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Welcome to “Home Based Business Quarterly,” a expert advice column for your questions about the world of home based business. “AJ”, author of numerous articles and courses, including Home Buyer’s Basic Training™,will be your guide & coach.

nemployment is approaching levels we haven’t seen since the “Great Depression.” CNN reports 9.7% of the population is without work and many experts expect this number to climb to over 10% soon. Right now, many fear they’ll lose the ability to provide their families with the life to which they’ve grown accustom. While some see this as a type of financial “Doomsday,” others see opportunity. Finally, face to face with the reality - having a job is not the same as having security, they seek to take control of their financial future. These visionaries are looking to take their time and talent and create another source of income. They are considering starting a business. However, they don’t know where to start. What’s more, they’ve heard the Small Business Association’s statistics: “half of all businesses fail within five years.” Understandably, this causes concern but they are determined to try. If this sounds familiar, then this column is for you. Together, we’ll journey along the path to starting a successful home-based business. We’ll address the key questions, such as:

Akpovogho “AJ” Igherighe, Founder of Zibneal, LLC

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Should I start a home-based business? If so, where do I start? And, how do I increase my chance of success?

I’ll be your tour guide on our trip. Who am I? My name is

“Together, we’ll

journey along the path to starting a successful home-based business.

AJ Igherighe. And, I’m a serial entrepreneur. From selling candy on our front porch at age 11 to creating the world’s first sales engineering firm™, Zibneal, I’ve been lucky enough to create a number of successful businesses – most of them home-based.

I attribute my success to a few simple rules, keeping up with the latest information, using the right technology, and luck. These are things I’ll share with you – except the luck. With my advice, hard work, and a little luck of your own, maybe you’ll become the next big home-based business success story. Tune in next issue where we’ll discuss why understanding the differences between home-based businesses and other types is critical to your success. Akpovogho “AJ” Igherighe runs Zibneal, the world’s first sales engineering firm™ . He received a Bachelors of Business Administration – with a concentration in finance – from the Goizueta Business School at Emory University, and Mortgage Specialist Certification from the Capstone Institute of Mortgage Finance.

If anyone has any Home Based Business questions, AJ is now taking questions at 

Exclusive Homes Atlanta Magazine

404-629-0446 • SEPT–Oct–Nov 09 (Quarterly)

Home Based Business  

Article in Exclusive Homes Atlanta Magazine about how to start a successfull homebased business. Written by : Akpovogho “AJ” Igherighe

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