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The foundation to enable people and environments to thrive

The MBRSS Group’s primary focus and desire is to build a superior breed of businesses that redefine standards in their respective areas of expertise, to leave a positive future legacy and build the infrastructures that support life.

By working with you, our team of specialists

MBRSS Group breathes life into:

will challenge the status quo, recognise how critical it is to get it right first time and work in partnership with you to surpass expectations and exceed efficiency. We offer you a complete service whether your concentration is large residential

Utility infrastructures - consultancy, design, installation and asset stewardship Commercial renewable power generation

builds, commercial or retail we can provide expertise, advise and support with the planning, energy, utility’s, build,

Resourcing and subcontractor compliance

maintenance and employee status and compliance – taking on the risks associated with your project.

Built environment facilities management and mechanical and electrical installation Connectivity

Great things can only be achieved by working collaboratively and communicating openly, our aim is to establish sustainable working relationships, which will provide ongoing support to your business. By empowering and investing in our people and applying excellence in everything we

The MBRSS Group support and create opportunities within the following areas:

Sub-contractor compliance management.

do, we allow our clients to focus on their business with the confidence of knowing we are as committed as they are.

Tax Return Service.

Utility and energy connections, build management and maintenance.

HMRC compliance.

Asset stewardship.

Utility infrastructure delivery and diversionary works.

Mechanical and electrical design and installations. Facilities management. Assessment, compliance and optimisation.

Utility and energy that brings environments to life

Do you need a strategic approach to utility and energy planning, connections, build management and maintenance? Our experienced team of advisers, designers and engineers specialise in consulting, design, build management and maintenance, as well as what we like to call asset stewardship, offering you the right expertise for all of your strategic needs. EDA takes responsibility for the strategic review and ongoing planning of your energy and utility’s needs. This means we can help you to make the right decision for your gas, electricity, water, telecommunication connections and energy generating opportunities – ensuring everything works for you. We also help you get the best value from your organisations’ assets by offering more than just management. Our strategic business insight and advanced thinking helps you understand what’s needed, when, and where your business can become more cost effective. We’ll work with you to ensure the end result is a great success.

Let Us Take The Project Risk EDA will work with you to minimise risk and take away the pain. Time scales, pricing and working with large utilities providers can be challenging. We pride ourselves on being accountable for time scales, delivering to a fixed price and taking control of your electricity, gas, water and telecommunications suppliers, freeing you to concentrate on what’s important - running your business.

Asset Stewardship Service The smart way to manage your development projects

Consulting, Design, Build Management And Maintenance

Forward Thinking In Power & Utility Design

EDA takes its commitments

Our clients are using our strategic

EDA designs power and utilities

seriously. We can help you by taking

approach and innovation to seize

lifelines for projects, both in the

responsibility for the strategic review

new opportunities in utility and

UK and abroad. Whether it’s

and ongoing planning, as well as the

energy planning, connections, build

partnering with construction

delivery and management of your

management and maintenance.

businesses or property developers, increasing the value of brownfield

energy and utility design, build and maintenance.

Our extensive experience means

land, or planning the layout of

we can help clients plan ahead to

networks and technical centres

We’ll help you understand what’s

make the best decisions for their

for new towns, EDA can offer the

critical to business continuity and

networks, connections and energy

advice needed to generate energy

investigate smarter ways to manage

needs – resulting in the best value

and services.

your site - that’s why we call our

for money.

approach ‘asset stewardship’ –

We know all about new

because it’s so much more than

technologies, efficient vehicles


for energy and cost effective infrastructure delivery. We also like to do things differently: our strong relationships with blue chip clients enable our clients to benefit from our innovations in design, build and managing grids, networks, and maximising sustainable energy.

EDA Helps Clients With Latest Thinking

Why Choose EDA?

We continually review new global technologies and methods for energy

Complete statutory undertaker and authority liaison

and infrastructure delivery to keep our clients one step ahead.

Bespoke fixed price consultancy

Recent Projects Have Included: Electrical network

Providing long term partnerships

master-planning for new cities

for transportation clients in their programme to transform existing

Advising and planning the

assets into commercial ventures

redevelopment of a premier league football stadium

Assisting with points of connection and liaison with

Connection of new

statutory bodies to get

infrastructures at London’s

commercial residential and

Kings Cross

industrial sites connected

Full or part service delivery Full risk acceptance Guaranteed delivery dates Lloyds accredited On time delivery to agreed quality standards Speed, agility, flexibility

EDA provides innovation and expertise to deliver what you need, when you need it. We help our clients generate sustainable energy to power their business, meet green targets and make the most of their credentials.

Innovative utility solutions

Sector Experience Our clients range across the agriculture, construction, leisure, public sector, retail, transport and utilities sectors. We pride ourselves on being with them every step of the way, working to bring utilities to their projects - wherever they are. We offer lifelines in strategically planning gas, water, electricity and telecommunications, to making the connections, managing build and maintaining it. Then, of course, we stay with our clients to fine tune their sites for maximum performance.

Expertise & Experience We take the project risk EDA offers a full service that starts with design and runs right through to extended warranty periods We provide unique asset stewardship

Utilities Over the next ten years the UK will see investments of ÂŁ200bn needed in energy infrastructure and at least ÂŁ40bn in the water sector to meet the challenges of climate change, decarbonisation and population growth. EDA works with clients to advise, plan, deliver and

Ours is a fixed price approach We guarantee delivery dates

maintain their utilities networks to help overcome those challenges.

Bringing utilities to life

Using our 30 years’ experience in the industry, we help you to think about utilities differently. We understand the risks and costs associated with delivering utility infrastructure and the impact they can have on your projects, if not delivered professionally. Our pragmatic approach means we can help you understand your exposure, providing you with a realistic picture of

UtilityPro Deliver Multi utility infrastructures, incorporating Water, Gas, Electric, Drainage and Telecoms

what’s involved and how to get the best value for your money through qualified, intelligent, experienced based, value engineering.

Utility diversions

UtilityPro is the utility infrastructure delivery business within the MBRSS

Commercial, industrial and residential projects on behalf of developers, asset owners and contractors

Group. With established industry relationships and networks galvanised over many years, and the support of related companies within the Group, UtilityPro gives you the opportunity to think and work differently. The desire and commitment of our team gives UtilityPro its unique strength and ability to continually challenge operational standards - redefining current practices within the industry and rebuilding the confidence that had left many clients frustrated before working with us. Every individual within the team understands the critical nature of our service and make it their priority to successfully deliver every day. Our efficient and very deliberate approach provides clarity; by developing and employing effective systems and processes, we are able to utilise the latest technology and software interfaces, giving utilities a level of transparency never achieved before.

Renewable energy installations, including commercial solar farm installations and hydrogeneration systems

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MBRSS Group offering you a single portal to a comprehensive range of expertise; developed to provide an inclusive client focused service.