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The MB Pro

Welcome to The MB Pro; a monthly newsletter published by MB Productions. We’ve had a busy month in the studio and are awaiting the fruition of our member’s projects. The amount of talent that has passed through our doors since breaking ground in August 2012 has been unsurmountable. Our Studio Members are and continue to be the most

preparation for our building renovation and our many live concert productions from March through August 2013. MB Pro looks forward to building our community up even further for the remainder of the year by providing elite services to those that need complete coverage and seek real results. - Michael “Manson” McNally (MB Productions Studio Manager) hardworking and influential artists in our region (ABE). In the coming months, MB Pro intends to shake up the “norm” once again by adding a multitude of attractive service packages and memberships to an already commanding arsenal of unique services available. Memberships in March 2013 will be limited to a grand total of 5 in

The MB Pro February 2013

Studio Members

Frankie Prada

Relly Rellz




Qash Qai


LA Cruz


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The MB Pro February 2013

What’s a Studio Membership?

Studio Memberships are a new idea developed and pioneered by MB Productions. Studio Memberships address the problems and drawbacks associated with large, commercial studio use for independent musicians. MB Pro has created 3 unique types of Studio Memberships; Red, Gold, and Black Cards. Each card carries a number of Hours that can be used and distributed over the course of a 30 day period. Specialized services like Mixing & Mastering are

included in all Studio Memberships. This system allows each Member a chance to really get comfortable in the studio environment, because they are less concerned about the amount of time they are using in the studio -and more time experimenting with vocals and instrumentation in their music. Artists typically spend between $200-$500 per month towards their Studio Memberships. Page 4

Some have a few songs to record, while other are completing entire mixtapes and even full length albums. While Members are in the studio recording, they use some of their time discussing long term goals and assembling attractive press kits with MB Pro Management. Studio Memberships truly revolutionize the recording industry and MB Pro makes high quality production affordable to a community on a budget.

The MB Pro February 2013

Studio Membership Features MB Pro’s professional resume includes hosting and engineering live Graphic Design Contacts concert events of all kinds There are a ton of and for different purposes. Graphic Designers it This area has a great bar seems, but only a FEW get scene that is friendly to our the job done fast. We know brand of live entertainment. who those fellas are and Members again, have we’ll be happy to introduce access to this information any member who needs and it’s entire execution for such expertise. an additional fee. Music Video Direction Basic Web Design Hip Hop music videos MB Productions uses a are notorious for ‘point and HTML based web editor shoot’ techniques. Some called “WIX” to songs can get away with it, manufacture brands but for the ones that don’t digitally for the web. When hence have deeper using our powerful word meaning - need visuals that processing software in Art Direction address that meaning. combination with the Art Direction is probably Studio Members receive technology of the day we the most overlooked and complimentary support in are able to communicate underutilized portion of the contacting and facilitating with literally any type of pie when it comes to Hip the relationship between product or service that Hop music...especially on a the artist and the needs to be sold and local level. Imagery with videographer who will marketed in the digital your lyrics is just as direct a complete, domain. Many of our important as actual conceptual HD Music satisfied clients have made imagery on your CD or Video. thousands directly related iTunes cover. At MB Pro we Booking Concerts/Events to our designs. Only Studio can help guide you in Members are eligible for discovering how your piece Home Studio Advice Between Mike and Rob, MB Pro has literally encountered hundreds of “Shit, why doesn’t this sound/work right” situations in our careers. We’ve worked at every music store, cured enough headaches to continue to do so. If you have your own gear - you’re way ahead of the game in this industry. Put it to good use to maximize your time in our studio with this complimentary service provided during the term of your membership.

of artwork finds it’s way to a piece of plastic.

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The MB Pro  

MB Productions Monthly Newsletter

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