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GIRAFFE • It lives in the grasslands • It eats leaves from the trees • It has got a very long neck • Giraffes can reach the leaves from the tallest trees!!

BAT • It lives in caves and trees • It eats bugs and fruit • They sleep in the day and go hunting at night • They sleep upside down

It is a bird. It lives in lakes It eats insects and fish. It can swim.

LION It lives in grasslands It eats meat It has got a very long tail and large mane Lions can run very fast. They hunt other animals. They are carnivores.

WHALE It Is the biggest mammal in the world. It lives in the ocean It eats fish Whales swim long distances and they can jump out of the water

It lives near the rivers. It eats grass and plants. It has got a big body and short legs Hippos can run slowly.

By: Nacho Rodrigo


A simple description from primary students