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Deep rooted compliance support

The future of subcontractor compliance management and resourcing. Redirect is a respected and forward thinking company that specialises in subcontractor compliance and talent resourcing. Our mission is to protect and grow your business by helping you find the right resources, minimise the risks involved with subcontractor compliance management and employment status and win the

Redirect’s Subcontractor Compliance Management Service Helps you work more effectively and flexibly with your resources. Using our services will reduce resource costs and minimise the administrative burden associated with resourcing. When it comes to compliance, we ensure that good practice is

engagement you need to succeed.

employed without exception and all HMRC and

We understand the business challenges you face

you work in, giving you complete peace of mind.

every day and will work with you to save you time and money. What’s more, Redirect provides you with a uniquely personal one-to-one service that sets us apart from the rest.

employment requirements are met whatever industry

Redirect’s contractors carry the Redirect Standard. We know how crucial it is for you to have confidence that every subcontractor holds the appropriate insurance cover, is trained, qualified and fulfils all the requisite responsibilities’ and obligations of onsite operations. When utilising our Subcontractor Compliance service, we work in partnership with you to help build and develop your business. We don’t ask for tie-in clauses, and our dedicated teams work with you to get it right first time, avoiding the need for unnecessary fees. We offer a great service that grows with you as your business expands.

Self-Assessment Tax Return Service Being a Redirect subcontractor is straightforward and comes with real benefits. We offer a cost effective,

Redirect understands the construction industry. They are not afraid to challenge the way things are to achieve results. Chafford Lang Utilities

efficient and hassle-free Self Assessment Tax Return Service that will keep both subcontractors and the Inland Revenue happy. Years of experience means we understand HMRC requirements -

Redirect’s model is easy to use, reducing our administration costs and allowing us to concentrate on our main business. Gallagher Group

how to complete the necessary paperwork and meet deadlines. Our dedicated legal and tax team will keep subcontractors up to date with any changes in legislation, keeping them one step ahead.

Redirect helped us effect the necessary changes to ensure that we were not only HMRC compliant but also more agile and efficient as a business. Roberge Brickworks

Subcontractor Compliance Management Service Worried about the employment status risks associated in engaging subcontractors? Need to reduce the time required to process subcontractor payments? Want to minimise the administration involved? Usually, flexibility often means time-consuming administration, and a constant risk of tax liabilities and non-compliance. Redirect can take an in-depth look at the way you operate, identify the challenges you face and

Your Business in Safe Hands Engaging subcontractors has clear advantages: Greater adaptability to changing market conditions

work with you to optimise your business - saving you time and money whilst reducing your non-compliance risks.

Increased flexibility

We understand the responsibilities associated with HMRC and

More competitive tendering

employment status, including current CIS legislation, and can support you when it comes to meeting your obligations. Businesses change with time, and we will change with you, to make sure you are never caught off guard by legislation.

We would happily recommend Redirect to any company that is serious about ensuring they are HMRC compliant and want to improve their efficiency. J Beck Utilities

What Does This Mean For Subcontractors? Redirect’s subcontractor compliance management service provides some great benefits for subcontractors themselves. We work on the basis that a motivated workforce is good for business Invoices are paid on time, every time Statements sent monthly

Self-assessment Tax Return Service Tax really doesn’t have to be taxing! Do you work at home? Are you claiming the maximum expenses? Have you asked for your specialist training to be reimbursed?

Regular updates on the status of all payments due Subcontractors hold the Redirect Standard for client reassurance

If you are self-employed or need to complete a self assessment for HMRC, you’ll know that doing your tax return each year can be stressful and costly, but it doesn’t have to be hard work - or break the bank! Redirect offers a self-assessment tax return service that’s cost effective, efficient, hassle free and starts at just £120 + VAT. All you have to do is send us your receipts each month and our tax return specialists will act on your behalf, pulling together the right data and submitting your tax return for you. We understand HMRC requirements and have plenty of experience in completing the necessary paperwork and meeting deadlines. What’s more, our dedicated legal and tax team will keep you up to date with any changes in legislation, so you are always one step ahead. Paying fines, or missing out on claimable expenses, can make the world of difference to your life, so you can think of us as life support. By letting us do the hard work, you can relax in the knowledge our tax return specialists will prepare and submit your legal responsibilities on time and in compliance with HMRC regulations

Redirect’s Self-Assessment Tax Return Service at a cost effective rate

Resourcing Services

About Us

Engaging the right talent for your business is the key to

Our dedicated legal and tax team keeps us up to date with any changes in legislation, so you are always one step ahead.

its success, and finding that talent is one of the toughest challenges a business can face. Our resourcing services take the strain out of finding the right people. With rigorous screening, we ensure only the top five CV’s hit your desk. We take the time to understand your requirements, and with competitive fees and excellent service, you can rest assured we will find the right people first time.

Our support team can offer flexibility to meet your requirements, and the changes in the industry, to make sure you are never caught off guard. Your dedicated account handler will build a personal relationship with you and your business to ensure that we work together to achieve your success.

We build a strong relationship with our clients, and minimise their compliance risk, freeing them to do what they do best - drive business growth. Business Director, Redirect

MBRSS House 1 Waterside Court Galleon Boulevard Dartford Kent DA2 6NX Tel: +44 (0) 8458 330 452 Fax: +44 (0) 8458 330 453


The future of subcontractor compliance management and resourcing.

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