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Fraud Mitigation

Fraud mitigation best practices MB Financial Bank is committed to helping our customers eliminate the risks associated with fraud that can contribute to financial loss. There are common best practices that can be used in both online banking and in the general workplace that can help reduce risk exposure. We strongly recommend that you review and implement the policies and controls listed below. If you have any questions, please contact your relationship manager. General banking Review your bank accounts daily to identify any unusual or unknown transactions Use positive pay on all accounts with check writing and issuance privileges Use ACH positive pay to monitor transactions and use ACH transaction controls to block or restrict debit activity

Online banking Implement dual control on all online payment transactions so no single user can create, approve, and release payments Do not open any emails or click on any links that are suspicious or unknown Restrict PC administration and download access to only authorized security personnel

Eliminate paper and access bank account information and statements online

Protect your network from unknown or irrelevant websites and restrict access to it

Separate bank account reconciliation and reporting functions from payment initiation and management

Install anti-virus and anti-spyware software and keep it updated

Ensure corporate resolutions, authorized signatures, and other banking agreements are current

Use a strong password – with characters, numbers, symbols and change it regularly continued on back

Fraud Mitigation

General Workplace Keep all IDs, passwords, security codes and cards safe and secure and do not allow employees to share them Store financial information in a secure area with restricted access and dispose of unused and outdated documents properly Establish a company security policy for all areas including computers and physical building security

Implement a third party or independent review and audit system Know your customers – vendors and business partners – and have contracts and controls in place Know your employees – perform background checks and always verify employee access to information

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Fraud Mitigation Best Practices  
Fraud Mitigation Best Practices