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A More Integrated Approach Energy Innovation, Technology & Sustainability

Our Vision To innovate in clean energy, improve the environment, and enhance overall quality of life.

Our Mission To be a highly respected global clean energy company.

We Envision a Clean Energy Future And We Are Making It Happen Today.

The world needs innovative and practical new ways of producing clean energy. ENN is a company that has been working on this fundamental premise for more than 20 years. We have become recognized as pioneers in this work in China, where as a privately owned enterprise we have pursued our vision of making energy use more efficient while enhancing the quality of life for our growing populace. In the process, our quest for new clean energy solutions has evolved, taking us beyond national borders to other parts of Asia, and to Europe and the United States, where we are building collaborative partnerships with others who share our vision. For the reality is that future energy demand has no boundaries: it is a global issue, demanding global collaboration by people with a sense of responsibility for what happens tomorrow. The people of ENN are committed to nothing less than helping reshape a new economics of energy production, distribution, storage and usage. We value and invest in innovative technologies and services and look for ways to integrate them — with each other and within existing energy systems — along with processes that measure their impact. Through these products and services we are demonstrating that we can meet a significant portion of future energy needs through a combination of cleaner energy sources, energy re-cycling and conservation, and advanced energy management and control methodologies. With our valued partners in ever expanding regions of the world, we are working to make this vision a reality today. We invite you to learn about what ENN has already accomplished and then consider collaborating with us on your future clean energy initiatives.

ENN’s Clean Energy Research Center’s Doors are Open Come see what we’re working on!

Not far from Beijing is the city of Langfang, where ENN is headquartered and has established our Energy ENN HEADQUARTERS AND ENERGY TECHNOLOGIES CENTER LANGFANG, HEBEI, CHINA

Technologies Center. Whatever day of the week you may arrive at our building complex, you will find ENN scientists at work in their laboratories. Their research in applied and pure sciences is focused on discovering new ways of producing energy more cleanly, or more efficiently, or more economically. They have come to their positions from some of the world’s most prestigious colleges and universities. Many completed their graduate studies at well-known institutions of higher learning in the United States, Europe and Asia. These laboratories are where ENN is performing gasification research, including underground coal gasification and a low-temperature catalytic coal gasification process designed to reach “zero emissions” by avoiding directly burning coal for energy production. This is where ENN scientists are experimenting with Algal Carbon Fixation, a process of growing enormous quantities of algae that can be used not only to capture carbon but as a source of clean burning fuels. This is where ENN has challenged our elite team of scientists to design and inexpensively manufacture high-performance thin-film photovoltaic solar panel modules that are among the largest and most versatile in the world. And this is where ENN has learned how to combine these and other clean energy technologies and services into integrated, systems-oriented solutions that are tailored to our client’s particular geography, architectural and building requirements, or power generation needs. Until you are able to schedule a visit to see what solutions we’re working on next, the following pages will help to illustrate the scope and impact of our work.

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“From the airport I went straight to ENN’s Langfang research campus early on a Sunday to find many employees already at work. The air was filled with a palpable sense of excitement as they went about their projects.” David Mohler, Senior Vice President & chief technology officer, Duke Energy

Our Projects Solar Augments Power Plants.

In addition to being adaptable to just about any type of design configuration, ENN’s solar PV technology absorbs and converts light to energy more efficiently under a broader spectrum of light conditions, resulting in up to 15% higher performance in indirect light and high temperature applications. Dr.Deling Zhou Chief Operating Officer ENN Solar Energy TOP Germany’s Masterhausen plant today employs arrays of ENN

Germany is a recognized world leader in installed wattage generated from solar energy installations. Its municipalities and utilities are increasingly embracing solar energy to augment growing power generation demand. ENN is collaborating with several of these already, providing not only project development assistance but also technology and manufacturing capacity to help speed installation timeframes. The most recent collaborations have been in the cities of Neustadt and Mastershausen, which have bolstered energy generation capacity with custom manufactured, ground-based solar array panels made of thin-film photovoltaic silicon. In the low

thin-film solar panels to generate 3.2MW of electricity from solar. The panels are some of ENN’s largest — up to 60 sq. ft. each. The project was designed and constructed in under three months and began feeding the power grid that supplies electricity for the ancient village in late 2010.

and indirect light conditions for which Germany’s geography

BOTTOM In addition to being configured as rooftop or ground-based solar farm arrays, ENN’s large solar panels can become part of a building’s architectural design. They are strong enough to serve as windows or side balconies and even as roofs on car parks and electric car charging stations.

they provide more flexible design options

is famous, photovoltaic panels afford up to 15% higher performance than panels made from crystalline silicon. In addition to being more efficient at converting sunlight to electricity, A team of scientists and engineers from ENN’s Solar Energy Group took the lead in developing these two projects, including project screening, qualification evaluation, financing, production, engineering, installation and connecting the plants to the cities’ electric grids. ENN’s involvement continues after project development to include ongoing monitoring and maintenance of these installations.

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ENN’s solar

modules are manufactured using siliconbased thin-film technology. Thin-film panels have higher performance light absorption properties and the process of manufacturing them results in fewer emissions than crystalline silicon technology. As the name itself suggests, thin film uses less raw silicon — only 1/1000 of silicon product, so the emissions in the production process are minimal.

LEFT In early 2011, the 600KW power

plant near the spa and winter sports center of Neustadt, Germany, augmented its electricity production with an array of 1,000 ENN 5.7 m2 and quarter size thin-film siliconbased solar panels. The solar farm was installed and fully connected to the grid within just two months.


“At ENN, we are changing the image of how coal is used, not just burning it for electricity but converting it into ‘smart energy’ fuels. But we know we can’t do it alone.” Dr. Yunquan Sun, President, ENN Group North America

A major part of ENN’s clean energy technolo-

Hearing of this innovative work, Duke Energy,

gies research has focused on developing the

one of the largest electric power suppliers in

natural synergies that occur when algae,

the United States, began collaborating with

the fastest growing plant on earth, is fed

ENN in 2009 to design an algae project that

its favorite food — carbon dioxide. In this

replicates, on a smaller scale, this micro-

research, the carbon on which the algae is

algae bio reactor process at the company’s

invited to gorge is from the emissions of coal-

650-megawatt coal-fired plant in East Bend,

fired power plants and factories.


This work uniquely links ENN’s extensive

Phase I of this collaboration, which was

experience with coal-gasification technology

completed in late 2010, focused on identi-

with our research in algal bio-absorption.

fying specific strains of algae that can most

The resulting system not only prevents the

effectively consume Duke’s power plant

escape of carbon into the atmosphere but

emissions, based on local climate conditions,

produces as a byproduct a cleaner burning

water quality, and plant exhaust compo-

biodiesel fuel for a variety of power generation

nents. The study verified that it was feasible

applications. In the process, our advanced

to use micro-algae to reduce plant emissions

solar technology also is employed.

and set the framework for the 2nd phase

strains of algae. Four ENN bio-chemists worked for several months on the

The pilot of this system was successfully

of project demonstration, which continues

project alongside Duke researchers in Kentucky.

implemented in Langfang as early as 2006,

Duke Energy and ENN are collaborating on generating bio-fuels from various

and today is one of ENN’s key demonstration projects. 6 7

today. The algae project is just the first in a series of technology-sharing programs in which Duke and ENN are engaged.

» Algae, like all plants, uses

THE TECHNOLOGY ENN’s expertise in coal-gasification stems from one of the longest operating

carbon dioxide in photosynthesis; therefore carbon

underground coal gasification systems in the world in Ulan Qab, Inner Mongolia,

emissions can serve as feedstock for the plants’

which today generates both electricity and synthetic gas through a process the

growth. The ENN system grows algae in a bio-reac-

company developed. This process has been used for generating electricity since

tor in which the algae is placed in a series of glass

June 2009, and has already generated nearly 550,000 kilowatt-hours for use by the community.

tubes that are exposed to sunlight. Carbon dioxide from coal-gasification plant emissions is introduced into the tubes. The fast growing algae then can be harvested to produce biodiesel fuel, fertilizer, animal feed and mineral products.


ENN believes in working fast, and on many

source powering these projects is used at all

different fronts, to come up with sustainable

times of the day.

energy solutions that can prevent the consequences of continued environmental degradation from burning fossil fuels. Both the challenge and the opportunity is using some combination of all of these — coal gasification and carbon capture, solar PV and solar thermal, fuels from biomass, storage and distribution technologies — in an integrated way that can be measured and controlled.

in Langfang, near Beijing. The objective is to create a “city of tomorrow” powered by clean energy, including solar and coal-based clean energy coupled with our advanced energy storage and energy efficiency systems. The partnership is endorsed by the US-China Clean Energy Research Center (CERC), which is committed to strengthening technolog-

all the pieces, is the goal of ENN’s Sys-Energy

ical exchanges and bilateral cooperation in

Efficiency, a term to describe a set of new

the areas of clean coal, electric vehicles and

ENN is constructing a combined natural gas heat, power and

technologies that are focused on optimizing

energy efficient building technologies.

cooling system for the T3 terminal building of Changsha Huanghua

how energy is produced, distributed, used, and

busiest, handling more than 1 million passengers a month. When


Duke Energy views the partnership as an opportunity to apply lessons learned in Lang-

complete, ENN’s system will have the potential to meet the airport’s

ENN has already put this concept into practice

fang to its own deployment of clean and low-

total need for heating and cooling and part of its power use. ENN

through a number of exciting projects that are

carbon energy technology in its U.S. service

estimates energy savings up to 33% and a reduction of nearly 3,800

microcosms of how villages and big cities alike


tons of CO2 emissions.

might eventually use energy more efficiently. Our partners are industrial sites, airports, residential community designers — all projects with energy demands as complex as a small city’s. ENN Sys-Energy Efficiency monitoring systems ensure that the most efficient energy


ENN in a joint effort to develop an “eco city”

Facilitating this integration, and connecting

International Airport in Hunan Province. The airport is China’s 12th


In January 2011, Duke Energy joined with

In turn, what ENN learns will lead us to innovate new ways to architect future clean energy cities, and redesign existing urban areas to use energy more wisely and economically.



Sys-Energy Efficiency technology is

about creating an interconnected system of gas, electricity and heat networks that allow all the stages of an energy input and out-

“I believe that China has developed the ‘intellectual property’ behind scaling new technologies. That’s why we are working with Chinese companies to share information on clean energy technologies and explore joint projects.” Jim Rodgers, Chairman, President & CEO, Duke Energy Duke Energy’s Sustainability Report: April 6, 2011

In China’s Jiangsu Province, ENN is constructing our first Eco-City demonstration model to show the viability of our low carbon energy solutions in an urban environment. In the first phase, 1.5 million square meters will be set out and ENN will construct energy efficient homes, offices and commercial buildings that showcase applications of clean coal, electric vehicles and energy efficient building technologies. All cooling, heating, hot water, natural gas and electricity systems for the “city” will be integrated and monitored by an energy sensor network to ensure that energy use is optimized.

put life cycle to be closely linked — from generation, to storage and transportation, to utilization and recovery. Such a system incorporates a self-organized control and sensor system that employs intelligent routers and terminals and wireless Internet-based communications to integrate and monitor each part of the system. The goal is to fully maximize the efficiency of energy resources in industrial or residential structures to conserve as much energy as possible while lowering carbon emissions.

The Companies of ENN Group

Since our founding as a private company in 1989, ENN has grown our investments in people and technologies to address the full cycle of clean energy development — from conducting basic research, to engineering and manufacturing products, to working with educational institutions, governments, and leading corporations around the world to develop more energy efficient industrial complexes


of China’s National Key Laboratories, which has

• The Services Division provides consulting, installation, operation management, as well

fostered broader collaborative work with international research organizations.

as assistance with technical, financial, or policy

ENN Smart Energy has overseen several energy

considerations of a project’s development.

service projects at Shanghai, Quanzhou of Fujian Province and six other cities throughout China.

and urban centers, and much more.

It collaborates in this work with leading research

engineering, procurement, and construction

institutions at home and abroad, including the

Today ENN Group is exactly that: a group of inte-

(EPC) expertise in gas projects, petrochemical,

China Academy of Science, the China-U.S. Research

grated companies, each with its own expertise, but

coal-chemical, natural gas liquefaction and new energy power generation.

Center, IBM, Duke Energy, and others.

working together on common clean energy chal-

ENN Smart Energy


production pilot plant has been named as one

• The Engineering Division offers professional

lenges and solutions for our customers.


to apply an integrated solutions approach to each

• The Technology Division is responsible for

ENN Energy Distribution

conducting basic and applied research that

ENN Energy Distribution provides clean heating and

results in leading edge, demonstrable and inte-

cooking fuels to more than 5.6 million households

This systems-oriented arm of ENN is tasked not only

grated clean energy solutions such as ENN’s

and 17,000 industrial and commercial customers. It

with imagining and testing new technologies but

proprietary “Sys-Energy Efficiency” technology

operates gas fuel projects in 90 cities in China and

also finding holistic ways in which to integrate them

and low-carbon energy technologies. Its break-

its gas brand (ENN Energy) is well known to thou-

as complete energy systems, wherever possible. Its

through work in underground coal-gasification,

sands of motorists in China who fill up their cars at

organization into three divisions (Services, Engi-

catalytic coal gasification, algal bio-absorption

the company’s 192 natural gas refueling stations in

neering, and Technology) acknowledges the multi-

and other areas have earned it more than 200

46 Chinese cities. Up to 18 million cubic meters of

faceted needs of its clients and its commitment

patents. Its coal-based “zero-emission” energy

clean burning fuels are delivered somewhere each

day by the Company’s pipelines that stretch across

ENN Solar Energy

most commonly found in arrays on rooftops or in

16,000 kilometers. The company also has invested in

ENN Solar Energy is a leading manufacturer of

farmers’ fields, but also serving as windows and

energy management services that help its commer-

a variety of innovative solar energy products

balconies in residential or commercial buildings,

cial and industrial clients both become more effi-

and provider of comprehensive solar solutions.

or providing power for electric vehicle recharging

cient energy users while guaranteeing their sources

Backed by ENN’S integrated group of clean energy

stations. ENN Solar not only manufactures solar

of clean energy supply. An IT partnership with IBM

companies, ENN Solar continues to advance the

power products, it also offers end-to-end services

and SAP in 2005 integrated the company’s sales and

efficiency of its solar products, while its engineers

that include helping its worldwide clients through

service platforms to provide more uniform billing

design practical new ways of putting them to use.

and tracking customer services.

all stages of a solar project, from conception to

Its cutting edge solar PV modules, which are among

financing, to engineering, installation and long-

the largest in the world, are highly customizable:

term maintenance.

ENN Chemicals ENN Chemicals is responsible for managing several coal burning plants in China, three of which are “mega” plants that use innovative ENN technologies

ENN Group

to produce clean burning fuels like methanol DME and methane. The company’s charter is to ensure the cleanest possible use of China’s coal reserves and to continually advance technologies for reducing and/ or absorbing emissions from traditional uses of coal.

Energy Distribution

Smart Energy

Solar Energy

ENN Technology

Energy Services

ENN Engineering

They are sharing this knowledge with power utility operators throughout the world by helping redesign plant operations and training plant management in their application and use.

ENN Chemicals

ENN was incorporated in Langfang, China in 1989. The company began as a successful car rental business. Recognizing an opportunity to make important contributions to the clean energy distribution sector, in 1993 ENN incorporated the ENN Langfang Gas Co. Ltd. with a mission to supply natural gas to downtown Langfang. In subsequent years, the company was successively transformed to focus beyond distribution to research and development in sustainable clean energy technologies and services that have a positive impact on the environment and quality of life for people everywhere.



1989 ENN’s first enterprise, Langfang Xiali Car Rental Company, is incorporated.

1997 ENN Group Co., Ltd. is established after a corporate restructuring.

ENN subsidiary, ENN Gas Holdings Ltd., is listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (2688.HK), entering the energy distribution sector.

2003 ENN acquires Hebei Veyong Bio-chemical, entering the bio-chemical sector.

ENN Research and Development Co., Ltd. is incorporated and builds “zero-emission” technology system for clean energy production from coal. This subsidiary’s broad focus includes developing energy efficiency systems that involve energy production, utilization, storage and recovery.

2007 ENN Solar is established and begins producing the world’s first extra-large thin-film silicon photovoltaic solar panels the following year.

1993 ENN enters the clean energy distribution sector with the incorporation of ENN Langfang Gas Co., Ltd., which brings natural gas to downtown Langfang the following year.

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ENN develops gas utilities through mergers, acquisitions or joint ventures. Within a decade the company is providing clean burning gas to more than 5.6 million households and 17,000 commercial and industrial clients in 90 cities in China.

ENN enters the energy chemical sector by establishing coal chemical production bases in Erdos, Inner Mongolia and Zaozhuang, Shandong Province, establishing itself as a producer of clean energy products


November 2009

2009 Following a corporate restructuring, ENN formally positions itself as an integrated clean energy solutions provider.

ENN and IBM sign a strategic agreement to collaborate on IT solutions for “Intelligent Energy” to enable creation of Smarter Cities in China. The agreement includes investment by IBM in ENN’s energy services business that makes IBM a strategic IT outsourcing partner.


January 2010 China’s central government designates ENN as “a key national laboratory” for the study of coal conversion technologies, making it one of the top research centers for clean energy in the country.

January 2011 ENN and Duke Energy announce an agreement to create the Future Energy Technology Demonstration Platform, paving the way to exchange knowledge on advanced energy, building and transportation technologies.

February 2010 October 2009 2008 ENN subsidiary, ENN Gas, adds to its gas distribution business by providing energy management services, enhancing its ability to meet clients’ needs for clean and low-cost energy.

ENN and Duke Energy sign an agreement to begin a partnership for solar farm development in the U.S. aimed at facilitating locally distributed electricity generation and use.

ENN signs an agreement with NETL to collaborate on coal-based clean energy technology research, and becomes a core member of CERC.

February 2011 May 2010 ENN Energy signs a strategic Investment and Cooperation Contract with Petro Vietnam Gas City (PV Gas City) to provide natural gas and services in main cities of Vietnam.

Construction begins on a 5MW solar installation at a New Jersey power plant. When complete, it will be one of the largest grid-connected plants using thin-film solar modules in the U.S.

Working on a Global Scale

In 2011, ENN employs over 27,000 and operates in more than 100 cities worldwide. The company has total assets of more than $5.6 billion. Since 1995, ENN’s Charitable Foundation has made contributions of more than $50,000,000 for international disaster relief and poverty alleviation and to promote environmental awareness education.

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 Our Operating Regions Afghanistan | Australia | Austria | Canada | China Czech Republic | England | France | Germany | India | Iran Ireland | Italy | Pakistan | Poland | Switzerland | Tajkistan Turkmenistan | Uzbekistan | United States

Our Management Team

Yang Yu

Jin Yongsheng

Vice Chairman of the Board and CEO, ENN Group

Executive Vice President, ENN Group

Mr. Yang graduated from Petroleum Pipeline Vocational and Technical College’s department of Wireless Communication. He earned a master’s degree in banking from Renmin University of China and his EMBA from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore.

Dr. Gan Zhongxue above, Pictured left to right

Dr. Wang Yusuo

Gan Zhongxue, Zhang Yesheng,

Chairman and Founder, ENN Group

Yang Yu, Jin Yongsheng, Zhai Xiaoqin, Yu Jianchao, Cai Hongqiu, Liu Jishen

Wang Yusuo is the founder and chairman of the board of ENN Group. Dr. Wang earned his doctorate in Business Management from Tianjin University of Finance and Economics. Along with his duties at ENN, Dr. Wang has also been elected to the following public service posts: 11th Standing Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC); Vice Chair Chinese Chamber of Commerce; Vice Chair Federation of Industry and Commerce of Hebei Province; Standing Committee CPPCC Hebei Province; Chair of the Federation of Industry and Commerce of Langfang City and Vice Chair of CPPCC of Langfang City.


Vice Chairman of the Board and Chief Technology Officer, ENN Group Dr. Gan earned his PhD in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Connecticut.

Liu Jishen

Mr. Jin graduated from the Guanghua School of Management at Peking University with an Executive MBA. Mr. Jin passed the National Lawyer Qualification examinations and has held his license to practice law in China. He is also a graduate of Tianjin College of Finance & Economics’ department of Finance.

Zhai Xiaoqin Deputy General Manager, ENN Technologies Ms. Zhai graduated from Xi’an Jiaotong University. She earned her MBA from Beijing Institute of Technology and her Executive MBA from China Europe International Business School.

President, ENN Group

Cai Hongqiu

Mr. Liu has a master’s degree in Economic Management from Northeast Normal University in Changchun City. He is also an accredited economist.

Vice President, ENN Group

Yu Jianchao

Mr. Cai earned his MBA from Tsinghua University’s School of Economics and Management and a bachelor’s degree from the China University of Political Science and Law. Mr.Cai is also an accredited Senior Economist.

Chief Finance Officer, ENN Group Mr. Yu earned his EMBA from the China Europe International Business School. He also graduated from Hebei College of Economics and Trade.

Zhang Yesheng CEO and General Manager, ENN Energy Distribution Mr. Zhang earned his Executive MBA from Peking University. He is also a graduate of the Chinese People’s Armed Police Forces Academy.

We will not yield from our quest for energy innovation. It is our vision, our aspiration, our commitment. Our company, our growth, our fulfillment, Is benefiting and bringing hope to society.

ENN Group Huaxiang Road, Economic and Technological Development Zone | Langfang 065001, P.R. China TEL 86-316-2599999 | FAX 86-316-6080999

ENN GROUP North America, inc 7 Thompson Road E. | Windsor, Connecticut 06088 TEL 860-990-7117 | FAX 860-627-9476

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