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New lunch changes cause controversy By Jaxzia Perez Journalism Reporter Somerset Academy recently separated the middle and high school lunches at the beginning of the 2012-2013 school year, increasing the number of lunches, but decreasing the time of each lunch period by five minutes. In the 2011-12 school year there were three lunches and each lunch was 35 minutes long. Students still get the choic of choosing which area they want to eat lunch in: outside by the Le Cafe, in the Le Cafe, or in the Panther Zone. Having four lunch periods caused the time of each lunch period to change. Now each lunch period is 30 minutes long. The middle and high school lunches are also separated as a result. Giving two lunch periods for middle school and two for high school. Mrs. Camus says the additional lunch period was added

“to provide the cafeteria personnel and the students the opportunity to really sit down and eat rather standing up.” “It gives us a better accuracy of count and it also provides us the opportunity to serve the middle schoolers first, then the high schoolers.” Mrs. Camus said this was the reason for separating the middle and high schoolers during lunch. Brenda Milan is in seventh-grade, and on B days she has B lunch. “Most of the time I have to bring lunch from home because when I get to lunch, there is no food that I actually like,” she explained about her lunch period. “There is an increase in students,” Language Arts teacher, Ms. Black said. This was the reason for the additional lunch period, she says. Now with a classroom in the Le Cafe, many students cannot eat in there and have to choose other venues to eat Seventh-grader, Amanda Martinez, said: “I enjoy eating

Prowler Staff Report

Photo by Yasmeen Faine The Panther Zone is packed with students buying lunch.

at the Le Cafe but it is difficult to eat there since there is a long line.” Amanda Martinez said she prefers to wait for the end of her lunch to buy lunch, but there is a long line because of the other people that also choose to get lunch at the end of lunch. “During lunch in the Le Cafe, there is about 50 kids in each line. Having 50 students in one line makes it difficult to open the door and try to get in line yourself,” Brenda Milan said.

Ms. Black has A lunch which she thinks is “more of a late breakfast than an actual lunch.” “Maybe we have too many students, and they want them to be more comfortable. But it is a very, very long lunch period.” said Ms. Lusteg. If Ms. Lusteg was a student she would want to have B lunch, because it is closer to lunch time. She enjoys that she gets to pick what time she has lunch, she adds.

School traffic improves, but still an issue By Isabella Oliva Journalism Reporter Despite the high volume of cars, traffic seems to be flowing better than last school year. The yellow, reflective posts, the policeman at the intersection where you turn into the school and having security guards to control the traffic are helping the traffic flow better. West Broward High School is right across from us, so the traffic from their school merges with our traffic causing for an increased volume.

“It takes my family and I 20 to 25 minutes to get to school,” junior Enzo Oliva said. “We get dropped off at the high school circle at 7:25 on most days and I immediately go to my classroom.” Most parents don’t really like the drop-off and pick-up times in the morning and afternoon. It seems that the lines are much smaller early in the morning than near 7:20, where the line starts to get very large. It appears that the key for the traffic to go fast is that all the security guards conducting traffic work together. For

Key Club focuses on service

instance, if the security guard at the beginning stops the line, but the security guards near the end let the traffic keep going, the line will never move until the cars in the front move. If this happens, the traffic gets backed up and won’t move anywhere. On days where there is an occasion, such as a lot of rain, the traffic lights aren’t working, or there is just so much traffic, they usually allow students to come into the classroom without a pass until 7:45. However, these occasions are very few and far in between.

If you come late, you have to go to the office or the Panther Zone and get a pass. If you get four tardies in a quarter, you receive a detention. Coming early is the best way to avoid tardies. “In a week, I get about five tardies on average,” says Ms. Black. “One thing that could be done is more people could carpool. The security guards and police are certainly doing a good job at helping the traffic flow easier, but it still takes 10 to 15 minutes,” said mother Carlota Oliva.

The Key Club is an international high school organization sponsored by Kiwanis International. Key Club assists Kiwanis in carrying out its mission to serve the children in the world and provide service to people in need. This year, Somerset Key Club members made peanut butter sandwiches and donated them to a Broward County food bank. In late November, club members began collecting nonperishable food items for a Somerset food pantry, where students in need could take items for their families. The pantry will be located in the media center. Key Club sponsor Ms. Ridal said she thinks that the Key Club is important for schools to have. “I think it’s very important for schools to a Key Club since it’s 100 percent service. ”It’s great because everyone is dedicated to service.” In October, President Miriam Perez organizated the Unicef/Kiwanis International fundraising drive to raise money for the Eliminate Project. The project raises money for vaccinations for mothers to protect themselves and their babies from neo-natal tetanus, a fatal, painful disease. High school students interested in joining Key Club should see Ms. Ridal in room 418. The club meets every other Wednesday.

Smashburger is wonderful time, family experience


New empowerMe club aims to assist Somerset students By Nicky Macias Opinions Editor

By Jason Fernandez Journalism Reporter When was the last time someone smashed your burger? Well, if you visit Smashburger located in the Cobblestone Plaza on the corner of Pines Boulevard and NW 155th Avenue, you will experience a whole new level of eating a burger. Smashburger is a place where they not only grill their burgers, but they smash them as well. Once the burgers are done, they’re put on a buttery, toasted bun. When my burger arrived, it looked like it just came out of a French bakery. The patty was carefully placed in between the bun, and the American cheese was draped over the meat just like a veil. That’s not all, there was also ketchup slowly dripping off the sides. For a classic Smashburger, it is $4.99, and for a big Smashburger it is $5.99. The burgers are just so juicy, once you take a bite and you taste all the flavors, you know you’re going to be coming back. If you like fries, then you would enjoy the smash fries. These aren’t any ordinary fries, these fries are covered in garlic and rosemary. The two tastes just merge together and make an amazing flavor. The smash fries are $1.99. If you don’t like meat or you’re a vegetarian, you can still eat at Smashburger. They offer a tasty Black Bean Burger, and if you like a spice in your life, you could order the spicy Baja veggie burger. These burgers are both $5.99, and the big smash burgers are $6.99 each. Also, at Smashburger you could order milkshakes and ice cream floats that go great with your burger. If you have one of these, you’ll be begging for more! If you want a classic milkshake, it is only $3.99 out of your pocket. For those of you who are going on a diet, you could have a salad there too. They have two salads, the Harvest and the Baja Cobb. The Harvest salad is a personal favorite of mine. You should try it, and it is only $4.99. It is a mix of fresh greens, balsamic tomatoes, raisins, dried cranberries, sunflower and pumpkin seeds and blue cheese topped with balsamic vinaigrette dressing. The service at Smashburger is just amazing. Once you walk in, you get welcomed with a smile. Then after you order it takes about 10 minutes of waiting time and then you eat the heavenly food. Go to Smashburger because if not, you’ll miss out on your burger being smashed. If you’re bored and hungry, just visit and you won’t be disappointed. Once you walk in and smell the all the distinctive flavors, you know you went to the right place.

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A scene from “2016: Obama’s America”, where Dinesh D’Souza is interviewing President Obama’s half-brother, George Obama.

Obama documentary gives glimpse of his possible future By Christina Vazquez Features Editor Are you looking to watch a movie that is “different” from the others? Something besides the typical, sappy chick flick or that gory, full-out violent action film? If your answer is yes, then I suggest you watch “2016: Obama’s America”, which was released on DVD on October 16. “2016” is a documentary film directed by Dinesh D’Souza and John Sullivan, who was the director of the renowned movie “Schindler’s List.” Despite lackluster reviews on movie critic websites, this film is one that everyone should see -- whether you like President Obama or not. The slogan of “2016” is “Love him, hate him: you don’t know him.” This slogan rings true throughout the entire film. The documentary basically talks

about Obama’s past, present, and possibly his future as well. The narrator and co-director, Dinesh D’Souza, analyzes chapters from Barack Obama’s memoir, Dreams from My Father, and how some of Obama’s past experiences with his father, Barack Obama, Sr., have influenced many of his decisions he has made during his current term, as well as helped to shape his character. Through various reenactments, D’Souza explains how our current president was raised by his mother in Hawaii while his absentee father shared a correspondence with his son, sharing his beliefs and ideologies that would shape his political career. For instance, one of Barack Obama Sr.’s ideologies about America was to “level the playing field,” which means to lower America’s standards to have other nations “catch up” to

our level of advancement. As the movie continues, D’Souza gives the viewers an interesting glimpse into the future. While this movie does not mention presidential candidate Mitt Romney at all, the documentary explains how much Obama’s decisions can affect our nation in the long run, for better or worse. With statistics and research, he projects the economic, social, and global status of the United States in 2016 if Obama were to be reelected for a second term. Overall, “2016: Obama’s America” is an excellent, thoughtprovoking movie, no matter what part of the political spectrum you reside on. Chock-full of interesting facts and backstory on our 44th President, this movie deserves to be seen, so that everyone will be able to see who the most powerful man in the world really is.

empowerME is a new Somerset-original club. From the help of staff members Ms. Sakay, Ms. Diaz, Ms. Escudero, Ms. Bruns, and not to mention student peer counselors, empowerME became possible. “[Peer counseling] allowed me to see the world and my peers differently; it’s made me want to do more for my school and my community,” said Abby Cherubin, a ninth-grader. Sponsor Mrs. Escudero (a.k.a Mrs. E) is responsible for the club’s name. The club’s objective is to help all of the students of Somerset Academy, whether it’s tutoring, mediations, or just oneon-one listening. To join the club, you must have a 3.0 GPA, a filledout memberhsip application, and a teacher recommendation from any core class. “Now we’ll have more people to do bigger projects,” ninth-grader Cristian Garcia said. empowerME has participated most recently in the Peanut and Jelly drive. Keep your eyes out for more empowerME club’s initiatives. For more information, see Ms. Escudero in room 311. If you are interested in being tutored, or need a mediation, please see Mrs. Sakay, Ms. Diaz, or Ms. Escudero. “Struggle free, bully free, problem free, empowerME!” is the slogan of the empowerME club.

Mr. Leban living his dream of becoming U.S. history teacher By Jesselyn Aguayo Journalism Reporter This man had a dream, but failed, so he had to go with his Plan B of becoming an American History teacher. He never gives up, and goes for the gold. Mr. Matthew Leban is an eighth grade American History teacher at Somerset Academy. He originally was substituting for Ms. Harvey but ended up filling in for her for the rest of the year. He’s only been teaching since the beginning of this school year. Growing up he lived in Hollywood, Florida his entire life. He graduated high school from South Broward and went straight to Florida International University to earn a bachelor’s degree majoring in American history. Mr. Leban knew ever since his freshman year in high school that he had a love for history, and knew that was what he wanted to major in. Like every other person, he had another dream that didn’t succeed. “I wanted to be a pilot, but my GPA had been too low, and so I then had to go with plan

B!” Mr. Leban said. Well everyone must have a plan B, right? Everyone prefers one subject more than the other, but surprisingly Mr. Leban loves math. He had a love for history because he thinks that kids do not care about history as much as they should. “History is a subject that kids seem to care less and less about as they get older,” said Mr. Leban, explaining why he teaches history. “History’s a story, and I’m a big story fan.” He thinks there is a way around history. Mr. Leban doesn’t believe in homework, and he thinks that history is a discursive matter, and in order to understand history, you must converse with others and give your opinion on history. Outside of school, he has many other interests other than history. He enjoys fishing, and he loves going to fishing tournaments. Mr. Leban is also the Junior Varsity and Varsity baseball coach. He loves playing and coaching baseball, and tythat in twenty years, he sees himself being a coach of a professional baseball team.

IHS members reenacting a scene from “The Godfather”.

New Italian Honor Society eager to express more of Italian culture By Jason Fernandez Journalism Reporter The Italian Honor Society was just made this year at Somerset Academy because the Italian II students asked for an Honor Society to promote a family environment. The sponsor of the club is Mrs. Santangelo. The honor society president Barbara Hernandez said, “I’m looking forward to making the honor society stand out and catch everyone’s attention!” The goal of the Italian Honor Society is to bring awareness of the Italian culture to Somerset Academy. They do this by going to Italian festivals in the local area. “I just love Italy, and I would like to show everyone

what is so great about it,” says Italian Honor Society member Rachel Esquenazi. The students in the Italian Honor Society are going to be active in fundraising and school activities. For example, for the homecoming parade, they chose the theme “The Godfather”. In this club, the members will do “aperitivo”, or Italian happy hour, which includes eating foods like cheese, crackers, olives, and bruschetta. Also, IHS is planning to get a field trip to New York and visit “Little Italy” with other members in the group. Along with the president Barbara Hernandez, some of the positions of this club include the vice president, Joan Moya, secretary Priscilla Mejia, and historian Yaneli Gonzalez.

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Photos by Gia Mugavero, Mandy Figueroa, and Alejandro Perez de Utrera


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Opinions Make Musical Theatre a priority

Gay right supporters protest peacefully.

Courtesy Kira-Marie Photography

Courtesy of Chick-Fil-A

Dan Cathy at a Chick-Fil-a restaurant.

Dan Cathy, Chick-Fil-A: Tastes like hate?

Chick-Fil-A promotes and influences Exercising his First Amendment rights, others to be intolerant of diverse people Dan Cathy has a right to his opinion By Nicky Macias Opinions Editor Chick-Fil-A tastes like hate? Not at first bite, but once you get under the crispy chicken you see the true colors of the company, and they are definitely not rainbow colors. As a chicken lover, I have made several stops to Chick-Fil-A. Personally, I love the taste of their foods but when I researched and heard all the controversy over Chick-Fil-A President’s and company’s statements as well as actions, I will never give them a single penny again. Every year, millions of dollars from Chick-Fil-A’s corporate profits are donated to ChickFil-A’s non-profit “charity,” the Winshape Foundation. Winshape donates millions to anti-gay organizations, many of which focus on defeating or repealing samesex marriage, spreading hate, and encouraging stereotypes. Not only does Chick-FilA give money to haters, but the company supports the death of gays. A bill introduced in Uganda called the “Kill the Gays” Bill, or anti-homosexuality bill, gives the Ugandan government the right to

imprison or even kill any sexually active homosexual. One of the organizations Chick-Fil-A donated to is the Family Research Council, or FRC, which donated thousands of dollars to help get this bill passed by their government. Due to all this controversy, New York University supporter Hillary Dworkoski made a petition to remove Chick-Fil-A restaurants from the NYU campus because NYU prides itself on being diverse. A same-sex couple of eight years, and their two children, have also made a petition on the website In response to this issue, they invited Dan Cathy to their house for dinner. They claim you shouldn’t judge a group of people and call them unusual if you’ve never had a formal dinner with them. More than 45,000 people have signed both petitions. Though Dan Cathy and Chick-Fil-A Corporation have a right to their opinion, I believe that encouraging hate and intolerance to people that are different is just wrong. I will never give money to Chick-Fil-A because they give it to groups that support hatred of homosexuals and even their death.

By Christina Vazquez Features Editor Chick-Fil-A tastes like hate? I think not. The First Amendment to the Constitution clearly states that Americans have the right to the freedom of speech. We should fiercely protect this important amendment, and the responses to Dan Cathy’s declaration of his opposition to gay marriage certainly have been violating his rights. As the Chief Operating Officer and President of the Chick-Fil-A, Cathy issued a statement in mid-July of this year declaring his opposition to gay marriage, stating that “while my family and I believe in the Biblical definition of marriage, we love and respect anyone who disagrees.” There have been a landslide of harsh comments directed at Cathy and Chick-Fil-A, many petitions have started up in response to his statements. Recently Chick-Fil-A released a statement, saying that they “treat every person with honor, dignity and respect – regardless of their beliefs, race, creed, sexual orientation or gender.” Be-

Gaming can impact everyday life for kids By David Magno Journalism Reporter Are you trying to beat the last level of the game on your phone or trying to get that achievement on Xbox? Seventytwo percent of American households also play video games, according to a survey conducted by the Entertainment Software Association. Although video games seem harmless, many people find it hard to stop playing after a long period of time. While it’s hard to define video game addiction, it’s basically excessive use of video games that causes interference with their daily lives. Video game “addiction”

is a problem, but video games aren’t the issue. The problem is if you can’t control yourself then you shouldn’t be gaming. Many people play video games for fun and entertainment. I play video games with my friends online, and enjoy it a lot. The suggested amount of time someone should play videogames is at the most two hours. I know of many people who play more than two hours a day, but to be honest I don’t see any harm done to them. “I play 9,001 hours a day,” says Joshua Hwang, eighth. Average students play video games for about seven to nine hours a week. Many people said that

sides, the company hires people from all walks of life. What Mr. Cathy said is up to him, as for what he believes is a reflection of himself, not his entire company. Chick-Fil-A is composed of several thousand employees, and although they may work for his company, it is possible that they do not share the same opinions as Cathy. Everyone has the right to their own beliefs, and labeling thousands of Chick-Fil-A employees as intolerant isn’t just to those people. Aside from that, I think it was pretty courageous for Cathy to make his statement. In this age, people tend to be more “go with the flow,” but instead of conforming to today’s standards, Cathy stayed true to his beliefs, despite all of the flack he has received. Even when Cathy was frowned upon by society, he said what he believed, and didn’t change his personal beliefs to appease the people who may disagree. Dan Cathy is allowed to say what he feels. After all, it is his personal opinion! The day that someone isn’t allowed to speak their mind in these United States of America will be a very tragic day.

Black X-Box 360 is a popular game console.

they play video games to the point that it stops them from doing important things, like schoolwork. “I think they would play until their eyes fall out,” Seth Saunooke, seventh, said. It may cause someone to forget about their assignments or have their grades go down because they get so caught up in the game. “Sometimes, it makes me become forgetful,” says Jason Fernandez, seventh.

Photo courtesy of Mircosoft

There are some unusually rare cases, like one man in South Korea played for days and went into cardiac arrest and died. Some people even turn violent when they have their video games taken away. Video games are not evil, but you should have control over it. When you play video games, limit how much time you play and make sure it doesn’t interfere with your daily life.

By Nicky Macias Opinions Editor Throughout the years, I have noticed that Somerset Academy is lacking something important -- Somerset doesn’t have any form of vocal classes or extracurricular activities, except for two years ago when Mrs. Kaplan had one period of Musical Theatre. That didn’t last long; it was quickly removed the next year, “[I] decided that Improv would be better because we have everything we need for that as with musical theatre. Musical theatre would be better taught with a chorus teacher,” Mrs. Kaplan said. Time after time of debating isn’t working. It’s time to show the facts, and this is my first step. Not only have I, but a lot of people have to spend hundreds, even thousands of dollars a year just so they can satisfy their singing and musical theatre passion by going to studios outside of school. I’ve been doing that for five years, and I know I’ve spent a small fortune. Then I hear all my friends talking about doing musicals at their schools. I instantly get depressed knowing that I may never have that experience. I already know what some of you are thinking, just take drama. It’s not the same. Musical Theatre is the definition of art. With music, dance, drama, and art makes huge impressions on musicals. The feeling you get after performing a musical with your cast and crew is indescribable. Even if you hate a cast mate, after performing on stage with them you can’t help but befriend them. Musicals bring people together as a family. Musicals can also bring the arts programs together, as a union. Like I said before, all the arts come into doing a musical. Art talented students would create props and sets. Music talented students would be the orchestra. Drama and dance would work together. Musicals can even be included in the Arts Conservatory Show. The one thing I want you to take out of this long article is that some of us are passionate, and we fight for what we believe and sometimes “no” isn’t an option.

The Prowler Staff Advisor Ms. Ridal Editor in Chief Matthew Bonachea Opinions & Business Manager Nicky Macias News Editor Yasmeen Faine Features Editor Christina Vazquez


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Coach Carter explains rugby

Wrestling team has big plans this season

By James Hunsinger Journalism Reporter

By Chase Singletary Journalism Reporter

Somerset Academy students will soon have a chance to play and get a firsthand look at the sport of rugby, thanks to Mr. Cory Carter. Coach Carter will be one of the assistant coaches in Weston, where he has joined forces with their rugby program. Carter has helped to recruit several of Somerset’s athletic students to play and take part in this sport. This is a wonderful opportunity for Somerset Academy and its students to become recognized in a brand new sport to the school that is different from the traditional, seasonal activities that are commonly seen at our school each and every sports season. I had the excellent opportunity to interview Coach Carter about this new sport that may be coming to our school, and I was able to get a better look at the sport of rugby. Q: Coach Carter, how long has rugby been around? A: Rugby has been around for about two hundred years.

Q: The sport of rugby was founded in what country and what year? A: The sport of rugby was founded around 1800 in England. Q: In the sport of rugby, are there any famous players? What have they done for the sport? A: One famous player is Web Ellis. He was one of the pioneers of the sport and did much to spread it to other nations. Q: What is the strategy of rugby? A: The strategy of rugby is team, team, team! You must work together to progress the ball to the opponents try zone by way of solid possession and communication. Q: How many players are on a team? A: During the game, each team is allowed 15 players on the field at any given time. Q: Why do rugby players play with a larger ball than football? A: The ball originated from a modified soccer ball. Football originated from rugby. Q: Are penalties a big issue, and are they enforced strongly like in football?

Baseball team starts new season By Justin Connel Journalism Reporter The fall season is under way, and the Panthers Varsity Baseball team is back to work. This season, the team has picked up more players as well as some returning star players. They are excited to play games with their newest recruit, Marlan Romero from Mater Academy. “I want to improve as a team as well as a family,” Coach Garcia said. The varsity team has

eleven seniors, so it’s their time to strike back. They’ve worked tirelessly and nothing will stop them. “The key to success is defense with good teamwork,“ says Coach Garcia. They already won their first game against Pines Charter 5-3. It was a great victory, and an excellent way to start off the season. They have great strength, speed, and chemistry together. “These are the best group of players that I have worked with in a very long time,” Garcia says.

A: Like any sport, you must have rules for the safety of the players, so, yes, penalties are an issue and just like any other sport, they are enforced. Q: Is the sport of rugby growing in the United States? A: Today, rugby is the second fastest growing sport in the United States. Q: Is there a specific size you need to be to play rugby? A: Any body size can be suitable for rugby. There are positions that require all different attributes. Q: How important is it to be in good physical shape? A: Rugby is an extremely demanding sport, both physically and mentally. You must keep both in shape the best way you can, with rest and hard work. Q: Do you have to be fast to play rugby? A: No, while it helps, there are positions which value strength over speed. Q: How long have you been coaching rugby? A: Three years.

Photo by Matthew Bonachea

Q: Why did you choose rugby? A: I played in college, and have a great passion for the game. Q: Do you think Somerset will ever have a team for itself? A: If we have a large enough enrollment and space to practice, it is a goal of mine to have a team housed at Somerset. Q: Do you think Somerset will ever play or practice here on our field? A: We are in the process of scheduling several games here.

Somerset’s wrestling team is looking to have another big season this year. They have big expectations, like winning the state tournament, and they have a good record; 25-3. Head coach Joe Blasucci said he expects the team to be one of the top ones in the state. Last season, Somerset’s wrestling team had a good year. Even though they came up a little short of their goals, they got fourth in the state, and only lost to the first place team by nine points. The wrestling team’s record last year was 22-6, and they went to some of the toughest tournaments in the state. They plan on going to tough tournaments, and traveling to competitions in several different cities. They are expected to compete in 30 matches this year. The biggest and most important goal for the team is to win the state tournament, which will be at the Lakeland Civic Center. This is the most important and toughest tournament of the year.

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Hispanic Heritage Month Page 8

All photos by Jeana Lindo

Students show heritage at pep rally By Nicky Macias Opinions Editor As you wait with anticipation, colorful flags beam across the glossy new gym. When the hosts starts screaming the names of the Hispanic countries, you can’t help but smile by all the excitement being released in the gym. The National Spanish Honor Society hosts the Hispanic Heritage Pep Rally every year. This year the coordinator was Ms. Ortiz. With weeks of preparation, not only for NSHS, but for all other performers, the pep rally was almost perfect!

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