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Introduction Pooja is living with her parents and younger sister in Chennai. She came with her elder sister who has had brought her to the counseling session. Presenting problem Pooja is in love with a person who is 13 years older to her and who is a Christian. They have been in love for the past 5 years. Her family is not happy about the relationship and doesn’t want her to marry him. History of the presenting compliant Pooja was working in a private bank where her partner was her colleague’s friend. She proposed to him after 5 months of knowing him but he took one year to accept her love. He lives in Tirupur and is not from a well- off family. His sister is not yet married and only after her marriage they both can get married. The couple goes out frequently whenever he comes to Chennai, Her elder sister is aware of this. Her parents came to know about their relationship just a year back when they were looking for marriage proposals for her and she was rejecting everything. Past psychiatric history Nil Past medical history Nil Family history Pooja’s father is a business man and her mother is a home maker. She has an elder sister and a younger sister. Her elder sister had a love marriage against her father’s wishes and he was heartbroken by the incident. Her father has not been keeping well for the past 12 years; he had spinal cord problems and

underwent a surgery. He gave up his business and the family was in a financial crisis after which her elder sister took over. She took up a job and looked after the family. At present her father has leased his shop and earns some money and Pooja takes care of other financial needs by doing her own business. Pooja’s boyfriend has been living with his mother, younger sister and his younger brother. His father died due to heart attack when he was one year old. His mother has been everything for him. Personal history Pooja was the pet in the family; every wish of hers was made true by her parents and elder sister, even th

though they were not able to afford for it. Pooja studied till 12 class after which they put her in an engineering college but she quit the college staying she was not interested. After that she didn’t do any further studies. She got employed in a private bank later, and at present she is engaged in her own business. Diagnosis Pooja was diagnosed to be suffering from low self esteem and seemed to be stressed about getting permission from her parents for her wedding. Counselor’s intervention •


The client was asked to visit the following week for the 2 session.

Follow up Session 2: Pooja came with her sister. She spoke about her family and her problems regarding speaking to her father about her marriage. Pooja said her family members were pushing her into things which she didn’t like. Nobody was taking her seriously. She was criticized for her decisions; like when she dropped from the B.E course. She felt very afraid to speak to her father about her marriage.

Counselor’s intervention •

Pooja was trained to talk to her father through a role play- Empty chair technique.

She agreed to allow her family to probe into his credibility.

Pooja also had problem with handling finances so she was asked to come next week for a discussion on finance management.

Session 3 Pooja came with her mother. She looked more cheerful than before. She shared her daily routine. Pooja’s mother complained of her getting angry for simple things and not being responsible. Pooja responded saying her mother was instructing her for every little thing which she doesn’t like and so she gets angry with her mother. Counselor’s intervention •

The client was asked to prove to her mother that she was responsible.

Her mother was asked to stop instructing her and allow Pooja to face the consequence of her actions.

Pooja was asked to give in writing about what she can take and change about herself. She wrote that she should reduce weight to feel good.

Pooja and counselor worked together and wrote a step wise program to reach her goal.

She was asked to come for the follow up after a month.


Pooja was working in a private bank where her partner was her colleague’s friend. She proposed to him couple goes out frequently whenever he...