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4 Ways to Increase Profits Solve High Resolution and Low Speed Motion Control Dilemmas

Hillerod, Denmark, November 2011 PCBMotor Aps, a Danish piezomotor technology company, recently released a new white paper titled How to Solve High Resolution Low Speed Motion Control Dilemmas. The paper reveals the most common pains faced by application engineers and designers and clearly and concisely highlights how their innovative PCB motor technology increases profits by: 1. 2. 3. 4.

Improving design and performance Lowering costs and automating production Reducing bill of materials Speeding up time-to-market

The white paper is available for download at and discusses: -

The differences between PCBMotors and stepper motors Why engineers should consider PCBMotors when designing a motor application strategy How PCBMotors deliver improved performance, slimmer designs and increase ROI Motor performance experiment results ─ lifetime, temperature, torque-speed-power Industry applications and real world cases

Customer-driven development kit In response to a survey earlier in 2011, the company launched a high resolution twin motor kit to match their market’s primary requirements. The kit assists project teams with rapid prototyping of compact, precision positioning applications. The High Resolution Twin Motor kit demonstrates: -

Bi-directional multiplexing of multiple rotary motors on one PCB Single driver circuit that’s cheaper to produce, assemble and saves space Ultra-high resolution (micropulsing) that maintains holding torque without power

The twin motor kit can be seen in action on Youtube and those interested can also read more about the motor, position sensor, controller board, and pricing details online. ### Innovators in the field of piezomotor technology Based in North Zealand, Denmark, PCBMotor’s patented technology integrates highly-accurate piezo motors mounted directly onto a printed circuit board. Their award-winning, innovation significantly reduces manufacturing costs and introduces a host of new design possibilities while using standardized components and well-established assembly techniques. There are numerous applications that can utilize this technology, spanning the laser and optics, camera, medico, telecom, aviation/aerospace, robotics and instrumentation industries. PCBMotor won the 2010 EE Times Sixth Annual Creativity in Electronics (ACE) Awards Editors’ Choice category and was runner-up in 2009. Contact Henrik Stæhr-Olsen PCBMotor ApS E: T. +45 2087 5111

4 Ways to Increase Profits And Solve High Resolution and Low Speed Motion Control Dilemmas  

By using new "precision positioning system" technology, companies can reduce production/assembly costs and improve profits. This White Paper...

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