowling team memories is buying my first bowling ball at Park Ball Lanes. The workers measured my fingers to the right fit, and then I got to choose the Buying get weight and color. I chose a twelve-pound suited my style, and Experience ball because the weight I selected a purple ball because purple intimidates other opponents. I bought my own ball because new ones have a higher tolerance to spin, and the more you spin, the more you win.


Scholars Bowl : Technically a Sport Buzzin, cuz we bee hexa-g00d Scholars Bowl is much likened to a quiz show, with team members attempting to buzz in answers to various questions before the other team competing in that round does, and climbing the rankings alongside all the other schools who attend the meet. Despite stereotypes, Scholars Bowl is not just for the “mentally elite and physically deplete,” but for anyone who knows anything about a category. And with categories ranging from Math, to Fine Arts and even Sports, one is sure to have a category they can work with. Ryan Fitzgerald,

Scholars Bowl Varsity team captain, had this to say, “Anyone [is free to join], particularly those with an aptitude for flexible thinking. And fast reflexes.” Scholars Bowl is a rewarding sport, particularly for those who don’t feel they would enjoy an athletic sport. In fact, the sports credit is an incentive for some students to join Scholars Bowl. When asked why he joined, Josh Mestemacher of the junior varsity

by Niko Enna

team said this, “Mainly so I didn’t have to do a sport.” Sam McGowan of varsity responded with, “Because I was told I would get sports credit and free pizza.” And Ty Caffery, a varsity player, said, “I didn’t have a winter sport.” Scholars Bowl is also a good way to hang out and make new friends, with practices Tuesdays and Thursdays. It makes an environment of fun and friendly team building. Be sure to wish the team well as they prepare for state! If you have any questions on joining next year, be sure to contact Mr. Cox.

The Scholars Bowl team competed at the 2A Perry LeCompton meet in Perry LeCompton, Kansas, on January 11th. Twelve schools participated in the scholarly battle; the Eagles placed second.

If you can answer these, Scholars Bowl might be for you! 1.What is the color of the cross on Finland’s flag? 2.i^104 = x 3.In what city was Ludwig van Beethoven born in? Answers!

1.Blue 2.1 3.Bonn, Electorate of Cologne


Catan is the best. game. ever. A slightly sarcastic report by Niko Enna

What is the objective answer to a seemingly subjective question? Often this is unknowable, as most of these questions are purely subjective—as in “what is your favorite kind of ice cream?” But in a few cases a seemingly subjective question can be very objective. To illustrate, when one is asked, “What is the best board game?” The answer must be Settlers of Catan.

Some “Followers of Catan” in Germany. Now everyone is subject to their own opinion, even one’s own wrong opin-

ion—this is America after all. But it is an objective, non-disputable truth that the best board game is Catan. (This truth excludes tabletop role-playing games, and other dissimilar games, such as Twister or traditional Pictionary, and instead focuses on “pure” board games.) For the uninformed, Settlers of Catan is a board game in which players attempt to strategically gather resources on a randomized board in an attempt to build up the most cities/settlements and become LORD OF CATAN. Catan is a game of strategy, open diplomacy, secret diplomacy, and settling. Far more advanced than most board games, Catan is often considered a “gateway game” to the famed German-Style board games which focus more on the skill of the play-

er as opposed to luck. Now some seem to find Catan boring, and that is okay; it is fine to be wrong. Catan’s loving arms have room for everyone, with a myriad of expansion packs for everyone to pick and choose from (eight to sixteen, depending on how you count). There is always something new to play. Other conscientious objectors to Catan may say it takes too long, but those people have simply not learned to truly savor the joys Catan has to bring. The joys of Catan are exponential. Granted, it may start a bit slow, but once it’s off the ground it soars to fabulous heights. Some people just don’t seem to like it, and those people are just hard to understand. Catan is a shining bastion of human achievement and entertainment upon a dark world, bringing the light of ultra-simplified macro-economics with it. It is expansive, fairly simple, and of the highest quality. This year, indulge into the joy that is Catan, and if you already have, spread the love that is Settlers of Catan.

MCA Likes To Play! -7-

A poll of Maranatha’s favorite boardgames.

“Germans playing Catan” By Matej Batha (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons


Swimming for Gold: Molly Welch Butterflyin’ through the water by Lilly Bower

This past summer, U.S. Olympic swimmers like Michael Phelps and Katie Ladecky became household names. However, we here at Maranatha have our own swimming all-star, senior Molly Welch. Growing up in Lake Quivira, Kansas, Molly was surrounded by swimmers and soon followed her peers to begin swimming at age four. She fell in love instantly. The next year, she started to swim competitively. Since then, Molly has been able to specialize in the 100 meter backstroke, 200 meter individual medley, and the 500 meter freestyle, as well as having the opportunity to swim with the St. James Lady Thunders (where she currently competes), the Lake Quivira Country Club, the Shawnee Sharks, and the Kansas City

Blazers. She keeps always creates new goals competing, for nearly for herself, like beating thirteen years now, not personal records and only because she is “just learning new techniques really competitive,” but to improve her form. also for the environThis endurance and ment, community, and work ethic is one of the endurance the sport has things she has taken given her. away most from her   “The best part sport; she has learned is the accomplishment to keep going and to you feel,” the swimmer push herself. As she apreplied when asked proaches her last year as Molly Welch (12, left) and a what she loved most a competitive swimmer, St. James Thunder teammate about her sport. Abby Molly can look back on prepare for an away meet at Lansing High School last Gomer, Molly’s friend, over a decade of wonspring. mentor, and coach, is derful experiences and not only one of Molly’s lessons that go beyond inspirations, but she also has constant- the pool that have helped prepare her ly pushed Molly to get better. Molly for the world ahead. 



Staff W E N

by Jina Kim

Journalism Former Affiliation

Lilly: Robertsdale High School, Alabama Haili: Piper High School

Favorite subject

Lilly: World History Haili: Bible Where do you wish to travel?

Lilly Rae Bower (12)

Favorite Food

Lilly: Mango with chili pepper Haili: Bacon

Lilly: All of France Haili: Australia Favorite color


Lilly: Blue-grey Haili: Red

Favorite shows

“I am secretly a fortune teller.” - Lilly “I am a llama whisperer.” - Haili

Lilly: Drawing, painting, reading Haili: Cheer, Photography, Farming


Haili Grace Wisener (9)

Lilly: The Office and or Parks and Recreation Haili: Impractical Jokers -8-

Mock Election 2017

Freedom Train “Keep Chuggin’ Forward”

Common Cents “Real Change for America”

Constellation “Stars and Stripes”

The Hike Winter 2017 edition  

MCA Winter Hike

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