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Introduction Srikanth is 23 year old doing his second year Engineering. He got married to his childhood friend last year without the knowledge of the girl’s parents. He came alone to see the counselor to discuss about his present situation. Presenting problem After one year of marriage his wife did not want to live with him. There is no proper communication between the couple. Even though they both stay in Chennai they don’t meet up regularly and she seem to be disinterested in him. She avoids his calls and for last two months they haven’t spoken speak to each other. History of the presenting compliant The couple got married last year without the knowledge of both their parents. His parents knew that he was in love with her but they didn’t object to it as he was working and also his elder brother had a love marriage. He told his parents about marriage only after two months. th

Srikanth knew her when he was studying 9 standard in Neyveli. They loved each other. After they both th

completed their 12 standard there was no contact between them for 3 years. He searched for her and found that she was doing her final year bachelor degree in a college in Trichy. He finished his diploma th

after 12 and he was working in Chennai. He went and met her in Trichy but she refused to have any relationship with him. 2 months later she again called him and said she wished to be with him. They both started speaking very day on phone and became very close again when she was doing her she wanted to quit her relationship with him saying her father rejected his sister for having a love marriage. After few months she came back to him with the determination she will marry him without her father’s knowledge. Within two days they both got married. She rejoined her course completed it and went back to her parents. In the due course she called him twice or thrice a day. Then she came to Chennai for

work but she didn’t inform him about if but he found that she was here. She slowly started distancing from him. She stopped calling him and he didn’t know where she was living. She didn’t give him her phone number also. He once got hold of one of her friend and asked her to inform to call him. She called him and they had a brief conversation because she said he joined the engineering college but she didn’t even wish him for the exam. Last 2 months they did not talk to each other but last week she has been calling him frequently. Past psychiatric history Nil Past medical history Nil Family history Srikanth come from a village near Chidambaram. His father is into agriculture and mother is a home maker. He has 3 younger brothers and one elder sister. From his childhood he was not with his parents. He went to the city and completed his studies. His parents are very affectionate towards him and they think he is living with his wife. Personal history He is very confused about his life. He is afraid that she might leave him and go. He has smoking and drinking habits. He smokes 5-7 cigarettes a day and takes alcohol daily. Rarely he gets suicidal thoughts and has mood swings. He is unable to concentrate in studies due to this issue. Diagnosis Srikanth was found to be depressed. His wife is ambivalent and seems like she want to live with him; she is scared that her father would commit suicide but is not able to share it with him

Counselor’s intervention He was suggested flower remedy for depression and was asked to come for the next session.


knowledge. Within two days they both got married. She rejoined her course completed it and went without the knowledge of the girl’s par...

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