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Dear Patriot Pioneers Families: I hope everyone had an enjoyable Thanksgiving and had an opportunity to connect with family and friends during the holiday. December 2011 and January 2012 will be exciting months. Take some time to attend one of our winter sporting events and attend one of our winter concerts. Our students, coaches, and instructors work hard to make each performance memorable. Many of our students are involved in extracurricular activities. The clubs available to our students continue to grow as new ones are created. Check with our activities director, Brad Qualls, about starting a club you are interested in joining. Next, I would like to congratulate all of our fall sports teams - Cheerleading, Cross Country, Field Hockey, Football, Golf, and Volleyball- for their effort, sportsmanship, and successes during the season. Well done!

L e a d e r s h i p , I n t e g r i t y, C h a r a c t e r , P r i d e

Our Theatre department and many Patriot Pioneers successfully performed in and orchestrated the production of Romeo and Juliet. Congratulations to the cast and crew who worked diligently to make the production such a huge success. For a first time production, including some who had never participated in theatre before, the three days of shows, open to our community as well, were a resoundingly, successful endeavor. Thank you to everyone who attended and supported our show. I hope everyone is looking forward to the winter break. Our last day of school is December 22, which will be a half-day release. The release time will be published on our school Web page as soon as it is confirmed. School will reopen on Tuesday, January 3, 2012. During December, and with the start of a New Year, comes the opportunity to refocus our efforts to support the work of our students as they progress through the year. Parents and families make a substantial impact when they are involved in their child’s education. Students who make a connection to the school through extra-curricular activities, athletics, and volunteer work, often enjoy their time at school more and are generally more successful. January 2012 brings important steps for your child. First, your child’s first semester exams will be held January 24 through January 27, with early release at 11:30 a.m. on January 25-27. January 23 will be a review day and the first block exam will be held on January 24. January 30 will be a teacher workday and the normal school schedule will resume on February 1, 2012. Dates will change in the event of inclement weather; please watch for information if weather becomes an issue. Also, during January 2012, your child and you will begin the scheduling process for the 2012-13 school year. Counselors will start the process right after exams are completed to schedule students for next year’s classes. Teacher recommendations will be available for your review prior to you making class selections. More information will be provided as the time draws closer. Finally, our next Principal’s Advisory Council meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, January 17, 2012, at 7 p.m. The meeting will be held in the media center. Parents, staff, and students can attend the council meeting. If there is a specific issue you would like to address, please email Artise Gill, Chair, at, to incorporate your request in the agenda. All members can be found on the PAC Web page under Patriot HS’s Administration tab on the left-hand menu. Thank you for your continued support. We are very lucky to have such an involved and supportive community.



“HOME OF THE PIONEERS” 10504 Kettle Run Road, Nokesville, VA 20181 • 703.594.3020 • 703.594.2814 Semester Exam Schedule Guidance Clubs & Activities

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Paradigms When a situation happens and you begin to react, but find out it’s not what you first thought it was, that’s a paradigm shift. How you See It Our actions and attitudes reflect how we see things around us, shaping our perspective.

Take a Look at your Paradigms Do you have an open mind? Should I stop to “look again” at how I view some people?

Making the Connection Gather quotes you like that relate to paradigms. Have your paradigms shifted lately?

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SCHOOL COUNSELING OFFICE NEWS AND VIEWS School Counseling Department Terri Snoots, Director of School Counseling Tiffany Smith, Counselor- A-E Diana De Jesus Brent, Counselor- F-Le Laura Feeley, Counselor- Li-Ri Susan Sigmon, Counselor- Ro-Z Linda Fair, Registrar Ginger Baltimore, Counseling Office Secretary

INTERNATIONAL STAND UP DAY Thanks to all of the students and staff that participated in international stand up day. Many students took part in supporting those who have been bullied in the past by wearing pink and standing up for each other showing that we have each other’s back. target=pages&page_id=intro CLASS DROPS Any student who drops a year-long course before the first quarter conclusion will have a notation of W/F or W/P placed on their scholastic record. Students who drop a year-long course after the semester will receive an ―F‖ on their scholastic record. Students who drop a first semester course after 1st Quarter will receive an ―F‖ on their scholastic record. PARENT/TEACHER CONFERENCES With the use of Parent Portal and SchoolFusion our hope is that teachers, students and parents will be able to communicate frequently as to the progress of their students. If a parent has a question about their student’s progress, we ask that they either call or email the teacher. Contact information should be included on the staff directory or the teacher’s Web page. If after the teacher contact and a parent feels that a face to face meeting is in order, the parent may set something up with that individual teacher. If three teachers are involved, the parent can contact the counselor and they will help to facilitate the meeting. Student Services JoAnn Haun, School Nurse Toni Van Sprewenburg, School Psychologist Michelle Wilson, School Social Worker Travis Broaddus, Attendance Officer

703.594.3198 703.594.3295 703.594.3277 703.594.3626

―In the matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of principle, stand like a rock.‖:

~ Thomas Jefferson

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CLUBS, DEPARTMENTS, AND ACTIVITIES ATTENDANCE When your child is absent from school, please have him or her bring a note to the attendance office (room 1530) within two (2) days of his or her return to school. It is not necessary for the parent/guardian to call the school or attendance. Attendance can be reached at 703.594.3021.

FROM THE ENGLISH DEPARTMENT As we end the first quarter and enter into our second quarter, the English department has been busy preparing students with 21st century skills. Students have actively inquired, explored, expressed, and reflected on their role as emerging leaders in our society. The 9th grade students have explored critical thinking through analyses of short fiction and they have forged in a new direction of organization in order to put first things first and prioritize their daily activities. The 10th grade students have explored the necessity to communicate and collaborate with one another in order to accomplish a goal, come to new understandings, and synergize the group. The 11th grade students have explored how to take a stand on issues that matter to them through the medium of research. All 11th grade English students will submit their research papers the first week of December. Parents can help their child through this process by providing a quiet place to work, providing rides to the library, reading portions of their paper, and asking your child’s teacher questions about the research paper. Finally, the 10th grade teachers are hosting a viewing of Schindler’s List on December 19, at 2:15 p.m., in the auditorium. The students have just completed a unit of study on The Holocaust and this film is a wonderful demonstration of how one individual can make a difference. Students will be required to sign up in advance to attend and parents should be here to get students by 6 p.m. More information will be shared with the students. Patriot Pioneer Inaugural Yearbook The 2011-12 Yearbook order form is attached at the back of this newsletter. Please contact Artise Gill,, for further information.

FROM THE MATH DEPARTMENT The Math Department is working cooperatively with the Culinary Arts department to help students see the importance of basic mathematical concepts. Students are working on concepts such as adding, subtracting, and converting fractions in both classes to benefit not only their ability to solve mathematical problems, but also to be effective cooks in the kitchen. Page 5

CLUBS, DEPARTMENTS, AND ACTIVITIES FROM PATRIOT’S INSTRUCTIONAL TECHNOLOGY Parent Portal/SchoolFusion Parents who have not applied for a Parent Portal account can do so at The Parent Portal gives you access to your children’s current grades. Once you create your Parent Portal account, you can use that same username & password to log in to Patriot’s Web site (aka SchoolFusion) where you will find class Web pages and teacher contact information. Students have their own accounts to log in to the Parent Portal and Patriot’s Web site. Any student who does not know or remember how to login to these systems should contact Ms. Lowry at Student Novell Accounts In addition to their Parent Portal/Schoolfusion accounts, Patriot students have been given their own accounts to login to Patriot’s computer network (Novell). In order for a student to use a Patriot High School computer, they are required to know this username and password. Students are strongly encouraged to visit the Library to test out these passwords prior to needing them for instruction or to complete assignments. Any student who does not remember his or her Novell username & password should contact Ms. Ruckle in the Library or Ms. Lowry in room 2035. Patriot’s Bookmarks on “Linkable” Patriot parents, students, and teachers can find tons of really nice resources linked to Patriot’s Online ―Linkable‖ site. Links to everything from ―Cool Tech Tools‖ to ―SOL Resources‖ to ―Internet Safety‖ are there. These links have all been reviewed and most are annotated too. Check it out at Be sure to visit the site often as new links are added every day that can benefit our Pioneer community!

FROM BUILDING TRADES Ten of the Building Trades students took the Career Safe OSHA 10-hour Safety Course and all ten passed. They are: Aaron Brown

Joseph Saunders

Dylan Franco

Matt Shrock

Paul Larsen

Zach Tasler

John Lechevet

Dylan Toler

Darius Saunders

Daniel Zumbaug

Congratulations to these Pioneers!

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CLUBS, DEPARTMENTS, AND ACTIVITIES STOCK THE SHELVES WITH LOVE AND CARING- PATRIOT HIGH SCHOOL FCCLA Patriot High School FCCLA takes to the streets for the first time in a very big way! On Sunday, November 6,, Patriot’s FCCLA (Family, Career and Community Leaders of America) members dedicated their Sunday to the community. They spent hours outside of a local grocery store, SAFEWAY in Sudley Manor Plaza, to collect donations of non-perishable food items to be given to SERVE, a local food bank that dedicates itself to serving those in need in Prince William County. They used their words and enthusiasm to convince many prospective shoppers to spend a little more for those in need. And wow - it worked! FCCLA members from Patriot High school filled 12 carts full of canned and non perishable food items for SERVE! Twelve carts, that’s about 1,000 pounds, or in dollars around $1,800, or as we found out, two mini vans packed! In just three hours a rather large difference was hopefully made. The Patriot chapter of FCCLA may be new, but they truly exhibit love, compassion, leadership, and a strong sense of caring for their community. They definitely show the high standards set at Patriot High School and the Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America Organizations throughout the nation. We will continue to look for great things from this AWESOME group of leaders and PATRIOT PIONEERS!! Robert Sheridan and Gerald Griffin Jr. – FCCLA Reporters

FBLA News th

Mrs. Carson's 4 block class has 100% participation in Patriot's Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) club. They will receive an award from the National FBLA/PBL Office for their participation. EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION Early Childhood Education students will begin teaching the 7 Habits to our mini Pioneer preschoolers after Thanksgiving break for the remainder of the school year. Teams of 2 students will teach one habit a month and create lesson plans and activities that encourage the habit throughout the month.

Dance Team placed 3rd in VARIETY DANCE at the Prince William County Championships on November 5. The Dance Team is looking forward to the upcoming winter sports and dancing at future home games!

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WINTER SPORTS Girls Basketball Head Coach: Jennifer Olinger, email: Assistant Coaches: Andrea Chadwick, email: Boys Basketball: Head Coach: Daniel Nemerow, email: Assistant Coach: Bryan Conrad, email: Cheerleading: Head Coach: Erin Martin, email: Dance Team: Head Coach: Kelly Kesler, email: Gymnastics: Head Coach: Amy Dignan, email: Swimming: Head Coach: Lisa Bussain, email: Assistant Coach: Adrienne Phillips, email: Wrestling: Head Coach: Brian Foley, email: Assistant Coach: Tom Sutliff, email: Indoor Track: Head Coach: Adam Daniels, email: Assistant Coaches: Charles Porterfield, email: Merissa Daniels

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CLUBS, DEPARTMENTS, AND ACTIVITIES Model United Nations Are you interested in learning about other countries? Do you like to argue and debate? Are you interested in things like how China has become a super power? Would you enjoy seeing the world through the eyes of a Cambodian? Are you curious as to what this means?

Perhaps the Model United Nations club is for you! Model UN will help broaden your knowledge about the practices and perspectives of other countries and improve your debating skills though representing other countries at a conference with other high schools. You will combine researching with acting and debating in order to solve hypothetical world problems. Sound fun? Meet the sponsors and find out more at our first meeting on Wednesday, December 7, at 2 p.m., in room 2014. See Ms. Kozain if you are interested or have any questions!

French News: La semaine du français, or National French week, is an annual celebration of French and Francophone language and culture. In Miss Antone's French I classes, students made travel brochures that highlighted different francophone countries. After gathering all the needed information using the mobile computer lab (such as region, climate, population, food, and attractions), the students displayed their colorful brochures in the classroom. Students in French III and IV, along with Ms. Buford’s Family and Consumer Science students, coordinated a mini cultural food day where her students whipped up some delicious parfait to share. In Miss Goss' French II classes, students researched and created posters about a famous figure in French history or popular culture. These posters covered everyone from Emperor Napoleon I to the WWII era singer, Edith Piaf, to the soccer player, Thierry Henry, and are displayed in the French hallway for everyone to see. The students also participated in a cultural food day. Baguettes, brie, and Madeleine cookies were plentiful! Spanish Club News: ¡Hola! We are very excited to be the founding Spanish Club at Patriot. We are still accepting memberships, so new members are more than welcome! We are currently electing our officers and designing our club’s t-shirt, which will be available for purchase to all Patriot students very soon. Through our club, our members will have the opportunity of being exposed to different cultural aspects embedded in the language. They will be able to visit Spanish restaurants, watch movies, have the opportunity of practicing conversational Spanish, learn Latin dances and more. Our community will also have the opportunity to get involved, as we are planning different activities such as Zumba lessons at our school. For more information, please contact Sra. Alvarado-Nieves at 703.594.3479 or Sra. Cocroft at 703.594.3385. ¡Gracias!

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How Will Your “Engine” Run This Year? I would like to share with you a component of a successful day for a Patriot student. It deals with the ―fuel‖ one provides for the effective running of their ―engine‖. Last school year, a large number of students appeared at the clinic door with complaints of headaches and stomach aches. Students could have avoided many of these aches and pain with better maintenance of their ―vehicles‖, their bodies. I once heard that teens should not be given use of a car until they could show that they could manage much smaller mechanical objects such as washing machines and irons! More importantly is how we manage the maintenance of the one and only vehicle we have for life, our bodies. Certainly we have heard the advice of making smart food choices for good health. As you lay the foundation for your future, remember that a healthy mind and body are indispensable. There are healthy food choices provided for both breakfast and lunch at our school cafeteria. There are also some poor choices with high calories and low nutritional value in the ala carte line. Please be aware that these types of foods provide quick energy but leave you feeling tired and empty shortly afterward. When the tank is empty, the engine sputters and collapses on the desktop, not the recipe for success! Healthy choices of protein and complex carbohydrates and adequate water intake will provide fuel for the duration of the day, increase mental performance, improve emotional well- being and self esteem, allow for better weight management, give strength and stamina, and provide for future health. All of this contributes to better school and athletic performance leading to a more successful ride this year. That is what I wish for each one of you as you look to the finish line.

Enjoy your year! Mrs. Haun, RN ASN School Health Nurse

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CLUBS, DEPARTMENTS, AND ACTIVITIES Patriot Strength and Conditioning is a Difference Maker! Patriot High School offers a Strength and Conditioning program, under the leadership of Coach Toweson, for all of our athletes. The type of training offered after school is free and is a necessary and critical element to success. Pioneers serious about improving performance are prioritizing their time and committing to this program. Your investment in this type of training creates a major positive difference for you and your team; speed, strength, agility, injury prevention and team commitment. When we begin with the end in mind, most athletes like to vision themselves as champions. A big part of accomplishing a goal, like winning a championship, is the understanding of the price that has to be paid in your off season. Make the decision to prepare like a champion!

Principles Each of us faces choices that test our principles every day. They are like a map and compass for decision making; they are guides. You chose if you use them or not. Don’t refuse to use them and end up lost. Keep a Firm Footing What are your priorities? How do you act on sticking to them?

Reflect on your Principles Are you doing the right thing? What is right or wrong before I make my decision?

Making the Connection Gather quotes you like that relate to principles.

There is a mysterious cycle in human events. To some generations much is given. Of other generations much is expected. ~ Franklin D. Roosevelt Page 11

CLUBS, DEPARTMENTS, AND ACTIVITIES FROM THE SCIENCE DEPARTMENT Advanced Earth Science In early November, Ms. Goodall's Advanced Earth Science class joined professors and undergraduate students from Virginia Tech (VT) and The University of Georgia to continue an ongoing data collection project at Mason Neck National Wildlife Refuge. The students participated in vegetation sampling to identify how the forest has changed over time, and they used a dichotomous key to identify tree species. They measured tree diameter, which was then entered into an online database managed by VT, to track long-term growth trends, and they examined the biodiversity of the sampled plot based on the collected data. While at the park students also examined soil profiles in order to reconstruct land-use history. They used a soil auger to collect the profile, then identified the soil horizons and analyzed how land use, like agriculture, could have changed the soil for hundreds of years. Students also learned how to use an increment borer to extract a core from a living tree, and they were able to interpret weather history (droughts vs. wet seasons) by observing the tree ring widths. Our students represented Patriot very well, and the undergraduate students and professors were very impressed by our Freshman Pioneers. The weather was perfect, and I think the kids really enjoyed their day in the woods!

Defeat doesn’t finish a man— quit does. A man is not finished when he’s defeated. He is finished when he quits. ~ Richard Nixon Page 12

LIBRARY NEWS Your Patriot High School Library Media Center has been a busy place this fall. All ninth and tenth graders have completed the library orientation. Students received their Novell logins and can now use the school computers. They are now prepared to use the library and make the most of all that it has to offer.

Eleventh grade students had an orientation to help them start their research for the Eleventh Grade Research Paper. Students learned about all of the resources available to them in the library, including series of books, magazines, newspapers, eBooks, and electronic databases. There are links on the library’s SchoolFusion page to important sources of information for the research paper. The electronic resources are available to the Patriot High School community 24/7-365 days a year. Please keep a copy of the logins for these electronic resources handy. The library staff is available to provide assistance to students as they wrap up the research paper. Don’t forget that the library is open before and after school as well as during FLEX blocks. Other classes have visited the library too. FACS (Family and Consumer Science) classes have come in to try out the iPad lab for research. The students were excited to try out the iPads researching diseases and nutritional vitamin deficiencies. Students enjoyed using the new technology used for locating information. The library had a special treat when the preschool children visited the library dressed in their Halloween costumes. We have had a great turn-out for the organization of the Patriot Book Club. Members read Boot Camp by Todd Strasser for the November meeting. We had a lively discussion and would highly recommend this book to other students. The December meeting will be on December 8, at 2:05 p.m., in the library conference room. Any Patriot student is welcome to join us. We are reading Hold Still by Nina LaCour for that meeting. Any student may let a library staff member know that they are interested in Book Club, and we will add them to our membership so that they will receive announcements and notifications. Book Club has a SchoolFusion page. Students may request to join the Book Club SchoolFusion page, and that will also activate the notifications.

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The Patriot Athletic Boosters Program is not a program or department of the Prince William County Public Schools but an independent organization which has obtained the approval of PWCS to support its schools, students, teams, programs, and extracurricular activities. All funds raised by the Patriot Athletic Boosters Program are used for school-related purposes.

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The Patriot Athletic Boosters Program is not a program or department of the Prince William County Public Schools but an independent organization which has obtained the approval of PWCS to support its schools, students, teams, programs, and extracurricular activities. All funds raised by the Patriot Athletic Boosters Program are used for school-related purposes.

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Last Name: Address: City: Phone #1: Phone #2: Child Name (1): Child Name (3):

First Name: State/Zip: Email #1: Email #2: Child Name (2): Child Name (4):

Business name for ads & banners (Send logo or artwork) Club or teams to divide designated funds to and allocation if not equal Paid by: CASH CHECK # CREDIT/DEBIT CARD

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2011-12 School Year

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School Board Mr. Milton C. Johns Chairman At-Large Mr. Don Richardson Vice Chairman Gainesville District Mrs. Lisa E. Bell Neabsco District

Dr. Michael I. Otaigbe Coles District

Mrs. Betty Covington Potomac District

Mrs. Denita S. Ramirez Woodbridge District

Mr. Grant Lattin Occoquan District

Mr. Gil Trenum Brentsville District

Superintendent of Schools Dr. Steven L. Walts

The Prince William County Public School Division does not discriminate in employment or in its educational programs and activities against qualified individuals on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, pregnancy, age, veteran status, or disability.

Patriot High School Administrative Team Dr. Michael E. Bishop, Principal Ms. Madre Mack., Assistant Principal Mrs. Emily Utter, Assistant Principal Mr. Lance Sherrill, Teacher on Administrative Assignment Mrs. Chrystal L. Thompson, Teacher on Administrative Assignment Ms. Terri Snoots, Director of Guidance Mr. Brad Qualls, Director of Student Activities Mr. John Lavely, Security





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