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So you decide t o have your own pool f ill in. Sounds good, but t he problem is, ”how can I remove my pool easily?” Well f irst you need t o underst and your pool st ruct ures.

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It is a concrete pool, vinyl pool? Based on posit ions f rom t he ground t he pool can be also split in t wo major cat egories: Underground pools ( also some owners called t his inground pool or.

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Above pools Next in your mind would be who is going t o handle all t he job t o have your pool f ill in? A cont ract or or yourself ? Yeah, right , sounds good, but t ells me exact ly how you can remove your pool properly? You got t he idea; answer is 99.999% impossible. What do you t hink? How you will carry all t he heavy f ill in int o your pool? Wheelbarrows? You make me laugh. I’m not saying t hat you will never manage t o do t he job by yourself , but you probably need a whole year working every single day, plus you need t he f ill-in mat erial t o f ill in your pool.

Pool Fill-Ins Why t o hire t he proper prof essional pool removal company/cont ract or?


Alright , we decide t hat you need a pool f ill in cont ract or or a pool f ill in company. How you hire a pool f ill in company? Easy! Just google it and see t he result s. Some of t he people t hey can call t hemselves number one, or t he best f ill in people, don’t believe what t hey say in t heir own websit e. T hese guys could be real, but most ly of t hem are not a t rust y company. I know t he indust ry, so you bet t er believe me. T here are many ways t o check reviews f rom a pool f ill in company, go online, yelp, or local direct ory and check t heir ref erences. Furt hermore, ask f rom t he company t o provide you some ref erences let t ers. Make sure you pick a real pool f ill in t he cont ract or who knows t he job and not f aking t hat t hey are t he number one in Ont ario or Canada or …in t he world. Ask t hem about how many years of experience t hey have? How many pools t hey f ill in every year? What locat ions t hey used t he most ? Now, make sure you will remember my advice, and you will t hank me lat er. Not at any t ime, ever give t o any pool demolit ion company, or pool demolit ion cont ract or t he whole money in advance. Never! Promise me t his! When you sign a cont ract just make sure you will give away some percent age f rom t he whole job. Sign a cont ract , put everyt hing down, about what t hey are doing, what t hey will remove f rom your backyard, so in t he end you don’t get burned. What if the pool f ill in a contractor is insisting to receive the f ull amount f rom the beginning? Well, t he answer it is very simple: just look f or a dif f erent pool removal company.

You love your backyard. You don’t want t o ruin your lovely space of t he back of your house. So t reat it accordingly. Good luck and if you are in t he look f or a pool f ill in cont ract or, please let me know, and I will be more t han happy t o assist you. Pool Fill In pool demolition, pool fill in, pool fill in company, pool removal, swimming pool contractors, swimming pool fill in, swimming pool removal

Our recommendat ions about how t o Hire a pool demolit ion company. 1. Is your service provider accredit ed? First point s f irst , is t he specialist you are reviewing accredit ed? Obt ain t he swimming pool removal service provider’s cert if icat e f igure and cont act your st at e’s web sit e. T he init ial t hing you need t o ascert ain is whet her your pool get t ing rid of prof essional is accredit ed or not . If yes, it is essent ial t o obt ain t he permit f igure and prove it wit h st at e’s web sit e. T he next act ion is t o examine t he qualif icat ions of t he prof essional by recommendat ions. Inspect ing f or 3 recommendat ions is a good sign. 2. Recommendat ions, recommendat ions, recommendat ions You would not purchase most big t icket product s(product s) wit hout a ref erence, why are solut ions any various? Ask your swimming pool ext ract ion service provider f or at t he very least 3 recommendat ions t o review. When t he preliminary t wo st eps are done, see t o it t hat all cont ract s wit h t he cont ract or join composing. Below it is also crucial t o check t he incorporat ion of cancellat ion penalt y. Likewise, it is a great suggest ion not t o concur f or f ront packing. T his is since you would t hen require t o of f er out a lot of money ever bef ore t he beginning of act ual work. Always bear in mind not t o pay great er t han 8-10 % of t he complet e cost upf ront because t here could a scenario where in t he pool removal specialist cost s FIFT Y % of t he f ee, f inished just 10 % of t he job and quit s t he assignment , t heref ore leaving you st randed. 3. Claim No t o Front Loading. Front loading is when a swimming pool removal

cont ract or asks f or as well much cash down even prior t o t he work is begun. Never ever pay more t han 10 % of t he t ot al quant it y. When you allow your repayment s obt ain ahead of t he job, you are placed in a perilous posit ion. T he swimming pool cont ract or could ask f or 50 percent of t he complet e expense, perf orm only 15 percent of t he work, t hen desert t he t ask, leaving you wit h a huge opening in t he ground and no f unds t o pay yet anot her prof essional t o f inish t he work. Don’t allow t his occur t o you, do not enable your payment s obt ain ahead of t he work. An addit ional import ant f act or t o consider bef ore hiring a swimming pool remover is t hat you need t o get t he pool removal permit f or t he same. Alt hough you may have t he abilit y t o t ake care of wit hout it , a brand-new owner may desire t o make cert ain t hat you own a valid cert if icat e. On t he ot her hand also make cert ain t o choose ahead of t ime regarding t hat would cert ainly pay/get t he license and include it in t he deal. 4. Put t he agreement in writ ing. Be it t he original agreement or a modif icat ion in agreement , it needs t o join writ ing. 5. Underst and Mechanics Lien. Ask your pool eliminat ion prof essional f or a not ice regarding t he st at e lien legislat ions. Point out in your writ t en deal t hat your pool specialist have t o acquire lien releases f rom each of t he subcont ract ors and product s suppliers. A lien release is a paper which, when aut horized by a subcont ract or, worker or product provider af t er being paid f or work or product s, waives any kind of f ut ure right t o execut e a mechanics’ lien against your resident ial propert y. 6. Get t he pool removal license. Don’t do any t ype of job wit hout a license. You perhaps OK now wit hout a license, yet when it comes t ime t o sell your home, t he new owner will wish t o see t he license. Decide on t hat pays and acquires t he permit , will it be t he pool owner or t he swimming pool ext ract ion service provider? Put it in f illing in t he agreement . 8. Payment is f or job t hat ’s done, except f ut ure job Except f or t he init ial money down, pay only f or t he job t hat is done. If payment is in st ages, receive invoice af t er every payment . Do not pay cash, of f er it as a check f or t racking f unct ions. 9. Cancellat ion f ine. Is t here a cancelling penalt y? Spell it out in t he cont ract . Just like every ot her home renovat ion project it is always vit al t o do your homework and underst and t he correct inquiries t o ask cont ract ors bidding your t ask. T he most import ant element s associat ing t o swimming pool eliminat ion is

experience, experience, experience. As a result of t he t echnical f acet s of backf ill and compact ion it is crucial t o see t o it your specialist has encount er in loading deep voids such as pool t o ensure you will cert ainly not need t o t ake care of sink-age in years ahead. Need t o you ever bef ore have any sort of inquiries pert aining t o t he removal of your swimming pool kindly don’t hesit at e t o cont act me, I would be pleased t o help. 10. Ideal t o rescind. T he if af t er aut horizing t he cont ract , you alt er your t hought s and pref er t o go ahead wit h one more swimming pool removal specialist even bef ore t he work has begun? T he number of days do you have t o rescind f rom t he agreement . Once more, put t his in f illing in t he deal. Since you know just what t o expect when working wit h a service provider, draf t t he correct cont ract , aut horize it and permit t he prof essional pool demolisher do t he work, while you relax and loosen up. Pool Fill In fill in pool service, pool demolition reviews, pool fill in, pool removal reviews, swimming pool demolition, swimming pool fill in reviews, swimming pool reviews

Your f amily members is not using your pool t hat much and you pref er t o improve it int o a bet t er area. Taking out t he swimming pool is not done over night . T he ext ract ion process can easily be a handf ul and t here are a t on of t hings t o consider in swimming pool demolit ion What are your st rat egies f or t he area? It is essent ial t hat you select your f ut ure const ruct ion st rat egies f or t he room. T here are t hree sort s of swimming pool demolit ion and each of t hem of f ers a part icular f unct ion. 1. Complet e pool demolit ion. T he complet e swimming pool is removed consist ing of t he concret e (gunit e) and t he st eel support s. T he hole is t hen packed wit h sand. T his need t o be your choice if you int end t o t ake advant age of t he area f or a garden as t his supplies good drain, along wit h t he great est soil f or your plant s. Likewise, t his is t he

pref erred t ype if you int end t o develop a st ruct ure in t hat space. Eliminat ing t he gunit e allows st ruct ures of t he f ut ure building t o be set up. 2. Part ial ext ract ion (t op layer). Wit h t his kind, t he t iled sect ion of t he pool wall surf aces is t aken out and t he gunit e is bored wit h openings. Plant s won’t grow well in below unless you put t op soil in it . 3. Part ial ext ract ion (2f t . f rom t op). T his is t he most well-liked t ype of swimming pool demolit ion wherein 2 f eet of t he gunit e and st eel is eliminat ed. Gaps are t yped t he cont inuing t o be concret e and f ulled of gravel and sand f or much bet t er drainage. T his likewise enables f ut ure landscaping in t he sit e. Check t he validit ies. It is essent ial t o examine neighborhood codes and saf e and secure needed licenses t o prevent f easible suit s. Likewise, bear in mind t hat in some St at es, swimming pool demolit ion inf luences t he value of your propert y. Drain t he wat er. Some spot s will cert ainly require you t o de-chlorinat e and deal wit h t he wat er prior t o you sink it in t o t he wat erworks. Nat urally, t his is t o st eer clear of possible harm t o t he wat er sources. Choosing a prof essional. T here are point s t hat you can do by yourself , like salvaging t he t akes care of and various ot her t hings, but t here is a rest rict ion. You will cert ainly have t o hire a service provider t o pierce t he holes and haul t he debris. Decide on a prof essional t hat enables you have some of t he operat ing in order t o spare up. Debris f ingert ip. Consist ed of in t he neighborhood codes are policies f or t he disposal of t he demolit ion debris. Many t imes t hey are not permit t ed t o be t aken care of in t he swimming pool so you will need t o go t o a landf ill or seek a concret e recycler. Chance t hese diving pool demolit ion suggest ions aid you in your job.

If you st ay in a locat ion of t he nat ion, where wat er rat ioning or regulat ions join locat ion, you ought t o examine t hat prior t o you make any sort of choices on ways t o load your swimming pool. Maybe less cost ly t o have t he wat er t rucked in t han t o pay – what could at t imes be out rageous wat er charges. To have t anker t rucks hold t he wat er in f or you, it can set you back regarding $35 each 1,000 gallons of wat er. T his might be a more af f ordable charge t han f illing t he pool wit h a hose and it will cert ainly be much quicker. If your resource of wat er f or your residence is f rom a dug well, t he st ress of loading a swimming pool will likely drainpipe t he well. Remember it can t ake t ens of hundreds of gallons of wat er t o pack a swimming pool. A ment ioned earlier ground swimming pool t ypically t akes 5,000 gallons t o f ill while an in ground swimming pool may use up t o 20,000 gallons. Also if you t hink your well may be able t o t ake care of t he st ress it could be smart t o have t he wat er t rucked in t o f ill t he swimming pool. Your pool cont ract or should be experienced concerning t he guidelines and rules f or wat er use in your locat ion of t he count ry. She or he will have t he abilit y t o aid you choose what t he very best means t o pack your swimming pool will be. Bear in mind t hat some t owns ask f or wat er f ee f ees f or sizable range wat er use. Don’t drop a hose pipe in t o t he pool unt il you get in t ouch wit h t he wat er depart ment . Ask if it supplies a one-t ime swimming pool f illing markdown, some t owns do. Addit ionally, bear in mind t hat some societ ies bill f or bot h wat er and sewer use (sewer usage being wat er disposal). To avoid being double asked f or, t ell t he wat er depart ment t hat you will not be releasing t he wat er. Ask t hem t o waive t he sewer line use charge f or t he gallons of wat er you ut ilize t o f ill t he swimming pool. When you’ve dealt wit h t he one t ime pool f ill charges, t he chances t hat you will cert ainly ever need t o use t hat much wat er again f or your swimming pool are very rare. You will cert ainly need t o somet imes deal wit h evaporat ion and cover t he swimming pool of f t o look af t er t hat however it will not be as much as t he init ial f ill. Pool Fill In pool fill in, pool removal, swimming pool demolition, swimming pool fill in, swimming

pool removal

As swimming pools age, home owners are f aced wit h t he need t o invest hundreds, even t housands, of dollars in subst ant ial repairs or upgrades. For some home owners, t hese prices out weigh t he amount of use t heir pool obt ains. Some households may addit ionally have concerns regarding t he saf et y of young children or animals, specif ically if t he adult s in t he f amily do not dive. For t hese and a myriad of various ot her f act ors, we’ve not iced a marked boost in t he many demands f or diving pool f ill-ins over t he past couple of years. T he majorit y of individuals decide t o f ill-in t heir cement or gunit e swimming pool where allowed, inst ead of ent irely removing it . T he expense t o complet ely eliminat e a gunit e or concret e pool joins t he range of $ 9,000.00 – $ 19,000.00 depending on t he size and area. T he price f eat ures exact ly what you may expect , ent irely removing t he swimming pool, concret e deck, discarding charge’s, expense of f ill and grading, every t hing. T he expense t o complet e a cement pool is in t he array of $ 4,000.00 – $ 6,500.00. Complet ing a pool f eat ures t humping holes in all-t ime low of t he pool t o permit percolat ion. Some cit ies need holes t o be t wo f eet in circumf erence t hat are f ulled of crushed st one, while ot hers enable you t o pierce out a grid of openings t hroughout t he f looring of a concret e swimming pool. Af t er t he f loor is prepped, and t he assessor has a look at it , t he bordering concret e deck is separat ed and int roduced t he deep end. T he major 2 f eet of t he swimming pool wall st ruct ure, f rom t he coping st ones down, is also broken short and included t he swimming pool. Normally, you are not needed t o “st rat if y” t he f ill t hat observes, wit h layers of crushed rock, but can ut ilize f ill dirt t o pack t he ot her pool. T he debris and gunk need t o be well t amped, as it ’s loaded, t o prevent clearing up lat er. Af t er it ’s been f illed wit h 4-10 dump vehicles loaded wit h f ilt h, it ’s branded t o f ulf ill t he ot her part s of t he lawn. Growing t he grass is of t en lef t t o t he propert y owner. If you are preparing t o const ruct a f ramework on t he locat ion, f eat uring t ennis court s or sport court s, expect local building regulat ions t o require a complet e eliminat ion. If you are preparing t o creat e wit hin t wo years of your swimming pool eliminat ion, t he f ill will need t o be compact ed every 8 inches, as you pack, and t he inspect ors could call f or st rat if ied layers of aggregat e in t he f ill, depending

on t he st ruct ure. It ’s great est t o permit bot h t he pool ext ract ion and t he building f ramework at t he same t ime. Removing Pools Wit h Vinyl Liners Vinyl liner swimming pools are creat ed wit h wall st ruct ures const ruct ed f rom cement , t imber, or st eel. T he f loorings are t ypically shaped wit h sand, or vermiculit e (t ype of concret e). Pools wit h st eel wall surf aces could not be f illed out wit hout eliminat ing t he walls init ially. Many cit ies do not have a problem wit h burying concret e, yet all have guidelines against burying st eel. St eel and wood wall st ruct ure pools addit ionally have a cement and or st eel collar t hat has t o be broken up and got rid of . St eel wall st ruct ures, plast ic act ions and vinyl liners will cert ainly be t aken t o t he region f ingert ip cent er, where t he product s can be reused. Removing or complet ing a wood or st eel walled vinyl swimming pool cost s in t he variet y of $ 3,600.00 – $ 7,000.00. Ent irely eliminat ing a vinyl pool wit h cement walls, when essent ial joins t he assort ment of $ 6,000.00 – $ 11,000.00. Complet e expense of concret e walled swimming pool is around 5k, wit h bigger swimming pools operat ing proport ionally a lot more. Swimming pool Eliminat ion Planning Excavat ion devices and t he t rucks made use of t o haul away rubble weigh; plan t heir course away f rom sept ic syst ems and leeching f ields. In some cases, t rees or f encing have t o be removed t o permit gain access t o f or t he equipment . T he heavy equipment used (loaders, discard t rucks, excavat ors) allow and unclean, and somet imes make a mess of your drive or road, and t he course t o t he pool locat ion. If you live in a region wit h a chilly season, look at wait ing t o remove your swimming pool t ill t he area ices up, t his could likewise aid if you have a high ground wat er t able problems. See t o it elect rical power and f uel services are shut of f and or det ached. Eit her you or your cont ract or will should cont act “Miss Energy” or “Dig Saf e” in your region t o have underground lines marked in t he area of dist urbance. Done correct ly, a pool f ill in project involves a t on more t han simply packing an opening wit h t wigs, leaves, rubbish and muck (which Angelo has act ually experienced). T he price of having your swimming pool f illed in depends on t he size and

st ruct ure of t he swimming pool, along wit h t he ease of access of t he sit e f or our devices. Event ually, cust omers are delight ed wit h reclaiming t heir backyard because it indicat es a lot more f unct ional ext erior living space. Whet her covered wit h a wealt hy environment -f riendly yard, a net work of vibrant garden beds or a new pat io or deck area, just what was f ormerly a rarely-used swimming pool becomes a lovely garden area t hese client s could appreciat e wit h very lit t le upkeep f or many years t o come. To learn more on having your pool complet ed, please cont act us t oday! Pool Fill In pool fill in, pool fill in company

We have act ually decided t o writ e about t his subject because we want t o provide t he cust omer as much inf ormat ion as f easible in order t o make t he best choice f or your residence. One of our great est concerns at ZL Building is your securit y, t he securit y of your f amily and your house. Our group is really educat ed on t he possible unseen t hreat s or saf et y risks on t he jobsit e. Encount er and know-how is t he dist inct ion bet ween an accredit ed specialist wit h liabilit y insurance and an unlicensed individual t rying t o do a pool ext ract ion. Here we have act ually summarized t he t ypical variables of a swimming pool removal t hat a cert if ied and insured cont ract or would cert ainly have encount er t aking care of . - Fully licensed adhered and covered It is const ant ly crucial t o carry worker’s set t lement insurance coverage. As a consumer you need t o const ant ly request resist ant of insurance coverage in advance. For inst ance, regarding 50 percent of t he moment we drive down t he edge of your house wit h our t ools t o access t he swimming pool area. And 99.9 percent of t he moment we drive past a f uel met er. Pict ure if t hat f uel met er was st ruck by t he equipment creat ing st eel t o st eel consult which makes st imulat es. T here is an opport unit y t hat t hose t riggers could cat ch f ire and your home could burn down. Our workers is qualif ied t o st ay clear of t he gas met er and mark it appropriat ely.

- Properly sust ained equipment Large vehicles can be harmf ul and f rom t he cont rol it ems if not maint ained ef f ect ively. Sadly t ask websit e mishaps are all as well t ypical and can be convenient ly avoided wit h rout ine maint enance. - It can easily cost you a f ine f rom t he urban area or region if uncovered If t he urban f inds t hat you are t rying a project t hat needs bot h a license and a cert if ied prof essional t o carry out , it could possibly cost you a penalt y or sizable cost . - Capping gasoline lines Anot her vit al act ion t hat is commonly ignored by t hose who are less experienced. About HALF of t he pools we come across have heat ers t hat run of f of gas. T hose gas lines should be appropriat ely capped and not ed back at t he gasoline met er t o st ay clear of any sort of f ut ure accident s. If t he gas line is unmarked and unint ent ionally hit , t here can pot ent ially be a remarkable amount of gas dripping in t o your backyard. - Cut t ing elect ric cables appropriat ely Reducing cables and just leaving t hem warm in t he ground is very risky yet a really genuine opport unit y when ut ilizing an unlicensed company. You need t o ef f ect ively disconnect at t he major panel and cap lines of f . - Demolishing a swimming pool ef f ect ively We know t he best ways t o correct ly t ake out a pool which is why we are a f irm wit h a lawf ul license. Sadly we have seen swimming pools t hat were not t aken out properly. On several celebrat ions our group has needed t o can be f ound in and deal wit h t he sit uat ion. You must always ensure t hat you do somet hing right t he very f irst t ime around so you don’t end up needing t o do it once again. - Correct ly draining t he pool wat er Chlorine is not good f or hurricane drains have t o be ef f ect ively pumped so t hat is undergoes a sewer t herapy veget able bef ore it can be recirculat ed. - Punching gaps in all-t ime low of t he swimming pool

Correct drainage is just one of t he most essent ial f act ors in a pool eliminat ion. For a part ial swimming pool removal it is needed t o drill openings in t he bot t om of t he swimming pool t oot h cavit y. Generally of t humb, you can never ever have excessive gaps. - Gunk Dirt is a big part of our swimming pool ext ract ions and we pay a great deal of f ocus t o where t his f ilt h comes f rom. We source our very own f ilt h meanings we know what exact ly joins t his f ilt h. “Dirt y” dirt may sound like a dif f erence yet gunk could quickly be cont aminat ed wit h junk, chemicals and cont aminat ions t hat are dangerous t o your f amily members and pet s. Always ask and inspect muck t hat is being of f ered your house. - Unknown f ill T hrowing last night ’s loot load of st ucco and miscellaneous building product at t he bot t om of t he swimming pool is ruled out proper f ill. As an example I have act ually seen a swimming pool f illed wit h building debris like sheet rock, f loor t ile, past e, st ucco and even garbage. - St raight discarding t he dirt f rom t he dump t ruck int o t he swimming pool T his is a problem we run int o wit h less t han prof essional and unlicensed f irms. Remember t he dirt should be compact ed in lif t s t o accomplish proper compact ion as t he pool is progressively packed. - Correct compact ion is essent ial Secondhanding a bobcat ’s st eering wheels simply t o roll t he muck backward and f orward is not t he appropriat e met hod t o at t ain compact ion. You have t o secondhand correct soil compact ion t ools t o make cert ain t hat t he ground will cert ainly not sink event ually. An appropriat e backf ill is always compressed t o 90 % or even more. - Properly grading t he swimming pool backf ill once it is done T his support s appropriat e compact ion. You never desire wat er coming t owards your house when it rains consequent ly t he grade should const ant ly pit ch away f rom t he house. - Proper clean

Bearing in mind washing t he area properly is vit al f or job close out . Lot s of cit ies do not enable st ress washing on st reet s since it misbehaves f or t he environment t o power wash gunk of f t he st reet in t o t he hurricane drain gut t er. For ZL building, t hese are no brainier prevent ive st eps t hat we t ake t hroughout every swimming pool ext ract ion job. Yet hiring a person who is wit hout insurance, unlicensed and unskilled can easily cause calamit y. If you desire your swimming pool eliminat ion t o run ef f icient ly and caref ully sat isf y consult t he prof essionals at ZL Const ruct ion t oday f or a f ree est imat e. Pool Fill In

Answer f rom a client : Years ago my brot her had t he exact same problem and chose t o f ill in t he pool and t hus enlarge his yard area. His pool was a one-piece f iber glass design. Regardless of building product a f illed pool needs t o be avoided f rom collect ing wat er which would produce a bog. My brot her t ook an axe and sliced several holes in t he pool bot t om t o drain any wat er and t hus prevent buildup. If you have a cement or masonry pool you could bust t he holes wit h a sledge hammer. He addit ionally cut of f t he leading f oot or more of t he upper edge of t he pool sides so regarding get it well below t he f inished ground surf ace. As soon as t hat was done he ordered a lot s of f ill dirt , and rent ed a “Bobcat � SKID LOADER wit h a f ront loader bucket at t ached. We t hen eliminat ed a sect ion of his back yard f ence f or access, and wit h t he skid loader began t o f ill t he pool. In dealing wit h, t he dirt get s separat ed and loosened, and will set t le [ "sag" ] great ly af t er f illing t he pool. To decrease t his problem, we secondhanded a wat er hose t o consist ent ly [ nearly const ant ly ] sat urat e t he dirt , t riggering it t o

wat er hose t o consist ent ly [ nearly const ant ly ] sat urat e t he dirt , t riggering it t o compact . T his is ref erred t o as “wat er t amping.” You might addit ionally t amp by hand, or just let it set t le on it s very own over t ime, and cont inually add even more f ill dirt t ill it st ops set t ling. We sprinkle t amped cont inually as we backf illed t he pool t o minimize t he amount of make-up f illing we would have t o do lat er. If you do not get t he backf ill st abalized prior t o set t ing lawn sod, or growing seed, t hen when t he cont inued set t ling occurs you have t o ruin/bury your brand-new grass. So, see t o it t he backf ill dirt is COMPLET ELY SET T LED PRIOR T O you sod, plant lawn OR set up art if icial t urf . Despit e t he f act t hat we sprinkle t amped as we f illed, we slight ly overf illed t o about 6 or 8 inches above t he want ed, f inished surf ace level, and my brot her remained t o wat er great ly f or a week around t o guarant ee complet e set t lement of t he soil. He t hen scraped t he ext ra soil of f t o get a slight ly successf ul, however near level area, t hen inst alled Saint August ine grass sod t o cover t he ent ire f ill area. It worked out wonderf ul, as we did such an excellent t ask, he never had any issue f rom set t lement developing a bowl ef f ect where t he pool was locat ed. T he t ricks are t o 1) avoid wat er ret ent ion in t he f illed in pool, and 2) t o appropriat ely compact t he backf ill soil t o prevent set t ling which would develop t he “sagging” you ask about . Oh, I almost f orgot . To save money, we ut ilized common “f ill dirt ” f or t he most of t he backf ill t ask, t hen used qualit y “T OP SOIL” f or t he upper 2 f eet of backf ill. No because squandering excellent t op dirt below 2 f eet . Source (s):. 50 + years in t he Const ruct ion and Handyman t rades, AND GREAT DEALS OF DIY t asks f or myself , f amily, f riends, and neighbors. Pool Fill In

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