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May your holidays be filled with music, laughter & good times!

Dale Roth Productions – Celebrating 30 Years! Live Sound • DJ • Studio • Premium Entertainment

509.793.6200 • Weddings • Festivals • Proms • Social Events • Community Events Corporate Events • Proms • Dances • Bands • Fairs • Much More… | 5

It’s time to decide

We’ve done our homework. All year long, the Venue Magazine has had eyes and ears focused on great performances, creative presentations of the arts, exciting entertainment in our region and note-worthy area businesses that stand out to exceptionally serve you. We are all about bringing to you, our readers, a publication that is filled to the brim with the very best our region has to offer.

Your thoughts are very important and we value your opinion and participation. Under no conditions should you and your taste conform. This poll is designed to help each of the 12 communities we serve know what YOU like and want to look forward to in the year 2014. Once we hear what YOU have to say, we will combine your opinion with our opinion and will expose to a much bigger audience – the good, the best, and the great.

Melea Johnson

Place YOUR vote and enter a chance to WIN a $100 Gift Certificate to any area business advertised in the VM of your choice!

So, once again we will poll our readers, tally their votes and announce to the world (or an important slice of it) the results of the 2013 VENUE BEST AWARDS. We make it easy. Once you have perused the pages of this issue, take your time to think of experiences you had over this past year. You see, event coordinators want to know. Your town leaders want to know. Business owners want to know. Your neighbors and friends want to know. Visitors from out of the area want to know. WE want to know so we can get the word out.

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On the Cover: Sandi Casebolt Photo by Robin L Green

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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! Michaelle, Sue & Melea with our very own community Santa, Bill Higgins | 7

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happy holidays!


Manta ray Aquatics is a competitive swim program from beginner to masters, novice to national. our focus is to develop a love of swimming through fun and friendship, hard work, dedication and competition. We believe swimming is a lifestyle, teaching self confidence, motivation and perseverance - striving for excellence.

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gifts with no strings attached sandi and dale Casebolt open their home to unwanted animals Article & Photos robin L Green | 11


s human beings, we search far and wide for unconditional love and acceptance. Many of us go a lifetime and may never find it. We may not measure up to those around us; or, those around us don't measure up to what we want, or need or expect. But for the dog, life is all about simplistic and unconditonal love and affection. They ask for so little. They give so much. So the end of their life, should, for all intent and purpose, have has much thought put in to it as you would any being that has sacrificed, served or just been the loyal companion for which we all hope for. Unfortunately, it is not always that way. It happens too much, perhaps it even happens more often than not. Sandi and Dale Casebolt know this, and since 1996 have been offering their home, their loving arms and open hearts to those dogs, cats and other animals that have, for whatever reason, found themselves alone and unwanted. Between circumstance and imperfection, these animals are facings abandonment, health isues, and death. With both their hearts on the same page, these Moses Lake residents try their best to make a difference in the animals life. They do not adopt them out--instead, they take them in. They do not make money for this venture of the heart. Private donations may be made to Pioneer Vet. They have been instrumental in the help needed to fulfill their mercy mission. "We could not do it without them. They have been amazing. How many vets would help to this magnitude?" Sandi and Dale are quite often asked "why" they do this. Why? Emotionally overcome, Sandi admits she can not separate animals and humans in need. Her heart is as big as they come, if someone, or something is in need, she helps. There are no strings attached, no obligation required. It really is as simple as that. We have had as little as 24 hours with a dog. Sandi agrees

death is not the worse scenerio in their rescues. It is all about the way it comes to the animals. A dog that is in a shelter and is frightened, sick and close to death come to Sandi and Dale and will have arms around when they leave this world, and let them go. It is the last act of love for both humans and animals. If the animal is treatable, and HAPPY, then they work at restoring health and offering a home and love. The animals do find them. Calls from all over the state, even the country come to Dale and Sandi. More than can be imagined. This time of year is especially hard for them because it means there will be a lot of puppies exchanged for old dogs, all in the name of Christmas "gift giving". Hard to imagine. Worse to believe. It happens. Dogs are turned in to shelters with thoughts they will be adopted out. In reality, old dogs and dogs with health issues are the hardest to adopt out. There are not enough Dale and Sandi's to go around, but these two people do what they can to ease the pain and suffering where they can. Sandi also volunteers regularly at the Food Bank. A life of service brings her complete joy and happiness. “To be loved by a horse, or by any animal, should fill us with awe – for we have not deserved it” – Marion C. Garretty. A powerful quote, so so true. These animals do not attach the strings, the obligations and the rules to us that we do to each other. Sandi and Dale Casebolt do not attach those strings to their services. "It's all--and ONLY about the dogs" she says while I am photographing them and preparing to write a short story on what they do. Eyes full of tears, she bleeds out love and compassion. Her gifts are pure. Her heart is pure. It does not come tied with fancy ribbon or glittering lights. It comes with two loving arms that hold a dog in sickness and in health, and even death. Respect and love, the final, and most precious of gifts.

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"Our dogs will love and admire the meanest of us, and feed our colossal vanity with their uncritical homage." – Agnes Repplier darla


just arrived with her sister These 2 dogs came from the coast where their elderly owner had passed away. The woman's son tried to take care of them, but he was homeless, and it became impossible to care for them properly. They are old, and will live out their days with Dale and Sandi, in a loving home.

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Gifts with no strings attached

Marvel Marvel had suffered severe abuse by his owner. Both of his back legs were broke; one needed amputation. The other one has been pinned and is healing. Dale and Sandi are trying to provide physical therapy for him through Pioneer Vet. The dog is happy and showing renewed trust and zest for life.

Anyone wishing to help with the care of Marvel who is needing a lot of medical care right now, may make a donation to Pioneer Vet Clinic in his name. the Casebolts do not take money for themselves. | 13

Juno Juno was born without eyes and totally deaf. A mutal friend heard about the 8 week old puppy that was going to be destroyed. Sandi and Dale took him in. That was 6 years ago. He is a happy dog that relies on his other senses, accutely in tune, to be aware of his suroundings, and the people in those surroundings.

Jack The author of this article wishes to pay respect to her old dog, Jack. "I was not there in the end, and will forever regret that. I did the best I could for him, and will always be grateful that he was one of the finest companions I have ever known."

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CALL ENVOY MORTGAGE & FEEL THE DIFFERENCE. Your local lender for the Columbia Basin. HONESTY AND TRUST In today’s market, that’s what separates us from all the others. We can guide you through the buying or refinancing process.

Call today for a FREE credit analysis! Gary Bracht

Branch Manager/Loan Officer NMLS# 109256 1250 Basin St SW, Suite B Ephrata, WA


Shelly Lewis

Loan Officer NMLS# 411982 2900 W Broadway Ave, Suite F, Moses Lake, WA


All applications are subject to credit approval. Program terms and conditions are subject to change without notice. Some products may not be available in all states. Other restrictions and limitations may apply. This is not a commitment to lend. Envoy Mortgage Ltd. NMLS#6666 | 15

Happy Holidays!

Dr. Chamberlain & Hope

Dr. Carpenter & Cutie

Dr. Jay & Fred

BROADWAY ANIMAL HOSPITAL 3712 E Broadway Ave., Moses Lake • 765-3481 Monday–Thursday 8am-5:30pm • Friday 8am-5pm • Saturday 9am-5pm

– Emergency service available –

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Advancement Via Individual Determination MLhs offers a successful college preparatory program

Article/JUdY bAker


was excited when my 10th grade daughter joined AVID at the Moses Lake High School. At the time, I had no idea how phenomenal the program is for our students and their future. I now know and hold it in high regard. A huge thank you to the administration, the directors and

teachers for assisting our children to become more advanced and ready for this academic world and for creating a positive supplementary atmosphere within the Moses Lake Community.

Let’s hear from the teachers: “First and foremost, I believe that AVID is an outstanding system to help students achieve their goals in education. AVID is an acronym that means Advancement Via Individual Determination. To break it down simply in non-educational terms it is about learning how to learn. AVID does this through what they call WICOR which stands for writing, inquiry, collaboration, organization, and reading. AVID uses various types of highly engaging and researched based teaching strategies to achieve this task. Unfortunately, not all students will be selected for the AVID elective class because there are certain criteria that

students must meet. However, I have witnessed many of the teachers here at Frontier adopt many of the AVID strategies which is helping all the students become more successful. One such strategy utilized school-wide is Cornell Notes. Note taking seems so simple, but when you do it systematically (the AVID way) it produces results. This is only one of many strategies. Organization is a huge piece of success for adults and students alike. This is why students have 3” binders to organize their materials and they are taught strategies to increase their organizational skills. I have even picked up a few to help me organize my own life and classroom. Another instrumental piece to AVID is the students taking ownership and pride in their work, which makes them want to “go the extra mile” because they see the results. Most of the students selected have average grades and just need a little extra help along with some goal setting strategies. Once they feel successful and build some confidence, look out, because they take their education more seriously and they start to achieve their goals.” Jon Valencia AVID teacher | 17

“An AVID student at MLHS is afforded support and guidance to success in college when they need it most. I wanted to be an AVID elective teacher because I firmly believe in the program and have seen students form bonds, become a family, and become successful, even when all odds are against them.” Ashley Nichols AVID teacher

“There are 30 years of AVID data to provide the research needed to see how and why AVID works. One of the best parts of the AVID curriculum is it allows the community, parents, business owners, and others opportunity to shape the future of our local kids. Support offered by parents as well as community members who come in as guest speakers regarding potential careers, can make a difference to one of our AVID students. Learning how to network, have a successful school or job interview, or discussing job potential in a specific career are worthwhile topics in which community members have a wealth of knowledge to share with these kids. As a middle school teacher it means convincing a kid to believe that through their own focus, desire, and hard work - they can take these specific set of skills, honed over several years, into a post-secondary setting of their choice and know, absolutely, that they will be successful.” Tracy Strophy AVID teacher

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JAN. 9-14

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Jazzercise Moses Lake Fitness Center

Come ready to dance! 824 W. 3rd Ave. • Moses Lake • 509-765-4581

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Left to Right: Luann Shoemaker, Vicki Heimark, Jeff Heimark, Brian Dano, Jennifer Charpentier and Nancy Stout.

We provide expertise in the areas of real estate and business transactions, estate planning and probate, and limited liability company (LLC)/corporation creation, management and transactions. You can count on confidential and individualized service with attention to detail and timeliness, all at a reasonable cost. We look forward to meeting you and addressing your legal needs in these areas.


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PREMIER PERFORMANCES Cash “Ring of Fire” October 15, 2013

ETS 2013-1by4:SPhEonAe:S50ON9.79T3-IC20K59 Order


The Bookery Ephrata

Heart by Heart March 15, 2014

Art BBCC Bookstore Moses Lake

Hansel & Gretel February 8, 2014 Lewis & Clark American Teamwork March 21, 2014

Henry & Mudge November 15, 2013 The Volta Piano Trio February 15, 2014

The Fantasticks January 21, 2014

Columbia Basin Allied Arts




For information call the Columbia Basin Allied Arts Office

509.793.2059 | 23

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Great Christmas Gift!

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Merry Christmas from the Masquers Theatre. We’d like to thank everyone for their support, patronage and friendship this past year and wish you all a joyous, healthy and prosperous new year | 27

Directors Joanne Bracht and Peggy Dubey are looking for a few good men . . . and women (actually quite a few) as they begin holding auditions for this winter and spring’s productions at the Masquers Theatre.

TUESDAY, DECEMBER 10, 2013 7 p.m, Bracht will hold auditions for seven adult aged roles, three male and four female for “The Lone Star Love Potion” SATURDAY AND SUNDAY, JANUARY 25-26, 2-4 p.m. Dubey will hold auditions for 16-20 male and female adult roles in “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” The forecast for the Columbia Basin may call for donning warm, winter clothing, but gale-forced laughter is definitely on it’s way as that madcap, master comedian, Joanne Bracht, returns to the director’s chair with another uproarious production, The Lone Star Love Potion, written by Michael Parker. “This is another side-splitting farce and promises to keep the audiences in stitches from beginning to end. Friday & Saturday 7:30 p.m. February 28, March 1, 7, 8, 14 and 15 Sunday Matinees 2 p.m. March 2 and 9, 2014 “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest” will open on the Masquers stage on APRIL 25, 2014, and run three consecutive weekends with 7:30 p.m. performances each Friday and Saturday night and 2 p.m. matinees on Sundays, concluding on Mother’s Day (May 11). Written by Dale Wasserman, the play is based on author Ken Kesey’s internationally acclaimed novel published in 1963. Set in an Oregon state mental hospital, the story is about a test of wills between two protagonists: Nurse Ratched, an icy controller who has ruled the hospital ward and its patients for 25 years, and newcomer R.P. McMurphy, a brawling, boisterous drifter who has feigned mental illness to avoid another stint in jail. For more information contact Peggy Dubey at (509) 793-3460)

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There are types of abuse: Emotional/Psychological, Physical and Sexual…

…but often we see them in combination.

DomaensdtSicexual Violence has no Place in our Community

domestic Violence & sexual Assualt services

840 e Plum st. • Moses Lake, WA 98837 509-764-8402 Moses Lake • 509-488-2699 othello • 509-932-0100 Mattawa | 29


104 West Third Ave. :: Moses Lake, WA :: 509.765.1333 PAINT TIL YOU FAINT




M-TH :: 11-7 :: F :: 11-8 SAT :: 10-7 :: SUN :: 11-4


:: ::



Discover your inner artist...

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AVID – Continued from page 16 “One major part of AVID class is the Tutorial. The Tutorial process requires a student to identify a specific problem for which they need extra help. A Tutorial Request Form is filled out explaining the student’s current knowledge on the specified problem and ultimately identifies student’s the point of confusion. During class students present their problem with a small group of peers and the group helps the student understand their problem through a series of questioning. The group is not responsible to teach the reteach the individual, but rather help the individual realize the error and change the level of understanding. My favorite part of the AVID program is being able to watch students transform from individuals who might have some hope for a successful future to individuals who mold themselves into powerful, confident learners and contributors to society.” Jeremy Quilter AVID teacher

“My students like to joke that we are a family and I am their school mom, but in many ways we do function like a family and I do sometimes feel like their mom. I am proud of my students for who they are becoming. They have learned to become self-advocates, become self-motivated, more organized, and challenge themselves both academically and personally. They are setting goals for themselves and living each day making choices to achieve those. I am confident in their success.” Stephanie Lopez AVID teacher

“I first decided to take the class on because I believed in the mission of closing the achievement gap for all students. Throughout my career, I have seen there are kids who miss opportunities for higher education, not because they aren’t capable, but because they didn’t know what was out there. As a teacher, it really was something I could get behind and believe in. What I didn’t realize when I started was the many different ‘hats’ being the AVID teacher would require me to put on. These students quickly turned into my kids. We became a very diverse family that disagreed, argued, supported, encouraged, loved and were there for each other. I think my AVID kids taught me just as much as I taught them. I am so proud of the 47 graduates. When I hear from any one of them now, my heart just bursts with how happy I am for what they are now experiencing in their lives. I am so excited to watch what all they do.” Kelly Ramirez AVID teacher

For over 30 years, AVid has become one of the most successful college-preparatory programs for low-income, under served students, and today reaches more than 400,000 students in approximately 4,500 schools in 47 states and 16 other countries/territories. | 31

“In the spring of 2011, my career and life changed when I interviewed 1 on 1 with a group of students who had taken the initiative to apply for the Avid program; a program that promised MORE work, MORE rigor, and MORE demands. In return, they would graduate more prepared for college than the statistics attached to them could ever say. From day 1 of their freshman year I have watched these young adults transform. They have learned to be organized, take meaningful notes in classes (that they actually go back and study), and most importantly, collaborate and problem solve in ways that will prepare them for the ‘college study world’. I have watched some of the students overcome obstacles in their young lives that would make me break and yet these kids are at school every day, working towards good grades and college acceptance. Not every day is pretty but they know that their hard work will pay off and that their dream of college is a reality. This program has been a big part in shaping their self-confidence and academic skills. Ask any of them and they will call our class our AVID Family. It has been an inspiring experience to watch them come together and lift each other up both inside and outside of our classroom.” Cassandra Carter Junior AVID teacher

“AVID was brought to Moses Lake High School in the fall of 2009. The goal, beyond academic achievement for elective students, was to create or enhance a college-going culture at Moses Lake High School by supporting high expectations and levels of achievement for all students. The first cohort of students graduated in June and in that graduating cohort of 48 students—46 are attending 2 or 4 year colleges and universities, another has enlisted in the US Navy and the other student is employed full-time in a light industry field in Moses Lake. We believe the record speaks for itself and has established an incredible benchmark for future AVID graduates.” David Balcom Executive Director of Student Services and AVID District Director

“AVID takes kids who have the potential to go to college but maybe not the resources or people in their life to push them and offers the support and motivation to get them there. I love being involved with the program for two reasons. AVID is a group of students with great academic potential and it is fun to see them tap into that, and the group stays together throughout high school and helps each other tackle all the academic challenges they face.” Mike Hofheins Sophomore AVID teacher

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One trip. To the #1 voted golf destination in all of Europe. Ten days. With individual instruction by PGA Golf Professional, Dirk Delfortrie. Endless stories. I can hear them now.

Photographer: Andre nunesĂŠ-nunesFotografia/169463653086553

Dirk Delfortrie | 33

Portugal voted world’s top golfing destination Portugal has grabbed the top award amid stiff competition for the best golfing destination in the world at the World Travel Award 2013. The Algarve, which already had been voted the ‘Best Golf Destination in Europe’ in September 2013, has now won the worldwide accolade, becoming the world’s best golf destination 2013.

Complete package available for a golf experience unlike any other, beginning in February 2014. Hosted by Golf Professional, Dirk Delfortrie, you will be warmly welcomed at the Robinson Club at Quinta da Ria, Tavira, Portugal. Experienced golfers undoubtedly know the course. Package includes: Airline reservations, 10 day accommodations, ground transportation, 8 days unlimited golf and personalized professional golf instruction. Package prices vary by date. Contact VENUE Magazine for brochure or visit our website. | | 509-431-3573/Melea Johnson continued on page 34

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dirk deLFortrie

YoUr host


British PGA Member: Class “A” (since 1993) PGA Holland Member: Class “A” (since 1996) European PGA Member (since 1993)

At the age of 13, dirk fell in love with the game of golf. having a family home on the 14th green of the Championship Course in Vale do Lobo, Portugal, delfortrie spent hours putting and chipping, igniting the passion to become a PGA professional. eager to finish his PGA training, normally a 3-4 year course, dirk completed his exams within 2 years, and scoring an unprecedented “perfect score” of 100/100 on his final PGA thesis. in 1993, at age of 23, dirk turned pro and spent two years as 1st Assistant Golf Professional at Pinheiros Altos Golf Course. the experience allowed him to start-up a new golf course, teaching academy, clubhouse and driving range…later to be recognized as the #1 british PGA golf facility in Portugal. With a strong desire to play and teach in the birthplace of golf, dirk spent the year of 1995 as PGA teaching pro at the Gleneagles hotel and Country Club in scotland, home of the 2014 ryder Cup. While teaching and starting a new Golf Academy for Gleneagles, dirk spent many mornings and serene scottish evenings, playing, teaching and confirming that this is what he wanted to do for his profession. Passing on his personalized teaching techniques to fellow players, ranging from beginners to advanced golfers, proved to be his calling. With a move to the United states in 1996, dirk spent the next few years in different parts of the golf industry. First as golf instructor at the butch harmon international school of Golf in Palm desert, California, where he focused, together with Claude & butch harmon, on the day-to-day development of top amateur golfers from Asia, providing them with high caliber tour instruction, mental development and tournament preparation. second, at Callaway Golf in Carlsbad, California to help establish a new division named interactive Golf. As Club specialist supervisor, dirk’s team was an integral part of rapidly advancing modern day club fitting throughout the industry, arguably being the starting point of today’s highly sophisticated launch

monitors. Working alongside Callaway’s tour staff professionals and being part of the equipment test panel, dirk’s knowledge grew exponentially. Finally, in the year 2000, dirk was eager to test his own golf skills at the highest level, spending two years travelling throughout europe and the UsA competing on various pro tours. he established sponsorship contracts with Callaway Golf, World travel int. & Penn sports. having never forgotten his passion for teaching, dirk taught fellow touring pros and provided corporate golf clinics / special events for his sponsors. After touring the world, dirk spent the following two years as Manager and head Golf instruction at strokes Golf in san ramon, CA. in 2004, dirk put all his knowledge together and started his own equipment golf company named Playing Pro. With quality being his #1 priority, his first product, the Unbreakable Golf tees, are made in Germany and sold worldwide. Consistently being ranked in the top 3 bestselling golf tees on His other products include the double X driver (multiple winner in europe), six shooter headcover and spider driver (deemed non-confirming because of it’s extremely high Cor)…Playing Pro is celebrating it’s 10th year in 2014, it’s still owned and operated by dirk. overall, dirk spent 25 wonderful years living in the UsA, but in 2008 he decided to move back to europe to be closer to his extended family. spending 5 years in the netherlands, teaching at the country’s best “players” club and coaching his competition teams to national Championship Titles. As the circle of life goes, Dirk now resides in the gorgeous countryside of Southern Portugal, “the Algarve”, where his love for the game began more then 30 years ago. With its many beautiful golf courses, stretching across the oceans edge and rolling hills, the Algarve holds the #1 voted Golf destination in all of europe! | 35

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Did you set yourself up? Prepare before you travel

Article/ben ormond, 3-d fitness - certified fitness trainer


hile I had my topic all picked out for this month’s column, it just went out the window. I had an epiphany! That’s a pretty big word for someone who has been up since 4 am. Anyway as I sit here on this Boeing 767, somewhere over what Jason Aldean would call the flyover states, it occurred to me how many people set their selves up for failure when they travel. I am referring to those of us that are doing our best to stay loyal to our fitness and nutrition goals.

Why is it that as soon as we head out on a trip, all Ben Ormond our dedication goes Certified Fitness Trainer out the window? It has taken me some time to realize that it doesn’t have to. Just like our normal everyday lives, the success or failure of our goals is determined by our decisions. So do you set yourself up for success or failure? Ultimately the choice is yours, but I am going to share with you what it has taken me years and thousands of miles to learn. It all starts with the preparation. We invest so much time researching and planning our trips, and it only takes a little bit more to prepare for success. When you are checking out your hotel options, check to see if they have a workout facility? If they do great, but don’t stop there. What some hotels call a “Fitness Facility”, I would call it a closet with a treadmill. Look at the pictures and reviews to determine if the fitness facility will meet your needs. Or at the very least, is it enough for you to work with? Now I realize that sometimes you have little to no options as to where you stay. So if your hotel does not have a fitness facility, do not fret. There are still some possible options. First check with the front desk. Some hotels have agreements with local gyms and will give you a free pass. Or if you are already a member of one of the large franchise gyms, you may have access to one of their gyms where you are going. I know Anytime Fitness and Snap Fitness are just a couple of gyms that offer this free perk. Check with your local gym for their policies and other locations. Lastly if none of these are options, call some of the gyms in the area and explain your situation. You may just score some free passes. If your trip involves some free time, research the area for local adventures. Remember exercise does not have to be in a gym. It’s all about getting up and getting moving. Who knows you may find a beautiful hike, great rock climbing, or amazing snorkeling! Just because you are on a trip, it doesn’t mean you cannot get in some physical activity while seeing the area.

If you have a fitness or nutrition question you would like answered in Fit Facts, feel free to email me at or submit your question on our Facebook page at

Membership available to employees & immediate families of: PUD’s & Municipal Corps or Grant, Kittitas, Okanogan & Douglas Counties; employees of cities of Ephrata & Soap Lake, Columbia Basin Hospital and Ephrata School District.

Call 509-754-5233 or stop by 217 Alder Street SW, Ephrata, WA for details.


Next up on the preparation list is nutrition. Nothing can sabotage all your hard work faster than fast food road stops and airport meals. If you are driving, scout ahead and see what healthier options are on the way. Subway is usually pretty easy to find. If fast food is the only or easiest option, go with the grilled chicken or order your burger without the bun. Skip the fries and wash it down with water. If you’re in the airport, search out those same healthier options. In either case you cannot go wrong with packing your own food. I know bodybuilders that pack their carryon luggage with Tupperware containers filled with their chicken and broccoli. There is no doubt that you may get some strange looks when you break out the Tupperware in the airport. However, would you rather get strange looks because you are eating healthy or because your clothes are 5 sizes too small? Again it’s all about decisions folks! Don’t forget to pack your snacks too! As we sit here eating our trail mix (that we made) and our beef jerky, they are passing out soda and cookies. No thanks! I am good! Whatever healthy snacks you indulge on at home, you can pack for on the go. Now don’t get me wrong, I know that sometimes our trips are just for fun. Vacation is a time to relax, recharge, and splurge. Am I going to hit the gym everyday? No, but I am committed to getting at least three workouts in this week. Even if that means getting up early while the family is still snoozing. Am I going to eat lean and clean all week? No, I will treat myself to a few indulgences that I cannot get at home or that just look amazing. However I am not going to wreck my entire nutritional plan all week, simply because when I do treat myself, my body pays for it. When you make a habit of eating healthy, your body knows when you put C.R.A.P. in it. So the bottom line is this, just because you are traveling you do not have to erase all the hard work and dedication you put into your fitness and nutrition goals. It is all about how you prepare. Do you set yourself up for success or failure? The decision is yours to make, and yours to live with. | 37

Virtual Branch & Bill Pay

Shared Branching

Your dream is out there. Go Get it. We'll protect it. Chris Arnberg Agency 821 E Broadway Ave Ste 18 Moses Lake, WA 98837 Bus: (509) 764-5144

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Make a SplaSh! JuMp in!


ATEC BUILDING (OF BBCC) 7662 CHANUTE ST. NE 4:00 - 7:00 PM 11 AM - 3:30 PM


324 S. Pioneer Way, Moses Lake, WA 98837 | Phone: (509) 765-7888 | Fax: (866) 535-1246 | | Email:

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The shattered Christmas teacup Story/jan thacker


arry and Ethel Smith and their brood showed up. Harry was Mom’s baby brother, tall and fit and rakishly handsome with black hair and a grin that revealed strong white teeth. Ethel was short, always happy, and usually smiling despite the turmoil that surrounded her. She seemed sort of boneless, like one of those round pork roasts in grocery stores that is held together with white string. As a child, I always thought of her as fat. Later I came to realize she was just always pregnant. Harry and Ethel had 10 kids, the oldest eight one right after another in age. There was a lapse of a few years before they started up again and they probably would have had a few more but Harry dropped dead of a heart attack one sweltering summer day while working in the woods just outside of my hometown, Whitefish, Montana. To have the fire of such a vibrant, lifeloving man extinguished was a deep blow to the family. Harry and Ethel lived in an old paint-flaked farmhouse with a front lawn that was kept bare from horses, chickens, goats, and barefooted runny-nosed kids. It wasn’t until the older kids were in high school that the outhouse gave way to a flush toilet in a tiny bathroom Harry squeezed in between the kitchen and back porch. The house was wall-to-wall kids, commotion, laughter, and chaos. It smelled of wet diapers, laundry soap (since doing laundry was a never-ending chore), and good food (since something was always bubbling on the stove). I loved going there. It was like attending summer camp. Everyone always had a project or something going on. In the summer we rode horses in the river and milked cows and chased down errant calves. In the winter we played cards and jacks, did puzzles and romped in the snow. And we ate. Ethel made the best rolls this side of Heaven, kneading the dough, like she did everything else—with a baby jiggling on her hip. The year I was eight or nine we had Christmas at Grammy and Granddads. It was a cold but beautiful sunny day and the snow glinted with diamonds. My other cousins and I had already made a dozen runs with our sleds down the big hill and had been called in to get ready for dinner. We stomped in with cherry-red chilled cheeks and stripped off our coats, scarves, and mittens and heaped them in a sodden pile. In the kitchen, Auntie Jane and Mom were fluttering around wondering what to do with all the food since Harry and Ethel were late.

All of a sudden, there they all were. Bleeding and bruised and agitated and every single one of them talking a mile a minute. It seemed that Harry had driven the back roads and had missed the corner at the end of a long steep hill a mile or so away. The car slid through a fence, bounced through the ditch and ended up in a cattail-studded swamp. Miraculously, no one was really hurt. They had walked the rest of the way, Ethel in high heels and tearfully carrying in front of her a small gaily-wrapped package containing the remains of a teacup she’d intended to give Grammy. Harry lugged the newest baby. While the women tended to the cuts and tears, the men took Dad’s pickup and a logging chain and went about the business of retrieving the injured car. Personally, I was very interested in the success of getting the car since the trunk was piled deep with presents. Including mine. I think about that Christmas sometimes, usually after a Christmas program or a community gathering where carols melt my heart and open the gates to warm memories. We had so much to be thankful for that Christmas day. We were all safe. We were whole. We had each other. That wonderful feeling took over that night, dwarfing everything else. As the subject of the car crash was brought up again and again, the tree didn’t seem as important, nor were the gifts. We were important. Each and every one of us. This Christmas there are a lot of people who are battered and bruised and bloodied by life. Many families will have empty places at the Christmas table. In countless homes plates will be salted with tears as heads are bowed to ask God’s blessing. Life is hard. Life is tragic. Many people won’t even receive the gift of a shattered teacup this year. Others don’t know how they will provide food for their children, let alone buy Christmas presents. Devastated finances, burned-out homes, divorce, illness, death…the list of what can go wrong in a life is endless. This is a frantic time of year. A time when we strive to be perfect, to give the perfect gifts and to have the perfect Christmas. We spend too much and eat too much and lose track of what’s important. And on December 26 we wallow in guilt and vow that next year it will be different. After two months of glitter and glitz the world suddenly seems just a tiny bit ugly and cold and hopeless.

But we are never without hope. And we are never without love. We are surrounded by God’s love and just need to reach out and grab it. He is our hope. As you come together to celebrate Christmas, please take a few minutes to remember that we are celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. And in him there is hope, peace, love, comfort, joy, and eternal life. There may not have been room at the inn, but there is room in your heart and that’s all he wants—a place in your heart. What a wonderful gift to give our Lord. And what a change it will bring to your life. I pray that all of you have a very merry, blessed, Christmas. | 41

Author, Jan Thacker

Jan Thacker grew up in Whitefish, Montana, and she and her husband and family moved to Alaska in 1975. Fairly new residents of Moses Lake, she co-owns Red Door with her daughter, Lisa Boorman. A longtime journalist, artist and author, her book, “The Widows of Danford,” is available in local stores and online.

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Respite Care • Adult Daycare • Family Education Support Group Services • Safe & Secure Community

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c o l u m B i a B a s i n c a n c e r f o u n D at i o n & B r o t h e rto n s e e D p r e s e n t t h e

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Benefit Dinner, Dance & auction auction

photo By roBin l photography

Country Sweethearts

sponsoreD By:

February 8th, 2014

Grant Co. Fairgrounds 5pm check-in & social hour

Join us for an evening to honor cancer survivors & warriors. Bring your sweetheart to our country-style celeBration featuring Dinner, Dancing, wine, Beer, silent & live auctions.

T ickets: $65/person or $500/table of 8 please rsvp By January 31st as space is limiteD

TickeTs also available aT The cbcF oFFice aT 1031 W broadWay or online on counTry sWeeThearT page. For more inFormaTion abouT sponsorship opporTuniTies or To donaTe To The silenT or live aucTions please call 764.4644 or email

46 | | 800-572-5678 AlmirA | Brewster | Bridgeport Coulee dAm | Creston | omAk | repuBliC

Wishing you all the Hope, Wonder and Joy that the Season can bring.

Merry Christmas! CALL OR TEXT 509-760-1324 | 47

Distributing food baskets to families

big bend Community College members conduct community service project Article/VenUe MAGAZine


embers of the TRiO/Students Supporting Students Club and staff members at Big Bend Community College conducted a community-service project November 21 at the Community Services of Moses Lake (Food

Bank) during which they sorted apples for food distribution. The following Monday, November 25, they helped distribute food baskets to hundreds of needy families as part of the Community Services of Moses Lake’s Thanksgiving drive.

(left to right): Ernesto Cardenas, Guillermo Valencia, Kevin Ream, Rebecca DeVictoria, Joanna Torres, José Peña, TRiO/SSS Director Custodio Valencia, TRiO/SSS Senior Advisor Luis Alvarez, Edgar Chen, BBCC President Terry Leas, Tony Villafaña, Rebecca Nuñez.

Merry Christmas

Kevin Burgess


from the United Country Staff.

We look forward to working with you in 2014. 101 Basin St NW Ephrata, WA 98837

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Red Door consigns jewelry, antiques, home decor, art, and furniture. We also carry new furniture, home decor and jewelry. Red Door offers a whopping 4,900 square feet of one-of-a-kind treasures.

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Owners: Lisa Boorman, Jan Thacker, Kyleigh Boorman &Alex (front) | 49

Moses Lake Open Water Swim Event August 23, 2014 / Blue Heron Park

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“Vacuum massage physically manipulates the collagen fibers and connective tissue and increases metabolism to the treated area through increased local blood circulation. This results in a smoother skin texture, thus reducing the appearance of cellulite.” – Dr. James E. Pickens, M.D., F.A.C.S.

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We like to take the pulse of our readership and find out what’s going on out in the big world. Where are they going for dinner and for entertainment? Who’s serving the best coffee or giving the best hair-dos? We like to know this stuff. We’re nosy. bUt we’re also willing to give-away a great prize for this fun info. You want to Win $100 don’t you? Well then, proceed with the inquiry!

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