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Introduction Shwetha a teacher by profession came with her husband and son- in -law to see the counselor. She came to discuss her daughter Priya’s issues. Her daughter doesn’t know about this visit. She has told her daughter that she was meeting a Counselor to discuss about her own issues on coping with aging. Presenting problem Priya the daughter of Shwetha was not getting along well with her husband and extended family. Priya had adjustment problems. History of the presenting compliant It was only 8 months since priya got married. It was an arranged marriage. Priya was 22 years and her husband was 28 years when they were married. Priya liked the boy but she asked for one year gap before the wedding for which the mother objected to and the Priya got married after 2 months of gap between the engagement and the wedding. During their courtship period their relationship was pretty smooth, her husband was shuttling between Kumbakonnam (weekdays) and Chennai (weekends) as he was working there before the marriage. Priya was upset that he didn’t spend much time in Chennai. Priya lives with her husband, mother- in- law and father -in -law in Chennai. After the wedding priya started getting angry with her husband and in- laws for silly reasons. Simple things use to upset her a lot. Immediately after their wedding one of her colleagues told her that she does not seem like a married woman and is still kiddish which upset her badly. Suddenly one day she asked him “would he be ok without her” and started talking about leaving. He got angry and told her he did not want to speak to her because he didn’t want to say anything in anger. That day she kept saying nobody cares and does anything for her. She slightly cut her arm (scratched) with a knife the same day. Generally when Priya is angry or upset she never takes food. She frequently threatened him saying “I will leave you” when she gets angry and claims marriage is not for her. Shwetha said that Priya was not like that before, she was

not easily provoked. Both priya’s mother and father feel that the son- in- law is very sweet and adjusting and there must be no fault from his side. Past psychiatric history Nil Past medical history Nil Family history Shwetha is generally a very open person by nature. She was a pampering mother and did everything for Priya wished but she was strict when it came to studies. She wanted Priya to keep studies and career as her first priority. She had never let priya out with her friends and was very cautious about her daughter getting into any relationship with guys. According to Shwetha’s husband Shwetha was use to give lots of instructions priya which will generally lead to fights. Apart from that, Priya had happy childhood. Personal history Priya works as a Software engineer at present in Chennai. She was always given top priority in her home. Her mother has always told her that studies and career should be her first interest. Priya was a very good student through school. She was not allowed by her mother to spend time with friends and go out. When she was in 5


standard, her driver tried molesting her but she escaped and ran away from there. Her

sexual life is normal with her husband and he gives her space. After marriage she has started spending lots of money on shopping. Diagnosis

It was diagnosed that Priya was a product of permissive and over protective parenting. She has to be met for further information regarding her moods. Mother is anxiety prone. Husband lives in anticipation of some problem each day, which stresses him.

Counselor’s intervention •

Parents to be more firm with daughter and not yield to her every wish when she comes to their house. Not to be permissive.


To bring daughter for a counseling session under the pretext of her giving information about the mother who is posing as the client.


before the wedding for which the mother objected to and the Priya got married after 2 months of gap History of the presenting compliant Priy...


before the wedding for which the mother objected to and the Priya got married after 2 months of gap History of the presenting compliant Priy...