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McKenzie Betfort


p PersoNal ersonal name:

m eNzie betfort McCKkenzie Betfort


05 20■■1996 1996 05■■20

Extra Curricular

CoNtaCt ontact Phone:

■8730 843 303 ■8730 843■■303


mbetfort @gmail mbetfort@gmail .com .Com


1501 belle dr 1501 Belle PointpDoiNt r Mtt.. Ppleasant , SC, 29464 m leasaNt , sC, 29464

references efereNCes R

Native ative CharlestoN , sC aNd of seCoNd of five ChildreN , i agrew up with basis a well developed basis of of of Charleston , SC and second five children , I grew up with well developed of understanding the limitations uNderstaNdiNg the and limitatioNs of helping "staNdard ". housiNg a passioN others i Came of "standard" housing a passion for others I came to CaNd lemson UniversityforwithhelpiNg a Pre-M edicine. focus , buttoquickly C lemsoN uNiversity withand a natural pre-menvironment ediCiNe foCus , but quiCkly fouNd. A my iN the built aNdtoNatural found my passion in the built surrounding Architecture s I passioN graduate this Spring , I hope begin my eNviroNmeNt arChiteCture . as i graduate priNg, i hope begiN my Career learNiNg career learningsurrouNdiNg more about practical uses of sustainable techniquesthis and s implementing themto into real design problems . more about praCtiCal uses of sustaiNable teChNiques aNd implemeNtiNg them iNto real desigN problems.

president resideNt womeN iN arChiteCture tudies Club, 2017-2018 ■P of of Women in Architecture Studies Cslub , 2017-2018 ■Fformer ormerSs eCretary winomeN iN arChiteCture studies Club, 2016-2017 ecretary of Wof omen Architecture Studies Club , 2016-2017 ■A active CtiveMm ember ameriCaN iNstitute of arChiteCture Club, 2014-2018 ember of Aof merican Institute of Architecture Students Clubs,tudeNts 2014-2018 Ntramural soCCer ChampioN 2018 aNd referee eferee2014-2018 2014-2018 ■iIntramural Soccer Participant 2014-2018 and R oluNteer at h abitat for h umaNity aNd h4h r estore, 2016-2018 ■v Volunteer at Habitat for Humanity and H4H ReStore, 2016-2018


Shawn Mellin melliN@ @glickboehm .Com email: mellin phone:: 843 843■■557 557■■6377 6377 phone


■ Gglick liCk, b aNd A associates ssoCiates Boehm and

Michael Christensen miChael_ ChristeNseN@ @charleston CharlestoN..kk12. .us email: michael _christensen phone:: 843 843■■425 425■■3111 3111 phone


■ Charleston harlestoN County ouNty S school Chool of the A arts T technical eChNiCal p roduCtioN Production

Andrew Kreutner 843■■670 670■■7912 7912 phone: 843


■ Ggilligan illigaN's S seafood R restaurant estauraNt

p ositioN::a Position ArChiteCtural rchitecturaliNterN Intern e xperieNCe iNinaafirm : Completed revit aNdand Created CoNstruCtioN doCumeNts. Experience firmsettiNg setting : completedCompaNy company RevittraiNiNg training created construction p ositioN::lLightiNg , t, eChNiCal Crew Position ightingdDesigNer esigner TechnicalproduCtioN Production Crew t his experience experieNCe was teChNiCal,,physiCal This was my my first first iNinaN an equally equally technical physical,,aNd andCreative creativework workeNviroNmeNt environment p ositioN::h Position Hostess ostess/s /Server t his was wasmy myfirst firstjob joband aNdtaught taughtme meaagreat greatdeal dealabout about CustomerSservice erviCeand aNdCCommunication ommuNiCatioN.. This Customer

Daniel Harding hardiN4@ 4@clemson ClemsoN .edu email: hardin .edu ■ ■ fax : 864 656 1810 ■ ■ fax: 864 656 1810


l LiNks inks Portfolio:

https :// issuu .Com/mbetfort /mbetfort https:// issuu .com


■ Clemson lemsoN u Niversity University


■ Charleston harlestoN County ouNty S school Chool of the A arts

aChelorof ofAa rts arChiteCture miNor sustaiNability Bbachelor rts in iN Architecture , M,inor in SiNustainability gpa:3.58 3.58 GPA:

major aNCe M ajor::Ddance gpa:3.69 3.69 GPA:

Skills ffiCe :w ord exCel , aCCess , pPower ■m MiCrosoft icrosoft Ooffice :W ord , E,xcel , Access , Power oint poiNt eChNiCalPp roduCtioN light board operatioN , lightiNg , s,potlight , s/C etonstruction desigN/CoNstruCtioN ■Ttechnical roduction : L:ight Board Operation , Lighting Design,dSesigN potlight Set Design

■a dobeCCreative reative suite : illustrator , photoshop Adobe Suite : Illustrator , Photoshop ,Indesign,iNdesigN auto utoDdesk esk auto , revit ■A : A: uto CadC,ad Revit ■ r hiNo v5.0 ■Rhino V5.0 ■sketCh up ■Sketch Up

McKenzie Betfort- Resume  
McKenzie Betfort- Resume