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Moses Lake Roundup Queen


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State Farm, Home Office, Bloomington, IL | 5

Left to Right: Luann Shoemaker, Vicki Heimark, Jeff Heimark, Brian Dano, Jennifer Charpentier and Nancy Stout.

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You will be


can’t seem to jump like the others in my morning CrossFit training. I awkwardly struggle to get off the ground to a level that would be considered...a jump. While I never knew box jumping would become a personal priority, it has me baffled. How is it possible to go from flat feet on the floor to flat feet on the top of a 2ft box in one movement? Nothing creates the desire to quit faster than thinking you are unable to do what is being asked of you. Excuses ensue. A list of excuses. My list is quite small, really. The box is too tall. I am too short. Reasonable doubt, I’d say. A list can grow quickly, much like a weed that appears in the garden faster than the flower it attempts to stop.

We stop ourselves. We share our list of excuses with others. We forget words are the internal monologue that guide our lives and are powerful enough that they can seep into our subconscious, as water into soil. Ability does not stop us. Doubt does. Words do. Repeating our excuses in conversation manifests in action. Or inaction. It is humbling to be a beginner. In anything. A bit frustrated I attempted to give reason for my inability to perform the skill of jumping and announced to my coach I am just not a jumper. I expected him to agree. Instead, he calmly replied, “You will be.” Oh, how powerful words are, as those three words stopped me for a second, and in that same second I remembered a conversation with my co-worker, Sue Tebow. She had a similar problem in years past while barrel racing her horse. She would set her sight on the first barrel and inevitably run directly into it, hitting her knees and disrupting her run to the next. Then she learned a solution, of which earned her a high placement in the Woman’s Barrel Racing Association world. Nice job. Well done.

The solution was a simple one. Don’t look at the barrel you are at now, because you are already there! Trust in your abilities and focus on the next barrel. Look to where you ultimately wish to go and that is where you will end up. Trust. I was encouraged by the words of my coach and the experience of my friend and decided on the spot, I could conquer the box jump, in time. After all, growth past current ability becomes a decision. A choice to not give up. You have to be willing to fall seven times. Stand up eight. And, while everyone’s vision may differ, we all have the same opportunity to see the truth clearly. Don’t look at the problem. Look at the solution. With that, I came to accept my current situation does not determine my destination – it simply determines where to start. And I will, one step (or jump) at a time. Melea Johnson click on printed version to view full magazine online

VENUE MAGAZINE Published by: Venue Media Group, Inc Publisher: Melea Johnson Layout & Design: Michaelle Boetger Graphic Designs Sales: Melea Johnson, Sue Tebow Photographer-in-Chief: Robin L. Corey

Venue Magazine, PO Box 820, Moses Lake, WA 98837 509-431-3573 Melea Johnson / 509-760-0503 Sue Tebow /

On the Cover: Audrey Ramsden Photo by Robin L. Corey

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Jazzercise Moses Lake Fitness Center

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GROWING OUR FAMILY SAMARITAN PARKVIEW PEDIATRICS Jill A. Dudik Bross, MD, FAAP Karl C. Kubo, MD, FAAP Gregory E. Bross, MD, FAAP Lisa McCurley, MSN, ARNP, FNP-C Office Visits Sports Physicals Well Child Checks Immunizations Behavior Evaluation & Management


TO SERVE YOURS 615 S. Division St Moses Lake, WA 98837 (509) 766-9450

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Wendy Nickell

Certified Nutrition practitioner licensed Massage practitioner Nutrition Works 310 S. Cedar St. Ste C, Moses Lake 509.764.1982

Lic. #MA000011646

For more information on Anti-Aging and Mineral health, contact Wendy Nickell LMP, CNP, CNHP

Here’s a quick tip for a healthier you: Water, please


rink a 6 oz. glass of filtered water FIRST THING when you wake up in the morning. Well, brush your teeth first if you’d like, but then down that cup of water! Would you be surprised if I told you that the biggest nutrient deficiency in America is water? We are a chronically dehydrated nation and many of our chronic health complaints, from headaches to constipation to arthritis can be improved by simply drinking enough pure water every day. It makes sense when you think about the fact that our bodies are 70% water, and water is fundamentally important to every system and function of our bodies. When you wake up in the morning you are at your most dehydrated. You’ve been breathing all night and have lost moisture with each breath since water moistens oxygen for easier breathing. Water in the morning can help get your bowels moving if you suffer with constipation. Water is also the major raw material of stomach acid, so drinking water 30 minutes before eating will get that raw material in place to help digest your breakfast. Here’s a simple idea to make this new habit stick: set a glass next to your bed, your toothbrush, or wherever you go first thing in the morning, so you have a visual reminder. There you have it! One very simple thing you can do in just

a few minutes each morning that will help you be healthier all day long. After a couple of weeks you won’t know how you survived without water first thing in the morning because you wake up thirsty every day. Pretty soon you’ll have a hard time holding back from 12 or 16 ounces. Even better!

The information contained on this page is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease, be used as the basis for treating a particular symptom or disease, or to replace any prescribed treatment that you are currently undergoing. If you have a serious health condition or are pregnant, you should always consult the assistance of a qualified practitioner. Any statements contained herein have not been evaluated by the FDA.

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“Motorsports Fun In Grant County”

July 13 Motocross Under the Lights gates open at noon with racing at 5 pm

July 20 Closed - Be sure to check out the Basin Summer Sounds Car and Cycle Show on Basin Street Starting at 10 am July 27 Jerry’s Auto Supply Racing Series presents the Kim Janke State Farm Youth Hornets, Ephrata Pioneer Muffler II Pure Stocks, Schaeffer Oil Mini Stocks, Pepsi Street Stocks, and Jerry’s Auto Supply 360 Winged Sprints August 3 Kim Janke State Farm Agent Youth Hornets, Schaeffer Oil Mini Stocks, Pepsi Street Stocks and King of the Hill! August 10 Motocross Under the Lights August 17 Closed - Be sure to check out the Grant County Fair! Aug 24 The Rebel Jackson Memorial/Cast Iron Nationals with Upright Sprints • 509-398-7110 •

NOT TOO STINKIN’ HOT TO RUN 5K & 10K MILE Saturday, July 13th, 2013 • Soap Lake, WA

2013 RACE SCHEDULE Register online at JULY 13TH

Not Too Stinkin’ Hot to Run 5K & 10K Mile


Run with the guys Prostate Race 5K, 10K & half Marathon


DU it for the Girls! Men & Women do a duathlon to fight breast cancer.


2nd Annual Veteran’s Day 5K & 10K

Race Sponsors: Swim Across America, VENUE Magazine, Black Hills Martial Arts, Advocare International, GU Energy Gels, World Wide Yarns, Sole Performance, Masquers Theater, Columbia Basin Chiropractic Care, Dr. Davis Chiropractic, The Works Salon, Sundial Bistro, Sacred Road Tattoo, John’s Foods

For more information please call 360-780-0900, visit ULBFIT.COM or email

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Horse Rescuer

Trainer Pepper Fewel, gives horses a second chance Article/RENé GROOM


here are many who would say that our best childhood friend was a horse. Even now, as adults, our eyes light up as we recall our first pony and, we drift off for a brief moment as we recall that sacred friendship. Yet, if they

could talk, how many horses would say their best friend was a human? Walter Winchell (famed newspaper writer and radio commentator) quoted as saying, “A friend is that person who is walking in when everyone else is walking out.” If we use that as a measuring stick, perhaps our list of true comrades for our fourlegged friends becomes somewhat shortened. Yet, in this somewhat whittled down category, one person stands out. Pepper Fewel is a cowgirl from Zillah, Washington. She, too, could tell stories of how her best friends growing up were of the fourlegged variety. Wife, mom, businessperson, friend, and social activist, Pepper’s passion oozes into everything that she takes on. She has designed her life around horses and, the cowgirl way of life. Pepper and her family run Cherry Wood Bed, Breakfast, and BARN in the middle of Washington Wine Country. Her beautiful Teepee tents, with their luxury bedding and home-away-from home – appeal, dot her property and immediately take you back to a different time. As beautiful, and as successful as it is, the Bed, and Breakfast at Cherry Wood is

not what drives her. What drives her is her unrelenting love for horses. Her dedication is palpable and her commitment unyielding. Until now, those that did not know her personally may not have known that Pepper rescue horses marked for slaughter. Talk about “walking in, when everyone else is walking out.” Many of the horses that come to Pepper have huge people problems; mistreated, neglected, and in some cases abused. It is “no easy task” to get these animals to trust again. Yet, it is a beautiful thing to see, once they do. While Pepper knows not all horses can be saved (or rehabilitated), it is her goal to get to as many of them as she can. While, Pepper is an above average rider, and trainer, when asked she offers, “For me, the learning never stops, just as in any good relationship (human or horse), the work never stops; there are always new issues to address.” Once Cherry Wood takes ownership of the horses, they go back to the ranch where Pepper and daughter Tiffany Fewel, begin the rehabilitation process (*), which varies in length due to the needs of the animal. Once healing has taken place, the next step is to determine which horses will stay on the ranch, and which ones will be better served, by matching them up with another deserving owner. Terry Fewel, Pepper’s husband, is easily Pepper’s biggest supporter. Even after years of marriage, it is almost breath taking to watch him, as he watches Pepper with her horses. “Taking care of these horses is Pepper,” Terry says. “It isn’t something that she does; it is at the very heart of who she is.” In the world of Natural Horsemanship, attention is given to help the horse understand what the rider is asking of them, it is the ability to work with the horse in a way in which they feel safe and respected. “As different as we people are, each horse is equally as unique. There is no “one size fits all” when dealing with horses,” instructs Pepper, “each one come with specific personalities, strengths, and weaknesses. Continued on page 45

Bogaard Hay

1718 Main St. Lynden, WA 98264 (360) 354-5674 | 17

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Will Rasmussen Rodeo Announcer Article/VENUE MAGAZINE


smooth, easy-listening voice, solid knowledge of rodeo and a style that is both entertaining and informative are the mix of elements that make Will Rasmussen one of the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association’s most popular Rodeo Announcers. His personal knowledge of the sport, sense of humor and timing blend together for a quality presentation that enhances the rodeo and satisfies the fans. “I guess it’s my sense that you need more than just a rodeo,” he says. “People want to be entertained.”


418 East Broadway Avenue • 509.765.8848

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2013 Ram 2500 Powerwagon shown

See Our New Ram Trucks At The KWIQ Demo Derby On August 14th

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Grant County | 21

S aturday , Sept 28 presents ... The Living Museum 10amto5pm June 8 A walk through theSaturday Grant County’s Only,

Demo Derby

after theonparade until a5pm Museum, situated 3 acres, Wednesday,Historical August 14th complex of 38 buildings preserving the 3/4

Museum Open Sunday, Gates Open 3:30 pM |time trials 6:30 pM |legacy Heat 7:30 pM historical ofRaces Grant 9, County. June 1-4pm The Demo SAGE ’nDemonstrations SUN WEEKEND Displays & All Day Long!

Derby has turned into a Moses Lake phenomenon. The cars are sliding, spinning, rolling, and of course CRASHING. This event is guaranteed to provide hours of entertainment for all ages.

Wood • Pioneer era clothes 10on am to 5pm ~ Homestead Demonstrations Affordable Branding washing on scrub board with wringer Family Fun! • Spinning on spinning wheel •

Old-time Pharmacy Soda Fountain

• Pump water from Old Fashioned Pump • Caboose & Station Agent • Mock Bank Robbery, Saloon Fight & Street General Store Penny Shoot-Out every hour, presented by Candy Sale the GrantWasher County Sheriff’s Wringer Demo tPosse Blacksmith Branding on Wood PennyHorse Candy Races on sale for • Kids ~Prizes Awarded t t •Stick American Legion Post 28 will County host Jail - including a Grant Sheriff’s Posse Mock BBQ Hamburgers / Cheeseburgers $6 Bank Robbery &- Street Shootout & Hot Dogs $2 on Saturday after the more. ... and much SAGE ’n SUN parade Admission to the Museum’s 38 Buildings: $3.50 Adults; $2.50 Students 6-15; Free 5 and under

742 Basin st nW • Ephrata • 754-3334

All participants are required to register, G rant C ounty g h the Demo Derby release form, and HistoriCal sign M useuM pay entrance fees prior to 5:00 pM on This

ad paid for by

GranT CounTy Tourism

742 Basin street nW, ephrata 754-3334 AUGUSt 12th.,•2013. (Museum Closes For Season Sept. 28, 2013)

For further information contact Jeff Janke at (509) 989-4762 PAID FOR BY GRANT COUNTY TOURISM & CITY OF EPHRATA TOURISM


Towing/Tractor Repair Proud Sponsor of the Moses Lake Roundup Entertainment Thursday Night, August 15th Farm Equipment • Hauling • Towing & Recovery • IH™ • Case™ John Deere™ • Ford™ • Massey™

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Barrel Racing, a fast paced, exciting timed event whereby horse and rider cross a starting line, race around a cloverleaf pattern and run back across the finish line. Fastest time wins and times are recorded in the 100th of a second.

photos by Robin L Corey | 23


Tie Down roping is an authentic ranch skill that originated from working cowboys. Once the calf has been roped, the cowboy dismounts and runs down the length of the rope to the calf. When the calf is on the ground, the cowboy ties three legs together with a six-foot pigging string.Tie Down roping is an authentic ranch skill that originated from working cowboys. Once the calf has been roped, the cowboy dismounts and runs down the length of the rope to the calf. When the calf is on the ground, the cowboy ties three legs together with a six-foot pigging string.


In rodeo’s only true team event, two ropers, a “header” and a “heeler” work together to catch a steer in the fastest time possible. The header and the heeler are both mounted on their horses with the steer held in a chute between the two of them. The header sits behind a “barrier” - which is a piece of equipment designed to give the steer a head start and to ensure that all contestants begin their competition run at the exact same point. The header calls for the steer to be released and both ropers chase after the steer. The header throws his rope first and must catch the steer with one of three legal catches - around the horns or around the neck or around a half head. The header will then dally his rope around his saddle horn and turn the steer to the left. The heeler kicks into action by following behind the steer as it turns left and attempts to rope the animal’s two hind feet. Catching two hind feet is considered a “clean” run.

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Wrestling a steer requires more than brute strength. The successful steer wrestler, or bulldogger, is strong, to be sure, but he also understands the principles of leverage. The steer wrestler on horseback starts behind a barrier, and begins his chase after the steer has been given a head start. The steer wrestler is assisted by a hazer, another cowboy on horseback tasked with keeping the steer running in a straight line. When the bulldogger’s horse pulls even with the steer, he eases down the right side of the horse and reaches for the steer’s horns. After grasping the horns, he digs his heels into the dirt. As the steer slows, the cowboy turns the animal, lifts up on its right horn and pushes down with his left hand in an effort to tip the steer over. After the catch, the steer wrestler must either bring the steer to a stop or change the direction of the animal’s body before the throw or is disqualified. The clock stops when the steer is on his side with all four legs pointing the same direction. | 25


Known as rodeo’s classic event, saddle bronc riding is judged similarly to bareback bronc riding but there are additional possibilities to being disqualified; that is, losing a stirrup or dropping the thickly braided rein that is attached to the horse’s halter. The cowboy sits on the horse differently due to the saddle and rein, and the spurring motion covers a different area of the horse. Saddle broncs are usually several hundred pounds heavier than bareback horses and generally buck in a slower manner.

BAREBACK RIDING Bareback riding pits horse against rider and is one of the most physically demanding of all the rodeo events. A cowboy attempts to ride a bucking horse by holding on to a “rigging” - a leather and rawhide strap, with no stirrups or seat, which fits around the horse’s girth - for eight seconds.This event demands tremendous upper body strength, balance and sheer determination.

photos by Robin L Corey

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photo by Bill Lawless


Bull Riding is one of the most awing events. No wonder. It’s down right impressive to watch the rider remain seated for eight seconds aboard an animal that may weigh more than a ton! Make no mistake - bull riding is very dangerous and the potential for serious injury is ever present. Like a bareback contestant, a bull rider will mount the bull in a chute and nod for the animal to be released. Bull riders use a “bull rope” a braided rope approximately eight feet long, with a bell attached to the bottom, that is fitted around the bull’s mid-section. The rider inserts his hand into the rope and the rope is then pulled tight. When the ride is completed, the contestant pulls on the free end of the rope, thus releasing his hand and he jumps away from the bull. | 27

BULL FIGHTERS Rowdy Barry danny Newman

MOSES LAKE ROUNDUP August 15, 16 & 17

THEY ARE ATHLETES. The Bull Fighters job is keeping the Cowboys Safe…

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JJ Harrison Rodeo Clown don’t be a Bull-y Article/VENUE MAGAZINE


J Harrison grew up in the small town of Okanogan located in Northern Washington State. It’s no surprise that he landed in his chosen profession. “I have always loved to perform and make people laugh...from the classroom to the arena” Starting a Rodeo Clown career after eight years of teaching for Walla Walla public schools however isn’t the

normal path. For JJ though, very little about him is normal. “I think I’m the only clown with a Masters degree.” It was tough to leave behind a steady job and benefits to pursue a dream but for JJ it was a risk worth taking. “I believe a Rodeo Clown has the power to create a bridge from fans to contestants and rodeo in general.” JJ is a kid magnet. His latest press release: RODEO CLOWN IN THE CLASSROOM TO TEACH VALUABLE LESSONS Don’t Be A Bull-y is an anti-bullying curriculum taught by a guy who knows a thing or two about bulls… Rodeo clown JJ Harrison The program, has two main focuses: the difference between bullying and teasing, and the difference between a tattle-tale and reporting. Harrison, a former teacher and the clown at the 2012 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas, leads the assemblies. He uses interactive games to help teach the lessons, including some mock rodeo events. The program helps kids learn valuable lessons in a fun way, and qualifies as anti-bullying curriculum for the schools. | 29

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towing/tractor Repair



J&K Recycling, LLC | 31

Cody Cavanaugh

• • • • • • •

32 yrs old From Neenah, WI Currently riding a KtM 250sx dirtbike Freestyle moto-x rider professionaly for 11 yrs and havs been riding dirtbikes since age 7 One of only 3 riders in the United States that can do backflips on a dirtbike and on a quad (4 wheeler) Has been riding horses since he was born but prefer sthe control of his dirt bike When he was 5yrs old, he was kicked in the head by a quarter horse and almost died...doctors told him not to play contact sports...he didn’t listen Has performed shows for the USHRA; Sidney, Iowa rodeo; Burlington, Colorado pRCA rodeo; PBR in Park Rapids, Minnestoa, and he was invited to the Canadian National Finals Rodeo to flip over the bull riders. Has performed shows all over the US, Canada and Mexico. Has also ridden at shows in poland, Israel, Turkey and Dubai where he was able to jump over an airplane being flown by stunt pilot Skip Stewart. Formed the team WI-FMx with some talented local riders in 2010 and they are all excited to be jumping at more and more rodeos. Rodeos have the best atmosphere and by far rodeo fans are the wildest!

Cody will be performing at the Moses Lake Roundup August 15, 16 and 17

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(Not Really) An Everyday

Audrey Ramsden is the current Miss Moses Lake Roundup Queen. She won the 2013 title, as well as the Horsemanship and Appearance awards at the Roundup Queen pageant held in October of 2012.


udrey Ramsden is the current Miss Moses Lake Roundup Queen. She won the 2013 title, as well as the Horsemanship and Appearance awards at the Roundup Queen pageant held in October of 2012. Audrey is the 20 year old daughter of Scott and Leslie Ramsden. She is a long time resident of Moses Lake and attended Moses Lake High School and Big Bend Community College for the running start program. She recently finished her Sophomore year at Pacific Lutheran University where she has received an Academic Scholarship as well as a Piano Performance Scholarship. She is currently working towards a double major in Political Science and Global Studies with a minor in Music Performance. During the summer she works as a Paralegal at a Moses Lake law firm, and she plans to go to law school once she finishes her 4 year degree. Horses have been Audrey’s biggest passion as long as she can remember. She was involved in 4H for many years and

has competed in English, Western Performance, and Western Gaming events. Audrey is an avid trail rider and has ridden many rides all over Washington state. She has been involved in the Moses Lake Roundup as a sponsor flag runner for the past two years, as well as Miss Rodeo Othello 2010 First Runner Up. Audrey also trains and sells young horses to help pay for college expenses, and she plans to raise Quarter Horses in the future. In addition to horse activities, Audrey has been playing piano for 16 years and violin for 13. She has worked as her church’s pianist, has been a first violinist in Pacific Lutheran University’s Symphony Orchestra, a member of the Pacific Lutheran University Piano Ensemble, and during high school she taught a piano and violin music studio of 13 students. Audrey was Miss Moses Lake 2011 and a Talent Award winner at Miss Washington. Audrey also enjoys many outdoor activities which include hiking, fishing, camping, snow skiing, boating, and target shooting. | 33

photos by Robin L Corey

Audrey Ramsden

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Let’s get to know your Roundup Rodeo Queen Article/VENUE MAGAZINE, pHOtOS By ROBIN l. COREy

Describe your perfect day? My perfect day is pretty simple! I want to sleep in till 10, eat a big breakfast (preferably something with gravy), ride all afternoon, and if the weather is in the high 70’s that’s an added bonus. I like to fit a workout in in the evening, and then go to bed early. Your proudest accomplishment? My proudest accomplishment was earning my piano performance scholarship at my college. My senior year of high school I spent on average 8 hours a day perfecting both my piano and violin audition pieces. When it came time to audition at Pacific Lutheran University I had to choose one instrument to audition on, you couldn’t do both. I chose piano, and it must have been the right choice because I earned a large scholarship! Funniest thing that happened as a child? When I was in elementary school I took gymnastics and would change into my leotard in the car after school on the way to class. One day at parent drop off before school I got out of the car and dragged my princess undies out of the car on my shoe. I had left them there from gymnastics the night before. The parent drop monitor told me I had dropped something on the sideway and I was mortified! I tried to play it off really cool and blame my little sister for leaving her undies in the car, but my mom was quick to yell “those are yours!” Most unusual gift? One year my grandparents went to India. For Christmas we got elephant dung paper from them! That definitely falls into the “unusual” category, and it didn’t smell very good! continued on page 38

36 |

Prize Money in each age group: First place $50 Second Place $35 Third place $25 Honorable Mention $10 Age groups: 10 & under 11-14 15-18 Adult

Grant County CattleWomen Sawhorse Cow Contest

We have changed location. We are now located by the 4-H building at the Grant County Fairgrounds! | 37

photos by Robin L Corey

38 |

Moses Lake Roundup Rodeo Queen

- continued from page 35

How old were you when you learned to ride? No one else in my family rides. So I had to find ways around that. In preschool I made a friend who’s family had horses. I think I probably invited myself over to ride daily, and the rest is history! What life lesson has your horse taught you? He’s taught me how fortunate I am! Talent is a one in a million horse, and I feel so lucky to have had him since he was a yearling. Horses like him don’t come along often, so when one comes into your life you hold on. He’s going to be stuck with me for life! What is your horse’s funniest quirk? My horse has a couple of goofy things he does. One is that he’s a big talker. He whinnies at me all the time. He is very social. Talent also likes to destroy his hay bags. I haven’t found one yet that can make it through a meal with him, and we’ve gone through quite a few! Besides riding your horse, what is it you like to do? During the school year I don’t have time to do much else besides studying and practicing piano and violin. But during the summer I like gardening, boating, hiking, camping, basically anything out doors! I really enjoy growing a vegetable garden. Why are Rodeo Queens important to Rodeo? Rodeo queens are important to so many aspects of rodeo. Queens are well versed on all rodeo knowledge and are ready to field any questions in regards to it. They also use this knowledge to dispel myths or false impressions people that aren’t familiar with rodeo may have. During a rodeo performance queens work to entertain the crowd, keep the show running smoothly, and add some glamour to the performance. During the rest of the year when rodeos are not being performed queens work to get people excited about upcoming rodeos, and act as a positive role model for other young ladies within their community. What country song would you select to inspire? I would have to say “I Hope You Dance” by Lee Ann Womack. Life is about taking risks and not being afraid of losing. If you let the fear of things not turning out the way you hoped keep your from trying, you’re going to miss out on a lot of wonderful experiences. | 39

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Behind t he chute gate...

Moses Lake Roundup’s Officers and Directors:

If it is pulling open a chute, retrieving the bull rope, working the arena, or just encouraging the riders, they do it the best. Back row: Nic dirks, doug Rathbone, Mike Harris, Mike Cobb (president), Buck Naff Front row: Stan Cafferty, Stacey dowton (Secretary,) tyler Brown (treasure), tim prickett Not pictured: Stuart platt (Vice president) & Jeff Janke

Jessie Tennant

the First lady of Washington Rodeo 2013 Article/VENUE MAGAZINE


n August 18, 2012 at the conclusion of a three day pageant held in conjunction with the Moses Lake Roundup, Jessie was awarded the title and the crown of Miss Rodeo Washington 2013. She also received top honors in Personality, Speech, Appearance, Presentation, Photogenics, Knowledge, and Horsemanship. Jessie grew up in Wild Rose Prairie, a small rural community near Deer Park, Washington. She is the only daughter of Larry and Cindy Tennant. Throughout 2013 Jessie will travel over 30,000 miles across the United States representing her state, community and the sport of Professional Rodeo. During her time outside the rodeo arena, she enjoys dancing, skiing, cooking, fishing and of course her equestrian pursuits, which includes assisting with the local Washington High School Equestrian Team. She has recently had the honor of representing the Lilac City as the 2012 Miss Spokane Interstate Rodeo Queen. Growing up on a small farm instilled in Jessie a deep respect for the western way of life and a strong work ethic

which has been at the heart of all her pursuits, including her devotion to education. In 2010 she completed her Bachelor of Arts in History and Social Studies from Washington State University. In 2012 she achieved her Masters in Education from Eastern Washington University. She has plans to complete her doctorate in the future. Jessie looks forward to spending this year sharing her incredible Washington, the Evergreen State, with the world! She hopes that through her travels she will encourage everyone she meets to follow their dreams and to greet every challenge with a smile and a cowgirl can-do attitude. Jessie would also like to thank her family, friends and sponsors for all their help in making this year possible. See you down the rodeo road and of course, Happy Trails! | 41

Cowboy Breakfast

Come take part in this delicious tradition! pancakes – Sausage – Eggs – Juice & Coffee

Prepared by

Friday, August 9th – 7am to 10am Sinkiuse Square (downtown), Moses Lake Only $8.00 per person

Entertainment by

peeWee Stampede at 9am

Sponsored by Alberta Cannon Farmers’ Insurance

little Miss Moses lake Roundup Queen Contest for Girls dummy Roping & Bronc Riding on Stick Horses for boys limit 10 entries per contest • Ages 9 and under (register at event)

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Here’s what’s happening in Soap Lake: July August


Chamber Summer Auction & BBQ Cookoff – City Park 8/10 Run with the Guys – Prostate Race, 5K, 10K & 1/2 Marathon – East Beach 8/17/18 Battle of the Bands – City Park/East Beach, Bars & Streets of Soap Lake


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Horse Rescuer - continued from page 17 The challenge is in getting to know the animal, and allowing them to get to know you,” says Fewel. Cherry Wood describes their horses like this: “Many have come to us from desperate or abusive situations. Some found in feedlots, the last stop before slaughter. Others simply discarded for a younger model. A few have come from loving homes that could no longer care for them, and one or two are here because their owners just knew they would be happier at Cherry Wood. Whatever the reason, whatever their past, happy or sad, they are all living the good life now. The life they deserve.” While the Bed and Breakfast aspect of Cherry Wood is not the driving passion for either Pepper or Tiffany, it serves as a way for them to be able to do what they do for their beloved horses. Visitors of Cherry Wood state they are blessed by the down-home hospitality as well as the amazing vineyard and orchard views. As stated so eloquently by Pepper, “Our horse rehabilitation and re-homing program is supported solely by our wine rides and Bunkhouse Boutique sales. So every ride you take, and every purchase you make, is helping save horses.”

Can you think of a better reason to visit Cherry Wood? (*)Cherry Wood BBandB has hosted Joe Wolter clinics for a number of years each clinic is designed to address specific needs for both horse and rider. Wolter is a leader in the Natural Horsemanship “arena,” having been trained under the great Ray Hunt. Wolter says this of that time in his life, “I was fortunate to be around a few truly great horsemen who were generous enough to share their knowledge and understanding of horses with me, I feel I owe it to them to pass on what was given to me.” In an attempt to help both rider and horse on a deeper level, Cherry Wood has also added clinics and classes using Tiffany Fewel’s Natural Connection techniques, which include the Feldenkrais Method. One of the benefits of the Feldenkrais Method is to strengthen the rider’s body awareness, and what messages, the way we sit in the saddle – for example - sends to the horse. Both Natural Horsemanship and Feldenkrais play an important role in the work done to rehabilitate the horses that are lucky enough to cross through Cherry Wood and Pepper Fewel.


Not in this market! Call me today to get your home SOLD



Read this entire ­ magazine online.


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No Hoof, No Horse Proper hoof care Article/SRUtI SREERAMA


ave you ever heard this saying? It’s true; if you have a horse with feet problems, that horse is pretty much unusable until treated. Hoof care is critical to preventing lameness problems, and yet proper hoof care is often an overlooked aspect of good equine health care. The main functions of the horse’s hooves are to bear weight, absorb shock, and provide traction. Improper care of the feet reduces the ability of the feet to perform these functions properly and can lead to an increased amount of stress on the joints, tendons and ligaments further up the limb. On average, an adult horse’s hoof wall grows 3/8 of an inch per month. Therefore, most horses require their feet trimmed (or shod) every 2 to 3 months. However, an individual horse’s hoof growth varies depending on age, environment, and nutrition. Young horses have a faster rate of growth than adults, and as a horse matures, the growth rate slows down. Most horses have slower hoof growth during the hot and dry times of the year and the feet tend to become dry and hard. When there is more moisture in the environment, hooves tend to get softer and flatten out. An animal on a balanced diet (proper ratio and amount of water, energy, protein, vitamins, and minerals) will have good hoof growth and wall strength. Too much or too little of any of these components will lead to abnormal growth and conformation. The majority of lameness issues in horses are due to problems in the foot. Of the multiple problems that can occur

in this location, the most common is the subsolar or submural abscess. This is essentially an infected area beneath the sole of the foot or the wall of the hoof respectively. If there is a crack, hole, or puncture wound in the sole or wall of the foot, dirt and bacteria invade the underlying tissue, and as the bacteria replicates, an abscess forms. Horses with abscesses will often show a sudden onset of severe lameness and should be addressed immediately. The basic task of picking your horses feet every day will allow you to see if there are any abnormalities before they get to be a problem. If you ever notice a nail or other sharp object penetrating the hoof, do not remove it. Call your veterinarian to have it examined and treated properly. Proper hoof care involves not only regular trimming and shoeing, but proper nutrition, a healthy environment free of debris, regular cleaning of the feet, and proper treatment of any injuries or diseases of the foot. Having a good relationship with a veterinarian and a professional farrier will help keep your horses’ feet in tip top condition. So, while you are out with family and friends cheering on the human and animal athletes this rodeo season, remember that proper hoof care is an important aspect of any horse’s health, whether it’s barrel racing or relaxing in the pasture. | 47

Excellence in Piano Instruction

Recital at the Moses Lake Civic Center on May 26 at 1:00pm End of School Concert will be on June 15 7:00pm at the High School Theater Summer Lessons Available Gracie is a National CertiďŹ ed Teacher of Music 3935 Denton Rd., Moses Lake – 750-5931

229 S Ash St, Moses Lake (509) 765-6784

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Grant County Fair • Tuesday, Aug. 13th–Saturday, Aug. 17th

THURSDAY t r a e H y b t r a e H

Heart By Heart plays classic “Heart” hits from the 70s and 80s and is a Seattle based band consisting of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame members Michael Derosier and Steve Fossen of Heart. Heart by Heart also includes world-renowned guitarist Randy Hansen, Rail’s Andy Baldwin and powerhouse vocalist Somar Macek. Serious talent and an unforgettable show!

FRIDAY Joe Nichols

Joe Nichols is a four-time Grammy nom inated country music artist. A CMA album of the year nomination and a New York Times Best Album of the Year; multiple RIAA platinum and gold albums and singl es; a stream of hits, including chart toppers like “The Impo ssible”, “Brokenheartsville”, “Tequila Makes Her Cloth es Fall Off”, and “Gimmie That Girl” and Top Ten smas hes like “If Nobody Believed in You”, “What’s A Guy Gotta Do”, “Size Matters”, and “I’ll Wait For You”, that made all the rest possible.

509.765.3581 • 3953 Airway Drive NE • Moses Lake, WA | 49


time Grammy Award Pam Tillis is a three time CMA and two that hit number 1 and six ing includ hits five top 14 has Pam winner. of the first women one was She ds. recor has sold over six million she was awarded the and album own her ce produ to ville in Nash the CMA in 1994. coveted Female Vocalist of the Year by



Reserved seating tickets still available! $30 & includes fair admission. Seating is limited!



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Thank \You to Our Grant County Fair Sponsors…


Aaron’s, Barry Chrysler Dodge Jeep, Basic American Foods, Correll Scales, GRANCO Federal Credit Union, Levi’s Car Parts/CarQuest, Lisa Garmon Windermere Realty, Milky Way, Moses Lake Family Auto, One Main Financial, Quincy Hardware & Lumber, United Country/Columbia Basin Agency | 51

Good Luck to all 4-H & FFA kids attending the Grant County Fair

BROADWAY ANIMAL HOSPITAL 3712 E Broadway Ave., Moses Lake • 765-3481

Monday–Thursday 8am-5:30pm • Friday 8am-5pm • Saturday 9am-5pm

A True Northwest Carnival Experience 4th Generation Family Business Arm Bands available daily all week! All Arm Band Days Stop Selling 1-1/2 hours before shut off time

Presales $21

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Moses Lake C h a m b e r of Commerce

We are accepting 2013 nominees “Ag Hall of Fame” We would like to honor and recognize distinguished individuals that have made significant contributions to the agricultural community.

To nominate your farmer go to

324 S Pioneer Way • Moses Lake, WA  98837 •509‐765‐7888 • • informa� | 53

Livestock Auction • Friday, August 16th Kenny Ardell Pavilion Grant County Fairgrounds

Chuck Yarbro Auctioneers & Real Estate Services, LLC is a three-generation, family-owned and operated company. Founded in 1984, they’ve been serving the Northwest for nearly three decades. They specialize in the marketing and selling of personal property, farm machinery, construction equipment, and vehicles, as well as agricultural, commercial, and residential real estate.

Chuck Yarbro Auctioneers has donated their time to auction 4-H and FFA livestock at the Grant County Fairgrounds for 32 years!

Grant County Cattlemen & Women

BEEF Is the #1 source of high quality protein in the American diet & provides nine essential nutrients. When you eat beef you are supporting American farmers and ranchers who spend every day caring for the land, air and water.

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New Perspective Article/RENé GROOM


ust as if it were a perfectly framed photo sitting masterly placed on the fireplace mantle, the rearview mirror outlines a time and place. A perfectly imprinted snap shot that is forever on our hearts. Good, bad or indifferent, the image is forever there, packed away in our carefully packed “baggage,” for safe-keeping. No matter the reason one leaves, there is always that moment, when brain whispers, “don’t do it, don’t look back.” Yet, heart seems to know that we simply have to. Heart always seems to win. Through its wisdom, it seems to understand that one last glance, in some magical way, will serve as a healing suave. It will either help us make the trip back someday, even if it is just in our minds, or to move forward, understanding that inside the frame of the mirror, the picture is perfectly completed, there are no loose ends between glass and steel. A traveler, a gypsy and a wanderer perhaps, but we all have had to come to grips with the good-byes. We know all too well, that they are not all so sweet. Some viewed through tears, while others through fiery flames of steely resolve. Yet somehow, there in that mirror, they are perfectly clear. As we drive away, putting distance between us and, “our good-bye,” heart calls out to glance back, and as we do the view widens bringing with it a new perspective, one that can only be seen in a rear-view mirror. | 55

As an all-female organization called Sisters on the Fly (SOTF), where for a few days at a time the sisters leave behind husbands, children, boyfriends, and even pets to join fellow sisters for adventures designed to challenge them.

“SOTF is for women who have a desire to go on a quest for themselves, to be their own person, to take away comforts, and overcome thoughts like ‘I must be crazy to do this.’” The group’s motto is, “We have more fun than anyone.”

There are those of us who have never towed a trailer and who have never gone camping. We are divorced, widowed, married and single. Some are cancer survivors, some are lonely….. But all of us are determined to learn something new, live fully and look for an adventure around the corner. We share a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and our stories. We travel in packs, calling ourselves “sisters”, in our tricked-out, vintage, retro trailers. Sisters are promised to be spoiled rotten by fellow gals and celebrated for trying anything new whether it’s fishing, outdoor cooking, or even skinny-dipping.

Vintage Camp Trailer Gathering in Moses Lake at the Grant County Fairgrounds on July 26, 27 and 28. Over 50 Vintage Camp Trailers will be there. Trailers are themed inside and out. There is no set time for a trailer tour, just come on out and take a peek.

See you there!

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Membership available to employees &

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CALL ENVOY MORTGAGE & FEEL THE DIFFERENCE. Your local lender for the Columbia Basin. HONESTY AND TRUST In today’s market, that’s what separates us from all the others. We can guide you through the buying or refinancing process.

Call today for a FREE credit analysis! Gary Bracht

Branch Manager/Loan Officer NMLS# 109256 1250 Basin St SW, Suite B Ephrata, WA


Shelly Lewis

Loan Officer NMLS# 411982 2900 W Broadway Ave, Suite F, Moses Lake, WA


All applications are subject to credit approval. Program terms and conditions are subject to change without notice. Some products may not be available in all states. Other restrictions and limitations may apply. This is not a commitment to lend. Envoy Mortgage Ltd. NMLS#6666 | 59

essentials skin & wellness center

wellness today for a better tomorrow

The cellulite solution. It’s here!

What is Synergie? Over the years, many have claimed “miracle” cures for cellulite, but most yielded disappointing results - until now. Introducing Synergie, a powerful solution that provides temporary reductions in the appearance of cellulite and circumferential body measurements by using revolutionary vacuum massage technology. Synergie finally provides the solution millions of women have been seeking. Synergie Cellulite Program. A typical Synergie treament program consists of a series of twice-weekly sessions, followed by monthly maintenance visits. The number of treatments is customized to meet the individual’s goals. Treatments last approximately 30-40 minutes.

“I wanted some skin toning and smoothing that I haven’t been able to get from diet and exercise. Synergie took care of those troublesome areas for me. With Synergie I saw a very noticeable improvement in the smoothness of my skin; the cellulite practically disappeared! In fact, I was excited to lose a full pant size as a result of the Synergie treatments. Synergie was just what I needed!” -K.D., Synergie Client 509.855.7569 for general inquiries or to schedule appointment 8l4 W Broadway Ave in Moses Lake

60 |

Come join us at the Dry Falls Visitor Center for the annual Flood Fest on September 14, 2013 This is a fun family event that includes guest speakers, local venders, Native American Tribes, government agencies and food concession. Dry Falls Visitor Center, home to a wide range of indoor exhibits highlighting the Ice Age and early human history of the region. The center also features a comprehensive bookstore — a must stop for those looking to learn more about the Ice Age floods story.

“Visit our unique gift shop for a large book selection that focuses on local and state interests, clothes, toys, mugs and other special treasures.”

Grant County | 61

S aturday , Sept 28 presents ... The Living Museum 10amto5pm June 8 A walk through theSaturday Grant County’s Only, after theonparade until a5pm Historical Museum, situated 33/4 acres, complex of 38 buildings preserving the Museum Open Sunday, historical legacy of June Grant 9, County. 1-4pm

SAGE ’nDemonstrations SUN WEEKEND Displays & All Day Long! Wood • Pioneer era clothes 10on am to 5pm ~ Homestead Demonstrations Affordable Branding washing on scrub board with wringer Family Fun! • Spinning on spinning wheel •

Old-time Pharmacy Soda Fountain

• Pump water from Old Fashioned Pump • Caboose & Station Agent • Mock Bank Robbery, Saloon Fight & Street General Store Penny Shoot-Out every hour, presented by Candy Sale the GrantWasher County Sheriff’s Wringer Demo tPosse Blacksmith Branding on Wood PennyHorse Candy Races on sale for • Kids ~Prizes Awarded t t •Stick American Legion Post 28 will County host Jail - including a Grant Sheriff’s Posse Mock BBQ Hamburgers / Cheeseburgers $6 Bank Robbery &- Street Shootout & Hot Dogs $2 on Saturday after the more. ... and much SAGE ’n SUN parade Admission to the Museum’s 38 Buildings: $3.50 Adults; $2.50 Students 6-15; Free 5 and under

742 Basin st nW • Ephrata • 754-3334

h Grant County g HistoriCal MuseuM This

ad paid for by

GranT CounTy Tourism

742 Basin street nW, ephrata • 754-3334 (Museum Closes For Season Sept. 28, 2013)


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Quincy, Washington Promoting the farm-to-market connection since 1981

three Days of Fabulous Food, great Entertainment Parade, chef challenge & Local tours. hot air Balloon Festival and Fireworks carshow • tractor Pull • Produce sale Petting Zoo and More! always the 2nd weekend of september | 63

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I LOST MY DADDY TO PANCREATIC CANCER. I HATE CANCER. THIS IS WHY I SWIM. Everything changes when you have been told you have cancer. For you, as well as your family. From this moment on, access to the latest treatment options is foremost and a team of professional, caring people who will do everything possible to help you fight back is paramount. For us locally, the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance (SCCA) network are those people. SCCA unites the doctors from Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, UW Medicine, and Seattle Children’s Hospital to form a world-class treatment center, working together to find a cure. Moses Lake Clinic / Wenatchee Valley Medical Center / Omak Clinic is a member of the SCCA network. We are fortunate as a community to have such excellence. I have the highest gratitude for the care and respect given to my dad by the cancer care team of professionals at our Moses Lake Clinic. With all proceeds from the Moses Lake swim benefiting SCCA, we are making a tangible impact right here at home.

We are all in this together.

YOU DO NOT HAVE TO SWIM... If your bathtub is as close to swimming as you like, that is cool. We still need your heart to help. You can be a VIRTUAL participant for our local event. This means, you can register to support a local team, a swimmer you know, or to simply raise a few dollars to contribute on your own. THIS IS WHAT YOU DO:

Go to website: Click on register Click on WA Click on Moses Lake open water swim Click on Virtual Participant Thank you for helping and I will see you and your family at the event!

In honor of Mel Updegrave | 65


My sister, Cheryl, caring for our daddy, Mel Updegrave in his battle with cancer. –Melea Johnson

SWIM TO FIGHT CANCER IN MOSES LAKE August 24th, 2013 H Blue Heron Park 2.4 mile, 1 mile or 1/2 mile

Info Melea Johnson 509-431-3573

Register to swim or volunteer:

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Red Door Affordable Elegance for You and Your Home



To say Red Door is unique is an understatement. Primarily an upscale consignment store, we are three generations of women who take in items almost daily. New additions can range from the mundane, like carnival glass or enamelware; to the exotic, like the 100-year-old Chinese wedding bed or ancient African drums; to the must-haves, like a brand new red leather couch, elegant old French vanity, or a tall pie safe crafted from vintage apple boxes. We love our store and think you will, too!


so much more! antiques collectibles 116 West Third Avenue Moses Lake, Washington

decor Hours: Wed. – Sat. 10am-5pm

Red Door consigns jewelry, antiques, home decor, art, and furniture. We also carry new furniture, home decor and jewelry. Basically, Red Door offers a Like us on whopping 4,900 square feet of one-of-a-kind treasures. Owners: Lisa Boorman, Jan Thacker, Kyleigh Boorman &Alex (front)



A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A | 67

Life with a dirtbag vacuum cleaner Story/JAN tHACKER


hen the man of the house decided to help with the household chores, he grabbed the vacuum and started it up. He grew a little wide-eyed at the beginning roar of the engine and winced until the shrill shriek calmed down to a steady howl. After three sweeps across the living room carpet he shut the vacuum cleaner down and yanked the cord out of the wall in disgust. He declared the machine was not only not working right, it was a joke. He wanted to go out, right now, and buy a new one. The wife hooted. She’d been getting along with the thing for at least half a dozen years. It worked fine for her. She’d ducttaped it together where the plastic broke the time the kids used it as a riding toy, taken it apart a couple hundred times when toys, pacifiers, and clumps of dog hair choked the hose closed, and babied it along through Christmas tree season, falling-leaf season and sandbox season. She’d learned emergency procedures when the machine sucked up 10 feet of rope, a wayward shoelace or attempted suicide by eating its own cord. She had tussled with it, cursed it, cajoled it and talked baby talk to it. It never occurred to her to buy a new one. It was, after all, still running and still sucking up dirt. Funny how that works. The woman’s solution is to just sort of get along and make things work. The husband wants to buy something new and improved. For years I had a rock in a planter that I used as a hammer. It wasn’t like I used it often. I wasn’t building a house or anything. I used it mainly for just pounding nails in the wall for hanging pictures. It worked perfectly, until little Scott found it and used it as a rock, however it is that little boys use rocks. It never occurred to me to spend a couple bucks on a hammer. That rock worked just great. So, I searched the driveway and dug up another one next time I needed to pound in a nail. How many women are still using washers and dryers that are avocado green or harvest gold? I’ll bet there are a lot of you. The things probably bang and clang but the clothes get clean and dry so there really is no need, other than aesthetics, to exchange them for new ones. I’d still have mine but we moved to Alaska in 1975 and didn’t have room in the pickup to bring them along. The console TV was more important. Well, that and the kids. One of the reasons these things last so long is that a lot of women pray over their machines. Prayer is the only thing that keeps many of these things humming along. Do you remember that commercial on TV where the man and wife are quietly eating

continued on page 86

ePay is easy Save a stamp, save a tree, save time. Sign up for paperless billing online. Visit or call 509-766-2505.


LED Flashlight with ePay sign-up WHILE SUPPLIES LAST

766-2505 | 800-422-3199 |

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Come and Visit our New Location! 1206 W heeler Road, Moses Lake, WA

Spa Services:

Sunless Tanning ~ Fit Body Wraps Aromatherapy ~ Massage ~ Facials Nina Murray, LMP - (509)350-5616

Ritzville Art Gallery

More than 19 regional artists Potters • Weavers • Painters • Jewelers Quilters • Sculptors • Local Authors • Metal Art For info: 509.659.1936 • | 69

Auditions for Fiddler on the Roof

7:00 PM Monday & Tuesday, August 5 & 6 Whether you are an old hand (that’s hand, not ham) at theatre or just a beginner, wanting to get your stage feet wet, there is a place for you in the fall musical at Masquers, and it is all fun. Hey, you can sing in the shower, right? And maybe a little karaoke now and then? Perfect. You, my friend are ready to spread your wings, expand your lovely voice and sweet smile to the waiting universe. We, here at Masquers, are very fortunate to have our own lovely state-of-the-arts theatre Performance Dates for the show will be: here in this small town in Eastern 7:30 P.M. Fridays & Saturdays, October 18-19, 25-26 Washington, and we want to share November 1-2, 8-9, 15-16 it with you. Center stage is good, but so 2:00 P.M. Sunday Matinees, October 27, November 3 & 10 is the light booth and set design and construction. Masquers is all volunteer, and Membership Gala there are so many fulfilling ways to do it, and many interesting people 6:30 P.M. to work with and interact with. We Friday, September 6 welcome your involvement!

70 |

. . Paint Your Own P0ttery & Artisan Gift Shop . .




OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK M-TH :: 11-7 :: F :: 11-8 SAT :: 10-7 :: SUN :: 11-5

summer art classes :: ADULT ART CLASSES MOSAIC :: CLAY :: SOLDER EVENINGS 6:30PM – 8:30PM

Discover your inner artist... | 71

What’s new in Moses Lake? I’m so glad you asked. Article/Connie Fesler


he new Artists’ Market launched its’ first market day on June 8th and the response was outstanding. The weather was perfect and the talent was overflowing. If you enjoy filling your home and life with one of a kind Arts and Crafts you will not want to miss the next Artists’ Market day. Kris Chudomelka the hostess is a local potter and her work is not only beautiful but very useful. Hold one of her hand-turned pieces in your hands and you can feel the love and respect that she has for the clay as she works her magic on the potter’s wheel. Then there are Artists like Diana Rosenow who creates one of a kind jewelry and Sue Beall who creates lovely hand dyed scarves. When

you wear one of their creations you know that you are wearing Art and that no other person has a piece like yours. I know that when I am wearing Art, I feel that more of my individual style is present. Now, if you feel this way about your home and want it to reflect your artsy side, then the Artists’ Market is your dream come true. Elissa Shaffo creates drop dead gorgeous wreaths and dried arrangements from a large variety of natural findings.  Come visit her booth and see what she does with those long whips of kelp that wash up on the beach. You will never look at one of them in the same way again.  Elissa has a oneness with nature and it is manifested in her Art. Sharon Goldfine is a new artist to our area and a new resident of Moses Lake.  Sharon works with clay and sculpts these amazing pieces that will become treasures in your home décor, and possibly family heirlooms. When you visit the market

be sure and say “Hi” and welcome her to our area. Next on the list of artists is Patricia Munson. Patricia is a well know watercolor artist and has had many shows in our area. She had a wall of her beautiful paintings and also her own line of watercolor greeting cards. If you are young at heart and want your home to reflect a cheerful and happy energy, then you’ll want to visit the booth of Karyll Van Ness. Karyll takes well-built older furniture and decorating finds and gives them new and marvelous life. She is a decorator’s best friend.  I dare you to view her work and not be smiling, and who among us doesn’t enjoy a home filled with happiness. Last but not least is Connie Fesler.  This is the hardest review because this is my booth.  I just love to create Art and my booth will vary

with my creative moods. Lots of Shabby Chic and whimsical items from painted chairs, French inspired hat stands, aprons, painted signs, and anything that makes me happy.  I may even throw in a painting or two. If you haven’t made it out to the Artists’ Market yet, you have a chance to circle your calendar for these three dates:  July 13th, August 10th and Sept 14th. They will always be on the second Saturday of the month. Just drive out Stratford Road past Grocery outlet and watch for signs on Kinder and Maple. We are only a mile or two out of town. Also:  we are accepting new artists, if you are interested leave a comment or message on our Facebook page.  Like us on Facebook and your name will go into a drawing for a $20 Artists’ Market Gift Certificate.

72 |

Have you put off buying a home?

Article/tom perry - realty estate trainer & coach, realty executives grant county


o many people have put off buying a home because the prices and interest rates have been so low and prices had seemed to stall. Last year, if you were shopping for a $150,000 house June 2012, your payment would have been:

worth $128,000 last year.

$150,000 Purchase Price $5,250 or 3.5% Down Payment $144,750 Loan Amount (30 yr amort. at 3.678%) $664 PI Payment   Like so many other, if you decided to wait and 1 year later for whatever reason, you may find yourself in an ­awkward place. Your payment today would be nearly $50.00 higher. But, if you were qualified for the maximum loan amount last year, the house you could buy today is priced at $140,000. 

Contact Your Agent Today! Step 1: Sit down to discuss your options. Step 2: Tell your Broker what you want in your next home. Step 3: They will explain the process, financing and ­ contracts. Step 4:  Their lender will Pre-Qualify you for a loan value. Step 5:  They will look for homes with you online.   After your meeting your will be in a comfortable place to begin the home search process. Their lender will start the approval process for your loan and your Broker will start searching for properties that meet your needs.

Keep the same Payment 1 Year Later (June 2013) $664 PI Payment (Interest is up to 4.25%) $134,975 Loan Amount $4,900 3.5% Down Payment $140,000 Purchase Price (Lost buying power 6.6%)   Over the past year, our home prices have increased by 10%, this seemed to happen overnight. Upfront this may not seem to be so bad. But, let’s look at the $140,000 house you can buy today and reduce the price by the 10% ­appreciation. This means that house would have been

$140,000 Purchase price 2013 $12,000 lost home value due to 10% appreciation $128,000 was the value of this house in 2012 | 73

74 |

photo by Sue Tebow | 75

Q&A with Bruce Bailey Owner of Heavy petal Nursery



ruce Bailey is the owner of Heavy Petal Nursery. He lives and works in Moses Lake as a plant grower and garden coach. Over the last 15 years, he has made a name for himself in the community through his work at his nursery and as a landscape consultant for businesses and private residences. With a background in art and history, Bruce finds expression in the garden works he creates for his customers. His work is inspired by art, his friends, and the working relationships he’s made across the country through gardening social media. “I have had many people inspire me my whole life and sometimes inspiration is drawn from encouragement.” This past winter Bruce was invited to speak at several different garden shows. At the Northwest Flower and Garden Show in Seattle, his presentation was centered on the use of containers as vessels for personal expression through plants. Later that winter, Bruce was invited to speak at the San Francisco Flower and Garden Show where he spoke on Downton Abbey’s influence on culture and gardening . Pretty amazing that a guy from rural Washington is invited to a California garden show speak about the influence of a British television show set in the nineteen teens and twenties. What makes Heavy Petal Nursery unique? There are many things I think people look for when buying plants, one of those things is hardiness. Other aspects are beauty and the belief that people are looking for plants that are hardy enough to survive our winters and our summers, but still look good. One of those plants is hardy hibiscus, hibiscus moscheutos, also known as rose mallow. I am also working on antique roses, try to have some unusual clematis, hardy hydrangeas, and some great daylilies. Listen, the box stores offer an assortment of plants for sale, some not for this area. Part of my mission is to have some great plants to fill in the gaps and really make a garden unique. OK, but why hibiscus? What sets this plant apart? That is a good question. I find that people are attracted to hibiscus, but finding a hibiscus that is hardy enough to grow here is sort of an issue. After some searching, I realized that this great plant that is used all over the mid-west is also hardy enough to live in our extreme climate and take the cold of winter and the heat of summer.

What can people expect at your Hot For Hibiscus event at the end of July? Hardy Hibiscus and plants, special guest vendors, and education. I would to invite you to come out to Heavy Petal Nursery and join me as my guest. What do you see in your future? My future? Oh, that’s too broad of a question. I don’t think anyone wants to see that far down the road, do you? What I do see myself working on is taking my nursery to mail order. I want to work on a website where people can order plants from the nursery. I think there is a broader market out there and the internet is always open. I can see selling hardy hibiscus, antique roses, and other great plants on the internet. I think I would rather have a more specialized nursery. Heavy Petal Nursery, Where Plants Rock! Follow Bruce online at: Website: Facebook: Twitter: Pinterest: www.pinterest/whereplantsrock/

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Hot For Hibiscus july 26 & 27

Friday 10 am-7pm Saturday 9am-3pm

13214 Rd 10 NE, Moses Lake Presentations by Bruce Bailey on how to get the most out of your plant containers through Proper Planting Special Guest Vendors Also presenting is Linda Beugler with Rogerson Clematis Collection of Lake Oswego, Oregon Heavy Petal Nursery @WherePlantsRock

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Moses Lake Parks & Recreation MAC GALLERY: LAURA CASTELLANOS Assorted Idols Dates: August 9 - September 27, 2013 Opening Reception: August 9, 2013 Time: 5:00 - 8:00 pm   REBEKAH LITTLEFIELD: Voices Dates: August 9 - September 27, 2013 Opening Reception: August 9, 2013 Time: 5:00 - 8:00 pm   Bowling Camp Ages: 6 - 14 years old Dates: August 5 - 9, 2013 Times: 11:00 am - 12:00 pm Location: Lake Bowl, 1165 N Stratford Rd Cost: $35.00 per person Instructor: Billy Brice & Staff Learn the basic fundamentals of bowling: the grip, stance, swing, four step delivery, release and follow through. Shoe and ball rentals are included in the cost. Please visit our website at for more information.   Boot Camp Ages: Adults Dates:  July 29 - August 29, 2013 Times: 5:15 - 6:15 am - Mondays & Thurdays Location: TLC - 701 Penn St Cost: $80.00 per person Instructor: Allison Russell, Certified Health Fitness ­Specialist/Personal Trainer This class is for participants 18 years and older who want to improve their physical fitness and/or want to take their fitness to the next level. You will be challenged through a wide variety of tasks that will improve physical appearance, endurance, strength, flexibility and mental prowess. Bring your determination and can-do attitude! Allison has never officially been in the military; boot Camps are one of her specialties.

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Barber & Styling 717 W. Broadway, Moses Lake 765-7371 or 760-1611 The National Motorcycle Riders Memorial Association proudly presents the

2nd Annual Memorial Motorcycle Rally Moses Lake Swapmeet and Mini Mall 4619 Stratford Rd NE, Moses Lake

July 26th-28th

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In memory of Mid Kreider & Jonathan Jones. For more information contact Catherine 509-750-3148.

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YOUR IS OUT OUTTHERE. THERE. YOURDREAM DREAM IS GO PROTECTIT.IT. GOGET GETIT. IT. WE'LL WE'LL PROTECT Chris J Arnberg Agency Chris J Arnberg Agency 821821 E Broadway Ave Ave E Broadway Moses Lake, WA WA 98837 Moses Lake, 98837 Bus: (509) 764-5144 Bus: (509) 764-5144 Chris J Arnberg Agency

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American Family Mutual Insurance Company and its Subsidiaries American Family Insurance Company Home Office – Madison, WI 53783 BC-222950 - 9/11

Virtual Branch & Bill Pay

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Check out our new look! Taste our new menu! (more changes in the works) Don’s offers daily lunch & dinner specials. Open Monday, Wednesday thru Sunday, Tuesday’s seasonal. Fresh Cut Steaks, Seafood, Gourmet Burger’s and more. Come into Don’s for great food superb service and relaxing atmosphere. | 85


Law Offices of Serious Personal Injury & Wrongful Death • Wrongful death • Traumatic brain injury • Automobile and trucking accidents • Insurance claims

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Life with a dirtbag vacuum cleaner - continued from page 67

Lois says, “USE THIS COUPON FOR $3 OFF!”* *Off a $30 dollar minimum purchase.

509-766-7650 1177 Stratford Rd., Moses Lake *Off a $30 dollar minimum purchase. Limit one coupon per person per day. Not valid on alcohol. No Cash Value. Expires 9/30/13 PLU#71496

dinner? Inbetween bites she says, “I broke the washer today.” “Mmm,” he says. “How’d you do that.” “Sledgehammer,” she responds without even looking up. Sometimes that might be a better solution. Just give up hanging on to these hulks and let them die a peaceful—or very violent—death and haul them to the landfill. But, back to vacuum cleaners. Years ago we had a used Kenmore that was work impaired—which means it was one of those dirtbag machines that was so pathetic you had to reach down in front of it and poke in the dirt. My husband, who probably used it twice the whole time we had it, hated that thing. So, he signed up at the fair for one of those fancysuited young fellows to come over and show us what I’ll call an “Enforcer.” I made him promise he wouldn’t buy it. We couldn’t afford $550. We couldn’t afford $5.50. We would just watch the show, collect the knife set, and be happy. This thing was amazing. It not only sucked up all the dirt in the carpet but reached down below the foundation and grabbed up all the soil under the house. The fellow asked for a pillow and sucked out a little pile of white powder, which he declared was dried skin. Great. Just what I wanted to sleep with. By the time the lad showed us how this amazing machine could cut hair I knew my husband was hooked. We were going to own an Enforcer. I didn’t like the Enforcer and the feeling was quite mutual. I tried to wrestle it around the house and it fought back. The kids couldn’t even get it to behave. My lazy little $25 Kenmore never acted like that. I complained bitterly every time I used it. Three times a week the poor man came home to dinner and a diatribe, which isn’t quite like dinner and a movie. Finally during an especially poignant moment he hauled the thing up the stairs to his side of the closet, shoved it in, and declared no one, NO ONE!, was allowed to touch his Enforcer. The kids and I all stared at each other wide-eyed. Personally, I wanted to laugh since he was such a sight dragging that hulk up the stairs. Something told me, however, that it wasn’t the right time to laugh so I chewed my cheeks. He got over it, of course, because that’s the kind of guy he is. And I learned to use the stupid Enforcer and not complain. I didn’t even think to pray for it to die and suffered with it for many years. Truthfully, I don’t even remember what happened to it. Maybe we sold it at a garage sale and some poor woman with an avocado washer and dryer is using it. | 87

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SMALL PLATES BIG POURS Sunday – Thursday • 4pm to Close

910 W Broadway Ave • Moses Lake, WA • 509-765-1611 | 89

Ring design can be seen at Frederick’s Jewelry on 3rd Ave, Moses Lake, or you may call Melea Johnson at (509) 431-3573 to place a credit card order.

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“It’s Where Your Momma Gets It!”

The Pacific Northwest’s Premier


Wines • Beers Cougar Gold Cheese Organic WSU Beef Baked Goods Espresso Bar WSU’s Ferdinand’s Ice Cream Local Craft Beers

110 HWY 17 (DAISY ST.) • 509-246-1432

7am-7pm Monday – Saturday • 8am-5pm Sunday | 91



*second dish must be of equal or lesser value. Not valid with any other offers or discounts.

507 E. Broadway, Moses Lake, WA (509)765-9975

530 W. Valley Rd By Chico’s 955We W. will Broadway Behind Hardware be at the fair to Ace serve you!





Any Regular Priced Drink *Excludes Kid’s Drinks

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LONGBOARD island lager


Longboard Island Lager is a smooth refreshing lager fermented and aged for weeks at cold temperatures to yield its exceptionally smooth flavor. A delicate, slightly spicy hop aroma complements the malty body of this beer.

Grilled pineapple, jalapenños, caramelized onions, BBQ sauce & lettuce.


Bananas, strawberries, ice cream and a touch of chocolate syrup! An American summertime drink!




930 N. Stratford Road | Moses Lake, WA | 509.766.9000 | | 93

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