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The Inter-College Council was formally established in 2013 and is dedicated for all students across the collegiate system of the the Residential College. ICC’s aims and objectives are as follows:     

Organize the 1st Masters’ Cup Competition Ensure fair game and promote sportsmanship. Promote a strong sense of belonging and affiliation with the Colleges Create a strong sense of camaraderie, participation and teamwork Enhance the spirit of healthy living and well-being.

The structure of ICC is composed of three primary organs: The Chair, the Advisory Board, and Members of the House Association Executive Committee.

ICC is designed specifically to serve all student across the colleges through different sports and cultural activities. These activities are competitive, recreational and also instructional in nature as each college is represented in inter-collegiate competitions and tournaments.


Each activity is organised by members of the House Association as a learning experience for all participants through their involvement in public relations, organization, administration, budgeting and scheduling, as well as the development of skills in their particular sport. While participation in ICC activities is open to RC students and Resident Fellows, the primary philosophy of ICC is “student-led, student-run.” This relates to the overall vision of UM’s 4-in-1 model: Community and Peer Education and is now in full operation.

Guidelines for Masters’ Cup – Classification & Scoring Systems GOLD TOURNAMENTS (Normal tournament) a. Gold tournaments include sport and cultural tournaments which have well defined individual or group representatives from corresponding college. For instance, well defined team for each college can participate in basketball (1 team for each college), soccer competition (1 team for each college), badminton competition (1 or 2 team/s for each college)…etc. Besides, only College-based competition will be counted as Gold Tournaments.

b. Colleges which win the 1st place to 4th place gold tournament will be scored: 120, 100, 80, 60 Masters’ Cup points. The rest of the college which are not 1st place to 4th place but participate in the tournament will score 10 Masters’ Cup point. For those College not participated in the tournament, 0 Masters’ Cup point will then be given.


c. The scores of each sport and cultural tournament of each individual College will be summed up. The College which have the highest total Masters’ Cup points in sport or cultural will be the winner of the Overall Champion in Sport or Cultural of the annul Master’s Cup.



Silver tournaments include sport and cultural tournaments which have no well-defined individual or group representatives from corresponding college or other parties. To promote a sense of teamwork and camaraderie, ICC participation scores will be awarded to the College which scores the highest participation. 40, 30, 20, 10 point(s) in the Masters’ cup will be awarded for the 1st place to 4th place of ICC participation. 0 point will then be given to the rest of the College. For UM Sports’ day and Swimming Gala, extra scores will be awarded to the Masters’ Cup. Colleges which win the champion and 1st runner-up in both games will be scored: 80 and 60 points in tournament scores. The rest of the college score 0 point. For each Silver tournament, the corresponding working group should be designed the rules of determine 1st place to 2nd place. (For instance, the brief scoring system of the sport day is listed below: Only the scores for individual and ICC based relay events will be counted. The scores for each individual event will be 10(champion), 8(1st runner-up), and 6(2nd runnerup). For ICC based relay held on sports day, the scores will be 20(champion), 16(1st runner-up), and 12(2nd runner-up). Six extra points will be awarded to the college if the College individual or ICC based team breaks the best record. Colleges which win the 1st place to 4th place in terms of the total scores in the Sport Day will be rewarded: 80 and 60 Masters’ cup points. The rest of the college which are not 1st place to 4th place will score 1 Masters’ cup point.)


Student Helpers

a. Any registered helper for the tournament who reports duty within 10 minutes after the reporting time of the assigned match will cause a deduction of 0.1 mark for his/her College in the overall score of Masters’ cup points . 4|Page

b. Any helper who is no show or reports duty after the starting time of the match will cause a deduction of 0.2 mark for his/her College in the overall score of Masters’ cup points. c. Conveners (Colleges-in-Charge) of respective competition will be responsible for taking the attendance record of all helpers.


Rules for Appeal

a. Any dispute during the competition will be determined according to the rules stated if applicable; otherwise, decision will be determined by the referees and the competition continues. If any team fails to continue the competition, the team will be regarded as withdrawal of the competition. Team Manger should give a formal request (verbal and written) for an appeal to the conveners within 24 hours of the ending time of the match.

b. An appeal board will be formed to make the final judgement. Members of the Appeal Board will include the Chairman of ICC, two conveners, and two team managers without direct conflict of interest. If the appeal case is related to the Chairman of ICC, then a neutral person from Council of Associate Master will be invited to be the chairman of the board.

III. University Sports Team Members a. With the spirit to encourage the College students to participate in ICC sports competitions at a possibly closer playing level, the number of University sports team members and athletes is limited to ONE only for the games with less than 8 players and TWO for the games with more than 8 players at any time during a match/competition. b. All players should declare whether they are University Team members of the current year, and should sign on the players list for confirmation before submitting it to respective conveners. c. Individual College(s) will be disqualified in the concerned match/competition if they are confirmed to fail in observing the rule III.1. No Masters’ cup points will be gained for that competition in relation to the overall sports champion. The final positions of related winning teams will be adjusted accordingly once the offence is found valid. For example, if the Champion team is found to have violated the rule III.1 in any of the previous matches of a particular competition, the 1st runner-up team will be shifted to be the Champion and so forth. Such shifting of positions does not apply to the results in the knock-out phase of a competition.


ICC – Annual Plan 2016/17 It was decided in the first meeting (7th August, 2016) that ICC would organise seven activities during the academic year 2016/17. These activities will be categorised as sporting and cultural activities for teams of mixed gender:

Sporting Basketball (League based) (SeptOct 2016) Cheerleading (Oct 2016)

Dodge ball (Nov 2016)

Arts Festival (February – March 2017)

Football (February 2017)

Annual Masters’ Cup Presentation (Mar-April 2017)

Cultural Cooking Competition (January 2017)

ICC will collaborate closely with Office of Sports Affairs (OSA) and Students’ Affairs Office (SAO) to promote and co-host other activities for students across the colleges: 

Debating Competition (SAO)

Sports Day (OSA)

Swimming Gala (OSA)

Badminton (OSA).

Basketball (3 on 3)


Inter-College Council (ICC) Basketball League, 2016/17 Masters’ Cup Final

The highly anticipated Masters’ Cup Basketball League 2016/17 finally kicked off on Wednesday 21st September, 2016, at the Pavilion in N8, with nine colleges having registered their ‘starstudded’ teams in a bid to win the league. ICC organisers separated the teams into two groups where the top two teams from each group would qualify for a spot in the semi-final play-off.

The final match between Cheng Yu Tung College (CYTC) and Shiu Pong College (SPC) drew a capacity crowd to N8 Pavilion on Sunday evening, 23rd October, 2016. In a thrilling final match played between CYTC and SPC, neither team seemed to be able to seize the advantage in the first three quarters, especially with both teams playing extremely well defensively.


In the final stages of the match, CYTC players Zhang Meng and Li Jiandong stepped up their offensive style of play, and managed to capitalise on several free throws, providing a scoring punch for CYTC and finishing the game with a 37-31 win over SPC.

CYT College - ICC Basketball Champions 2016/17 (with Associate Master Dr. William Lee, Resident Fellow, Dr. Tang Yu Ming & Dr. Diane Lu)

CYT College - ICC Basketball Champions 2016/17 (with College Master, Prof. Chung Ling)


Inter-College Council (ICC) Cheerleading Competition, 2016/17 Masters’ Cup Final The highly anticipated Masters’ Cup Cheerleading Competition 2016/17 was held on Wednesday 21st September, 2016, at the Pavilion in N8. All nine colleges were eager to showcase their intricate teamwork through creative choreography and acrobatic dance moves. Cheerleading has evolved as a popular college sport where each team is scored subjectively based on many categories such as the cheer itself, the dance section, team work, as well as creativity. ICC organisers were honoured to invite the following guests to judge the competition:   

OSA Director, Dr. Patrick Chan ADO Director, Mr. PC Vong SAO Director, Mr. Paul Pang

Choi Kai Yau College (CKYC) were crowned winners of the competition, with Chao Kuang Piu (CKPC) and Cheng Yu Tung College (CTYC) taking second and third place respectively, and Moon Chun Memorial College (MCMC) in fourth place.

The Top 4 Cheerleading Teams with the Judges and CKYC Master, Prof. D. Pong


ICC Cheerleading Competition Champions – CKY College

Inter-College Council (ICC) Hosted 1st Dodgeball Competition 2016 On 27th November, 2016, ICC successfully organised its third activity for the semester: Dodgeball Competition, 2016, in the Sports’ Pavilion – Training Hall B.

Inaugural Match between Shiu Pong College (Left) and Pearl Jubilee College (Right) – With Special Guests: Mr. Paul Pang (Dean of Students), Prof. David Pong (Master CKY College) and Prof. Walter Ho (Associate Master CKY College)

Mixed-gendered teams representing the nine colleges were divided into two groups for the qualifying stage. Only the top two teams from each group advanced into the semi-finals. Dodgeball is a game in which players on two teams try to throw balls at each other while avoiding being hit themselves. There are many variations of the game, but generally the main 10 | P a g e

objective of each team is to eliminate all members of the opposing team by hitting them with thrown balls, catching a ball thrown by a member of the opposing team, or forcing them to move outside the court boundaries when a ball is thrown at them.

Playing Dodgeball increases agility and balance: Players running across a court improve agility as they adjust their bodies at a rapid pace. It can also help them to improve their balance.

The game improves hand-to-eye coordination: To successfully hit other players, throwers need to coordinate their throws not only with the other players’ current location, but also take into account where the ball lands.

11 | P a g e

Players become more flexibile as they are constantly twisting and turning, bending up and down and jumping around. Over time, players’ flexibility improve, which can also carry over into daily activities as well.

In fact, Dodgeball is a great form of anaerobic exercise: The short bursts of sprinting involved in a game of dodgeball can improve cardiovascular health by lowering blood pressure and pulse, improving circulation and burning calories. In addition, the game also builds teamwork and leadership skills by having the players working closely with each other to eliminate the opposition.

Team building is a great way to enhance collaboration and also hone gain leadership skills

12 | P a g e

In the second round the top three teams that advanced to the next stage of the competition played each other twice. CKY College won all their matches, and were crowned College Champions 2016, while CTY College came in second place; and MCM College Coming in third place.

Moon Chun Memorial College in Third Place – Captain Roy Chen receiving the prize from Dean of Students, Mr. Paul Pang.

Cheng Yu Tung College in Second Place – with College Master, Prof. Chung Ling

13 | P a g e

Choi Kai Yau College – Dodgeball College Champions 2016 – with Prof. Walter Ho, Prof. Pong, Mr. Paul Pang.

“The most part of the event for all participants was the competitive spirit, sportsmanship and making progress together. That was all envisioned by ICC Committee members. Hopefully, dodgeball will continue next season and it will continue to be even more successful and meaningful”. By: Communication Working Group of SHEAC House AssociationCao Fangyi, Astreaus, General Business Studies Year 1 (English)Wei Caihui, Lucy, General Business Studies Year 1 (Chinese)

第一屆院長杯閃避球比賽成功完結 2016 年 11 月 27 日,十大書院聯合學生會舉辦了本學期第三個書院間聯賽。這也是澳門大學第 一屆院長杯閃避球比賽。 比賽當天,許多學員們都穿著自己書院的院服來為書院加油和打氣。現場賽況十分激烈,比賽整 整持續了四個小時才分出勝負。 有三支隊伍在小組賽裏脫穎而出,隨著又經過一系列的激烈冠軍 循環賽,最後決出本屆閃避球聯賽的前三甲。首先恭喜 CKYC 蔡繼友書院奪得冠軍,其次是 CYTC 鄭裕彤書院奪得亞軍,然後是 MCMC 滿珍書院奪得季軍。每位參賽者都十分投入,想為書院爭取 榮譽。比賽結束後,大家都意猶未盡。 第一屆 ICC 院長杯閃避球比賽舉辦的十分成功,除了要感激參賽者們的踴躍參與,更加要感激 學員們與老師們前來為比賽加油。 有參賽者表示閃避球有趣又輕鬆,很開心能來參加比賽。 書院聯賽的初衷便是想讓同學們能培養一種比賽精神,通過友好的比賽,增進相互間的理解,學 會如何與隊友們共同進退。相信本次的比賽一定給同學們帶來了許多不一樣的收獲,也相信下一 屆的院長杯閃避球比賽會更加精彩。 撰寫:何鴻燊東亞書院學生會通訊工作組工商管理一年級學生 危彩慧(中文)工商管理一年級學 生 曹方怡(英文)

14 | P a g e

Budding Young Chefs Square Off at E31-Plaza in ICC’s First Collegiate Cooking Competition. The Inter-College Council held its first Collegiate Cooking Competition on 18th January, 2017 at the open space of the E-31 Plaza. Eight mixed-teams from across the colleges squared off in this exciting collegiate culinary challenge which required all participants to first submit a menu to the organising committee, prepare all the ingredients within a limited budget (of MOP$ 300), and finally to present their dishes for judging within a given time limit of twenty minutes.

The judges: HSEO representative Mr. Stephen Wong, Catering representatives from Island One and Two, as well as OSA Acting Director Ms. Grace Chau assigned points for not just outstanding food preparation and presentation skills, but also placing a special emphasis on food safety and hygiene which is highly observed in the collegiate dining services.

15 | P a g e

After intense judging, Chao Kuang Piu College (CKPC) were declared the overall winners on the judges’ score cards. Cheng Yu Tung (CTYC) and Lui Che Woo (LCWC) got second and third place respectively.

1st Place Chao Kuang Piu College (CKPC)

16 | P a g e

2nd Place Cheng Yu Tug College

3rd Place Lui Che Woo College (LCWC)

17 | P a g e

The ICC Committee members would like to thank all those who took part as well as those who came to support their peers. The event not only empowered a large group of food enthusiasts, but also successfully showcased their creativity and exploring their diverse culinary skills to create such inspirational meals.

由 ICC 舉辦的十大書院廚藝比賽在一月十八日於 E31 前場地圓滿落幕。八隻隊伍參加了是 次比賽,它們分別是由曹光彪書院,鄭裕彤書院,呂志和書院,霍英東珍禧書院,東亞書 院,紹邦書院,蔡繼有書院派出的代表隊,以及兩個新書院共同組成的代表隊。經過激烈 的角逐,曹光彪書院以 415.5 分的高分獲得本次廚藝比賽的冠軍,鄭裕彤書院、呂志和書 院、霍英東珍禧書院分別以 409.5、397.3、392 分的成績奪得亞軍、季軍、殿軍寶座。 本次廚藝比賽於一月十八日下午三時準時開始,選手們須在規定時間內做出三道菜品,分 別為肉菜,葷菜以及甜品。經過專業評審的品嚐和打分,選出了色香味俱佳的四隻參賽隊 伍的作品。本次廚藝比賽十分精彩,展現出澳大學生的精湛廚藝。

Inter-College Council (ICC) Masters’ Cup Football Competition 2016/17 Inter-College Council (ICC) Masters’ Cup Football Competition 2016/17 is considered by many students as one of the most popular collegiate sporting events on the calendar. The event drew widespread attention among students and staff, and the qualifying matches began on Saturday 18th February, 2017, at the UM’s Mini-Soccer Pitch, with nine teams registered for the event.

18 | P a g e

19 | P a g e

20 | P a g e

The semi-finals were held on Saturday afternoon, 3rd March, 2017 and the top four colleges: CKPC, SPC, CYTC and MCMC went into their respective matches, which saw CKPC and SPC entering into the final stage of the competition. In an action-packed final, CKPC and SPC took to the field on Wednesday afternoon, 6th March, 2017, to decide which team would take home the Championship. Not even the rain or cold miserable conditions could dampened their fighting spirit. Loud rhythmic drumming and cheering from the CKPC corner proved to be the catalyst for invigorating motivation and team spirit, and after the referee blew the final whistle, CKPC emerged victors and Champions of the tournament.

21 | P a g e


ICC Champions, Chao Kuang Pio College (CKPC), marched into UM’s N9 Stadium: exuberant with pride and confidence. They had Master Chuang Sheng Liu supporting and cheering their young aspiring players with the likes of Theo, Jason, and Huber, and captain Anson Sou leading the ‘Reds’ to play against a more seasoned and battle-hardened staff team, many of whom have played for than a decade together.

22 | P a g e

At first, one would assume that the college champions would run riot and cause all sorts of havoc in the UMSSC half. However, that was not the case, as the veterans opened the scoring with and early goal, rocking the confident form of their younger opponents. CKPC found it difficult to penetrate a solid defensive line dutifully manned by Calvin Tam (FST) and Kou Pan (OSA), as well as midfield maestros LuĂ­s Amorim (OSA), Miguel da Costa JĂşnior (FST) and Tam Weng Hong (FOM), blocking nearly each and every CKPC attack. The veterans could have added a second but their attempt cannoned of the woodwork.

Immediately after the interval, CKPC made several changes to their team tactics by fielding a host of guest players from across the collegiate system, adding substantial fire-power to their strike force.

23 | P a g e

The match became more exciting with adrenalin levels surging over peak level. UMSSC added another goal mid-way into the final quarter of the match, making it almost impossible to comeback.

In the last five minutes of play, CKPC stepped up their blistering pace and launched an all-out attack on the veterans, forcing their way into the six-yard box and equalising in the final seconds to draw 2-2 with an incredible never-say-die attitude. In the penalty shoot-out, the veterans scored 5 out of six tries, with Bruce hitting the wood work, while Kyle and Jason both unable to find the back of the net, bringing the final score to 7-5 with UMSSC as match winners, while leaving a younger inexperienced CKPC side still feeling satisfied with themselves after a second cup final that entertained and excited for 80 minutes.

24 | P a g e

Inter-College Council Hosts 1st Masters’ Cup Presentation, 2016/17

Inter-College Council’s inaugural Masters’ Cup presentation was held on Wednesday, 12th April, 2017, at the Students’ Activity Center Auditorium (E31). The ceremony began in spectacular style with a southern lion dance and the traditional eye-dotting ceremony to symbolize the official handover from Dr. Manuel Noronha (who is the current ICC Chair-Person) to Dr. Walter Ho who will take over next year. For the main event of the evening, ICC invited several guests to present awards to the winners of 7 sporting and 1 cultural events were hosted by ICC and OSA respectively. The Masters’ Cup, ICC’s highest accolade was presented to Cheng Yu Tung College (CYTC) as the overall college champion with an accumulated 570 points throughout the academic year. Chao Kuang Pio College (CKPC) and Moon Chun Memorial College (MCMC) in 2nd and 3rd place respectively.

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