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Womyn & Spirituality This is a journey that started over thirty years ago for me. It was my passion of wanting to help all Womyn become empowered that led me on a journey back in time. During the 70’s and 80’s there seemed to be an “awakening” of the feminine. The time had come for us to separate ourselves from the invisible chains that we allowed to hold us in place. Until then and for many decades prior Womyn were expected to take on the role of the dutiful daughter and the committed wife. She usually worked in jobs designed for her such as the stenographer, file clerk, waitress, and maid and let us not forget the factory worker. just to name a few. If she did carry more Everything is energy and that's all responsibility in any job she was expected to perform her there is to it. Match the frequency duties at a lesser salary than men. Womyn still do not of the reality you want and you always receive equal pay for equal work and some of us cannot help but get that reality. It have not yet let go of the role of victim which keeps us in can be no other way. This is not a holding pattern for various types of abuse and philosophy. This is physics" - Albert sometimes on very subtle levels.


In the past to assist the “Women’s Movement” the Federal Government offered support in the way of programs designed to educate Womyn further in a wide variety of areas, and supplying safe shelters for the abused, Womyn’s Centres, counseling assistance in child care and other perks. Domestic violence and child abuse were no longer acceptable, we actually began to feel as though we were moving forward and for a while we felt supported and that we would soon be able to take big steps. The Government funded programs have very quickly diminished, Womyn are being abused in new and creative ways like the” Highway of Tears” and the” Pickton Farm” scandal. What did happen was a new consciousness around the feminine. There has emerged a whole new breed of Womyn who make themselves available in many areas and aspect of the community to assist with the healing of those in need. There are also many new modalities available to help release the old patterns engrained within our psyche over the many decades. Womyn are now expressing themselves in ways that had once been forgotten in time. The goddess has once again emerged and is ready to learn to embrace herself in her fullness. We seek to understand the energy of the Feminine, to honor it and express it in a way that is natural and comfortable to us. We are working individually and together to create a nurturing wholesome energy and exist in a reality where we are equal in all ways and accepted just as we are. To quote Albert Einstein “Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics”. Join me in learning where we have come from and become empowered and work toward becoming you in your fullness. Join me as I assist you to move forward and release the old patterns, the invisible chains. This is our journey, Herstory and we all have much to learn and more to contribute. As Womyn we must reclaim the feminine to begin the journey inwards and embrace the healing with the knowledge of who we were and are and where we have come from and create a reality of where we are headed.


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