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Volume Six | Issue 1 | February 2011

Meet MBOT 2011 Chair

Ian MacFadden

Mississauga Celebration Square

Financial institutions will benefit from online marketing

MBOT Board of Directors

meet your

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board of directors

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Volume Six | Issue 1 |February 2011


26 Financial institutions Will Benefit from Online Marketing

18 Meet MBOT 2011 Chair Ian MacFadden

27 Complying with Ontario’s Accessibility Legislation is the Law – Is Your Business Ready? 28 Hybrid Communication Courses


29 WanT TO Get Involved? MBOT Needs You!


29 8 Tips For Creating A Polished Business Image

Oh, the Places You’ll Go!


30 Why a donation to a food bank makes good business sense!


& COMMUNICATIONS Mississauga Celebration Square a Catalyst for Bringing People & Business Together Downtown



3 What has your mbot membership done for you lately? 11 Taking positive action: New opportunities to reduce taxes 12 A NEW YEAR, A NEW YOU! 13 Taming The Four Financial Risks 14 Bill 168: Are You Compliant? 15 Volunteering – is it for you? Small Business Owners & Financial Planning 16 GREEN RETURNS ARE GUARANTEED FROM THE ONTARIO POWER AUTHORITY 17 A good Risk Management program is like money in the bank! 22 Taking the Plunge into Financial Planning


23 Can a Student Intern Help Your Company? 24 Best Practices Review: Topgrading

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## Momentum

Infotech inc. - 11



3 PRESIDENT’S REPORT MBOT: Representing and Serving Business in Mississauga for 35 years 4 CHAIR’S MESSAGE A strong board of trade is essential to the long term success of Mississauga 5 Policy Notes · Hire and retain: MBOT launches program to help employers hire foreign trained professionals · MBOT Advocacy News 6 Save the Date For great upcoming MBOT events! 34 WELCOME NEW MEMBERS 35 THANK YOU RENEWING MEMBERS 36 MEMBER SPOTLIGHT · Itergy opens new office in Mississauga · Nurse Next Door Receives 2010 Franchise of the Year Award · AvMore Launches DigitalPOP, Digital Signage Solution

25 Banks Must Recognize Canada’s Future Citizens


33 Accounting in the cloud! MBOT Referral Campaign


Taxation, Accounting, the list goes on…



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ImMIGRANT & community services - 13 ## Intelligent Office -14 ## Eden Community Food Bank – 14 ## SWISS CHALET - 14 ## cora - 16 ## gandy associates -16 ## Dan Lawrie # insurance brokers -17 ## Insuranceland - 22#

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## Coaching


President’s Report

MBOT: Representing and Serving Business in Mississauga for 35 years


n 1976, a group of local business people gathered at the offices of Mississauga News to discuss and establish a new business association; one that would represent the interests of the many businesses that were taking root in what was then, a newly amalgamated and growing city of Mississauga.

Experience the sights, sounds, and tastes from around the world

2011 CHAIR’S GALA FOR SYD MARTIN Affimex Customs and Trade Services (ACTS)

Thursday, April 7, 2011 Syd Martin

MISSISSAUGA CONVENTION CENTRE 75 Derry Road West Mississauga, ON L5W 1G3 6:00 p.m. – Cocktail Reception

35 years later, that association, the Mississauga Board of Trade, can boast a long and proud history of outstanding business and community leadership and contributions, helping to make Mississauga one of Canada’s largest and most thriving economic centres. Since its inception, the mandate of MBOT – to represent and serve the interests of business and contribute to enhancing quality of life in Mississauga – has remained the same. It is more relevant today than ever, as the environment in which businesses operate has become increasingly complex and challenging. By having businesses connecting, working together and supporting one another, we are elevating the success of the collective business community.

6:45 p.m. – Dinner & Presentations, Entertainment Attire: Business Elegant

Honouring Sydney Martin

In the past, most business leaders, owners and executives lived in the city in which they worked. As a result, there was a natural affinity to getting involved in the community or the local Board of Trade, as a way to give back and help to shape the environment in which they operated their business and made a living. The correlation between the economic vibrancy and quality of life in the city and the success of their business was very evident. Nowadays, business people are busier than ever and

President of Affimex Customs and Trade Services (ACTS) Inc. The event will include formal remarks by Sydney Martin, and

The Business Lifetime Achievement Award will be presented to

many are less connected with our community and its businesses, but need to recognize the strong vested interest they have in the work that Mississauga Board of Trade performs. MBOT is not only an organization, but also a collection of businesses and business people that are committed to improving their own business, as well as the overall business environment and quality of life in Mississauga. Our members recognize that together, with strength in numbers and influence, we can achieve more and contribute to making Mississauga a better city for business and residents alike. Connecting, serving and advocating on behalf of the interests of business define the Mississauga Board of Trade. So as MBOT members and members of the Mississauga business community, we need you to continue to support this, your local business association, in making our great city even greater and this organization stronger; we need your support! Stay involved, contribute your ideas and feedback, take advantage of our programs and services, lend your voice to our policy advocacy activities, and make your membership and voice count. I would like to thank and congratulate all of our members for being an important part of this team, helping to grow MBOT and for making a difference in our community; now, in the future, and as we have in the past.

Sheldon Leiba, MBOT President & CEO

Mississauga Board of Trade

IGNAT KANEFF, LL.D. (HON.), the Kaneff Group of Companies, a valued, tenacious and savvy business professional# according to many in our city. MBOT is pleased to welcome comedian Evan Carter as the event emcee and dinner# entertainment by Carassauga Dancers.

TICKETS: Early-bird Special: Tickets $200 each.

After March 25, 2011: $225 each For event information & sponsorship please contact Brynna Williams at (905) 273 6151 ext. 32 or


MBOT Official Photographer John Goldstein John Goldstein Photography or (289) 232 1417

Official Publication of Mississauga Board of Trade Publisher Sheldon Leiba President & CEO


Managing Editor Jordan Cumberland Communications & Public Relations Coordinator Mississauga Board

Advertising Sales (905) 273 6151


Graphic Design, Print & Distribution Katika Integrated Communications Inc. Mississauga, Ontario Trade

We welcome your comments, suggestions and ideas General Inquiries: (905) 273 6151 Mississauga Board of Trade 701-77 City Centre Drive Mississauga, ON L5B 1M5 (905) 273 6151 (905) 273 4937

© February 2011. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or copied in parts or as a whole without the prior written permission of Mississauga Board of Trade (MBOT). Advertising content and the comments, views and opinions expressed herein are those of contributors and do not necessarily constitute endorsement by MBOT. Publications Agreement No. 40012444.

What has your MBOT membership done for you lately?


ississauga Board of Trade has the potential to save you real dollars, for your business and on a personal level! The better question may be, what have you TAKEN advantage of lately?

When you first became a member of MBOT, you may have noticed there are a multitude of benefits you have the option of using. Do you know where they are on the MBOT ( website? Have a look on the left side of the homepage, click on Member Information, then Affinity Programs and Savings. Perhaps you’re interested in setting up a user account but are unsure about the process; simply call Monika Rumin at (905) 273 6151 ext. 25 and you can get started!

As a member of MBOT, you belong to a chamber that has a comprehensive list of affinity programs, so why not check some of them out? We are currently developing relationships with a number of companies to provide you with even more programs, so check back frequently. Posting a M2M (member-to-member) discount gives you/your company the ability to choose what you would like to provide; MBOT will then advertise your special offer, FREE OF CHARGE! If there is a particular service or product that you need, check out the M2M page. Support your fellow members as you would like to be supported! This article was written by Sonia Ojha, Member Services Manager at Mississauga Board of Trade. For more information, please call (905) 273 6151 ext. 31 or



Mississauga Board of Trade / MboT

Volume Six | Issue 1 | 2011


Chair’s Message



Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) Ian MacFadden

Vice Chair Membership & Programs Solutions for HR Inc. Grant Clark

Vice Chair - Policy

University of Toronto Mississauga Andrew Stelmacovich


ICICI Bank Canada Rajesh Ramakrishnan

Immediate Past Chair

Affimex Custom and Trade Services (ACTS) Syd Martin


Enersource Corporation Karen Ras


City of Mississauga Larry Petovello Constant Contact Lisa Kember Easton’s Group of Hotels Reetu Gupta GlaxoSmithKline Ed Dybka Greater Toronto Airports Authority Lorrie McKee KPMG Paul Woolford


t is with a sense of privilege and honour that I assume the role of Chair with the Mississauga Board of Trade for 2011. I'd like to thank my fellow directors and all MBOT members for affording me this opportunity to serve.

I follow in the steps of a long line of chairs who have served this organization so well - with dedication, passion and energy, and with a strong sense of service to the mississauga business community. My challenge will be to live up to the example they have set. I accept that challenge with optimism and enthusiasm, knowing we have a committed and talented staff who, under the leadership of Sheldon Leiba, has brought MBOT to the position of strength, relevance and impact it enjoys today. I will also have the pleasure of working with a Board of Directors that represents a vast resevoir of expertise and experience, and which brings a highly diversified range of perspectives to the table. And then, of course, we have our volunteers who bring their commitment and energy to the organization by supporting the various committees, activities and events undertaken by MBOT throughout the year. I would like to specifically thank Syd Martin, who so ably served MBOT as chair this past year, and recent past chairs, Ellen McGregor (2009) and Jake Dheer (2008). Mississauga is so very fortunate to have business and community leaders who give so generously in so many ways. One of the priorities i would like to undertake in 2011 is membership growth. Boards of trade are membership organizations and their strength and impact on the business community is directly proportional to the size and engagement level of the membership.

Mississauga Board of Trade Sheldon Leiba

The relationship between a board and its business community is symbiotic. They need each other and both stand to benefit from the relationship.

Pallett Valo LLP Liana Turrin

MBOT is well managed, financially stable, and has a solid membership development team that is executing smart strategies. It is busy; hosting over 50 events this past year, and advocating on many issues. And yet, in canada’s 6th largest city, home to over 55,000 businesses, our membership stands at approximately 950. This is low in both real and relative terms compared to what we know is possible and where we need to be, to fully leverage the potential of this community. So there is a tremendous opportunity for MBOT to grow and make an even greater contribution, but it can’t be done without the support of the business community and, frankly, we need more of that support. We need more business leaders who care about this community and who understand that a membership with MBOT is an investment, and that a strong and growing board of trade is good for business.

PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP Michael Hawtin RBC Royal Bank Rino D’Onofrio Sheridan Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning Jeff Zabudsky Tech-Con Automation Inc. Casey DiBattista

MBOT Mission Statement

MBOT is a business-to-business publication designed to provide practical information on business solutions and trends. The mission of Mississauga Board of Trade (MBOT) is to fulfill a leadership role as the voice of business for Mississauga’s business community. MBOT aims to create an environment for Mississauga business to compete and prosper, in recognition of the simple truth that a thriving business sector contributes to the quality of life for all citizens in our community.

And so, in the coming year we will be calling on Mississauga businesses to come to the table, to support MBOT, not only for the membership benefits, which are significant, but because a strong board of trade is essential to the long term success of Mississauga. We all benefit from that and look forward to your continued support.

Ian MacFadden, 2011 MBOT Chair Vice President and Area Manager Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC)

Policy Notes



full room of Mississauga’s business community gathered at the Living Arts Centre on November 11, 2010 and December 2, 2010 for MBOT’s Employer Information Seminars, which highlighted how hiring and integrating internationally foreign trained professionals is beneficial for the future success and growth of Mississauga businesses. “In an increasingly diverse community like Mississauga that attracts a large employment pool of skilled immigrants, it’s not only socially responsible that we welcome them into our workforces, but it makes good business and economic sense,” said MBOT President & CEO, Sheldon Leiba. Leiba opened the business seminars by outlining the business case for hiring foreign trained professionals and the MBOT's

MBOT Advocacy News

The program will provide resources, information and services that will help employers learn how to recruit and retain newcomers as contributing employees to their businesses. commitment to helping Mississauga employers learn how to better hire, integrate and retain foreign trained professionals by launching its new program, ITS in Mississauga, which stands for Internationally Trained and Skilled in Mississauga. The program will provide resources, information and services that will help employers learn how to recruit and retain newcomers as contributing employees to their businesses. Panel presenters included: OneCAD Solutions, Longo’s, Canadian Springs, Xerox Canada, City of Mississauga, and keynote addresses from Scotiabank and Royal Bank of Canada (RBC). Each presenter spoke to attendees about the techniques, strategies, best practices and resources and tools that they have implemented into their companies to decrease the barriers associated with hiring foreign trained professionals. As well, they highlighted the short and long-term benefits companies are set to gain from hiring skilled newcomers. Future deliverables that will be offered through the ITS in Mississauga program will include cultural diversity seminars, a job fair, an employer resource based website: and the launch of an MBOT pilot that will take 10 Mississauga companies and highlight their journey to hire, integrate and retain newcomers into their companies. The 10 companies will be given “Cadillac service” by MBOT and its advisory council, made up of community partners who specialize in the hiring and post hire retention of foreign trained professionals.

We get so excited when we hear from you! We’re all ears….. that way, we hear what you have to say.

CORPORATE TAX REDUCTIONS MBOT has written a letter urging the Minister of Finance to not implement the proposed idea of eliminating the corporate tax reductions announced in the 2007 federal fiscal plan. MBOT firmly believes that doing so would negatively affect Canadian businesses by adding additional taxes to businesses over the next two years. At a time where Canada’s trading partners have significantly reduced their corporate taxes, increasing corporate taxes on businesses would hinder Canada’s competitiveness on the global market.

BILL C-32; THE COPYRIGHT MODERNIZATION ACT MBOT has written a letter urging its local MP's to support Bill C-32, which would bring Canada's copyright legislature in line with other leading nations. Our current copyright legislature is risking Canada’s trading partnerships as well as Canada’s creative industries, which have seen a drain in jobs and investments due to increased intellectual property crime. MBOT will continue to advocate for federal government to pass Bill C-32, as 640,000 jobs in the creative industry risk being diminished if Canada continues to ignore the out-of-date copyright legislature.




katika integrated communications inc. t. (905).949.1020 f. (905).949.1021

Volume Six | Issue 1 | 2011


Save the Date

Save the Date

For great upcoming MBOT events!  Seminars |  Regular Events | Ks – Keynote Speaker

February Monday, February 28, 2011 Speed Networking February Time: 4:30 p.m. - 6:30 p.m. Location: Cora’s, 4559 Hurontario St., Unit 9 Mississauga L4Z 3L9 Fee: MBOT Member: $30 | Non-Member: $50 Registration: Contact Amanda Dupuis at (905) 273 6151 ext. 21 or MARCH




Living Arts Centre, 4141 Living Arts Drive Mississauga

MBOT Member / Non-Member: Free Registration:

Wednesday, March 9, 2011 GOOD MORNING MISSISSAUGA (GMM) Time: 7:30 a.m. - 9:30 a.m. Location: TBA Fee: MBOT Member: $15 | MBOT Member - Speaker: $25 Non-Member: $30 Registration: Contact Amanda Dupuis at (905) 273 6151 ext. 21 or Monday, March 28, 2011 Mississauga Business Xchange (MBX) Time: 5:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. Location: Courtyard Residence Inn by Marriott, 5050 Creekbank Rd., Mississauga Fee: MBOT Member: Free | Non-Member: Free Registration: Contact Amanda Dupuis at (905) 273 6151 ext. 21 or

Experience the sights, sounds, and tastes from around the world


Affimex Customs and Trade Services (ACTS)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

75 Derry Road West Mississauga, ON L5W 1G3

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Gain recognition in the business community ++ Increase credibility of your organization ++ Increase marketability through media coverage ++ Become known as a leader in your industry

6:00 p.m. – Cocktail Reception 6:45 p.m. – Dinner & Awards Presentations Attire: Business Elegant For event information & sponsorship please contact Brynna Williams at (905) 273 6151 ext. 32 or For more information about any seminars and events, please contact the MBOT office at (905) 273 6151 or online at


Mississauga Board of Trade

SEMINAR Thursday, March 3, 2011 Social Media Speakers: J oan Mizzi-Fry, Nuleaf Communications Farhan Zahir, SONET Mobile Declan Treacy, Gilaroo Time: 7:30 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. Location: Centre for Health & Safety Innovation 5110 Creekbank Rd., Mississauga Fee: MBOT Member: $30 | Non-Member: $45 Registration: Contact Brynna Williams at (905) 273 6151 ext. 32 or, or visit for online registration

GOLF CLASSIC 2011 Thursday, June 23 LIONHEAD


Business Awards of Excellence 2011

Business Learning

6:00 p.m. – Cocktail Reception 6:45 p.m. – Dinner, & Presentations Entertainment

Attire: Business Elegant

Honouring Sydney Martin

President of Affimex Customsand Trade Services (ACTS) Inc. The event will include formal remarks by Sydney Martin, and

The Business Lifetime Achievement Award will be presented to

IGNAT KANEFF, LL.D. (HON.), the Kaneff Group of Companies, a valued, tenacious and savvy business professional according to many in our city. MBOT is pleased to welcome comedian Evan Carter as the event emcee and dinner entertainment by Carassauga Dancers.

TICKETS: Early-bird Special: Tickets $200 each After March 25, 2011: $225 each For event information & sponsorship please contact Brynna Williams at (905) 273 6151 ext. 32 or

Thursday, April 28, 2011 GROWTH & POWER Speaker: Anthony Longo, CEO Longo Brothers Fruit Markets Time: 7:30 a.m. - 9:30 a.m. Location: Glenerin Inn, 1695 The Collegeway, Mississauga Fee: MBOT Member – Regular: $55 MBOT Member - Table of 8: $390 Non-Member – Regular: $75 Non-Member – Table of 8: $540 Registration: Contact Brynna Williams at (905) 273 6151 ext. 32 or, or visit for online registration


$250 for every new member referral

Introduce any potential new member by e-mail or in person by March 31, 2011

On approval of membership we will credit your MBOT account with $250.00 Your credit may be used toward membership dues, events, sponsorship or advertising. Non-transferrable. Credit must be used by August 31, 2011. New member must join and pay first-year membership dues by April 30, 2011.

Golf & Country Club 8525 Mississauga Road,# Brampton, ON L6Y 0C1

» Early-Bird Special - Ends Friday, May 27, 2011 » Individual Tickets: $225 » Foursome: $885 » Foursome + Hole Sponsorship: $1100

Full Scramble Format Volume Six | Issue 1 | 2011


Networking 101

Marketing & Communications

Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

Mississauga Celebration Square a Catalyst for Bringing People & Business Together Downtown

By Audie McCarthy

By Marie Fitzpatrick-Hall


r. Seuss was a famous American writer and cartoonist, best known for his children's books, but who knew one could apply his writing to business networking? “You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose. You're on your own. And you know what you know. And YOU are the guy who'll decide where to go.”

Where have you decided to go in the last 30 days? Where have you networked? Of course there is the Mississauga Board of Trade, but where else? This issue of MBOT is all about Taxation, Accounting, Financial Planning and Banking. Do you take advantage of the opportunities presented by the financial sector? Here are a few ideas: ##TALK TO YOUR ACCOUNTANT.  Ask if they offer any “tax talks” for their customers. It could be a great place to go meet other business people. ##TALK TO YOUR FINANCIAL PLANNER AND/OR BANK MANAGER. They often offer seminars for small businesses. Not only will you meet people, you might learn something in the process that will help your business to succeed. I was recently invited to attend a seminar at a local bank. I don't even bank there but I went anyways and offered to do a 15-minute "networking activity." Why? It got me out of my seat and in front of a room full of people; it allowed me to stand out from all the others at the event. I also offered one of my books, “Networking Edge –Building Relationships for Success,” as a door prize, which of course allowed me to collect the business card of every person at the event.


      ocation, location, location; in real estate,     location is the cornerstone to success. It’s# also true for marketing – especially in terms of attracting a large-scale audience, as is the case with the new development in the City’s downtown core. Mississauga’s new Celebration Square is well underway, with an official opening in June and grand public celebration on Canada Day in July.

The central location of Mississauga’s Celebration Square will draw people from the downtown core, from right across the City and the Greater Toronto Area. This new public space will revolutionize the City’s downtown with state-of-the-art digital program screens, massive performance stage, and a multitude of events and activities for all ages and interests. New and exciting amenities have been created as part of the redeveloped Civic Square: a new amphitheatre, stage and sound system, a larger and improved rink, dynamic digital program screens, water feature and a beautiful glass pavilion and permanent outdoor market area. Residents and businesses will now have a premiere location to host events and launch products or services right in their own city backyard. A team of consultants, architects, construction firms, designers landscape architects, engineers and visual identity designers are the army behind the construction and development of the new Square. Paul Damaso, the City’s Manager for Mississauga Celebration Square, feels it will provide Mississauga businesses with great opportunities to create promotions and experiences for their key audiences.

Paul answered a few questions about the project, which is scheduled to open this year: MARIE: What can residents and businesses expect when Mississauga Celebration Square opens? PAUL: They can expect a great downtown public space that showcases Mississauga as a leading City. The new Square will be a beautiful place where we can celebrate our community, promote our past, take pride in our diversity, and highlight some of the incredible cultural talent that this City has to offer. The unique technology and diverse range of amenities at Mississauga Celebration Square will distinguish it from other public spaces in the Greater Toronto Area. MARIE: What are some of the opportunities that businesses should focus on when assessing the potential use of the Square? PAUL: As a premiere destination, businesses can create unique events and activities that they can bring to the Square, or they can partner to showcase their products and services to a wide-ranging audience. People can expect a place where there’s always something to do. Mississauga Celebration Square will be a place where residents can come together to celebrate life in the City. For more information on the new Square and and how to book your next corporate event, go to: Marie Fitzpatrick-Hall works in the marketing and communications industry and as a freelance writer and consultant. She is the VP of Volunteer Services with the International Association of Business Communicators / Toronto chapter; and the volunteer Director of Communications and Marketing for the Mississauga Wolverines Basketball Association. She can be reached at:

Don’t forget though, in order for networking to be truly successful it must be mutually beneficial. Shawn MacDonald, Branch Manager at RBC in Hamilton, as well as employers and guests also benefited. The networking activity created a buzz in the room, giving people permission to connect with each other. According to Shawn, “It was quite evident that everyone really enjoyed it and there was a lot of cross referrals amongst the businesses participating.” I challenge you to look for networking opportunities that you may not have considered before - attend them and then tell others about it. You have everything you need – “You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes”- and don’t forget your business cards! Audie McCarthy is President and Founder of The Marrek Group and author of “Networking Edge – Building Relationships for Success.”


Mississauga Board of Trade

Volume Six | Issue 1 | 2011


Small Business Tips

Taxation, Accounting, the list goes on…

But did you know that if you have to pay any income tax, the April 30th deadline still applies?

By Heidi Brown

Taking positive action: New opportunities to reduce taxes By David Predovich


lthough we are well into the New Year, it’s time to start thinking about wrapping up the old. There are a number of considerations and items to cross off your list to complete your previous year of business. This is assuming you have chosen December 31st as your year end, or are selfemployed, where there is no option of year-end date.

With all of these dates and items to take care of, creating a schedule of the different deadlines and submission dates for your business is a great way to make sure that you are meeting all of your government obligations and responsibilities. The CRA offers a number of free seminars on HST, hiring of new employees and the operation of a small business, along with a business information line that we encourage entrepreneurs and business owners to take advantage of. The MBEC office also has free resources available in our office to help you with these filings. Tax filings may seem like a challenge but with proper planning and guidance, it will help make your business run smoothly.

One pressing item to consider is the proper filing of income and business taxes. The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) says that if you have self-employment income, or are the spouse or common-law partner of someone who does, with a few exceptions, you have until June 15th to file your income tax return. But did you know that if you have to pay any income tax, the April 30th deadline still applies? To learn more visit,

This is article has been developed in partnership with the Mississauga Board of Trade to provide you with small business information, resources and guidance. Visit MBEC at, contact us at (905) 615-4460 or drop by the MBEC office located on the 4th Floor of the Mississauga Central Library.

With the recent introduction of the HST, there is also a new tax process that business owners must prepare for. If you have annual taxable supplies of $1.5 million or less, your business must file an annual tax return. However, you may wish to choose a monthly or quarterly tax filing so that you can benefit from the HST Input Tax Credit (ITC). The CRA provides ITC’s so that business owners are not penalized for the HST they pay when they purchase supplies for the business. For more information visit menu-eng.html. Time is also quickly approaching to file employee information. If your business has employees, the reports must be completed and employees must receive their T4 slips on or before the last day of February. Failure to adhere to these deadlines could result in a penalty of $25 per day, for each employee, which can add up quite quickly. For more information on T4s and filing, visit

Heidi Brown is Manager, Small Business of the City of Mississauga’s Mississauga Business Enterprise Centre.


hen you work for your investment income, the last thing you want is to see your returns eroded by taxes, but you can do something to protect the money you make. The following are several strategies that can help you reduce your family’s tax bill. A historic opportunity right now: The Spousal Loan Strategy

If you pay taxes at the highest rate, you know how punishing Canada’s marginal tax system can be. But if your spouse earns little or no taxable income, you currently have a historic opportunity to reduce your family’s overall tax bill using the Spousal Loan Strategy. Here’s how it works: make a loan to your spouse, which is backed by a promissory note setting out the terms. Your spouse then invests the entire loan in their name and this way the investment income is taxed at your spouse’s lower marginal rate – reducing your taxes. To ensure the income is taxed in your spouse’s hands, and not yours, your spouse must pay you interest at a certain rate, which is set by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). However CRA-prescribed interest rates on spousal loans have dropped to current historic lows, creating an unprecedented opportunity to maximize this proven, yet often overlooked strategy. Rates may change, so consult with a professional advisor for the latest.

Helping your family while reducing taxes: The Family Trust

You could experience some large capital gains over the next few years as stock markets recover. While this is welcome news, gains are of course taxable outside a non-taxable account. One way to reduce

these taxes is through the new RBC Dominion Securities Family Trust with which you can effectively transfer the tax-reporting obligation for the taxable income generated in the trust to your children or grandchildren. Because of the basic personal amount they can claim on their tax returns, each can earn up to approximately $50,000 in tax-free income, depending on the income mix generated in the trust. To qualify for the tax break, the income generated must be used for the benefit of, or allocated to, the beneficiaries of your Family Trust. If you are currently paying for things like children’s education costs from your after-tax income, this option can make a lot of sense. When properly structured, you don’t pay taxes on the capital gains earned within the trust, so your dollar goes a lot further in covering this cost.

Earn tax-free investment income

The new Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA) is an easy way to reduce taxes. With the TFSA, you can earn tax-free investment income and make tax-free withdrawals any time, for any reason. You can contribute up to $5,000 annually, which seem like a small amount but over time can make a big difference, especially with the effect of taxfree compound growth. This article is supplied by David Predovich, an Investment Advisor with RBC Dominion Securities Inc. Member CIPF. This article is for information purposes only. Please consult with a professional advisor before taking any action based on information in this article.


When you need practical, timely, hands-on Human Resources advice contact us 24/7

We provide cost effective alternatives to IN-HOUSE Human Resources department Performance Management Policies and Procedures Recruitment & Talent Management Change Management 905-582-4379 Employee Engagement Employee Relations Human Resources linking employees and management together for success


Mississauga Board of Trade

Volume Six | Issue 1 | 2011


A NEW YEAR, A NEW YOU! By Susan Bryce


e have ushered in a new year with many passionately setting goals to take better care of their health, get out of debt or improve their relationships. It’s now February; excitement has waned and a quiet desperation has gradually seeped in. Maybe you count yourself among those who do not set goals because, why set goals if you have no intention of keeping them? Every gym across the country knows that most people quit by February, simply because the right expectations were not set in the beginning. What if we could stop looking for the major breakthroughs and the results we can feel and start taking the approach of incremental progress? In his book, "The Slight Edge," author, Jeff Olson, explains that good health isn't an accident and poor health isn't a stroke of bad

luck. Our entire health crisis is nothing but one set of little decisions, made daily and compounded daily, winning out over another set of little decisions, made daily and compounded daily. No success is immediate and no failure is instantaneous. What is easy to do is also easy not to do. Ask anyone who would rather watch TV, consistently eat lunch at their desk, or stay in bed a little longer, versus getting up to exercise for 30 minutes. It is the small steps taken on a daily basis that result in eventual success. Unfortunately, there is a period of time where little or nothing appears to be happening and it is easy to become discouraged and quit. When results are not immediate, it will be your unwavering belief in your dreams and sheer persistence that will help you to reach your goal. Even a small effort is beneficial; packing a meal and taking a short walk on your lunch break instead of eating in the office, or getting together a group of colleagues to try an aerobics class. Each of us has the opportunity to make healthy changes, so why aren’t we? Decide this year to make right choices that serve and empower you, starting now and continuing for the rest of your life. So every day, exercise a little, take a few nutritional supplements and eat a little healthier. That “slight edge” over time will give you the appearance of being an overnight success, both in your personal and professional life! Susan Bryce is the President of Simply Divine Spa, a corporate onsite massage and spa service. She is also a USANA Health Sciences Independent Associate, providing her customers with health and wellness products to maintain optimal health. To contact Susan, call 1-877-747-7379; e-mail MBOT members may take a complimentary health assessment by visiting www.susanbryce.usana. com. Print out your results and contact Susan for a discount on product purchases!

Taming The Four Financial Risks By Promod Sharma

n actuary measures and manages risk. I focus on the four main financial risks: longevity, mortality, morbidity and disability. We’ll explore each and ways to tackle them.


Term life insurance is excellent for short-term needs but becomes increasingly expensive. At the ages where death is more certain, coverage is no longer available. Why would you want life insurance when you're 70 or older? For estate planning — for example, to offset the taxes on the capital gains from your cottage, investment real estate or shares.

Longevity: the risk of outliving your savings

Morbidity: the risk of unexpected medical expenses

We’re living longer, which means we need more money during retirement. If we're healthy, we may have expensive hobbies such as travel, cottages or grandchildren. If we become ill, we may face hefty additional medical expenses.

As we age, we realize how our bodies are weakening and how expensive medical care is. OHIP and employee benefit plans help. However, even those who take excellent care of their health could face cancer, a stroke, Alzheimer’s disease or a heart attack.

Outside the public sector, few have solid pension plans with guaranteed lifelong benefits and indexing to combat inflation. What can the rest of us do? Save for our futures ourselves. You’ll find a great amount of (conflicting) advice on investing elsewhere. However, the sooner you start, the better.

Critical illness insurance can help by paying a lump sum for covered conditions. Some plans refund your premium if you make no claims. That gives you another source of retirement income to tackle your longevity risk.

Mortality: the risk of dying prematurely If you have dependents, mortgage payments, education and family, expenses continue after an income earner dies. Life insurance provides a cost-effective way to leave a tax-free lump sum, if you’re healthy enough to qualify for adequate coverage. You may only have basic coverage through work.

Disability: the risk of losing your income If you become disabled, your income usually drops but your expenses may not. Your disability could last for months or years and exhaust your savings. Disability income replacement insurance helps. Protection varies widely; your employer might provide basic coverage.

The Costs How can we afford to ensure against every financial risk? We can't and don’t. Priorities and situations differ and solutions change. You'll need to assess which risks are more likely and more financially devastating. If you haven’t had your situation evaluated recently, why not now? Promod Sharma, FSA, FCIA | Marketing Actuary | Taxevity | 416-938-3711 |

Professional, cost-free staffing solutions with PICS PICS Transition to Employment Program offers employers an array of qualified cost-free staffing and HR solutions Our proven track record of professional HR solutions includes: •Unpaid placements with flexible timing of internationally trained professionals •R  educed risk and cost associated with traditional recruitment practices •V  aluable HR support to reach your strategic goals, profit and global recognition



Mississauga Board of Trade

Volume Six | Issue 1 | 2011


Bill 168: Are You Compliant? By Andrea Zanetti


f you are an employer in Ontario, you are likely already aware that on June 15, 2010, Bill 168, an amendment to Ontario’s Occupational Health and Safety Act, came into force. This far-reaching Bill requires employers of all sizes to protect workers from violence and harassment in the workplace. Why has this Bill been enacted?

Before the introduction of Bill 168, Ontario was only one of two remaining provinces that had not yet enacted legislation addressing workplace violence. In addition, several high-profile work-related killings highlighted the need to address these issues. One such case was the murder by Pierre Lebrun, in 2000, of four co-workers following incessant bullying by colleagues. In a 2005 case, nurse Lori Dupont was harassed and killed by estranged lover, Dr. Marc Daniel, at Windsor’s Hôtel-Dieu Grace Hospital where they both worked. Statistics Canada additionally found that nearly one-fifth of all violent assaults occur in the workplace (2004 data).

“Worker” not “Employee”

It is important to note that Bill 168 employs the word “worker” rather than “employee”. Why the distinction? Because the government has recognized that not only are employees at risk of violent and harassing acts, but also so are others in your worksites. Therefore, “worker” includes not only employees but also dependent and independent contractors, such as those that might be servicing an air-conditioning system or photocopier.

What is required to comply with Bill 168?

In order to comply with Bill 168’s requirements, you must conduct risk assessments, develop and maintain policies outlining what these risks are, implement procedures to control worker risk exposure, detail how to summon immediate help and how to report incidences, and describe how incidents will be investigated and dealt with. You are also required to develop programs to train employees on these policies and procedures, warn workers of violent individuals — even those related to workers, and advise them of their right to refuse unsafe work. Training and documentation must outline acceptable and unacceptable behaviour. While most employees likely have a strong grasp of what violent behaviour entails, harassing behaviour is less clear. Employees must be advised that any form of sexual or psychological harassment, bullying, ostracism and belittling of coworkers, or harassment on the basis of any Human Rights grounds (such as gender, religion, ethnicity) will not be tolerated at any level of the organization. Additional information is available on Ministry of Labour and WSIB websites. Your Human Resources and/or legal advisors can help you achieve compliance to Bill 168’s requirements. This article was written by Andrea Zanetti, MBA CHRP CCP CBP GRP is a Human Resources professional and President Elect of the HRPA, Peel Chapter.

Volunteering– is it for you? By Lorna Catrambone


 he concept of volunteering is not a new one. Many of us have volunteered at one time or another, and for some, donating time is a regular activity. Volunteering benefits your community by supporting the organizations that deliver programs and services by fundraising and raising awareness for specific causes. In addition, the individuals who make the time and commitment to volunteer also benefit in many ways. Some of these benefits include giving back to and enhancing your community, meeting new people, improving self-esteem and even improving your health. As well, there are also many professional benefits of volunteering for people at all stages of their careers. First and foremost, volunteering provides valuable and current hands-on experience. This can be crucial for someone entering the workforce, but may also be helpful to someone who is considering a career change. Volunteering can also provide the chance to develop and enhance leadership and presentation skills and project management skills, in a supportive environment. Donating your time can also be one of the best ways to develop a diverse network of contacts from various industries and walks of life.

    

    


Mississauga Board of Trade

There are many outlets for finding volunteer opportunities. If you have created a list of organizations you are interested in, the next step would be to visit their websites to learn about current volunteer needs and application criteria, or to contact them to arrange an informational interview with the volunteer manager. You could also turn to Volunteer MBC, Mississauga’s local volunteer centre at or Charity Village at Both of these sites can be very useful when searching for volunteer opportunities in the community.

Donating your time can also be one of the best ways to develop a diverse network of contacts from various industries and walks of life.

Small Business Owners & Financial Planning By Leena Sohal

   

Regardless of your reasons for volunteering, there are some things to consider before starting out. First, what type of organization would you like to support? What is your passion? Also consider what type of volunteer assignment you would be interested in. What are you expecting from your volunteer experience? What is your availability?


 ew people in the market place work harder than the independent, small business owner. He/She is usually the manager of every department in the operation, as well as President and CEO. One could easily think that entrepreneurs in this tremendously productive sector of the economy inspired the idea of “24/7.” So busy they are and so totally immersed in their endeavours, that, more often than not, they keep postponing the most critical business planning of all. True long-term success for a small business will eventually be measured by its ability to deliver in three areas:

Lastly, be sure to document your volunteer experience on your resume. Your unpaid accomplishments will be valued highly by current and potential employers, and show a sense of commitment and dedication. THIS ARTICLE IS PART ONE IN A SERIES ABOUT THE BENEFITS OF VOLUNTEERING. WATCH FOR PART 2 IN MBOT’S UPCOMING APRIL ISSUE. This article was written by Lorna Catrambone, Manager Community Engagement, The Arthritis Society. For more information on the Arthritis Society’s services, please visit:

## A comfortable and timely retirement for the owner ## An effective succession that preserves the business value and

ensures continuation

## And preventing/avoiding serious obstacles along the way

Many times, all that is required to achieve all three of these objectives is the decision to invest a little time in assessing the issues involved, come out with the most appropriate solutions and go about implementing them in an orderly manner. This is a systematic, step-by-step process known as Financial Planning. For instance, in order to address the issues highlighted above, one has to analyze and formulate a plan under three corresponding areas of Financial Planning. They are Retirement Planning, Succession Planning and Risk Management. Sure enough, it can only help to look at Tax Planning and Cash Flow Management along the way We are all free to postpone business decisions but at least we should be fully aware of the potential damaging effects of so doing. On the issues we are considering in this article, time is of the essence and it is so for two reasons: a) time is the most important compounding factor in financial growth, and b) we do not have control on certain catastrophic events that could derail and/or bring to an abrupt end our success in business. It is never too late and one is never too young to get started with your financial planning! This article was written by Leena Sohal, CFP. For more information on Leena’s services, please call (905) 366 8455.

Volume Six | Issue 1 | 2011


Green Returns are Guaranteed from the Ontario Power Authority

An investment opportunity is now available through the Ontario Power Authority! Getting FIT is a great way to green your investments, make a guaranteed financial return, and contribute to a cleaner environment. The Feed-in-Tariff (FIT and microFIT) Programs offered by the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) are financial incentives designed to allow communities, individuals and companies, to invest in local economy and the environment. With a 20-year contract that provides guaranteed financial paybacks of 80 cents-per-kilowatt, private investors are taking pressure off the electrical grid while creating local jobs in Ontario.

Prices are guaranteed to large and small energy producers The FIT Program was enabled by the Green Energy and Green Economy Act, 2009 and passed into law on May 14, 2009. FIT is North America's first comprehensive guaranteed pricing structure for renewable electricity production. It has two tiers: FIT for projects over 10 kilowatts and microFIT for those that produce less than 10 kilowatts. By structuring incentives for large and small energy producers, Ontario is enabling homeowners, small businesses and commercial and corporate entities to participate in the many benefits of FIT. The direct financial returns to investors are only some of the benefits of FIT and microFIT. Our province has wider incentives to pursue this program; encouraging the development of renewable energy sources

will help Ontario to phase out the use of coal-fired electricity by 2014, a move that is considered the largest climate change initiative to-date in Canada. It will also boost economic activity and further development of renewable energy technologies, creating new jobs and industries in the sustainable development sector.

Take advantage of guaranteed returns on the renewable energy project of your choice A variety of options are available to investors as they choose the renewable energy sources best suited for their project location and resources. Sources that qualify for FIT and microFIT long-term contracts include solar photovoltaic (PV), landfill gas, on-shore and off-shore wind, biomass, biogas, and waterpower. It’s an easy process to get guaranteed returns on your investment The OPA offers guidance and easy checklists to assist those designing energy project plans. Once a plan is developed, signing up for the programs is a straightforward process of submitting an application, receiving a conditional offer, building the project, connecting to the grid, and acceptance of the 20-year contract.

When you get FIT, we all benefit! This article was written by Isaac Bazal, President and Julie Nierenberg, Sustainability Development Manager, Vibraclean Corporate Housekeeping. For more information, please call (905) 564 1574 or &

A good Risk Management program is like money in the bank!


hile it’s true that risk management can be complex for a large corporation, it’s not necessarily so for small and medium-sized businesses. Risk Management involves the evaluation, management and economic control of risks that threaten the assets or earnings of your business.

When reviewing liability risks, take into account possible property damage and personal injury. That latter term applies to harm caused by libel or slander (excluding advertising), false arrest, or other invasion of privacy. Make sure that your premises are safe and products have strong packaging and clear labeling. If you provide services to the public, guard against professional errors which could lead to lawsuits.

See that your workplace is safe and healthy for all employees, including protection against sexual harassment, discrimination and physical safety. Get familiar with legislation and regulations which govern employees in the workplace. Oversights could prove costly; damaging lawsuits against you might impair your company’s finances and will certainly hurt your image. When your Risk Management program is in place, assess which risks your business can bear comfortably. Use legal agreements to pass risks to sub-contractors and suppliers; you can require them to sign “Hold Harmless” or “Waiver” agreements to assume some of your liabilities. Beyond these, your insurance should provide coverage for most eventualities. Article supplied by MBOT Member, Dan Lawrie Insurance Brokers. For additional information, please call: 1 800 661 1518.

In order to evaluate the risks faced by your business, your first task is to identify and measure them. Classify them as property, earnings and liability threats, then look at your property and make a list of assets and earnings at risk. Buildings, equipment, and inventory are obvious property risks. Appraisals and valuations will give you the measure of the financial threat they represent and flow-charts can help to highlight areas which can endanger your business earnings. Examine your company’s operations and products to discover possible liability exposures to the public, other third parties or employees. To deal with the risks, you should have an effective loss prevention program. For instance, you may have a key piece of equipment without which, your operation would suffer, or a computer installation and valuable documents that are indispensable to your business. Your loss prevention program needs to address problems that are unique to your business and reduce the chance they will occur. Fire and natural disasters are likely to have the most severe impact. Regular inspections, preventative maintenance and upgrading are keys to safeguarding. Fire-protection measures such as sprinkler systems give tangible benefits in this respect; keep up-to-date on all local and area by-laws and regulations which govern the repair and rebuilding of damaged buildings. Be aware of the zoning of your premises and any changes that are legislated. Don’t overlook risks of theft, burglary and transportation of your goods; alarm systems and steel doors provide good physical protection. Check that employees are locking points of entry and using alarms properly. Merchandise should be properly packed and marked to help avoid damage in transit; attractive merchandise may be better left unmarked to reduce theft.


Mississauga Board of Trade

Volume Six | Issue 1 | 2011


ICICI Bank Canada

meet your


board of directors Business Development Bank of Canada

Ian MacFadden

After many years of business banking experience with a major Canadian bank, Ian joined the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) in 2001 in the role of Vice President and Area Manager. He is responsible for the GTA West Area, and leads a team of financing and consulting professionals dedicated to the growth and success of entrepreneurs in this business community. Ian has experience on various Boards, including the Atlantic Chapter of the Financial Executives Institute, the Halifax Board of Trade, ErinoakKids and the Arthritis Society. Through its national network of Business Centres and dedicated teams of professionals, BDC promotes entrepreneurship by providing highly tailored financing, venture capital and consulting services, with a focus on small and medium sized businesses.


Mississauga Board of Trade

Solutions for HR Inc

Grant Clark Grant Clark is a seasoned business executive with more than 35 years of human resources leadership and consulting experience ranging from small entrepreneurial companies to large complex international organizations. His senior level experience covers a number of business sectors including hospitality, retail and manufacturing. In 1995, Grant founded Solutions for HR Inc., a Mississauga-based human resources management-consulting firm.

Rajesh Ramakrishnan

Rajesh has over 13 years of experience in the financial services industry. He joined ICICI Bank Canada in April 2007, in the role of Vice President & Head of Retail Banking, Operations & SME's. Prior to joining ICICI Bank, he was associated with Bank of America, Standard Chartered Bank, Citigroup and ABN AMRO Bank. He has worked extensively in consumer banking, branch network, global corporate and investment banking, and mass banking. Rajesh holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree and has completed his Post Graduate in Business Management. Being one of the Directors of Mississauga Board of Trade, Rajesh is looking forward to contributing to the well-being of Mississauga’s business community

University of Toronto Mississauga

Andrew Stelmacovich

Enersource Corporation

Enersource provides the safe and reliable distribution of electricity, promotes and delivers conservation programs and smart metering solutions to meet customers’ needs. Karen Ras, Director, Corporate Relations, brings almost 15 years of corporate relations experience from the public and private sectors. As a resident of Mississauga, Karen embraces MBOT’s Spirit of Success by having the voice of Mississauga’s business community heard at all levels of government and within the broader community.

The University of Toronto Mississauga is the second-largest division at University of Toronto with 12,000 students, 700 faculty and staff and 38,000 alumni worldwide. A campus with deep roots in the community, U of T Mississauga partners broadly with the City of Mississauga in business and civic initiatives. Andrew, Executive Director of Advancement, joined U of T in 2006 and manages U of T Mississauga's fundraising, stakeholder relations and marketing portfolios. Having held similar roles at York University and The University of Western Ontario, Andrew has extensive experience working with the public and private sectors on the advancement of higher education.

Affimex Customs & Trade Services (ACTS) Inc.

Syd Martin Syd Martin has been practicing in customs and trade matters since 1979. Prior to being appointed President of ACTS, he held the position of National Director of the Customs and Trade Services Group of Affiliated and, President of their associated customs brokerage company, A.W.W. Kyle Inc. Syd has represented clients on a wide range of global customs and trade issues and, before various government departments and agencies.

Karen Ras

City of Mississauga Economic Development Office

Larry Petovello

Larry Petovello has worked with the City of Mississauga since 1989 and has held his current position for the last ten years. Prior to joining the City, he was an economic development advisor with the Ontario government. He is an accredited Economic Development professional with a Bachelor of Urban and Regional Planning from Ryerson University, a Diploma in Public Administration from Ryerson University, and a Certificate in Economic Development from the University of Waterloo. Larry is also a recipient of the University of Toronto Arbor Award for voluntary service.

Volume Six | Issue 1 | 2011


Pallett Valo LLP

GlaxoSmithKline Inc.

meet your


board of directors Constant Contact

Mississauga Board of Trade

Greater Toronto Airports Authority

Lorrie McKee

Lorrie has been with the Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA) for 12 years and is the Director of Public Affairs and Communications. She oversees internal and external communications, including media, government affairs and publications, and builds stakeholder support for Toronto Pearson initiatives. Prior to working at the GTAA, Lorrie managed government affairs for Credit Union Central of Ontario and worked in political offices at the Municipality of Metropolitan Toronto and the Ontario government. She has a Bachelors Degree in Political Studies from Queens University (Kingston, Ontario) and a Masters degree in International Relations from Dalhousie University (Halifax, Nova Scotia).

Liana Turrin, Senior Counsel for Pallett Valo LLP, has a broad range of experience in acquisitions, dispositions and financing transactions. She has acted for public and private companies in a variety of industries such as manufacturing, real estate, high-tech, financial and retail. Her practice includes representation of institutional as well as private lenders and borrowers in debt, asset and project financings as well as corporate restructurings. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree, with honours, from Laurentian University and her Bachelor of Laws and Master of Laws degrees, both from Osgoode Hall at York University.

PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP


Paul Woolford

Paul has more than 16 years experience in delivering Canadian tax consulting and compliance services. His present practice is focused in the firm’s Enterprise Group, which is dedicated to assisting private company clients with all facets of the financial and tax issues surrounding their businesses. Paul’s current practice ranges from large privately-owned Canadian and multinationals. He advises on matters such as tax-efficient structures, acquisitions and divestitures, compensation planning, estate planning and providing integrated tax advice for owner-managers of Canadian controlled private corporations.

Michael Hawtin

Michael Hawtin is a senior manager in the audit and assurance group at PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, with over eleven years of experience in servicing a broad range of private and public companies. Michael specializes in providing accounting, auditing and business advisory services to both Canadian controlled and multinational businesses, primarily manufacturing, distribution and service-based companies in the Pharmaceutical, Retail, Industrial and Consumer Products sectors. Michael has considerable experience with publicly listed companies and has been involved in a number of initial or secondary public offerings and income trusts. Michael is currently responsible for the audits of Canadian public and private companies and subsidiaries of large US based companies that report under both Canadian and US generally accepted accounting principles. In addition, Michael is involved in several projects providing assistance to companies with their conversion to international financial reporting standards and accounting standards for private enterprises.

RBC Insurance Services Inc.

Reetu Gupta

Reetu Gupta is the Executive Director of The Easton’s Group of Hotels. Reetu has grown up in the hotel industry, as her father, Mr Steve Gupta, President and CEO of Easton’s Group, has been building hotels for almost three decades. Reetu currently leads the Sales and Marketing Division for the company. Easton’s Group of Hotels added three Hilton Garden Inns to its portfolio this year alone. The current portfolio of nine properties includes Marriott, Hilton and Choice Hotel Brands of hotels. Reetu also oversees Public Relations for Easton’s, including media relations and sponsorship activities. Reetu completed her M.B.A from the Schulich School of Business and also is a trained model. In addition she is actively involved in the community; she is a Director on the Board of V.O.V, for the development of a new Senior Citizens Residence. Reetu is a very dynamic and multi-faceted business woman


Ed was appointed to his current role as Vice-President, Sales of GlaxoSmithKline in December 2004 and is currently responsible for leading the Canadian Sales team in Canada, which includes an extensive and diverse portfolio of medications in therapy areas, including respiratory, diabetes, oncology, infectious disease and vaccines. In addition to his mandate as a Director for MBOT, Ed also serves on the Board of Directors for the Pharmaceutical Advertising Advisory Board. Ed has a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Toronto. GlaxoSmithKline is a research-based pharmaceutical company devoted to discovering and developing new and innovative medicines, vaccines and health-care products for Canadians and people around the world.

Lisa Kember

Lisa Kember is the Regional Development Director for Constant Contact. She works with small business owners, associations and non-profits, teaching best practices in online marketing. Lisa is also an entrepreneur; she launched Hyperactive Communications, a business marketing agency, in 1999 and worked with the likes of Canada Life, Research in Motion, EllisDon Corporation, AMJ Campbell, GE Canada, and ICICI Bank Canada. She currently holds ownership in two additional ventures in the real estate and educational sectors. Recognized for her leadership, Lisa has been honored with numerous business awards and is active in the Mississauga business community. Lisa holds a BA in Honours English from University of Waterloo, a marketing certificate from Ryerson University, and a Resource Development Management diploma from Sheridan College.

Easton's Group of Hotels (Marriott Fairfield Inn & Suites)

Ed Dybka

Liana Turrin

Rino D’Onofrio

As Head, Canadian Insurance Business, Rino D’Onofrio is responsible for overall business plans, profitability, product development, pricing, marketing and client strategies for the Canadian product lines of RBC Insurance: Life, Health, Wealth, Home, Auto, Travel and Group, as well as Creditor services. Rino joined RBC Insurance in May 2004 as vice president and actuary, product development and pricing with the life and health insurance business. From June 2007 to August 2010, he led the team responsible for operations, claims, underwriting and service for all of the organization’s clients in Canada. Prior to joining RBC Insurance, Rino held a variety of leadership positions, the most recent of which was actuarial vice president with Canada Life Assurance Company. Rino has a bachelor of science from the University of Toronto. He is also a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries and a Fellow of the Canadian Institute of Actuaries.

Sheridan Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning

Jeff Zabudsky, Ph.D.

Dr. Jeff Zabudsky is Sheridan's sixth President, a position he assumed on February 1, 2010. Prior to joining Sheridan, Dr. Zabudsky worked at post-secondary institutions in Nova Scotia, Ontario and Alberta, including six years as President and CEO of Red River College in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Dr. Zabudsky holds a Ph.D. in Educational Policy Studies from the University of Alberta, a Masters of Distance Education from Athabasca University, and a Bachelor of Applied Arts Degree in Broadcast Journalism from Ryerson University. Since his arrival at Sheridan, Dr. Zabudsky has become actively engaged in the communities served by the college. He has been appointed to the campaign cabinets for the United Way of Oakville and the United Way of Peel, and is serving as a member of Mississauga’s Healthy City Stewardship Centre. In addition, Dr. Zabudsky is a member of the Halton Industry Education Council, the City of Mississauga’s Post-Secondary Task Force, and the Toronto Board of Trade “Liveability” Subcommittee. Tech-Con Automation Inc.

Casey DiBattista

Casey DiBattista is the President and Chief Operating Officer of Tech-Con Automation Inc., which has been building a tradition of quality Robotic Systems and proven Integrated Solutions. Casey has a wealth of experience in the automation industry, including several senior management roles. His previous assignment was Sr. General Manager of Yaskawa Motoman Canada Ltd., where he spent seven and a half years leading the Canadian team and building long-term relationships with key accounts. Prior to that, Casey spent 20 years at ABB Inc. in the Automation Industry Segment, leading several different business units. Casey has also served on several boards, including Past President of the Canadian Process Control Association and as the founding chair of the RIC Centre.

Mississsauga Board of Trade

Sheldon Leiba

Sheldon has consistently exemplified tremendous leadership in managing large, active and successful boards of trade where he has helped achieve awards in Policy Advocacy and Membership Services & Marketing. Prior his appointment as President & CEO for Mississauga Board of Trade in July 2008, Sheldon was Chief Executive Officer for Brampton Board of Trade, where he served for over seven years. Sheldon has made many positive contributions to advancing the interests of MBOT and its members, growing the organization, enhancing member value and engagement, and securing the organization on a strong financial footing. In 2009, he served as Chair of the Chamber Executives of Ontario and a Director for the Ontario Chamber of Commerce, and continues to represent MBOT in numerous business and community forums, organizations, committees and initiatives.

Volume Six | Issue 1 | 2011




very basic financial plan consists of a budget. Once you have established your expenses and income, look for ways to minimize, reduce debt and increase savings. Many companies such as Manulife and Solutions Banking offer great solutions to pay your mortgage faster without changing lifestyle expenses and affecting your budget, saving thousands on interest payments. Time for a financial plan? There are four cornerstones to be considered: financial security at death, living benefits, liquidity and retirement. Once money is allocated, we need to cover risks such as debt, taxes owed at death, etc.; this is done with life insurance. Proceeds received at death are generally not taxed, depending on whether it is "exempt" or “non-exempt” from taxation. Over-funding a permanent life insurance product, Universal Life (UL), can solve the above risks. Next, create a plan that will support your family in case of critical illness. Many companies offer return of premium (all money back) if you never fell ill, or, a lump sum if you were diagnosed with a covered illness, paid tax-free. Now is the short-term need for cash: liquidity. Debt decreases and savings increase; your risks are covered. What if we suddenly need a new roof or car? There are choices - a money market fund, highinterest savings account or a Tax Free Savings Account (TFSA). A TFSA allows you to contribute $5,000 a year and all growth is tax-free. Most use regular savings accounts for their TFSA but why not invest and maximize your tax advantage. When it’s time to invest for our retirement, most turn to registered or non-registered Mutual Funds or Segregated Fund. How do these options compare when taxed?


Mississauga Board of Trade

Can a Student Intern Help Your Company?

Non-registered Mutual Fund Interest income is taxed the most, at the same rate as a salary or pension. Capital gains are taxed on 50% of the gain; $1000 of a $2000 capital gain is taxable. Canadian Dividends are taxed after being grossed-up by 25% then reduced by an offsetting dividend tax credit. If fund units are sold and incur a capital loss, this can offset or reduce other capital gains. Interest and dividends on foreign income are fully taxable in Canada and are not eligible for credits. If foreign tax was withheld before paying income to the fund, your tax slip could include an offsetting foreign tax credit.

Segregated Fund Income is allocated monthly so no tax is paid on gains that arose before you owned units. If a Segregated Fund loses capital, the unit holders can claim the capital loss on their taxes and offset any capital gains made on other investments. Taxation rules allow the allocation of capital gains or losses without cashing in the units held. Mutual Funds cannot be allocated and the only way to declare a loss is to sell the units held. Segregated Funds are useful for estate planning there are guarantees against loss of capital due to market fluctuation; it bypasses probate once a beneficiary is named. For business owners there is potential to have your investments creditor protected.


o you find yourself delaying work due to time constraints? Perhaps you’re running an organization that would like to reduce its busy workload? Are you growing your business and could use additional resources to help with technology implementation, business administration or accounting and payroll duties? If so, a student intern can prove to be an extremely valuable asset to your company and help you move your business forward. Student interns are dedicated and motivated to show you, the employer, what they have to offer, wanting to impress you with their

skills, work ethic and talent. You will most definitely appreciate the extra help around the office; student interns can help provide great business value as part of your team and are eager to work for you. How you benefit from them and how much responsibility you offer is really up to the unique needs of your business. Internships or co-ops are an essential part of College programs because in today’s workforce, simply having a diploma is not enough. The recession of 2008 has not only caused hardship for many businesses, it has also made today’s job market extremely competitive for new graduates. Students are not only competing with fellow graduates, but also with recently laid-off experienced workers so having a valuable work experience, such as an internship, is critical. As an employer, hosting an internship is a very fulfilling experience. Perhaps you were an intern once - this is your way to give back to the next group of great future leaders in Ontario. You have the opportunity to work with highly educated and skilled individuals at NO COST! Having a student contribute to the daily routine of your workplace can provide a fresh perspective about your organization's challenges, leading to new ideas and creative solutions. Shape your future workforce by hiring an intern. In some cases, an internship can run from a couple of weeks to a couple of months, giving the employer an opportunity to teach a student about your company. You can work toward ensuring the competitiveness of your organization for the future. The benefits are truly endless so try it hundreds of interns are waiting to work for you! This article was written by Karina Butzek, Marketing Coordinator, triOS College. For more information on interns or other services, please contact (905) 814 7212 ext. 1049 or

Below is a summary: FUND

















This article was written by Carolyn Moshtagh, Financial Consultant, Gold Coin Group. For more information on their services, please call (416) 283 8899.

Volume Six | Issue 1 | 2011


Best Practices Review: Topgrading Are you looking to hire# next year? If you’re# unsure about how# to make a successful# hire, maybe you need to# learn how to topgrade!


id you know that most hires without a great system are at best only good? Even then, you may be batting .500 with half your hires mismatched, in the wrong position, or worse, hired and then promoted beyond their competence level.

What is Topgrading? Topgrading is the practice of improving your employee pool to a group of A players and some B’s, while redeploying the C’s. By using the topgrading interview style and consistently looking for greatness, you can improve your hires dramatically. By evaluating your internal staff and rating your employees from best to worst (from A players down to C’s), you can strengthen your staff and ensure you have a great company. If implemented properly, it is not a difficult process. First, start the program by clearly defining the strategic directions of your company, division, or department. Then, assess your staff’s ability to fulfill these directives.

By evaluating your internal staff and rating your employees from best to worst, (from A players down to C’s), you can strengthen your staff and ensure you have a great company

Banks Must Recognize Canada’s Future Citizens Newcomers Facing Unexpected Challenges When Dealing With Financial Issues

Rate them often, say quarterly and create definitions for core competencies - what defines A players (top 10-20%), B players (middle 60-80%) and C players (bottom 10-20%). Can the B’s and C’s improve into A’s and high B’s? Can you train or develop them in their current positions? Is there a better position within the company for them? Can they be moved? If they are not able to achieve excellent status after development plans, performance reviews and several chances, be honest with them and yourself; it may be better to remove them. There may be an opportunity out there where they will excel but are being held back in your company, division, or department, so set them free.

How do you replace them? Always look for greatness and for the stars that you need. They may not be available when you have an opening, but if you aren’t looking, you won’t see them. Studies have shown that companies have dramatically improved their short-term and long-term results through the practice of topgrading. If this is the type of development that your company is seeking, topgrading might be an option.


mparo Ezqueda came to the Peel Region 13 years ago. Together with her husband she immigrated under the Business Immigration Program as Entrepreneurs. Despite the fact that they brought substantial amounts of money into the country, she remembers how challenging the first years were financially. They soon faced difficulties fulfilling their entrepreneurial obligations when banks wouldn’t even issue them a credit card.

given by the banks upon the issue of these documents. For example, Alok Sharma came to Mississauga about a year ago and he feels that, “banks should be more congenial and courteous.” Newcomers, as Alok points out, “are the future citizens of this country and add to the economy.” Credit history is the major factor, which prevents the banks from issuing loans to newcomers. It’s obvious that the situation has not changed significantly in the last 13 years; Amparo faced problems then, which are similar to the problems faced by Alok today. Recently, banks have begun to realize the urgent need to help immigrants in their settlement process. All major banks are in the process of introducing improved services for newcomers, and not only in English, but in a variety of languages. Rina Lio, from Royal Bank of Canada (Cooksville branch) says, “RBC customer service is available in more than 180 languages through our customer contact centre, located in Mississauga.” The bank also provides newcomers with a, ‘Welcome to Canada Package,’ that addresses some of their immediate needs. Particularly useful recent additions are a credit card that requires no credit history and a special loan program for Skilled Immigrants. Other banks are promoting similar programs. However, according to the newcomers themselves, they require more extensive information about these products and services in order to make the right financial decisions. This article was written by Ivan Todorovski and Bjoern Kingsley, both Business Development Advisors at the Newcomer Centre of Peel where they assist newcomers to Canada in starting their own business. For more information, please call (905) 306 0577 ext. 307 or visit

According to Canadian Immigrant magazine, more than 60 percent of newcomers to Canada choose to settle in the province of Ontario, making Mississauga one of the most diverse communities in the country. However, many newcomers do not feel well-informed about the services that major banks and other financial institutions offer. In their countries of origin, they have become used to dealing primarily in cash; credit and debit cards are new to many and proper introduction is not

For more information, see the book, 'Topgrading,' by Bradford D. Smart, published by Prentice-Hall or call Nova Staffing Inc. to discuss at (905) 282 9771.

Entrepreneurial? 425 Admiral Blvd Unit #2 Mississauga Ontario L5T 2N1 Phone: 905-795-8333 Fax: 905-795-8343

The business opportunity that we have to offer could be exactly what you’re looking for.

Build a business that works so you don’t have to


Learn a variety of basic financial and/or tax-saving strategies and concepts. No fee, no obligation.

Knowledge is power! Contact JoAnne McCrindle @ 1 888-391-0170 ext. 123


Mississauga Board of Trade

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Financial institutions Will Benefit from Online Marketing


n the past, it has been challenging for financial institutions to conduct marketing campaigns on the Internet. This is due to strict policies and guidelines around client confidentiality and the perceived lack of security available to ensure protection of financial clients' personal information. As such, up until the last few years, it has been very difficult for financial firms – for example banks, mortgage lenders, and investment companies – to do a lot of marketing on the Internet.

However, with the advent of social media marketing, many more comments are being made online. For example, if you do a search on twitter with the word “mortgage” or “lender,” various conversations and comments come up talking about current rates, what is expected to happen with rates, (whether the rates will increase or decrease, reasons behind the fluctuations, etc.) and how to go about applying for the various forms of financing – whether it is for property, financing business growth, or other capital assets an individual or business wishes to acquire. In addition, financial services clients have spent the last few years testing out the financial services available online. For example, more and more Canadians today use Internet-based online banking, online financial applications, starting up an investment account or trading online; all simply for the purpose of convenience.

Complying with Ontario’s Accessibility Legislation is the Law – Is Your Business Ready? ## Train people on how to communicate effectively and serve persons

with disabilities in a manner that takes into account their disability

## Establish mechanisms for persons with and without disabilities to

provide feedback on service from your organization

It is as a result of financial institutions' clients increase in trust in the security of the Internet that financial services firms are turning to website developers and online marketing companies to get up to speed marketing via the Internet. They are investing some of their marketing dollars into setting up online marketing campaigns. Some of the online marketing tools financial services representatives are starting to take advantage of are: email-based newsletter systems, conversations with current and potential clients via the social media tools that are increasing in popularity (e.g. Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook), placing basic 'about us' information onto websites, and allowing clients to log into secure sections of the website to view and update their account information. Financial institutions would benefit greatly by adding their websites and online marketing initiatives into the rapidly-growing world of surfing the Internet with hand-held devices such as Apple's iPhone & iPad, and contemplating ways for their marketing messages to reach those people who are either visually- or hearing-impaired, as this is a growing segment of today's Canadian financial markets who still need services. Today's financial services firms have much more opportunity to leverage the Internet to grow their business and leverage new ways to serve new and existing markets within Canada. This article was written by Alison Silbert, CEO of Passionate Web Creations and author of Winning Websites and Boost Your Revenues. If you would like more information on Alison’s services or would like to take advantage of her offer of a free introductory session on how to leverage the Internet to grow your business regardless of the state of the economy, email or call (905) 361 9835 ext. 3330 with your online marketing desires.

Businesses with more than 20 people are subject to additional requirements including submitting annual compliance reports and keeping records of who was trained and when.

The Training requirement Businesses operating with more than one employee (part-time, fulltime, contract or volunteer) are obligated to train their staff and management on the requirements of the Customer Service Standard and how to interact with people with different kinds of disabilities.


he province of Ontario has made it a priority to be fully accessible to persons with disabilities. The first stage in this process is compliance with the Customer Service Standard – the first of five standards to be legislated under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA). Public sector organizations were required to comply with this Standard by January 1, 2010, while the private sector must meet compliance requirements by January 1, 2012. Organizations that do not comply are subject to fines – up to $50,000 per day for individuals and $100,000 per day for organizations, in the case of an offence under the AODA.

Who does this apply to?

Take time to think about your business or the company you work for. Do you interact with the public in some capacity? Do you interact with third party service providers, be it suppliers, manufacturers or distributors? Do you manage or supervise employees, volunteers or contractors that interact with any of these parties on your behalf? Are you involved in developing policies and procedures around customer service? If you answered YES to any of these questions, the AODA Training requirement applies to you. Many organizations have started developing policies and procedures as well as exploring training options which satisfy compliance with the Customer Service Standard. ‘Planning ahead’ measures afford the opportunity to practice and troubleshoot aspects of the legislation prior to the mandatory deadline, thereby decreasing the likelihood of being penalized for non-compliance. Is your organization ready? Register for an AODA workshop in Mississauga this February or March. Workshops are offered by proLearning innovations in partnership with the Human Resources Professionals Association (HRPA). For more information on AODA workshops and effective training solutions, visit or email aoda@ This article was written by Melissa Magder, Director of Diversity, HR & Intercultural Training at proLearning innovations - a leading AODA training solutions provider for small and large businesses in Ontario.

The Accessibility Standard for Customer Services applies to all businesses and organizations that: ## Provide goods or services directly to the public or to other businesses

or organizations

## Have one or more employees operating in Ontario

  

Real Food Personal Coaching Natural Products

Applewood Hills Plaza 1125 Bloor St.E I Miss, ON L4Y 2N6 I 905.279.9006 Meadowvale Business Park 6990 Financial Dr I Miss, ON L5N 8J4 I 905.821.9862 Mavis Mall 660 Eglinton Ave W I Miss, ON L5R 3V2 I 905.502.1627


Mississauga Board of Trade

The purpose of the Customer Service Standard is to ensure that persons with disabilities receive the same level of customer service to which we are all entitled.

What must your business do? Businesses and organizations are required to do the following: ## Establish policies and procedures to reflect best practices when

serving persons with disabilities

Volume Six | Issue 1 | 2011


Hybrid Communication Courses

WanT TO Get Involved? MBOT Needs You!

A new hybrid of training is emerging to meet the needs of a dynamic, culturally diverse work environment populated by highly educated ITPs.

Mississauga Board of Trade is always looking for members to join our committees!

Uncap the Talent of Internationally Trained Professionals By Teresa McGil


mployers hear the message repeatedly: the workplace is changing. Oft-quoted projections from Statistics Canada show immigration will soon account for virtually all net labour market growth. But there’s a problem and it’s not the stereotypical engineer driving a taxi, unable to find work in his field. It’s that many gifted, internationally trained professionals (ITPs), having secured employment in their field, eventually become frustrated with barriers to career success.

Despite technical talents, they may find themselves assigned a narrow range of work duties, excluded from direct customer contact, leadership opportunities and normal career advancement. English communication challenges are often the cause, and employers aren’t sure how to resolve the dilemma.

Solutions are elusive While many employers have recognized both the barriers and need for communication skills development, appropriate solutions are elusive. CORE LANGUAGE SKILLS: English classes that build vocabulary and

grammar seem an obvious starting place. However, workplace communication performance improvements can be painfully incremental. Language skills can be measured with the 12-level Canadian Language Benchmark system, which suggests hundreds of hours of instruction are required to advance a single level. What workplace could afford this commitment to training, and how many professionals would tolerate the pace?

Business Coaching for Performance Leadership Development Coaching Executive Coaching Transitional Coaching

Joe Pampena 416.801.2476 28

Mississauga Board of Trade

Strategic communication skills: Mainstream business communication

courses target strategic skills for teamwork, customer contact and leadership roles, but lack the linguistic and inter-cultural depth required by ITPs.

fluency: Diversity training demystifies unconscious assumptions about workplace interactions, such as employeeboss relationships, team roles, risk tolerance and directness of communication. However, cultural awareness is only one part of the picture. Cultural

For general information on committees, please contact the MBOT office at (905) 273 6151

So what works? A new hybrid of training is emerging to meet the needs of a dynamic, culturally diverse work environment populated by highly educated ITPs. Curricula should embed learning in actual workplace tasks and scenarios and should target strategic business skills such as persuasion and active listening, enriched with core language skills – vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation. Finally, they should offer the key to unlocking workplace interpersonal interactions by enhancing awareness of culturally based assumptions and behaviours.

AMBASSADORS COMMITTEE: Contact Sonia Ojha at (905) 273 6151 ext. 31 for more information

GREEN COMMITTEE: Contact Anna Adams at (905) 273 6151 ext. 36 for more information

GROWTH & POWER COMMITTEE: Contact Brynna Williams at (905) 273 6151 ext. 32 for more information

BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE: Contact David Wojcik at (905) 273 6151 ext. 22 for more information

CHAIR’S GALA COMMITTEE: Contact Brynna Williams at (905) 273 6151 ext. 32 for more information

BUSINESS LEARNING COMMITTEE: Contact Brynna Williams at (905) 273 6151 ext. 32 for more information

FINANCE COMMITTEE: Contact Monika Rumin at (905) 273 6151 ext. 25 for more information

Mentorship Committee: Contact Sonia Ojha at (905) 273 6151 ext. 31 for more information

GOLF CLASSIC COMMITTEE: Contact Brynna Williams at (905) 273 6151 ext. 32 for more information

Human Resources Committee: Contact Hiliary Jewer at (905) 273 6151 ext. 26 for more information

POLICY & GOVERNMENT AFFAIRS COMMITTEE: Contact Sheldon Leiba at (905) 273 6151 ext. 27 for more information

Awards of Excellence Committee: Contact Brynna Williams at (905) 273 6151 ext. 32 for more information

For employers whose goal is to attract, develop, retain and promote top talent of international origin, hybrid communication training is a godsend. It enables ITPs to engage as full contributors in the workplace and to progress through the expected stages of career development. Uncapping the talent of these high-level professionals pays handsome dividends in an organization’s success and growth.

8 Tips For Creating A Polished Business Image

Teresa McGill is the President of Gandy Associates, a Mississauga-based company specializing in Business English training. For more information, please call (905) 257 3768.

Quality counts. Instead of buying   A tie, tie bar, cuff links, watch for men and a necklace, scarf and or trendy outfits, invest in good earrings for women can be the accessory that creates the ‘wow’ 1. several 5. quality jackets or suits. Update your factor or destroys the look. Make sure the colours complement accessories and tops/shirts, that way your investment pieces will cost less per wear.

ear simple, clean tailored lines with a fashion twist if you like edge. The fit is important - not too tight, not too loose - a 2.  fitWsome that skims the body. Show some cuff - it is a mark of a welldressed man or woman.

the suiting fabric.

hen wearing business casual clothing, remember the business and incorporate a jacket to your look. A navy or black 6.  Wcomponent jacket (blazer) worn with dark jeans is great casual Friday wear. for your clients. Remember that you represent your company. You are not dressing for yourself but rather to inspire 7.   Dress confidence in your clients and your company.

basic colours in the blue, black, grey or brown family always create a polished business look. If you enjoy colour, 3.  Dark,   A well-put-together outfit delivers the subtle message that you wear it to complement the darks, but wear the right colours for pay attention to detail and that you are successful. It suggests 8. your skin tone. that if you put that much effort into your image, you are probably


  Flat-front, trim pants. Make sure they break at the ankle and are relatively straight cut leg; women can go narrow, straight or boot cut.

equally as diligent with your work.

This article was written by Gail Friedlander, President of Images That Suit Ltd. For more information about services, please contact (416) 209 4050 or visit

Volume Six | Issue 1 | 2011


Why a donation to a food bank makes good business sense


n these uncertain economic times, donations to charities are often the first to drop off the ‘to do’ list. After all, how can your company be expected to give to the community when money is tight and business is slow to recover? Well, if things are tough for your business, just imagine for a moment how difficult things must be for our less fortunate neighbours. If you are having a tough time making it, it must be very difficult, if not impossible, for those who are hungry and poor in our community to make ends meet. Parents on a low income sometimes have to make the horrible choice between rent and food for their children. The need for a food bank goes up during difficult economic times so supporting the food bank during those times becomes even more important. Not only are donations needed, but they are a good investment in your

business from the inside out and here’s why: employees are proud to work for a caring company that gives back to the community and supports organizations that they support. Corporate donations help to increase staff morale, especially those that engage the employees in a fundraising challenge or an activity benefiting the food bank. Potential clients are attracted to companies that support the community. A proven track record of corporate social responsibility may very well be the edge on your competition that gets your business recognized over others. The poor are always the first to feel the impact of a bad economy and the last to reap the benefits when it has recovered. Even as the economy begins to improve, many families in Mississauga are still finding it difficult to make ends meet. With your help, food banks can provide emergency food relief for hundreds of families in our community. Many families need short-term help during a crisis for a few months until they can get back on their feet again. Your donation can make a real difference at a critical moment in the life of a needy family. Food banks need financial donations to pay for expenses and buy food that doesn’t get donated. Please consider arranging a donation in support of your local food bank in 2011. This article was written by Bill Crawford, Executive Director for Eden Community Food Bank. For more information, call (905) 785 3651 ext. 4 or

“QR Codes. It’s All About the Tracking”


Second Edition

ince 2006, QR codes have been embedded in oil paintings, photographs, artwork and many other surfaces. When you scan the QR code, it will take you directly to a music download, video trailer, or a website with details of that artist, promotion or product. The QR code has been seen on billboards, public transportation, on buildings and at major events. Advertisements with a QR code are part of a promotional or event campaign programmed to address the objective of the event – direct traffic to a website, to enter a contest or access a coupon or even download information about a product. The adoption of QR codes in North America has been slow to take off, however the technology is gaining some traction in the smart phone market. Many Android phones come with QR code readers already installed. Blackberry phones running Blackberry Messenger 5.0 (or more recent versions) can also scan QR codes using the "Scan A Group Barcode" option in the BBM menu.

HERE ARE THE STEPS TO CREATING, USING AND BENEFITING BY QR CODES: 1 Generate a QR code. 2 Put it somewhere – on a billboard, newspaper, in a magazine,

on your website, on digital displays, t-shirts, packaging, retail windows, business cards; anywhere you want to interact with your audience.

3 Users scan the QR code and see what information is waiting

for them – from visiting a website, viewing a movie/video preview to entering a contest.

4 Once the QR code is scanned, tracking results are instant

and include location, region, phone type, network type, number of shared scans and much more, if you add a mobile site as an intercept page.

Generating QR codes is slowly moving into the mainstream in America as well. There are numerous Internet platforms which allow users to create and manage QR codes. Many generating platforms will also allow users to view analytics on how and when the code is being scanned. The real strength and power of QR codes is the metrics and analytics available. LOOK FOR PART 3 OF THIS SERIES IN THE NEXT ISSUE WHERE WE’LL TALK ABOUT QR CODES AND THE REAL POWER BEHIND THEM. This article was written by Adolfo Proietti, Managing Director, AvMore. For more information on services, please contact Adolfo at or visit


Mississauga Board of Trade

Volume Six | Issue 1 | 2011


Accounting in the cloud!


 oday, many businesses are choosing cloud computing over traditional solutions for their business needs. Otherwise known as software as a service (SAAS), cloud computing provides businesses with access to services, applications, data, and storage over the Internet or "cloud."

Cloud-based accounting offers many benefits and can simplify the life of a business owner while enhancing their computing environment. Benefits such as: ## Always available access ## Ease of setup and speedy deployment ## Require minimal IT staff, support and maintenance#

is typically included

## Zero investment in hardware and technology

In most cloud-based accounting solutions, data is typically stored in a highly secure, offsite facility with state of the art cooling, fire suppression systems and power. The problems associated with traditional locally

MBOT would like to extend our thanks to those who referred a new member to Mississauga Board of Trade during our referral campaign! 32

Mississauga Board of Trade

One of the most popular accounting solutions for small to medium businesses is Intuit QuickBooks ( Intuit does not currently offer an option for cloud computing in Canada directly to the customer. However, there are many IT Solution Providers that are able to provide QuickBooks in the cloud. If QuickBooks is not for you, larger companies such as NetSuite (, Sage Software (, and Microsoft (Dynamic’s) ( provide solutions that are not only cloud based but that integrate into many other aspects of your business. Going this route would be advantageous but there would be cost implications to consider. Whether you are a small business with just a few employees or much larger, there is no doubt that a cloud based accounting solution can help your business become more efficient, secure, reliable and scalable.

## Scalability to match new business requirements

MBOT Referral Campaign

stored applications and data such as backup, maintenance, scalability and security are no longer present. With so many benefits, it’s easy to see why businesses are moving to cloud computing.

This article was written by Claudio Cantafio, Network Systems Engineer, Net2Net IT Solutions Inc. For more information, please contact (416) 800 8917 or



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Volume Six | Issue 1 | 2011


Welcome New Members! MBOT welcomes its new member organizations, who recognize the value

attached to becoming part of MBOT’s unified voice of business for Mississauga NOVEMBER 2010 Alphaform Group 6050 Tomken Road Mississauga ON L5T 1X8 Monica Czorny I (416) 253 9403 Display Designers and Producers Anixter Canada Inc. 200 Foster Crescent Mississauga ON L5R 3Y5 Gary Mistak I (905) 568 8999 Telecommunications APV Mobile 8-9000 Keele Street Vaughan ON L4K 2N2 Tony Vassallo I (905) 417 2994 Telecommunications Armstrong Moving Inc. 630 Secretariat Court Mississauga ON L5S 2A5 Robin Sutton I (905) 795 6776 Moving and Storage BD Baustein 204-222 Islington Avenue Toronto ON M8V 3W7 Walter Drexl I (647) 430 5262 Graphic Design Brian Madigan 4005 Promontory Drive Mississauga ON L5L 3K6 (647) 404 8150 Individual Ceridian Canada Ltd. 5600 Explorer Drive Mississauga ON L4W 4Y2 Tony Polera I (905) 361 8458 Human Resources Consultants College Boreal 406-130 Dundas Street East Mississauga ON L5A 3V8 Ghislaine Gelican-Atkins (905) 306 1562 Education and Training DNA Freight Management Inc. 204-211 Watline Avenue Mississauga ON L4Z 1P3 Andrew Hunter I (905) 502 1300 Freight Forwarding Fini Consulting 3166 Lindenlea Drive Mississauga ON L5C 2C2 Paul Fini I (905) 270 0628 Management Consultants Flip Dog Yoga 202-626 Burnhamthorpe Road West Mississauga ON L5B 2C4 Sheena Rufh I (905) 232 2022 Fitness and Recreation Gary Child 120 Valleywood Drive Markham ON L3R 6A7 (416) 909 1027 Individual Greyelf Designs 63 Washington Avenue Oakville ON L6K 1W5 Alan Lake I (416) 433 9749 Publishers Investors Group 100-1275 North Service Road West Oakville ON L6M 3G4 Gary Frauts I (905) 847 7776 Financial Planning and Services


Ladner's Clothiers 220 Queen Street South Mississauga ON L5M 1L5 Todd Ladner I (905) 826 2344 Apparel and Accessories Michael Verhey & Associates 6601 Eastridge Road Mississauga ON L5N 4L8 Michael Verhey I (905) 826 8649 Business Consultants Monika Moravan Mississauga ON Monika Moravan I (416) 888 4485 Writers Natura Wellness Clinic C211-3885 Duke of York Blvd. Mississauga ON L5B 0E4 Newsha Kashani I (905) 276 6800 Health and Wellness Net2Net IT Solutions 2275 Upper Middle Road East, Suite #101 Oakville ON L6H 0C3 Brian Pavlidis I (416) 800 8917 IT Consultants Print 2 Go 34 Dundas Street East Mississauga ON L5A 1W2 Snehal Shah I (905) 949 5837 Printing ProLearning Innovations 2300 Yonge Street, Suite 2800 Toronto ON M4P 1E4 Wendy Bircher | (416) 485 7498 Human Resources Consultants Red Sky Design 8 Sydenham Street Dundas ON L9H 2T4 Kathleen Swiderski I (289) 238 8756 Marketing Send Out Cards 1401 Forestbrook Road Oakville ON L6M 2G5 Pam Ford I (905) 847 2499 Marketing Send Out Cards 2087 Pineview Drive Oakville ON L6H 5M5 John Pagliacci I (416) 705 6046 Marketing Send Out Cards 903-1240 Marborough Court Oakville ON L6H 3K7 Hans Kopp I (905) 338 5652 Marketing Send Out Cards 200-353 Iroquois Shore Road Oakville ON L6H 1M3 Sam Brabender I (905) 827 8416 Marketing Taxevity 79 Prince George Drive Toronto ON M9A 1Y7 Sharma Promod I (416) 938 3711 Insurance Vitae Consulting P.O. Box 605 STN F Toronto ON M4Y 2L8 Joanne Bernardo I (647) 964 7198 Employment Agencies

Mississauga Board of Trade 100-25 Sheppard Avenue West Toronto ON M2N 6S7 Michael McLarnon I (416) 227 8318 Information Services and Systems Zerowire Labs 2100 Matheson Blvd. East Mississauga ON L4W 5E1 Mahmoud Hashem I (905) 554 1185 Laboratory Equipment, Supplies and Services

DECEMBER 2010 Canadian Cancer Society, Georgetown Dufferin Peel Unit 202-2227 South Millway Mississauga ON L5L 3R6 Pam Kiez I (905) 608 8411 Non-profit Organization Cora Breakfast and Lunch 9-4559 Hurontario Street Mississauga ON L4Z 3L9 Hamza Ahmad I (905) 501 9244 Food and Beverage EDEN COMMUNITY FOOD BANK 2-3185 Unity Drive Mississauga ON L5L 4L5 Bill Crawford | (905) 785 3651 Non-profit Organization Egmond Associates Ltd. 27 Hall Road Georgetown ON L7G 0A4 John Van Egmond I (416) 782 7227 Engineering Services and Supplies Entertech Systems 106-1660 North Service Road East Oakville ON L6H 7G3 Steve Greb I (905) 582 5110 Security Gandy Associates Inc. 401-50 Burnhamthorpe Road West Mississauga ON L5B 3C2 Teresa McGill I (905) 257 3768 Education and Training Gourmet Cuisine B-7050 Pacific Circle Mississauga ON L5T 1V1 Josee Sans Cartier I (905) 565 9300 Caterers Herbal Magic 1125 Bloor Street East, Unit 16 Mississauga ON L4Y 2N6 Gino Guarisco I (905) 279 9006 Health and Wellness HR ON DEMAND 10-1169 Dorval Drive Oakville ON L6M 4V7 Jocelyne Cossar I (905) 582 4397 Human Resources Consultants Ingram Micro 55 Standish Court Mississauga ON L5R 4A1 Mark Snider I (905) 755 5000 Electronic Equipment and Supplies Innovative HR Partners 1219 Thoresby Drive Oakville ON L6J 7K3 Michele Sparling I (416) 277 276 Human Resources Consultants JoAnne McCrindle 102-6 Director Court Vaughan ON L4L 3Z5 (416) 414 8423 Individual

JTI-Macdonald Corp. 1601-1 Robert Speck Parkway Mississauga ON L4Z 0A2 Lisa Hutniak I (905) 804 7300 Manufacturing Market Your Car 262-3060 Constitution Blvd. Mississauga ON L4Y 3X8 Jara Kral I (416) 907 3579 Advertising One CAD Solutions Ltd. 100-60 Centurian Drive Markham ON L3R 9R2 Paul Sesto I (905) 943 7667 Engineering Services and Supplies Paramount Document Solutions Inc. 10 Sinclair Court Brampton ON L6X 4P5 Gerson Vijayan I (905) 796 8907 Printing Polycultural Immigrant and Community Services 2225 Erin Mills Parkway PO Box 210 Mississauga ON L5K 1T9 Mukhtar Ahmadzai I (905) 823 5461 Employment Agencies Proactive Print Management 5579 McAdam Road Mississauga ON L4Z 1N4 Lorry Smith I (905) 568 8131 Printing Robert Franco 5055 Plantation Place Mississauga ON L5M 1M5 (905) 828 1122 Individual Scotia Entertainment 605 Montbeck Crescent Mississauga ON L5G 1N9 Terry Holdershaw I (647) 968 2729 Entertainment and Leisure Sheridan Residence & Conference Centre 1410 Trafalgar Road Oakville ON L6H 6W4 David Carroll I (905) 815 4150 Hotels, Motels and Resorts Silmen Fine Cabinetry 2-425 Admiral Boulevard Mississauga ON L5T 2N1 Joe Da Silva I (905) 795 8333 Furniture Dealers Sparks AMS Manufacturing 7449 Canuon Street Mississauga ON L5A 4M2 Jaafar Alkhidari I (416) 696 5363 Manufacturing Straub Tadco Inc. 1239 Aerowood Drive, Unit A-B Mississauga ON L4W 1B9 Peter Vermes I (905) 629 9114 Manufacturing The Capris Group 11-215 Traders Boulevard East Mississauga ON L4Z 3K5 Joe Damiani I (905) 507 8151 Internet - Products and Services WSI Digital Marketing 101-2275 Upper Middle Road East Oakville ON L6M 0C3 Kevin Kemp I (905) 491 6936 Internet - Products and Services

Thank You

Renewing Members! NOVEMBER

5th Business Al Elegance Hardwood Flooring Ltd.

Alcohol Countermeasure Systems Corp. AvMore ank of Nova Scotia Business Development Bank of Canada an Amex Trucking System Inc. Centre for Health & Safety Innovation ecor and Living Inc. Dr. S.G.H. Lalani raco International Trading Inc. Excalibur Industrial Sales Inc. arvest Corporation nternational Centre Investors Group Mississauga Central ohn D. Keown & Associates John Dougherty Life Insurance Services aneff Group of Companies Katima Inc. akewind Transportation Inc. Language Marketplace anuflex Technologies Inc. Martin Merry & Reid Limited ntario Screen Systems Inc./Phantom Screens rganic Products Lanka Inc. remier Fitness/Physiomed Pre-Paid Legal Services Inc. cambellone & Associates Sheridan Institute of Technology Spherion Inc. St. John Ambulance (Mississauga) D Bank Financial Group The C G & B Group Inc. The Canadian Payroll Association The Co-operators oloper Creations Inc. vpi Inc. edge Paper Products Ltd.



MBOT thanks its renewing members for continuing to work with MBOT and taking advantage of the benefits available to their businesses


AAA Drafting Services

ADAMGOOD Production House Ltd. AMI Logistics Applewood Glass & Mirror Inc. R. Leger Realty Limited CIBC Citigroup Fund Services Canada Inc. City of Mississauga Community Foundation of Mississauga amel Inc. Delta Meadowvale Resort &# Conference Centre PCM Services Ltd. EvansMartin LLP Chartered Accountants Exfreight Zeta Inc. laxoSmithKline Global Royalties Ltd. GW Industrial Supplies enry Lehner Hurst Technology Consulting Inc. ntex Freight ancaster Enterprises Unlimited Solutions Laurie Williamson Motors Ltd. LSC Fabrication Inc. ississauga Cosmetic Surgery Clinic ntario Lottery & Gaming Corp. ermul Ltd. aising the Standard Consulting Inc. ROE Logistics Inc. erviceMaster Contract Services Shotgun Fund echnical Edge Inc. TRO Maintenance Solutions Turner & Porter Funeral Directors Ltd. nifirst (Canada) Ltd. (Dunwin) eekly Voice







MBOT members can also be found on in our online directory, or through our print Membership & Business Directory available at the MBOT office

Volume Six | Issue 1 | 2011


Member Spotlight

Itergy Opens New Office in Mississauga MBOT Member, Itergy, a consulting firm that is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, held the grand opening of their new location on Meyerside Dr., in Mississauga on Tuesday, November 16, 2010. “The GTA region has the highest concentration of head offices in Canada. Many of our clients have Toronto-based offices, and this will permit Itergy to provide better service to its existing clientele and reach out to new customers,” said said Ralph Loewen, President of Itergy International. Itergy specializes in strategic consulting and services of Microsoft technologies to businesses. For more information on their services, please call 1 866 522 5881 or visit

Nurse Next Door Receives 2010 Franchise of the Year Award Nurse Next Door owners, David and Lucie Shaw, were recently presented the 2010 Franchise Partner of the Year award. The Shaw’s accepted the award on behalf of their team, at the Nurse Next Door annual awards gala that was held in November 2010.

“We are extremely excited to be taking home the top prize,” said Lucie Shaw. “This was a goal of ours when we first started. To have won is a tremendous achievement for us.” Nurse Next Door specializes in offering home health care services to the elderly population across Canada and the United States. For more information on Nurse Next Door’s services, please call 1 877 588 8609 or visit

AvMore Launches DigitalPOP, Digital Signage Solution “The launch of DigitalPOP, our Digital Signage solution was a great success!” says Managing Director of AvMore, Adolfo Proietti. Attendance included key players and decision-makers who came out to support the launch of DigitalPOP and to learn about the benefits of Digital Signage. The logo was unveiled using video animation to launch the presentation, which also demonstrated the uses, benefits and advantages of Digital Signage. In his presentation, Proietti talked about “what is Digital Signage, why you should use it, how it works, setting objectives and R.O.I.” Attendees shared that the presentation, “was very thorough and informative,” and “congratulations for a first class launch of Digital POP, you achieved your objectives.”


Mississauga Board of Trade

Samsung and Fusionone joined the launch; Samsung is a leader in digital sign displays and Fusionone is an IT Technology Integrator, which serves the Digital Signage community.

Digital Signage is a powerful way to enhance your corporate and communication objectives. The presentation has been captured as a webinar and can be seen at For more information about DigitalPOP visit or contact Adolfo Proietti at For information about Samsung contact Marco Nalli at For information about Fusionone please contact John Abate at

Volume Six | Issue 1 | 2011


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