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Introduction Ram is 23 years old and has completed his Diploma in Computer science. He is the oldest child and has a brother and a sister younger to him. Both his parents have retired from work. He was brought by his parents for Problems in Drinking and Unemployment. Presenting Problem Ram has problems with having a stable employment. He also has Anger and Alcohol problems. History of the Presenting Complaint Ram lives with his family, located in Chennai. His parents reported of him being a cheerful and active child, who was average in his studies, and had always been irresponsible and lacked motivation in any aspect of his life. He completed a Diploma in Computers and has started looking for a job. He experienced adjustment problems at his job, therefore has shifted about two to three jobs in a few months and had also been unemployed for the greater part of time. In this time he had also been spending more time with his friends, exhibiting impulsive behaviors and threatening his family with verbal abuse. He has excessive anger and resorts to harassing his family verbally. He spends all the money he earns and also asks for more money from his family. Ram feels guilty and is depressed about his unemployment. He developed a drinking problem which escalated due to his unemployment. He spends all his money on drinking and his friends. He also gives excuses for his drinking and aggressive behavior. This in turn affects his sleep, health and interaction with his family. He also admits to smoking occasionally. He gets extremely angry, especially with his family and breaks things at home. Past Psychiatric History Nil

Past Medical History Nil Family History Ram’s Father had abused alcohol earlier. He had drinking problems, which could have influenced Ram’s drinking behavior. The dysfunction in his family due to his father’s alcoholism led to low parental monitoring, which could be a reason for his behavior problems and lack of clear goals and motivation. Personal History He lacked motivation and clear goals from childhood. His academic performance had been average which indicates the same. Family issues and father’s alcoholism has primarily led to his current lack of involvement with life, and his alcoholism and aggression. Diagnosis Lack of motivation. Engaging in substance abuse Counselor’s Intervention •

Ram was referred to take Bach’s Flower remedy.

His family was instructed not to provide any financial assistance to meet his expenses, which would motivate him to get a job to support himself financially.


Ram is 23 years old and has completed his Diploma in Computer science. He is the oldest child and has escalated due to his unemployment. He...

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