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Introduction Stella, a 20 year old single woman lives with her mother and younger sister. She came along with her mother to see the counselor. Presenting problem Stella was in a relationship with Peter, who was living opposite to their home. He was 2 years younger to rd

her and at present doing his 3 year BCA. Stella wanted to marry him but her mother was against it as she feels her daughter is too young to make this decision and is too young to get married. History of the presenting compliant th

When Stella was doing her 10

standard, Peter and she became good friends but her mother

misunderstood it and yelled at Peter badly. After that both their families had a fight. Few months before Peter’s brother had some doubt in resume writing so he asked Stella about it and they became good friends and Peter also started coming to their home. Her mother started sending Peter for small works and Stella was attracted to him. One day when her mother checked Stella’s cell phone she saw a sms from Peter saying “you belong to me”. Her mother got angry seeing this and enquired and found out that they both love each other. Stella wanted to get married to him but her mother is against it. Past psychiatric history Nil Past medical history Nil Family history

Stella’s childhood was not a happy one. Mother had a long standing affair which her father knew and but he couldn’t do anything about it. Mother was ditched by the other man which depressed her and she attempted suicide more than once. Her father then started bringing home his girl friend which traumatized the mother. Stella had an emotionally traumatic childhood.

At present her father lives with another

women in a separate house and he comes home once in a week. Personal history Stella completed her 12


and started going to work. At present she works in a software company as

Admin support and is doing her BCA in correspondence. She had once tried committing suicide for obtaining poor marks by consuming tablets but was saved. Diagnosis Stella had a traumatic childhood so is in need of love and affection. Counselor’s intervention Stella was asked to write the Pros and Cons of marrying him this soon as he was still a student and she too had to settle in life.


Stella, a 20 year old single woman lives with her mother and younger sister. She came along with her Past medical history friends and Peter...

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