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Digital Pocket Pedometers Are You Serious About Your Health - Weight Watchers Pedometer _____________________________________________________________________________________

By Jackie Brown -

By far the best selling Pedometer on the market today is the Omron HJ-112 Digital Pocket Pedometer. Are you serious about your health and want the most reliable and best value for money Digital Pocket Pedometer then the HJ 112 is the one to get. Forget the cheap Pocket Pedometers and the ones you get from the Breakfast Cereal boxes. They are are terrible quality and very inaccurate. The Omron HJ 112 is silent and will count every step accurately whilst you get on with your day. Omron's Dual-Axis Pocket Pedometers are the perfect choice, with 2D Smart Sensor Technology, which allows the pedometer to be placed horizontally or vertically and still measure and count steps accurately. The Pedometer can be clipped onto your belt or placed in your pocket. You can also clip it to your bag or pocket.Some other great functions of the Pocket Pedometer are.

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Aerobic steps Function - The unit displays the total number of aerobic steps in a day providing you walk more than 60 steps per minute and walk for more than 10 minutes continuously. This is great for running or stepping up your exercise to the next level.

Measures Time, Distance and Calories burned - The calorie display indicates a calorie consumed by walking and calculated from the weight, stride distance, number of steps, and walking speed.Stores 7 days worth of information - Never lose track of those previous steps with the memory functions Have you used other Pocket Pedometers that you have to remember to reset each morning ? Here is the best feature of the Omron HJ-112 Digital Pocket Pedometer.Automatic Midnight Reset - Never forget to reset your Pedometer again. It's done for you every night ready for you the next morning.Battery Life from the Standard CR2032 is approx 6 months if your doing 10,000 steps on average a day. The Omron Digital Pocket Pedometer HJ-112 ships with the following.Pedometer, Screwdriver, Strap Clip for Strap, Holder, Battery (CR2032), Instruction Manual & 1 Year Warranty.

A Pedometer is a portable device that counts your steps using sensors that detect motion when you walk. Most new Pedometers will provide you with other information like distance and calories burned by calibrating the unit with your stride measurement and weight etc.Pedometers are becoming cheaper and they are a great motivator for reaching your exercise goals. If you want to use your Digital Pocket Pedometer to it's full potential then you need to make sure that you calibrate the unit before you start using it. Features like the time, distance and calories burned all

rely on you setting your pedometer correctly before it's first use.Follow the user manual carefully as there is only a few settings and you need to get them right. It's so easy to do: Measure you stride length - This will make the distance measurements as accurate as possible.Set the Time - This is important to keep a track of your steps and automatically reset your counters for the following day.Set your Weight - Calories burned uses your weight as well as stride, steps and walking speed to calculate how many calories you have burned. The Omron Digital Pocket Pedometer is one of the most accurate Pedometers on the market and combined with it's Dual-axis accelerator Sensor it's not going to give you false steps. The unit has been tested and shows a Precision of Step Counting within +/- 5%.

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