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Your whole life revolves around how well you sleep

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Exclusive Homes Atlanta Magazine

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SEPT–Oct–Nov 09 (Quarterly)

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4 Who Needs Luxury Bedding? By Lisa A. Mason So what sets luxury bedding apart from all the rest?

6 More Than One Way to Skin A Cat! By Michelle Bible

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Have you been working with your mortgage lender for months with no resolution in sight?

The Home Based Business Quarterly By Akpovogho “AJ” Igherighe

Together, we’ll journey along the path to starting a successful home-based business.

9 Characteristics of a Luxury Condo By Kathryn Lively

What are the top amenities and characteristics of a prime condo property?

5 Atlanta Romantic Bed & Breakfast Inns By Donna Beasley

These urban retreats will not only get your morning started, they’ll also inspire your passion filled nights.

Take Advantage of the Recession With Home Remodeling By Billiings Farnsworth

So what sets luxury bedding apart from all the rest?

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Exclusive Homes Atlanta Magazine

404-629-0446 • SEPT–Oct–Nov 09 (Quarterly)

Home Decor

Who Needs Luxury Bedding?


ho needs luxury bedding? That’s a question that many people might ask and they may be surprised at the answer. A luxury is often viewed as something that you can do without. Many people that live on a tight budget view luxuries as something they can’t afford but when it comes to luxury bedding, that point of view is changing for many. In fact, it could actually be considered a necessity. If that sounds strange to you, then consider the fact that everyone needs a good night’s sleep in order to function properly throughout the day. There are many problems associated with lack of sleep and one of the leading causes for not resting comfortably during the night is uncomfortable bedding. It has more of an effect on how well you sleep than you might think. Lack of sleep can cause many problems such as the following: • • • • • • •

Fatigue Irritability Lack of concentration Stress Depression Hypertension Diabetes

By Lisa A. Mason

• •

Weight loss Obesity due to using food to stay awake • Weak immune system • Muscle tremors • Serious heart related diseases In order to relax and receive the good night’s sleep you deserve, your bedding needs to be comfortable and that’s exactly what you’ll get with luxurious bed linens. After all, approximately one third of your life is spent sleeping. It only makes sense that you have the very best linens available to ensure your sleeping environment is always the highest standards possible. So what sets luxury bedding apart from all the rest? It’s the way it’s manufactured. They’re made from the finest materials around such as Egyptian cotton. Century old weaving techniques create a softer, thicker material that’s more durable and they tend to get softer with every wash. They must pass the strictest standards set in place for linen in order to be considered luxury bedding. Your whole life revolves around how well you sleep. It affects your work and your social life equally. It can prevent you from advancing in your job and it can interfere with your relationship with your

Exclusive Homes Atlanta Magazine


friends and family. When you think about it that way, it gives bedding a whole new perspective. You can see why it’s important to make sure you have the very best when it comes to your sleeping arrangements. Why settle for “okay” when you can have luxury? It may cost a little more but in the end, it’s worth it. So who needs luxury bedding? The answer is simple; anyone that would love to enjoy a good night’s sleep. Visit to check out some of your different options. Here you can gather more information concerning luxury bedding so you can get an idea of what you’ve been missing. Article Source: Lisa is a freelance writer and editor with a specialty in internet writing and copywriting. She has worked for many different online publications providing articles and other web content, participating as site host, editing content, product descriptions, blog posts, sales letters, e-books and more. • SEPT–Oct–Nov 09 (Quarterly)

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Exclusive Homes Atlanta Magazine

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More Than one Way To Skin a CaT Get Your Mortgage Modified

Article by Michelle Bible


o you feel like you have been spinning your wheels? Have you been working with your lender for months with no solid resolution in sight? Between the lack of communication and loss paperwork, modifying your mortgage can be very stressful. Do you feel like your lender is just not cooperating with you? Do you fear that you will lose your home? You are not alone. Many of your follow Georgians are feeling the pinch of the mortgage crisis. Georgia is one of the states leading the nation in bankruptcy and foreclosure rates. For three consecutive months Georgia has had the seventh highest foreclosure rate in the country, according to RealtyTrac’s July 2009 U.S. Foreclosure Market Report. Lenders’ reluctance to modify mortgages, falling real estate values, the steady rise in unemployment, and unfair foreclosure laws are all contributing factors to Georgia’s record breaking foreclosure rates. But, Be that as it may, there is more than one way to skin a cat! The government has implemented a program called Home Made Affordable to address this crisis. The Obama administration initiated the Home Made Affordable program in March of 2009. It will allow homeowners to modify the terms of their loan, and hopefully lower their monthly mortgage payments. Thirtyeight companies are participating in the government program. However, lenders are not required to participate. They are only encouraged. If your lender is not participating or if your lender is not cooperating with you, there are alternative paths to gain access into the program. In addition to the various government agencies, there are several non-profit organizations enrolling

Exclusive Homes Atlanta Magazine

distressed homeowners into Home Made Affordable. Bruce Dorpalen, director of housing counseling at AcORn Housing corporation, a national, nonprofit housing counseling agency, announced that his agency has enrolled over 500 homeowners in the Obama plan. The neighborhood Assistance corporation of America (nAcA) has embarked on a national tour called “Save The Dream.” This tour has been developed to help homeowners restructure their home loans with their lender. nAcA has helped thousands of homeowners prevent foreclosure. Freddie Mac has announced that they will be hosting workshops and events to address the foreclosure crisis. However, these initiatives have been somewhat circumvented by the mortgage industry’s hesitancy to stave off foreclosures. Among 2.7 million eligible borrowers, banks have only extended modification offers to 243,000 borrowers. Some economists have concluded that in many cases the lender has more financial incentive to let a borrower lose their home than to work out a settlement. The first monthly progress report released August 4, 2009 advised that lenders had only modified 9 percent of eligible borrowers’ mortgages. This report also showed that 10 lenders chose not to modify a single mortgage. Michael Barr, the U.S. Treasury Department’s assistant secretary, said “We expect them to do more. We think they could have ramped up better, faster, more consistently, and done a better job serving borrowers, and bringing stabilization to the broader mortgage markets and economy.” The Obama administration was 404-629-0446

disappointed with the report findings that lenders were not modifying mortgages at a moderate rate. They were especially disappointed with Bank of America and Wells Fargo since they received billions in federal bailout money. Since the release of these reports, the government has extracted a verbal promise from the mortgage industry to modify 500,000 borrowers by november 1st. That is the light at the end of the tunnel. So, skin that cat! Get your mortGaGe modified! The assistance is out there, but you have to find it. Talking with a HUD counselor is a great starting point to uncovering your options to prevent foreclosure. call one of the agencies below today! Assistance Available by Loan Type

Phone Numbers

For a VA-insured loan

(800) 729-5772

For conventional Loans

(800) 569-4287

For an FHA-insured loan

(888) 297-8685

HUD Foreclosure Avoidance Counseling

Phone Numbers


(404) 521-0406


(888) 297-5568


(404) 659-1150


(404) 696-3494


(800) 251-2227


(888) 995-4673

Foreclosure Prevention Workshops




Resources for Residents & communities


Resources for Residents & communities


Resources for Residents & communities


HOPE nOW Alliance


Michelle Bible is an aspiring author and spoken word artist. Contact her at or view her latest blog entry at • SEPT–Oct–Nov 09 (Quarterly)

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Exclusive Homes Atlanta Magazine

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Introducing “The Home Based Business Quarterly”

Advice Column


Welcome to “Home Based Business Quarterly,” a expert advice column for your questions about the world of home based business. “AJ”, author of numerous articles and courses, including Home Buyer’s Basic Training™,will be your guide & coach.

nemployment is approaching levels we haven’t seen since the “Great Depression.” CNN reports 9.7% of the population is without work and many experts expect this number to climb to over 10% soon. Right now, many fear they’ll lose the ability to provide their families with the life to which they’ve grown accustom. While some see this as a type of financial “Doomsday,” others see opportunity. Finally, face to face with the reality - having a job is not the same as having security, they seek to take control of their financial future. These visionaries are looking to take their time and talent and create another source of income. They are considering starting a business. However, they don’t know where to start. What’s more, they’ve heard the Small Business Association’s statistics: “half of all businesses fail within five years.” Understandably, this causes concern but they are determined to try. If this sounds familiar, then this column is for you. Together, we’ll journey along the path to starting a successful home-based business. We’ll address the key questions, such as:

Akpovogho “AJ” Igherighe, Founder of Zibneal, LLC

• • •

Should I start a home-based business? If so, where do I start? And, how do I increase my chance of success?

I’ll be your tour guide on our trip. Who am I? My name is

“Together, we’ll

journey along the path to starting a successful home-based business.

AJ Igherighe. And, I’m a serial entrepreneur. From selling candy on our front porch at age 11 to creating the world’s first sales engineering firm™, Zibneal, I’ve been lucky enough to create a number of successful businesses – most of them home-based.

I attribute my success to a few simple rules, keeping up with the latest information, using the right technology, and luck. These are things I’ll share with you – except the luck. With my advice, hard work, and a little luck of your own, maybe you’ll become the next big home-based business success story. Tune in next issue where we’ll discuss why understanding the differences between home-based businesses and other types is critical to your success. Akpovogho “AJ” Igherighe runs Zibneal, the world’s first sales engineering firm™ . He received a Bachelors of Business Administration – with a concentration in finance – from the Goizueta Business School at Emory University, and Mortgage Specialist Certification from the Capstone Institute of Mortgage Finance.

If anyone has any Home Based Business questions, AJ is now taking questions at 

Exclusive Homes Atlanta Magazine

404-629-0446 • SEPT–Oct–Nov 09 (Quarterly)

Professional Office Space for Sub-Lease Available in Southwest Atlanta

Large, plush office suites in upscale Promenade Park ready for immediate occupancy. Conveniently located right off the 285 exit outside the perimeter on Cascade Road; five minutes from the airport and fifteen minutes from downtown Atlanta.

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Juanita Smith AtlAntA city council District 11 “i love the city of Atlanta… especially southwest Atlanta! We have serious challenges facing District 11 in the areas of public safety, infrastructure and economic development. i am committed to working on these challenges and other issues that impact our neighborhoods, district and city!”

“together, we can make a difference!” General election

District 11 Vote tuesday november 3, 2009! Exclusive Homes Atlanta Magazine

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Real-Estate Exclusive


HOMES Atlanta


Characteristics of a Luxury Condo By: :Kathryn Lively

As the real estate market continues to lean in favor of the buyer, one may find this is the best time to look into buying a condo.

Whether you wish to live on the ocean or in an urban downtown area close to shops and restaurants, it’s a given that comfort and price are among the top considerations of condo buyers. The amenities a condominium provides are a luxurious bonus, and the more made available for the cost the better for the new resident. What are the top amenities and characteristics of a prime condo property? If you are seriously shopping for a new place to live and wish to take the condominium route, you should note buying a condo differs slightly from renting an apartment. For one, you’ll own the place and, depending on any covenants, will be able to decorate and customize your living space to meet


your needs. Also, what you buy is what you get, so you want to make sure your beach or urban condo has all the amenities to make life comfortable.



What should you look for? Depending on your tastes, here are a few preferences among condo buyers:






Hardwood Floors - for easier cleanup Ceramic tiles in kitchen, bathrooms, and on laundry room floors Granite or corian countertops in the kitchen

Exclusive Homes Atlanta Magazine




- makes quick breakfast cleanup a breeze Crown Molding and high ceilings for a sense of space Entry Intercom and Security System Laundry Room with appliances, so there’s no trudging to a Laundromat Large balcony for relaxing after work Parking Garage access or reserved on-site parking Storage Units for bikes and other equipment

As you search for your next home, take a look at what

condos have to offer. The little things can go a long way in providing aesthetic beauty and comfort to your new home.

Kathryn Lively is a novelist, book reviewer, editor, and freelance writer. Growing up with a love for words, Kathryn knew at a young age she wanted to be a writer. She sold her first story at the age 19 and hasn’t looked back. To date she has written several novels and numerous articles on books, health and fitness, travel, and the Internet. • SEPT–Oct–Nov 09 (Quarterly)

Managing the Challenges of Daily Living Counseling/Coaching • • •

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   Exclusive Homes Atlanta Magazine


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1FBDIUSFF4U4VJUF "UMBOUB (" • SEPT–Oct–Nov 09 (Quarterly)

Freedom & Liesure


uddle up at a cozy Atlanta Bed and Breakfast for your next romantic getaway. These urban retreats will not only get your morning started with an awesome breakfast, they’ll also inspire your passion-filled nights. The following are my fave five romantic bed and breakfasts recommendations. Stonehurst Place received an extensive restoration and renovation to turn the rustic Bed & Breakfast into an enviable retreat rivaling the best boutique hotels. The immaculate rooms have high ceilings, are spacious and luxuriously decorated with elegant fabrics and comfortable beds all in an eco-friendly environment. The beautiful suites include fireplaces and a walk-inshower for two with multiple shower heads. But my favorite feature is the heated bath floor. The beautiful gardens, front and back porch provide an intimate setting for couples to unwind with each other. Enjoy a gourmet, made to order breakfasts served on china. The Stonehurst Place B and B is a short walk to a variety of shops and restaurants. Located at 932 Piedmont Ave., Atlanta. For more information call 404881-0722.

5 Atlanta Romantic Bed and Breakfasts Inns When was the last time you really treated yourself? By Donna Beasley

1890 King Keith House is a beautifully, restored 1890’s mansion. But for your romantic getaway, you want to book, The Cottage. Enter through the private gardens of the KingKeith House to escape to the peace and beauty offered by the cottage. It includes a king size bed and a Jacuzzi tub for two. Located at 889 Edgewood Ave, NE, Atlanta. For reservations call: 404-688-7330 The Beverly Hills Inn - is a charming, European style Bed and Breakfast located in the Buckhead area of Atlanta. It has beautiful, spacious rooms, with large sitting areas. The inn is located near world class shopping, dining and entertainment venues. Located at 65 Sheridan Drive, NE Atlanta. For reservations call: 800-331-8520. Teacakes Bed and Breakfast is a luxury inn located near downtown Atlanta. Beautiful

Exclusive Homes Atlanta Magazine


with the flair of the 1920’s but maintain a stylish, modern feel. Beautiful guests rooms include the Confederate Suite, which has a queen size bed and a Jacuzzi tub for two. Take a romantic stroll, hand-inhand along the walking paths and connect with each other and nature. Located at 1992 McClendon Ave, Atlanta. For reservations call: 404-3773217.

rooms with 600 count Egyptian bed linen, plush bath robes and mattresses with silk down pillows. The DuBignon Suite is the best room for a romantic getaway. The room is elegant and has a large private balcony the two of you can enjoy. Teacakes serves a complete gourmet breakfast. Their specialties include strawberry biscuits, sweet potato waffles, and spinach and feta omelets. Vegan and vegetarian meals are also available. Located at 1003 Lena St, Atlanta. To make a reservation call: 404758-9879. Laurel Hill Bed and Breakfast is a charming two house B &B on a quiet residential street, located just 5 miles east of downtown Atlanta. These Tudor-styled homes offers five unique suite which have been decorated

Donna Beasley, The Romance Lady, is a romantic travel expert who coaches people to create memorable romantic moments, honeymoons, vow renewals and other special romance occasions in travel locations throughout the world. Donna is the author of the recently published ebook, The Romantic’s Manifesto: 10 Golden Keys of Romance to Excite, Seduce and Captivate Your Lover. Get a complimentary copy of her ebook by visiting her website: • SEPT–Oct–Nov 09 (Quarterly)


Home Remodeling

Take Advantage of the Recession With Home Remodeling By: Billings Farnsworth

The United States has never seen such a down market in real estate since World War II. No one can say exactly when the current recession will end. Meanwhile, home sellers are waiting for some kind of sign for the present economy to move upward again. They are reluctant to enter the market place and suffer a sure loss. While waiting for things to change, homeowners should take advantage of this down time to increase the curb appeal, with a home remodeling which historically guarantees a return on investment (ROI). Here are a few tips on how to get your home ready for sale:




Nice landscaping always gives the seller a return on investment. Exclusive Homes Atlanta Magazine

Start designing and planting now so by the spring, the plants will have matured and established themselves. Paint the exterior and trim for a fresh new look. New paint is a definite return on investment.

Fresh paint throughout the house gives it a new look, a definite continuation of return on investment. Kitchen remodeling and bathroom remodeling are the two 404-629-0446

major rooms that will provide a definite return on investment. Clear out clutter in all rooms. Less is more these days and less clutter gives the home a roomier, more expansive look. Fix all plumbing and electrical outlets and wiring throughout the house. If you need to update, this is the time to do it.

These are only a few suggestions to bear in mind when thinking about a remodel, addition or repairs, large or small. • SEPT–Oct–Nov 09 (Quarterly)

Volume 3 – Issue 6

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