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Since 1930, M. Brown has been helping companies with all of their grease fitting and lubrication supply needs. Our success is built upon four key principles…

 Huge Inventory We stock over 500 styles and maintain an inventory of more than 1 million grease fittings to ensure that we have the solution for your application.

 Leading Brands We offer the best fittings from Alemite, Lincoln, Balcrank, and King Fisher as well as accessories from Aro, Coilhose, Graco, Lubrimatic, Tomco, Tru-flate and others.

 Discount Pricing We utilize our huge buying power and status as a master distributor for Alemite and Lincoln grease fittings to pass cost savings on to you.

 Personalized Service We maintained our position as a small, family owned company that focuses exclusively on grease fittings, lubrication supplies, and taking care of our customers.

Grease Fittings At M. Brown, we carry over 500 different styles of grease fittings from the top brands in the industry, including Alemite and Lincoln. With more than 1 million grease fittings in stock, you can find any size, style, or brand of grease fitting to fit your application. With a quick turnaround and an expert staff, we pride ourselves in our ability to efficiently provide the equipment you need at an affordable price, fulfilling all of your grease fitting needs.

Grease Fitting Brands  Alemite We offer an extensive line of Alemite grease fittings, couplers, plugs, and other lubrication tools. M. Brown is a master distributor of Alemite grease fittings and lubrication equipment, providing you a huge inventory at discount prices. View our entire selection of Alemite grease fittings and lubrication supplies to find the equipment you need. Call or request a quote today.

 Lincoln M. Brown is a master distributor of Lincoln grease fittings, hoses, grease guns, and other lubrication supplies. Keeping a huge inventory in stock at all times, we provide mass quantities at discount prices with quick delivery. Find the lubrication equipment you need today, and call us to request a quote or free samples today.

 Duralube Our own private label, Duralube, was created to provide wholesale purchasing at the lowest cost to you. Our Duralube private label brand offers and extensive selection of lubrication supplies to suit your lubrication needs. Call to inquire about or request samples of Duralube grease fittings and lubrication supplies today.

 Balcrank Balcrank is one of our leading manufacturers of grease fittings, particularly hydraulic grease fittings. With a huge inventory in stock, we offer mass quantities of Balcrank grease fittings and lubrication supplies at low prices. Find the lubrication equipment you need, and call us today to request a quote or sample.

Technical Info Key Highlights of SAE JS34 Specification for Lubricant Fittings This specification is the most important and common standard for grease fittings. Many of the fittings we sell meet this standard. These considerations are important because the cost of a grease fitting is minimal in comparison to the equipment it is installed on. If a fitting fails, liability can be substantial. Please consider this information when reviewing your grease fitting needs. There are many unhardened and poorly manufactured fittings in the market. You get what you pay for.

Material and Manufacture: SAE JS34 requires that grease fittings be case hardened 0.13 to 0.23 mm deep, with a minimum hardness of 83 Rockwell on the 15N scale. Dimensions and Tolerances: Unless specified, the tolerances on all dimensions are to be +/- 0.3 mm. Check Valves: Fittings should be equipped with check valves. Springs:Although not specified, the springs used inside the fittings need to be tempered. One common failure occurs when a spring breaks or distorts and the ball check then will not retract. Grease will leak out at the end. Pipe Threads: Pipe threads shall conform with the detail in SAE J476 (copies available). Finish: The fittings must be plated with a suitable material that passes a salt spray test in accordance with ASTM B 117 (72 hours to red rust). Efforts must be taken to prevent hydrogen embrittlement during plating.

FITTING MEASUREMENTS To help you speed up detailing and specifying, virtually all fittings are illustrated with the complete dimensional data indicated... ready for transfer to your blueprints.

M Brown Grease Fittings