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from students to students

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The Spotlight – AGSM-MBS Cup: The Heat and Beyond


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from students to students

Message from the Associate Dean September. Remember what it was like during your first ever term? A mix of excitement and trepidation, as far as I can tell. Reassure them that it gets better and you learn to balance the 101 different things that are going on in your life. In other news, our first Master of Business Analytics students all doing their practicums at various companies, putting their learning to date into action. They’ve only got one module remaining before finishing up in December – our first ever Masters of Business Analytics graduates!

laura bell I am thrilled that your Student Representative Council (SRC) have decided to dust off The SouRCe from its unplanned and extended leave of absence and breathe new life into it. I think the SRC have been doing a great job of engaging with the school about this and multitudes of other issues – I really look forward to my fortnightly SRC catch up, as it is a great opportunity to meet more of you and get to know you better. If you’ve ever toyed with becoming part of this group, please do! Right now, we are looking at a number of milestones. For the Class of 2015 – graduation is so close, you can almost imagine yourselves on the stage at Melbourne Town Hall. This year, the graduands will include those who have studied full-time and parttime MBAs, Masters of Marketing or even dual degrees; as well as the Executive and Senior Executive MBA cohorts. You will not know what to do with yourselves and with all the free time on your hands!

Graduation is always a bittersweet moment for us – we’ve gotten to know you over the course of your time here (more than you realise!) and it means we won’t see you as often. Soon enough, other aspects of your life will take priority, but never forget: we are bursting with pride about you and your achievement in completing your degree. We will be looking out for news on how you progress through life – and celebrate your achievements. We see such growth in each one of you, and it is inspiring to be a part of that time in your lives.

Finally – an early heads up. Save the date – Sam Walsh, CEO of Rio Tinto will be our next speaker in the Dean’s Leaders Forum on 2 December. Based in London, Sam will be in Australia at that time and will be delighted to share his leadership insights with our MBS community. Laura Bell Associate Dean | Academic Programs Melbourne Business School

This time of year, we are also welcoming the new full-time MBA Class of 2016 – an interesting group of individuals. And I’m happy to say, many have signed up to be considered for the Debate Team against AGSM. I’m putting this out there nice and early. Vengeance. Hot on their heels is the last incoming class for 2015 – our newest group of part-timers, who are due to start in early


From the editor’s desk by the students for the students. Firstly, I would like to specifically thank Dr. Pete Manasantivongs for his idea to bring back The SouRCe as the media for the students and faculty to freely express their ideas and thoughts about a wide range of things that happen within the school community. Secondly, on behalf of the Student Representative Council, I would like to express our deep condolences to Vale: John Bernard Gough, AO, OBE (1928-2015) and dedicate this first edition to him. Welcome to the First Edition of The SouRCe, the term newsletter resulted from the initiative from the Student Representative Council of Melbourne Business School (MBS) that is prepared

As the pioneering edition, you can find a number of interesting stories ranging from the recent, hot event of the year, MBS-AGSM MBA Cup to the experiences of two bright MBS MBA students embarking on exchange study

in Chicago. There will also be some eyeopening thoughts and insights from a part-time student who worked in consulting space and juggled with her MBA at the same time. I certainly believe that this newsletter initiative not only communicates information to students, but this will also be an amazing medium to inspire the whole school community through stories and share of experiences. Happy reading, David Angdi The SouRCe, Editor-in-chief Full Time MBA Student – Graduating Class of 2015

Vale: John Bernard Gough, AO, OBE (1928–2015) ❖ Mr Gough is an alumnus (1963) of MBS, and over the years he brought a lot of contributions to the School through his service as a board member (1973–1995) and Chairman (1979–1995). He has been a supporter and showed great commitment in the history of the school. His legacy and contributions are deeply valued and will remain lasting.


from students to students

From the SRC President

rishi garg

My dear fellow MBS students, It gives me a great pleasure to welcome you to the first edition of “The SouRCe” – a magazine for students by students. One of our goals this year at the SRC is to improve our communication with the wider student body and reincarnation of this magazine is a step towards this goal. There are now eighteen students on the SRC team. With a team that big, we have ensured that cohorts are well represented and considered before making any decisions. I want to start by commending all students who participated in the Tourism Victoria Case Competition. There were

23 submissions in total with 5 finalists. Well done to all and congratulations to the three winners – Bronwyn Portes (PT MBA/MMktg 2012), Heather Watson (FT MBA 2015) and Sam Marshall (PT MBA 2013). I had a brief discussion with the judges from Tourism Victoria after the final presentations and they were very impressed with all the submissions and the final presentations. It’s contributions like these that add to your MBS experience and I encourage all students to take advantage of such opportunities. A new full-time MBA cohort has just started and I wish them best of luck as they embark on this year long journey. The SRC and I are always available to support you all and I look forward to getting know you. As a new full-time cohort begins, many part-time and full-time students will be graduating next month. Big congratulations in advance for your achievement! I have got to know many of you in the past months. Whilst I am very happy for you and its been a privilege to get know you, I am also going to miss not seeing you around the campus. I really hope that you enjoyed your time here and will continue to support your school

MBA FT 2016 Cohort into the future. You are not ‘leaving’ MBS but simply wont be hanging around at campus as usual. As you would have learnt during your time here, our alumni are very important to us and provide ongoing support. Without your support, student learning at MBS wouldn’t be the same. For those still here, in Term 4 you’ll notice many incoming exchange students around the School. I encourage you to make them feel welcome here and show them the warm hospitality that we’re capable of. Make sure you say hi when you see them in classes and show them around Melbourne. If you didn’t sign up to be an exchange buddy this year, maybe it’s something you should consider for next year. Last but not the least, just a reminder that you should be making the most of extra-curricular activities offered at MBS. There’s a lot more than just going to classes. Opportunities like case competitions, exchange buddies, club membership and leadership; and event attendance are just to name a few. I hope that you enjoy reading the first edition of our magazine! If you have any feedback regarding the magazine or otherwise, please email us at Rishi Garg SRC President | MBS SRC

Tourism Victoria Case Competition Finalists Bronwyn, Manoj, Heather, Natalia and Sam

PT MBA/MMktg 2013


the spotlight AGSM-MBS Cup: The Heat and Beyond It was in the last weekend of June when a group of fifty students from MBS headed off to Sydney to compete against Australian Graduate School of Management (AGSM) in debate and sport competitions. After 2 days full of spirit of competitiveness, the results were concluded with MBS bringing back a cup. Beyond that, there are lots of benefits in participating or even supporting the players in those competitions. The MBS-AGSM Cup is one of the most anticipated events for MBA students in Melbourne Business School (MBS). Our students were excited to fly in to Sydney to compete in this annual prestigious cup and/or to support the participants from the school. The first day started with the debating competition, and speakers from

both schools were displaying their efforts and mastery in structuring and delivering their arguments. Debating the topic of “unpaid internship should be abolished” as the negative team, our debaters showcased the mastery in structuring the arguments and supporting those with facts and figures to convince the judges and the audiences. It took a lot of time for the judges to finalize their decisions, and finally, Eric Shi, the chief adjudicator, declared that AGSM won the Debating Cup with a very close result gap. In an interview by STAR Magazine of AGSM, David Angdi, one of our debaters said, “Although it was unfortunate that we could not bring the cup home, we are proud of ourselves to be able to show great sportsmanship and quality on the stage. That’s what true spirit of winning is all

Our indoor soccer players dominated the game really well.



The next day started with the sporting competitions. Both schools were competing in various sports activities, namely tug-of-war, basketball, Our debaters tried to convince the adjudicators and audiences that unpaid internship should be maintained. table tennis and indoor soccer, respectively. All of MBS players and supporters got into the sport centers with their crimson tops and the blazing spirit to win, especially after such an unfortunate loss the night before. It was clear that we outperformed them in every single sport that AGSM proposed,

from students to students

We ruled over the basketball game and won with large score differences. thanks to the great commitment and preparation from each sporting team of MBS. Brian Fletcher, our talented soccer player from Full Time MBA Program, said, “as I was playing in the soccer match, I have been getting back in shape the month leading up to the Cup, particularly for running and agility.” Our female basketball player, Cuicui Jin, also prepared well for this event. She said that she had attended several basketball training sessions before the game day. Those commitments and preparations from our students truly yield something sweet: We brought home the Sport Cup after it stayed in AGSM’s lounge for a while. Participating in this cup, although it was externally tense, it was inherently fun and brought a lot of benefits. Brian said, ”The MBS-AGSM Cup is a great opportunity to bond with your classmates via the travel, competition, and quality time. It’s also a good opportunity to network and see what other MBA programs are like.” Cuicui added, ”The event helped me to connect with the Part Time students of MBS, as well as the MBA students of AGSM. It also accommodated the development of a strong team spirit, cooperation and trust among participants and

contributors. Last but not least, it helps to inspire both MBS and AGSM to think for long term – not satisfied at regional level, but really to think on how to drive synergy for the future of building the Australian MBA branding and reputation.” Next year, the MBS-AGSM Cup will be held in Melbourne. As our SRC President have mentioned in his article in MBS News Website, “We look forward to hosting a bigger and better Cup in 2016”, participation and preparation from MBS students are highly anticipated. The big question is, “Are you ready for the next heat and beyond?”

Our tug-of-war “soldiers” pulled the opposite end of the rope without any significant challenges

We are not only made for winning. We are also made for great sportsmanship and pride. That’s MBS.


An Inspiring Journey Embarking on a Rewarding Journey: When Opportunity Meets Flexibility Which part of the MBA has been the most valuable to you?

Yasmin Sofyan, a Management Consultant from Deloitte and a Part-Time MBA student at Melbourne Business School (MBS) shared her ongoing amazing MBA journey. Why did you decide to begin an MBA degree? As I started to advance in my career as a Consultant, I started to feel that my background in Information Systems would no longer be enough to bolster my skills into more of a managerial role. Although I had proven technical capabilities, an MBA seemed like the best program to fill some of my skills gap. What made MBS stand out from the rest? It’s definitely the most respected MBA program in Australia, and particularly so in Melbourne as being the most recognized MBA program. A few of my colleagues are also MBS Alumni, so I had heard lots of good things about the program.


The network of people has to be number one. I am amongst peers with a wide range of experience across so many different industries and it is always reflected during class discussions. Although it’s often difficult to make my way to an evening lecture after a long day at work, the diversity of discussion that we have always keeps my attention and interests piqued. I believe this is what sets the program apart from other part-time MBA programs. As experienced as our professors and lecturers are, I find that my learning is enhanced through relating with the real life experiences that other students are able to draw from. What is the greatest challenge that you face during your MBA study at MBS? The biggest challenge has been pushing myself to step out of my comfort zone and to embrace some of the subjects that I had little familiarity with. Recognizing that I was less confident in quantitative subjects, I made use of the tutorials and office hours available with the professors and tutors. There’s also a satisfying feeling from group study, especially when you’re in a syndicate room with other students and the light bulb switches on as we all work through a tough assignment together. How do you manage your career and study altogether? It has definitely been a challenge to keep my foot on the gas at work whilst still striving to keep up with the study load. Time management is definitely key – I try to dedicate one day on the weekend

to study, and jump into the library after work to get ahead on readings and assignment during the week. Luckily I  have a supportive husband (who is also immersed in his own studies) who is very understanding when I come home with takeaway instead of a homecooked meal  What was it like to work in a professional services firm, such as Deloitte in Australia? Working in Consulting has been great career thus far. It has enabled me to have varied experience across different industries, and each project always poses a different challenge. I’ve been pretty lucky that my team is very supportive of me doing the MBA, and it also helps to tie in some of the theories and concepts we learn in class directly into the workplace. Any advice that you would like to provide to other students in terms of dealing with MBA program? The MBA experience is really what you want to make it. There are so many opportunities available and you just have to reach for it. The great thing about the Part-Time program is its flexibility. You can take it at your own pace and adjust your study load with life’s other demands. Don’t forget to have a little bit of fun along the way – a big part of what keeps me going is looking forward to a pint at the Corkman after each term!

from students to students

this is my story From Southern to Northern Hemisphere: A Chicago Exchange Experience Two of our MBA students, Michael Tandos (Full-Time MBA) and Heemesh Patel (Part-Time MBA) shared their wonderful exchange experience to leading business schools in Chicago. During the second term of MBA program in Melbourne Business School (MBS), two of our students went to Chicago as part of an exchange study program offered by the school. Michael Tandos and Heemesh Patel went to Kellogg School of Management of Northwestern University (Kellogg) and The University of Chicago Booth School of Business (Booth), respectively. When asked about the reason for pursuing an exchange study opportunity, Michael said that with the bulk of his work experience being in Australia, the exchange program offered him the opportunity to widen his international perspectives on business and leadership, and further develop his network in the USA. Heemesh, being a part-time student, took a different perspective on this. He pursued exchange opportunity to give him the opportunity to have that full-time study experience, with the key outcome for me was to get involved with clubs and do a lot of career development with the careers services. He also added that he was also looking at the possibility to work in the USA so he agreed with Michael that was a great opportunity to build network and get a feel for what it would be like. Apparently, these two bright students have their own preference toward choosing the partner school. Michael picked Kellogg as his priority for exchange because similar to MBS, Kellogg has a world-class reputation in the field of marketing, and is consistently ranked in the top US schools. He was really

Chicago Booth: Heemesh Patel, a part-time student took an exchange opportunity with Booth inspired by the vast array of electives on offer at Kellogg, and was particularly interested in a course offered which was focused on developing skills for senior management to build board level buy-in of strategic marketing initiatives. In addition, he was very keen to attend their annual Venture Capital and Private Equity summit, which was a major highlight of his time there. On the other hand, Heemesh picked Chicago Booth because it has a few specialized course that made him interested, e.g. finance for green technology, etc. Although he was not able to join all classes that he wanted to, he still wholeheartedly wanted to go to the school, primarily driven by its worldclass reputation and diverse curriculum for its students. Nonetheless, both of them agree that going to their respective choice of business schools in Chicago granted them a rewarding experience. Michael clearly said, “My experience at Kellogg was truly inspiring, it has fundamentally changed my perspective on global business, strengthened the lessons I have learned at MBS about leadership, and deepened my ambition to embrace the challenges

of management in highly competitive industries. I was privileged enough to gain significant exposure to C-level managers in the largest and most innovative global organizations, and was really inspired to see how similar they are to us MBS MBA students! I have learned first-hand, that even at the highest levels globally, passion, authenticity, collaboration and tenacity are universal drivers of leadership success.” Heemesh added, “It was a good experience overall. MBA students at Booth are generally younger than MBS students, and they come from banking/finance or management consulting backgrounds. The pace of the course was different as well. Having experienced a two-year MBA program, it seems that the courses there were almost taught at half the speed of MBS. This creates an environment where there is more emphasis on extracircular activities and clubs.” Michael and Heemesh could look back at their memories fondly. In the end, both of them affirmed that Chicago, together with its business schools, created an amazing experience for them. Michael said, “Chicago is totally under-rated! I could definitely see myself living there… in the summer months at least!” and Heemesh confirmed by saying, “Other than the weather, I generally had a good time. It’s a very busy city with a lot going on.”

Kellogg: Michael Tandos from the full-time cohort went to Kellogg for his exchange


inside clubs Get ting to Know the Consumer and Retail Club

The MBS Consumer and Retail Club (MCRC or the “Club”) is one of the school’s prominent clubs that cater for passion toward consumer-related space. The club has existed for over 3 years now, and the Club President for the term 2014 – 2015, Suvidha Arora presented her thoughts on the club and her journey.

What is MCRC all about? MBS Consumer and retail club is aimed at bringing together the present students, alumni and professionals in the consumer retail industry. It gives a platform to the students to be able to learn about the ongoing trends, best practices and operational activities in the field through guest speakers, panelists, industry tours and networking opportunities. For the professionals from the industry, it gives them an opportunity to closely observe and interact with good quality, prospective employees interested to take a shot in the sector.

Who is it for? It is for anyone who is interested in fastmoving consumer products, hospitality, luxury brands, life sciences or retail, as well as those who are interested in progressing their careers in these fields as professionals dedicated towards developing consumer experience.


Moreover, it is an important means for students who are looking to transition into the retail sector from other fields by providing them with that first “foot in the door” opportunity to build network and land internships to gain experience.

and as the President of the MCRC club, I thought that it would be a great opportunity for both myself and other members of the club if I could get them to present at the school as the school’s and the club’s brand brought a lot of credibility and subsequently, made the conversation with various companies quiet easy. It was good to be able to speak to the team at LUSH and finally get them to agree to come down for an event at the school. However, because it happened towards the end of the year, it might be an opportunity for the incoming leadership team to continue exploring the opportunity.

How is your journey with the Club so far? It has been a fun year being the President of the club, as I have the chance to work with an amazing team of colleagues on the leadership team, who provided all kinds of support required throughout the year in planning and organising events. It has been even more rewarding as a member to be able to meet with leaders from various businesses, form essential network and learn from their experiences in wide range of events.

What is your most memorable experience in MCRC? Before coming to MBS, I decided I wanted to transition into the Retail industry and work for a company that is not only known for its good quality products but also for its social responsibility. I had always admired LUSH cosmetics due to their business model and practices,

What will it be for the Club going forward? The club is anything that the members want it to be and it moves to the direction where the leadership team decides. It can be made extremely resilient to suit the requirements of the members especially in relation to the kind of events organised. However, the basis of its existence should always be to bring together students, faculty and industry professionals for enriching discussions and future opportunities. For further information about the Club please contact Suvidha Arora at

from students to students

Listen up!

MBS: Who Are We?

I want to tell you a story about Purdue Pete. Pete is a boilermaker, he is also a mascot. He rises out of the history of a prominent University in the United States to represent his community. Purdue University of Indiana was established in 1869, yet it was nearly half a century before Purdue established themselves as ‘boilermakers’. It was a 44-0 thrashing of a nearby rival in by Purdue’s football team in 1891 that lead to headlines such as “Slaughter of the Innocents” and the “Burly Boiler Makers from Purdue”, a nod to the engineering roots of the university. The boilermaker nickname eventually stuck, and 65 years later Purdue Pete first took the field at a pep rally before a football game. Now, fifty years (right, fifty...) removed from our first MBA graduating class I cannot help but wonder what stories are lurking in our history waiting to

be told. By asking the question, MBS, who are we, the challenge is put forth to share with your community what defines MBS to you. Is it a beer in Shanghai that might never have happened had you not walked through those doors on Leicester Street – or the view from the plane flying into a faraway city? Or is it a red-vested Mirza, newly minted as the President of Presidents at the Global Business School Conference in 2015. Weare global business leaders, we are also all connected; to eachother, to the city of Melbourne and its most prestigious University. Let’s find a theme, or a story that can resonate through those connections, through our history, and take us to new heights. What’s the goal you might ask? The goal is to have a symbol for the pride that is powerfully present in our community. The goal is to build memories and visibility at community events. Think the MBS-

AGSM cup, corporate games, a bit of flair for the student lounge, some merchandise for our students to be recognized. I challenge you to share your ideas, share your stories; #MBSwhoarewe. We want to hear from you! Please email your stories and mascot ideas to with the subject [#mbswhoarewe]. Thank you! Written by Phil Neckers, The Vice President of Student Representative Council and a Part-Time MBA Student. Image credit to Purdue University (https://news.


Thought Leadership Opportunities for innovation in Australia

Kwanghui Lim is Associate Professor in strategic management at MBS and Co-director of the Intellectual Property Research Institute of Australia. His research is on the strategies used by firms to manage knowledge, intellectual property and scientific talent. At MBS, he teaches Business Strategy and the Innovation Bootcamp. For details visit Australia performed poorly in the global startup ecosystem ranking 2015 which was published recently ( UXcGcO). Sydney fell 4 spots and now ranks 16th in the world, while Melbourne fell entirely out of the top 20 despite being on that chart in the previous version of the report published three years ago. The study expresses concerns about the Australian ecosystem that echo those in other studies performed by academics as well as in the Australian Government’s Innovation System Report ( The 2014 AIS report sums it up nicely: “Australia performs relatively poorly on ‘new to market’ innovation”. Yet on the ground, interest in innovation and startups has never been stronger than before in Australia. Compared


to five years ago, we now have many more informal ‘meetup’ groups in Melbourne and Sydney, a variety of startup incubators and accelerators, and a number of innovation programs at leading universities including Melbourne, UTS, Swinburne and QUT. There is strong interest in courses on “design thinking” and “lean startups”. The University of Melbourne now has an accelerator and is about to launch a new Masters in Entrepreneurship program. I’m happy to note that a growing number of entrepreneurs are contacting me to discuss new business models, market entry and how to protect their innovations. How do we reconcile the weak findings at the ecosystem level with growing interest at the ground level? Part of what’s happening is that other startups ecosystems are maturing faster than the ones in Australia. Several of those abroad have benefited from strong government support while others have better access to venture capital. The most successful ecosystems (including Silicon Valley, New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Tel Aviv) have continued to develop and reinforce a coherent system for connecting resources, talent, funding and market access. Here in Australia, we have bits and pieces that are good in each major city, and we also have specific firms and sectors that are incredibly innovative. But that distribution is highly uneven, and the parties involved are not as seamlessly interconnected as they could be. A second part of the explanation is that the nature of innovation in Australia is changing in line with business needs. My observation is that with our small domestic market, many of our startup

entrepreneurs will continue to sink at least one foot (if not both feet) in other ecosystems. This makes sense from the point of view of being close to markets and potential sources of funding. The big change however is the growing interest in innovation by existing firms, not startups. Over the past years, incumbent firms in industries ranging from retail to energy, news and financial services have been jolted out of a comfortable (often monopolistic or duopolistic) existence due to the threat of entrants, both online and offline. The embrace of innovation by Australian firms has taken a long time, partly due to the difficulty of changing the mindsets of senior executives who run these organizations. However, it is clear that in a variety of industries across the globe, the terms of competition have changed and Australia is no exception. In conversations with senior managers at Australian organizations, I am discovering a growing interest in innovative strategy, business transformation, ‘design thinking’ and ‘new market strategies’. These conversations often begin with a reactive or defensive tone reflecting a need to respond to a market or technological threat. However at some organizations the discussions have begun to creep beyond that stage: managers begin to view innovation as an opportunity to reconsider their existing ways of doing things and/or to develop new markets. In the short run, I see a big opportunity in helping existing Australian firms learn to innovate and become more agile and productive. In the long run, it would be nice to see the startup ecosystem develop in Australia, but that is something that will take time and sustained effort.

from students to students

Announcement Board Melbourne Business School will hold the following events in the subsequent months:

september 2015

october 2015

1. Career Workshop on LinkedIn

1. MBS Analytics Club Event

2. Career Workshop on Honing Your Elevator Pitch

2. MBS community event launching Movember


Announcement Board Stay Tuned for the next Dean’s Leaders Forum event with Sam Walsh, CEO of Rio Tinto Group in December 2015!

Steve Wozniak, Co-Founder of Apple

Claire Williams,  Deputy Principal of Williams Martini Racing Team Brian Kruger, Managing Director of Toll Group

Sanjoy Sen, Managing Director, Retail Banking – Asia Pacific of ANZ Bank


Jim Goodnight, CEO of SAS

Your SRC

from students to students

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Kelly Tobin Kevin Nicholls Kirsten Paisley Kirsty Muddle Kisa Christensen Kurian George Kylie Naylor Lachlan Roberts Lachlan Smith Laura Dobson Lauren Street Lawrence Tang Le Hoang Huy Nguyen Leon Gray Leslie Muscat Li Zhang Linda Machin Lisa Lynch Liza Kierans Long Tran Luke Jackson Luke Bennett Madan Purusothaman Mahesh Nagarajaiah Manthan Shah Manuj Saxena Marc Costabile Marcus Marchant Maree Miller Margaret Davey Marija Janchovski Mark Andrews Mark Conway Mathew Keenan Mathieu Mascles Matt Peters Matthew Beales Matthew Boyall Matthew Kopp Matthew Perri Matthew Partridge Maurizio Lombardi Megan Saleeba Melinda Cooper Melissa Elliott Meredith Simpson Michael Donahoo Michael Nankervis Michael Shelby Michael Diep Michael Mulraney Michael Tandos Michael Russell Minnie Cade Mirza Shamid

Murray Height Nadim Haddad Naomi Yamada-Cox Narayanan Krishnan Nathan Bell Nauman Shams Nicholas Farley Nicholas Courtney Nicholas Maplestone Nicholas Mc Innes Nicholas Rait Nicola Walsh Nine Kruger Pablo Garrido Paul Andrews Paul Mackie Pei Lin Lu Peter Jenner Peter Brand Philip Richards Philip Grasso Phillip Fox Piyush Ajmera Prithiviraj Shanthamma Prue-Ellen Humber Pu Yang Qin Liu Qingxia Yang Rabia Hassan Rachad Hussein Rachel Audige Rafael Caccavali Rahul Karn Rajdevan Sathiaseelan Rajkumar Gopiraj Ralph Nunes Ramit Garg Rhiannon Breese Ricardo Leon Fernandez Rima Patel Risha Punwaney Rita Truong Robert Spenceley Robert Grosvenor Robert Weston Robert Burns Robert Tolliday Rodolfo Agustin D'Onofrio Rosemary Southwood Ross Metherell Ryan Rojo Sabina Sopov Sallyanne English Samuel Marshall Sandra Starkey

Sandro Razzi Sanjeev Selvarajah Satya Rohit Lingineni Saud Alrakhayes Sean Sacher Sergey Boytsov Sergio Zappone Shanan Dean Shane Rieniets Sharmini Dharmabalan Sheila Thompson Simon Lewis Simon Beckett Sneha Jagtap Spiro Podaridis Stephanie Thoo Stuart Harding Sueanne Wells-Jansz Sunil Shetty Susan Patrick Suvidha Arora Takaedzwa Mapfumo Takavengwa Marindo Tammitage Perera Tania Orr Tanya Arthur Ten-Zen Guh Ter Fong Khoo Teresa Jorgensen Thomas Werner Thomas Rowe Timothy Mulvaney Timothy Read Timothy Roso Timothy Dyer Trent Conto Tristan Musgrave Tristan Benfield Tristan Phillips Tsz King Ho Umasuthan Balasubramaniam Valentina Tan Vikas Wadhwa Vivek Jain Wai Kean Chew William Varon Valdes William Yong William Harris Xiangyu MENG Yan Qin Youchun Chu Yvonne Sweeny Zhen Xu Zoe Fisk

Congratulations to the Graduating Class of 2015


The SouRCe Term 3 2015  
The SouRCe Term 3 2015  

The SouRCe is back in Term 3, 2015 after a long break! As the pioneering edition, you can find a number of interesting stories ranging from...