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How to choose Online Payment Gateways? Payment gateways are crucial to complete online transactions which are like ‘THE’ most important requirement of any business that is a part of the ecommerce arena. Seeing the increasing demand, today many vendors offering Payment Gateway Services have mushroomed. But, what you need is choosing one who can fulfill the basic requirements while taking into consideration the most important points. Just few such points have been summarized below which will help in narrowing down your search for the ideal payment gateway providers out there.  Security is of paramount consideration, so choose a web payment gateway provider who is backed with advanced technology. This is crucial in securing the information cardholders share without any room for the same getting leaked out.  Make sure that the service provider is listed as a certified vendor on the PCI council where only approved websites are given the license.  Opt for a payment gateway service that is cloud based, as being on a central server this will ensure that all the sensitive information shared by your buyers is removed and not stored. You can thus assure enhanced security while enjoying significant cost cutting which is otherwise needed in maintenance of third party software or hardware.  Online payment gateways that offer flexibility and can easily switch between processors and payment providers must be chosen.  Web payment gateway that has an interface to multiple POS systems with no change in the reliability and ability to report across entire endeavor must be opted.

 Payment gateways that have a feature of directly routing to the non association card types can help you in enjoying cost cutting per transaction and increased ROI.  Credit card payment gateway that can offer top notched data security for businesses involved in multiple payment type must be chosen.  Payment gateways that are armed to track down any issue immediately and can resolve the problem almost immediately are more popular than those which take time.  The support service your payment gateway provider offers must entail 24x7 live support, email alerts, network monitoring, funds recovery services, end to end transaction service, real time account reconciliation features and more.  The web payment gateway must offer easy implementation and maintenance, whether for a single product or a multi branded enterprise without any room for flaws.  While making the initial investment make sure ample research is done even for the future costs which are needed to remain compliant and also for the fees for changing processors. Some questions that you must ask; When taking services from payment gateway service provider make sure you are aware about;  What is the network uptime?  What Point of Sale and PMS systems does the provider use to stay connected?  What is the time and cost for switching processors?  What is the kind of support you will get if a problem linked with batch failing or payment surfaces?  Do you have the liberty to keep check of the real time transactions with history and more details?  How much time does it take and what is the degree of complexity to install and set up the whole system across the site? The bottom line: The payment industry is rapidly changing, but make sure that your service provider is there to support as you have so many other things to look into when running a business. Try choosing one who enjoys trust and is known to offer reliable, secured and cost effective solutions. As at the end you wish to satisfy your customers, which can be practiced only after offering them an easy, hassle free and secured experience.

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