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MBNews EDITORIAL ADVISORY BOARD EC Liaison – Bobby Mattos, AICA Bras & Mattos Monument Co. EAB Chair – Matt Worthington Worthington Monuments

Leadership Insights By Alison Raymer, CM, 2016 MBNA President

Dustin Anderson, AICA Dakota Monument Company

Industry News The Historic Oakland Foundation By David Moore

Marc Arntzen Gem City Memorials, Inc. Perry Giles, CM Giles Monument Company, Inc.


Publicity Trends & Innovations: Photographer’s Tips

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By Jerry Mascola and John Scott

MBNA Monument Industry Show


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This basalt family marker, designed and built by Dan Bellan Design of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, is a slant with dimensions of 49-inches in width x 12-inches in height x 10/7-inches in depth. The 3.25-inch tall lettering for the surname SCHERMBRUCKER was hand chiseled and textured with a point for the bush hammered look. The epitaph ”Pass here and sing your song” was chosen as the family is musical, and the wording is appropriate for the family plot. On the bottom right side is a bronze palm leaf that is meant to symbolize victory in a very broad sense, and to give the marker a feeling of ascendancy. There will be smaller flat grass markers placed in front of this slant marker.

Mission To define and promote memorialization in a viable, innovative and diversified way for the membership and to enhance the awareness of memorialization by the general public and the remembrance industry.

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POSTMASTER – Send address changes to MB News, 136 South Keowee Street, Dayton, OH 45402. Telephone: +1.800.233.4472 Fax: +1.937.222.5794 Web: www. Closing date: Four weeks proceeding date of publication. We reserve the right to accept or reject any advertising or editorial material. Subscription rate is $70 annually for members, which is included in the annual membership dues. The rate for non-member subscriptions or additional subscriptions requested by MBNA members is $125 a year. Single issue price is $12. ©2016 Monument Builders of North America MBNews (ISSN 0192-2491) is published monthly with the Buyer’s Guide in April by Monument Builders of North America (MBNA), 136 South Keowee Street, Dayton, OH 45402. Periodical postage-paid at Dayton, Ohio and additional2016 mailing offices./ 3 December

Civic Memorials

When communities need to memorialize members who have given their lives generously or sacrificially, a civic memorial provides a focus for commemorating significant people and events.

Civic memorials often become landmarks that embody a community’s spirit and history. Dakota Granite beautifully creates a lasting tribute that reflects honor and respect. Contact your Sales Representative at 1-800-843-3333 to learn more about creating a civic memorial.


Visit our website or follow us on facebook.

4 / December 2016 / MBNews


Leadership I N S I G H T S By Alison Raymer, CM, 2016 MBNA President

Bad Reviews So, a few weeks ago, I ran into an issue I had not tackled before--a bad review on a public site. Google to be exact. And, like anyone else would be, I was devastated by it – no one wants a poor review! The funny thing was, I didn’t recognize the reviewer’s name. I checked my customer list and came up with no matches. I was stumped. So I went and searched the person’s name on Facebook. And dawned on me. I knew exactly who the reviewer was. And I was horrified! This particular individual (who was not the purchaser) had family drama surrounding their mother’s monument. You know the situation-the purchaser and a family member don’t get along, and the purchaser requests that no information regarding the monument be given out to anyone. At all. As business professionals, we all have our own policies and procedures in place to deal with difficult family situations. Our company policy is to not give out information and not accept design changes, installation directives, etc from any person other than the purchaser (ie the person with whom we’ve entered into a contract) and his or her designees. It keeps things simple. But...that policy may also result in some unhappy folks. Namely the folks that the purchaser wants to keep away from the memorial. And, in the digital age, unhappy folks now have a platform from which they can scream their complaints.

It’s scary. It scared me. But I figured out how to turn that lemon into lemonade. So here is the review I received. It was a one-star review and it is publicly posted on Google for all the world to see. Unprofessional business. They lack telephone etiquette. Mourning the loss of my mother was difficult enough without the added stress of trying to have her monument set. How in the world does one respond to something like that in a professional manner? Especially given the situation at hand? And how does one do it in a manner that will win over any potential customers reading the review and response? I have five suggestions. Step 1: Jot down the specifics about the situation on a scratch piece of paper. In my case, I jotted down: family drama. Step 2: Jot down the core of what made the reviewer angry. In our case, we don’t think our phone etiquette was poor. And we don’t think she was upset by our professionalism. We truly think the reviewer was angry that we would not disclose information or comply with her directives. Remember, she was not the purchaser. Step 3: Jot down facts about your business that make you an expert. In our case, it is the fact that we’ve been in business since 1914. MBNews / December 2016 / 5

L E A D E R S H I P Once you jot these things down you are better able to construct a professionally crafted response to a negative comment. The key point is to stay positive. When responding to the comment you want to start off by addressing their issue. You can do this by empathizing with them, but you should avoid apologizing to them unless the specific situation requires it. I once had a professor who advised us to always use the customer’s name, especially when dealing with a complaint. I tend to lean upon that advice in opening communications as well (though I choose not to do it here.) Secondly, you want to highlight your expertise in your field and tie it into your response. Remember, potential customers will read the poor review and will also read your response. You must persuade those potential customers at this point. Thirdly, you should help the potential customer read between the lines and understand why you received the poor review. You must do this tactfully and professionally. So, for those who are wondering, how did we craft a response that empathizes with the reviewer, highlights our professionalism and lets a potential customer understand why we received the review? See below for our public response. We understand the complications and difficulties surrounding your particular situation. Since the inception of our business in 1914, we have worked with countless families and understand they may face many difficulties and disagreements in their time of grief. At Emerson Monument Company our policy is to only provide information to and comply with the directives of the person(s) whose name appears on the sales agreement. This allows us to stay out of family disputes and let them work it out amongst themselves. I think we nailed this response and hope that, with the advice contained in this article, you can too! Be firm, but stay positive! MB 6 / December 2016 / MBNews

I N D U S T RY N E W S Tennessee/Kentucky Monument Event The meeting of Tennessee Monument Builders Association and the Kentucky Association of Monument Dealers was held October 24, 2016 at the Holiday Inn Convention Center in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. A great time was had by all, and a couple of MBNA-winning recipients were selected. Greg Klaeber with Ashland Monuments in Kentucky won one year of free membership in MBNA. Penny McGuire with Merion Brothers Monument Company of Martin, Kentucky won free attendance to the 2017 MBNA Show in Indianapolis. MB Greg Klaeber

Penny McGuire

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Keep America Working!

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Alviti Creations• 385 John L. Dietsch Blvd.• N. Attleboro, MA 02763 •800-888-8258 • •

MBNews / December 2016 / 7

By David Moore

The MBNA Executive Committee had the pleasure of touring the historic and beautiful architectural grounds of Atlanta’s Oakland Cemetery during the planning of the MBUniversity Conference in 2016. They subsequently invited Executive Director David Moore to discuss Oakland Cemetery during the CM Dinner at the MBUniversity event. Moore addressed the importance of historic preservation, as well as the history of this 165-year old Historic Landmark Site. He also discussed how the Foundation approaches the restoration at Oakland, and the techniques that are being used in the restoration work. Attendees further learned about how the preservation of Oakland (and other historic sites) is an economic benefit to a community. Several cemetery photos are shown here for the readers of MBNews. 8 / December 2016 / MBNews


Old Jewish Burial Ground

Old Jewish Burial Ground

The Lion of Atlanta is a monument to the approximately 3000 unknown Confederate soldiers buried in what is now Oakland Cemetery. The fatally wounded lion is lying down, signifying defeat in battle with a fallen battle flag clutched in his paws. T.M. Brady of Canton, GA was commissioned by the Ladies Memorial Association to create this monument. The sculpture was commemorated on April 26, 1894. (Photo by Betsy Smith of Palmer Monument Company)

Confederate Section

MBNews / December 2016 / 9

10 / December 2016 / MBNews

HISTORIC SECTION African American Grounds

Potter’s Field

Jewish Section

MBNews / December 2016 / 11


Carrie Steele Logan

Bishop Wesley Gaines

Author Margaret Mitchell

Mayor Maynard Jackson 12 / December 2016 / MBNews

Jasper Newton Smith mausoleum

Golfer Bobby Jones



Botanical Garden

MBNews / December 2016 / 13

om o R   tion   with

tain e Produc r u C e   ting enance Fr s a l c B  Maint r mati

o Auto ell Built f ckn Bi

TENAX DOMO 10  Arguably the Strongest Epoxy Available for Stone 

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Elberton, Georgia         Phone:   800 241 7105  14 / December 2016 / MBNews


Cycling, jogging, dog walking, contemplation, social events, the spirit of Halloween, 5k fun runs, guided tours

MBNews / December 2016 / 15


Cycling, jogging, contemplation, social events, the spirit of Halloween, 5k fun runs, guided tours

16 / December 2016 / MBNews


Volunteer opportunities and Eagle Scout projects

Bell Tower Ridge Model Apartment and Venue Rental

MBNews / December 2016 / 17

(Editor’s Note: We are always looking for good photos for use in and on the cover of MBNews. While we need them to be at least 300 dpi and 1 mg in quality and resolution to qualify for the cover, at a minimum of an 8 x 10 format and preferably in a vertical presentation to avoid graphic framing. We are oftentimes asked ‘How do we take better pictures?’ MBNews went to two of the best photographers in the association, who have taken Convention and event photos for the magazine as well as monument and industry, to provide their professional input.)

What Makes a Good Photo? By Jerry Mascola, Granite City Tool of Vermont In getting a good useable photo, one thinks that they need hundreds and hundreds of dollars worth of equipment. As you see me walk around the convention taking photos and notice an average Single Len Reflex (SLR) camera, I have even used just a point and shoot camera at times. In a pinch, I have used my cell phone. As the average person looking to take photos, here are some pointers. 18 / December 2016 / MBNews

Equipment Digital camera with flash and SD Card – Any good digital camera should do. Most modern cameras come with cables to hookup into the printer or computer to download and email. The price range is from $50 to $199 and up. Cell phone – Any cell phone with a camera, a removable mini-SD card, and which is blue-tooth/wireless/e-print capable should work fine. Some are able to email or with e-print send to printer. The price is free to unlimited depending upon your mobile plan. Printer – One that is blue-tooth/wireless/e-print capable is preferred. I have a HP Officejet Pro 8100. The regular cost is around $149, with specials available at around $99. The ink is the main cost! Setting Quality Once you have the above, you are ready to take photos that should make your customer happy. You take them, send or print them, and then find out there may be problems. Here are some areas to consider to improve the setting quality: 1. Be cautious of using a flash, and be aware of


the lighting/shadowing/time of day as well as the impact all have on photo quality. Bad lighting and staging may cover up, wash-out, or shade the photo, letters, or the design items you wanted to capture. 2. Be aware of the surroundings, including carpet/grass/floor/ and customer. Be extra careful to ensure your reflection is not seen on the monument.

it readable or viewable. Study the layout of the cemetery/place and photograph accordingly. If what you want the photo to highlight is on the front of the monument, most of the time you want the early morning Eastern sun to shine on the front. Or pick a time when you can avoid shadowing. If the features are on the back of the memorial, later in the day for the Western setting sun might be best.

3. Be familiar with the monument and manufacturer color/design so the customer does not believe they did not get what they wanted just because of the photo quality. 4. Be aware of how the angle, the weather, and the surroundings of a photo come into play regarding quality. Time of Day – Look at the monument or subject to ensure you have the light and highlighting you want to make MBNews / December 2016 / 19

20 / December 2016 / MBNews


Be cautious of using a flash, and be aware of the lighting/ shadowing/time of day as well as the impact all have on photo quality. Bad lighting and staging may cover up, washout, or shade the photo, letters, or the design items you wanted to capture. The sides might accommodate a flash or other type of lighting, as they may be less reflective. Night time is another matter. While it can be difficult, I have taken some photos with a flash and gotten a usable image. Lighting – Natural or artificial light are both workable. Just remember the time of day may make a difference. Your priority often is you want to read/see the subject/letters. If you can make out those details in the view finder/ screen, you have a good chance of being able to capture a good picture/image. Sometimes you may have a time crunch or other parameters, and you may have to use the best lighting you have at hand. A flashlight, camera flash, or reflector can make a big difference. The reflector can be anything that will reflect the light onto the subject and not wash it out. The more you

use it, the more you will be aware of its capabilities. Angles – Sometimes just standing a little off to the side or tiling the camera/phone could make a big difference. Even a simple black cloth angled on the ground will take out any mirroring effect. (See photo.) Weather – At times, the weather conditions can help or hinder photo quality. Snow, raindrops, as well as sunshine on the lens, ground, or subject can make a big difference in quality. These items set the stage for a simple starting point. Remember that practice makes perfect. Shoot lots of images and experiment. Start with your display, subject, or whatever catches your interest! Mascola Photos courtesy of: Joe’s Custom Manufacturing Of Quality Memorials, Inc. MBNews / December 2016 / 21


The Ultimate iPhone Challenge

exposures from dark to light and merge them together, hopefully giving you an image that By John Scott, High Cross shows details in both the shadowed areas Monument Company and in the highlights. A good, “clean” HDR The following photos are an image will look realistic and be close to what your eyes see. experiment to see just how little For iPhone I recommend ProCamera with gear we can get away with using the additional Natural HDR add-on, an in-app and still capture a very good purchase for under $10 for the pair. Much memorial photo. To make this experiment as more than just an HDR app, ProCamera is difficult as possible, we intentionally picked a bright sunny afternoon with harsh light coming full-featured and could easily become your go-to photo app. Check out all it can do and from behind our laser-etched, black granite their short video tutorials at their website memorial. There have been great improvements in There are lots of HDR apps for the iPhone, photographic hardware and software in the but this one has all the features you need last few years. While nothing will replace such as a timer. In my experience their professional level gear and know-how, it’s Natural HDR add-on turns out the highest worth looking into how close we can come quality images as well. to professional results with just our iPhones The iPhone’s built-in HDR option is very weak and a couple of very inexpensive pieces of by comparison. I do not know what HDR apps gear to control the light. are available for Android, but they are out there Good monument photos are absolutely and most of what we cover here will apply to critical for marketing on the web and as Android and all other types of cameras, DSLRs proof of our good work in our sales office. included. The public expects and insists on high Two Pieces of Cheap Gear You Need quality images these days. If we can’t While using ProCamera in HDR mode, the produce them they may just move on to camera is taking a series of up to five photos, another source. which might take a couple of seconds. Most photographs of memorials are taken Therefore, it is critical that you use a tripod to after setting. We all know what we get if hold the camera perfectly steady or you will get we just walk up and snap the shutter, junk a blurry image. Get yourself a budget tripod for almost every time. under $50 and an adaptor mount that will hold Being outdoors can make it very your iPhone, under $10. challenging to control the light. In almost As good as ProCamera’s HDR is, sometimes every case to get an acceptable image we on a sunny day such as this, the extreme either have to add light or take it away. Here brightness and contrast in a scene are just too are some ideas for improving our results with much for software alone to compensate for. In new software, a couple of inexpensive pieces situations like this we have to either add light of gear and a very short learning curve. or take some away. Fortunately, there are cheap, Where To Start? First, get yourself a full-featured HDR (High Dynamic Range) App for your cameraphone. HDR apps are very useful in contrasting lighting conditions. They take a series of photos at different 22 / December 2016 / MBNews

simple tools to accomplish both of these tasks. Imagine you are photographing a memorial in the afternoon where typically the sun is behind the memorial leaving the face in shade. Here we would use a simple reflector to bounce sunlight back onto the face of the memorial to light it up.


I recommend an oval 5 in 1 reflector 40-inch X 60-inch or larger. They fold up as shown for compact storage. You can get these on Amazon for just $29.

These 5-in-1 reflectors are multi-purpose and also can act a shades, which are invaluable if you are trying to photograph a polished flat marker. Just hold it above the marker to create shade and eliminate the reflection of the sky. Using the translucent white screen portion of the reflector package can be used to partially shade a smaller memorial from harsh, glaring sunlight. One other cheap but critical piece of gear is a 10-foot X 20-foot black, cotton (muslin) backdrop cloth. Also available on Amazon for under $26. These are used to block reflections from the face of polished dark granite memorials. You will need to experiment with your camera position off to one side of center while holding up the cloth on the other side of center. By carefully positioning the camera and cloth you can block reflections while keeping the cloth out of the shot. To get the best photos you may be using the HDR apps in conjunction with the reflector or a shade as we did here. So how do you hold a reflector while taking a photo? That’s where the tripod, your second set of hands, and the timer feature in ProCamera come into play. You can set the variable timer to count down for as long as 20 seconds before taking the shot, giving you plenty time to get your reflector or shade into position. All Images Need Editing Finally, we need to organize and edit our photos to transform a good shot into a great shot and to be able to find them in the future. Every photo needs to be edited, and there are many apps to do this. Always edit on the largest screen you have. Don’t try to seriously edit on your phone. The screen is just too small to clearly see what you are working with. I recommend getting a subscription to Adobe’s Photography Plan at, where you get both Lightroom CC and Photoshop CC for just $9.99 per month! Even if you never use MBNews / December 2016 / 23

PHOTOGRAPHER’S TIPS Photoshop, Lightroom CC is easy to learn and use and well worth the cost. On-line training is available at low cost

Photo 1

for both of these apps. These are the apps that almost every professional photographer and image editor uses, but you can be up and running, getting started, with just a few hours of training. The Results In our initial photo using the native iPhone Camera app on an iPhone 6+ the camera performed as would any type of modern camera in “Auto Mode”. It exposed for the huge amount of available light, leaving the face of the memorial underexposed and almost completely black. The image is clearly unusable. (See photo 1.) The contrast in lighting this afternoon was too much for the ProCamera’s HDR software alone to overcome. We had to add light to the face using our reflector and do some minor editing in Lightroom CC. Just these few, small extra efforts paid off in spades with a very sharp professional looking image. An image that can easily sell a memorial! (See photo 2.) Using a reflector could not be easier. Just position it to bounce sunlight off of the face of a memorial at an angle where it is picked up by the camera. (See photo 3.)

Photo 3

Photo 2 24 / December 2016 / MBNews

We use the back of the memorial to illustrate how to block reflections on dark granites using the backdrop cloth. Here heavy reflections of the grass and guy-wires cover the back. (See photo 4.)


Photo 4

By holding up the backdrop cloth to block the light bouncing up from the grass we eliminate its reflections. Very simple. You just have to look at the stone from behind the camera to know when the cloth is properly positioned. (See photo 5.) Place the camera off to one side of the memorial’s center and hold the cloth off to the other as shown here. That’s all there is to it. Larger monuments with likely take more than one person to hold up more of the cloth. (See photo 6.) Conclusion Excluding the iPhone, if you had to buy everything we used in this challenge you would only have spent around $125. Knowing that during a sale the right photo in the right hands can earn you literally thousands of dollars, that’s a minuscule investment.

Photo 5

Photo 6

The techniques used apply to all memorials not just ones made of black granite. Once you understand the need to control light and how to do so you are well on your way to better photos and more sales. I will be glad to talk with anyone who would like to improve their photography skills. Please give me a call. MB MBNews / December 2016 / 25

2017 MBNA Monument Industry Show

Welcome to Indianapolis!

(Use logos and graphics already established)

The Monument Builders of North America is excited to bring you our 2017 MBNA Monument Page 1 Industry Show! This event will be held on February 10-12 in Indianapolis, Indiana. We have an Welcome to Indianapolis! outstanding educational line-up scheduled, but the full display offers will again be the feature of this event. The Monument Builders of North America is excited to bring you our 2017 MBNA Monument Industry eventthe will be helddisplay on February 10-12 in Indianapolis, outstanding WithShow! this This being full convention thereIndiana. will We be have lotsanto see and do. What a fantastic educational line-up scheduled, but the full display offers will again be the feature of this event. way to put a face to the name of the person you visit with over the phone, for both the wholesale With this being the full display convention there will be lots to see and do. What a fantastic way to put and retail side, as suppliers will be on hand to discuss their products and explain their services. a face to the name of the person you visit with over the phone, for both the wholesale and retail side, as suppliers will be on handcare to discuss products and explain their services. We will also be taking of their MBNA’s annual business meeting, announce award recipients, We will alsoCertified be taking careMemorialists of MBNA’s annual business meeting,our announce recipients, recognize new and install newaward officers and trustees for the 2017-18 year. recognize new Certified Memorialists and install our new officers and trustees for the 2017-18 year. Everything considered, this promises to be a convention and industry show you will not want to miss! Everything considered, this promises to be a convention and industry show you will not want to miss! Sincerely, Sincerely,


Josh Bell, JoshAICA Bell, AICA MBNA Vice-President && Convention Committee Chair MBNA Vice-President Convention Committee Chair 26 / December 2016INDUSTRY / MBNews WHAT IS THE SHOW?

What Is the Industry Show? Come to the show everyone is talking about... Past attendees have said, “I learned enough from this show to dramatically increase sales and profits. This show doesn’t cost; it pays.” The premier North American showcase of mausoleums, monuments, equipment, and more, MBNA’s 2017 Monument Industry Show offers retailers and memorialists the opportunity to view exhibits featuring new products and services, as well as network with key manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors and suppliers in the industry. Who should attend the Monument Industry Show? ● All

memorialization professionals

● Owners

and managers

● Salespeople ● Monument

To learn how to better serve your customer, you need to know about industry trends, new products, new techniques, and new services. In short, you’ll have the opportunity to: ● See

the latest offerings from granite and marble manufacturers and wholesalers

● See

new products from distributors and bronze manufacturers

● Learn

the latest in software and other technology that will improve and enhance your business

● Network with

your peers

As always, this annual event will feature MBUniversity’s highly educational seminars. Attendees are given the opportunity to learn from and network with key individuals in the monument industry as they discuss new products, services and information vital to business planning.


● Children

of owners who are getting into the business

● Shop


● Associates

involved in the monument industry

Actually, anyone involved in the industry should be in Indianapolis in February. It has something for everyone. Why Attend the FullExhibit Monument Industry Show? MBNews / December 2016 / 27


Monument Installation – Tips and Tricks Beyond the Basics Friday, February 10 2:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. Presented by Troy Caldwell, CM, AICA, Caldwell Monument Company Over the years, some things have remained the same in monument installation. However, many aspects have changed because of new tools and products being developed. Troy Caldwell, CM, AICA has seen most of these changes having installed monuments for well over three decades. Mr. Caldwell, CM, AICA has invited numerous industry leaders to join him on stage to share some of the tips and tricks that they have come up with over the years. This hour-long educational session will be a great investment in your business, with content worth bringing your setting crew to the convention! The session will be reviewed and explored more in post event MBNews articles with pictures and reference materials for you to take back home with you. Come and join us for a fun learning experience! S.W.A.G. Be Gone! Friday, February 10 3:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. Presented by Alison Raymer, CM, Emerson Monument Company, Inc. When it comes to pricing, our old friend, S.W.A.G. (Some Wild Amateur Guess), almost always comes up. The days of S.W.A.G. are over now, thanks to this one hour pricing presentation! In this presentation, attendees will gain an understanding of how to utilize their income statement and balance sheet, along with simple formulas, to determine what their optimal price point should be to remain profitable and sustainable. Alison Raymer, CM, the 2016 President of the Monument Builders of North America, has a bachelor’s in Professional Accountancy from Ouachita Baptist University, as well as a Master’s of Business Administration from John Brown University. She is the co-owner of Emerson Monument Company, Inc., based in Springdale, AR. 28 / December 2016 / MBNews

It Costs How Much?! Saturday, February 11 10:30 a.m. – 11:45 a.m. Presented by Jed A. Hendrickson, CM, AICA, Santa Barbara Monumental Company, Inc. This presentation will walk through ways to understand and measure the manufacturing costs for a typical monument company. Knowing this information will aid in establishing profitability goals, and when outsourcing certain manufacturing processes make sense. A member, by invitation, of the American Institute of Commemorative Art, a group committed to promoting good design and art in cemetery memorials. Jed became the Executive Director of AICA in 2012. Jed maintains memberships with Monument Builders of North America, where he served as president in 2001; and the California Monument Association, where he served as president for 5 years. He has been a Certified Memorialist since 1995. Jed is also a past director for Make-A-Wish Foundation. Jed A. Hendrickson, CM, AICA, is the owner of Santa Barbara Monumental Co., Inc. Born in Santa Barbara, Jed attended Santa Barbara City College and Brigham Young University before joining the family business in 1982. Santa Barbara Monumental was started by Jed’s grandfather in 1931 and is run by both Jed and his wife, Deborah. They have been married for 27 years and have three sons and six grandchildren. Jed’s training in memorial art is largely self-taught and acquired by working in the industry since his youth where he worked after school, involved in design and layout. Formal art training includes dropping out of two art classes and winning a third grade art contest. Remembering the Greats Saturday, February 11 1:45 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. Presented by: • Terry Joy, AICA, Joy Monument Co. • Charlie Hunt, FAICA, Hunt Memorials, Inc. • Jim Peterson, AICA, Peterson Monuments, Inc. • Jim Gast, AICA, Gast Monuments Inc. Charlie Hunt, FAICA, Jim Peterson, AICA, Terry Joy, AICA, and Jim Gast, AICA are four of the most highly regarded memorialists today. In this presentation, they will discuss the history and legacy of designers that influenced them. While all four men were influenced by many different people, they shared one common mentor, Bert J. Gast, FAICA. This will go deeper than Bert and

his contemporaries, Gene Faehnle and Harold Schaller, known as the “Trio of the Greatest Generation”. They will tell the stories of those who have come before us and shaped our industry into what it is today. This session will include four lessons on how to “make a design better”, utilized by groups with a practical case study, and conclude with a Q&A session. Terry Joy, AICA, Joy Monument Co. In 1981, Terry Joy graduated from high school planning to study architecture the following fall; however, his plans changed after accepting a position at a local monument company. This simple, summer job lead to his intense passion for creating personalized memorials that continues to grow stronger to this day. Joy’s designs have earned several awards from both the American Institute of Commemorative Art and the Barre Granite Association. Terry has also won the 2000, 2011 and 2016 Eugene Faehnle Design Award, and has been an instructor at both the American Institute of Commemorative Art and Elberton Granite Association – Memorial Design School. Charlie Hunt, FAICA, Hunt Memorials, Inc. Charlie Hunt began working in the family business in 1982 after graduating from the University of the South in Sewanee, Tennessee with a degree in History. Within a year, he was asked to do some sketches of monuments and quickly found his niche. This inspired him to return to school for art and drafting classes, and even travel to Vermont to train with traditional stone craftsmen and learn the stonecutter methodology that has been in practice for over two centuries. Charlie Hunt is the first recipient of the Eugene H. Faehnle Award from The American Institute of Commemorative Arts (AICA), the highest place award of its kind in the monument industry for design. Other prestigious 1st Place Awards include MBNA’s Biondan Bronze – Bert Gast Memorial Award, The Harold J. Schaller, AICA Conceptual Design and Rendering Award, MBNA’s Design Contest People’s Choice Award, and the MBNA Award for Outstanding Excellence in Monument Design. Jim Peterson, AICA, Peterson Monuments, Inc. Jim started out as a carpenter out of High School, and then went to Community College and attained a degree in Criminal Justice. Upon graduation, Jim joined his father in the funeral business selling monuments. His drawing abilities allowed him to sketch things he needed to show his customers, which, in turn, inspired

him and his father to try to do some of the actual stonework themselves. They opened up a small shop, and after learning everything he could on his own, Peterson enrolled in the Barre Stone Trades School in 1975. In 1996, Jim was invited to be a member of the American Institute of Commemorative Art where he served for 12 years on the Board of Directors and held the office of President for two terms. He has won numerous awards in design over the years and has given several seminars both on design and rendering. Jim Gast, AICA, Gast Monuments, Inc. Jim Gast began to work full time for his family business in 1974. He had always wanted to work in the shop with his dad, who was seen as an iconic designer in the monument industry. In 1975, Jim apprenticed with a local monument company to learn different lettering styles (square sunk, round raised, v-sunk). A month later, Jim returned with tips and tricks that he still uses to this day. He worked alongside Ray “Moz” Mozoliauskas, another iconic memorialist, where he learned how to use different tools and create different textures. Over the years Jim has worked with his grandfather, father, 3 siblings, wife, and now his two children. The Power of Social Media in Growing Your Business Sunday, February 12 11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. Presented by Rob Rosenberg, Springboard Brand & Creative Strategy Ltd. This session will help monument builders better understand the opportunities that social media can present in terms of creating new customers and increasing sales. From building relationships with community members to showcasing the art and craft of monument building, social media is a cost efficient strategy to reach consumers and gain recognition for your company’s brand. During this session, attendees will experience a post being created, shared, liked and boosted. There will also be discussion on how to target messages and create ads. Mr. Rosenberg is the President of Springboard Brand & Creative Strategy. Prior to founding Springboard in 2002, Rob was involved in the leadership of two national/international marketing communications companies. He is a frequent speaker and is regularly featured in trade publications on the subjects of brand development, advertising and social media. MBNews / December 2016 / 29

I N D U S T R Y FEBRUARY 2017 3-5 New England Monument Dealers Association Convention Sturbridge, MA Contact: Philip Costanzo | +1.860.886.6200 10-12 Monument Builders of North America Industry Show Indianapolis Convention Center & Westin Indianapolis Indianapolis, IN Contact: MBNA Staff +1.800.233.4472 www.monumentbuilders. org/2017show

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APRIL 2017 5-8 International Cemetery, Cremation & Funeral Association Annual Convention & Exposition Music City Center & Renaissance Nashville & Omni Nashville, TN Contact: ICCFA Staff JUNE 2017 22-24 Southern Monument Builders Association Annual Convention Hilton Dallas/ Rockwall Lake Front Rockwall, Texas Contact: Sammie Peters | +1.817.332.2689

JULY 2017 20-22 Mid America Monument Builders Association Annual Convention Downstream Casio Resort Quapaw, OK Contact: Ruth Bell, CM | +1.785.738.2257 SEPTEMBER 2017 19-22 Catholic Cemetery Conference 67th Annual Convention & Exposition Summerlin, NV For more information, please visit www.


Don’t miss your chance to network with the industry’s finest professionals! Pre-register today! Thursday, February 9 Presidential Welcome & Kickoff! 6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. MBNA has returned to Indianapolis and is excited to see new faces and old friends! Come to this informal gathering to meet MBNA Leadership and say hello to fellow convention goers before the event officially begins on Friday! Friday, February 10 Certified Memorialist® Workshop & Lunch (for CMs only) 11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. All Certified Memorialists are encouraged to attend this workshop! This event will allow you to explore, collectively, a myriad of industry topics with your fellow CMs! Enjoy each other’s company, compare notes on how you’re accruing CEUs for recertification, and enjoy a great presentation Opening Happy Hour on Exhibit Floor 4:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. This networking event brings you together with manufacturers, suppliers, wholesalers and your peers to discuss business needs and opportunities in a casual atmosphere. This is a great opportunity to expand your universe of contacts and collect ideas to apply in your business. Complimentary

hors d’oeuvres, two drink tickets and a cash bar will be provided. Saturday, February 11 Exhibit Hall Open with Continental Breakfast 8:00 a.m. – 11:45 a.m. Be sure to join us as the Exhibit Hall opens for a complimentary continental breakfast! New/Veteran Memorialist Mixer 5:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. Are you new to the monument industry? Don’t miss out on this chance to meet and greet industry veterans and association officers so you can start hit the ground running in your new career. Installation and Recognition Dinner 7:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m. The Installation and Recognition Dinner provides you with one last chance to finish building business relationships started on the show floor. Beginning at 7:00 p.m., the event features an hour-long happy hour followed by dinner. Attendees representing all aspects of the memorialization industry attend this event, creating an excellent venue for discussing business opportunities and partnerships. This is your chance to meet with members of the industry you may have missed during show hours. Sunday, February 12 Worship Service 7:30 a.m. – 8:00 a.m. All are welcome to this non-denominational worship service. MBNews / December 2016 / 31


MBNA encourages everyone attending the Annual Meeting and Monument Industry Show to purchase a full registration. This provides admission to all convention activities, MBUniversity programs, meal functions and the Exhibit Hall, making it the best value for your money. Only those individuals with registrations that have been paid in full will receive their badges. To receive the early bird special rate, registrations must be received by January 15, 2017. Enjoy the 2017 Full-Exhibit Monument Industry Show with a convenient on-line or mail-in pre-registration process. Now you can pre-register for the Convention in all categories and capitalize on great savings as you enjoy this year’s show. Attendees of the 2017 MBNA Monument Industry Show can now pre-register for: Full Convention Pass – Experience it all! This year’s full convention pass provides admission to all exhibit hall hours, all MBUniversity Educational Programs, all scheduled meal and social functions and more. A great value! Subsequent Convention Pass – A chance for a second or third person from the same company to experience it all! Subsequent registrants from the same company will be admitted to all exhibit hall hours, all MB University Educational Programs, all meal and social functions and more. Exhibit Hall Only Passes – You don’t want to miss a chance to be a part of this year’s fullexhibit. Day passes are available for admission to the exhibit hall for one day only, including any social functions on the exhibit floor that day. Reserve the day of your choice today and save significantly over on-site registrations.

ONLINE By MAIL Monument Builders of North America 136 South Keowee Street Dayton, Ohio 45402 By FAX +1.937.222.5794 To receive the early bird special rate, registrations must be received by the close of business on January 15, 2017. All mail-in registrations should be postmarked no later than February 1, 2017 to guarantee preregistration processing. Payment Options MBNA accepts checks, cash, money orders and credit cards (Visa, MasterCard and American Express) as payment for Convention registration. Changes, Cancellations and Revisions in Convention Registration Please notify the MBNA office promptly to make any changes in your Convention registration by calling +1.800.233.4472 or email Cancellations for full refund must be received by MBNA in writing no later than December 31, 2016. Cancellations received after December 31, 2016 must be in writing and will subject to a $50 cancellation fee. There will be no refunds for cancellations received after February 1, 2017 or for “no shows”. All registrations are transferable. MBNews / December 2016 / 33

CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING Monument Company for Sale Upstate New York’s largest monument company is for sale. A 41-year old company with just over $1 million in annual sales. Over $100,000 in lettering alone. All new trucks (six) including two setting trucks and a three-yard mobile concrete mixer. New Bobcat excavator and Bobcat RTV.Complete modern sandblast facility. Cochran’s cutting system. 24-inch diamond saw and all polishing equipment. Etching machine. Two mobile lettering rigs (one brand new this year). Diamond wire saw…etc. Call Rick at +1.518.569.0605. Serious inquires only!

Used Equipment for Sale Davey 265 CFM air compressor-60 HP-240 Volt-three phase-6395 hours-8 years old; Gerber GS750 plotter 30”; ABC automatic blaster model “E” with 7’6” x 7’6” Ruemelin curtain; 1250 CFM cartridge dust collector-99.7% efficient-3 years old; 2001 Ford F-750 footing /installation truck, 30000 GVW, 6500# knuckelboom crane, 125 gallon water tank, drum concrete mixer; 2001 UD Truck 23000 GVW, 5000# knuckelboom crane; Call Phil at +1.618.972.3324. MBNA Disclaimer

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WITH A PARADISE PICTURE Where love and loss come together, there can be no such thing as going “half-way.” Which is why the finest memorials feature the world’s finest memorial portraits by Paradise Pictures. There is no compromise. Each portrait is a beautifully hand-crafted, nearly indestructible work of art, with the most vibrant colors and richness of detail that simply can’t be generated by a copier. It’s a visible difference you may be proud to present to your customers. To them, it will mean the world. For a free sample, along with our price list, call us or email


650 Thunderbolt Street Chico, CA 95973 (800) 960-8040 www. P aradise P

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