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Introduction Rajesh is from a rural place and was brought up in an orthodox family whereas Rama was brought up in a city. Rajesh is 28 and Rama is 23 years old and it has been 2 years since they got married. Both of them work in different software companies in chennai where Rajesh works as a Programmer Analyst and Rama works as a Software testee. Presenting problem Both of them feel depressed as they have frequent quarrels and are not able get along well with each other. Rama has a strong feeling against Rajesh hiding things from her. History of the presenting compliant Rajesh is found to have many female friends and he used to tell Rama about them with even before the marriage which she didn’t like. Soon after their marriage Rama told him that she doesn’t like him having female friends from that day onwards he stopped sharing with Rama about other girls. Once Rama was cleaning the house she found a letter from one of his school friends; it was from a Muslim girl the letter was written in a very intimate way with words like “dear” and “sweet heart”. Rama confronted him showing the letter and he explained that she was his close friend and nothing beyond that. Rama was also irritated by his act of sitting with the laptop in late nights and chatting on facebook. He had lots of female friends who were really good looking. Once when she created a fake account in facebook and introduced herself in a different name he replied back asking for her picture after which they both had a big fight over the issue. Rama always had a feeling that he is more interested in other girls than her. Rajesh is a shy person by nature and felt uncomfortable speaking with girls when he was young but later got used to it and likes speaking with them. Rama had once told him about a boy she got interested before marriage which irritated him so to take revenge he had spoken about other girls He hides things about other girls to Rama because he knows that she will shout and quarrel on hearing that.

Past psychiatric history Nil Past medical history Nil Family history Rajesh is the first child and has a younger brother. His father was a bank manager and his mother was a professor. He had a good childhood; every wish of his was fulfilled by his family. Rama was the second child she has an elder sister who is married. Her father was an industrialist and her mother was a home maker. Rama’s parents were broad minded people and have generally not objected to her wishes No family history of psychiatric problem in both of their families.

Personal history Rajesh was a pampered child all his wishes were granted immediately without any delays. Till 12



he was around his mother and had fewer friends. He went to the next town for college where he felt homesick and the 2 years he was under depression after which his parents took turns and stayed with him for the last year one year of college. Rama had a pleasant childhood. The couple went for their honeymoon to Manali and it was pleasant. Their sexual life at present is okay but not so good. She is in confusion about having a child at present amidst these issues. There is transparency in their finance and Rama saves her money. Rajesh doesn’t like Rama going to beauty parlors as he has never seen his mother going to such parlors.

Diagnosis Lack of trust on the husband and the couple is lacking a sense of belongingness Counselor’s intervention •

Basic needs to be fulfilled: - sense of belongingness - Counting on each other

Exercise: Empty cardboard box- write and put what all you feel you cannot express the partner in words in the box after a week both of you open and see the and discuss.

They were asked to come for the 2




Rajesh is found to have many female friends and he used to tell Rama about them with even before the who were really good looking. Once when...

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