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CANBERRA CAPERS THE GILLARD YEARS The Good, the Bad & the Ruddiculous

If politics is life imitating satire, then the first draft must be written by the cartoonist. Robyn Hosking has taken the craft to the third dimension with her brilliant account of the Gillard Years. writtenandauthorisedbygeorgemegalogenis

George Megalogenis Journalist, political commentator, author & regular guest on ABC’s Insiders

Cover & opposite The Wing Walker 52 H x 42 cm Ă˜ 3


While guffaw inducing one couldn’t help but be entranced by these waggish, chimerical creations and wonder at their technical brilliance. Every detail, every nuance is meticulously observed and the sculptures are beautifully made. These whimsical manifestations deal with serious, life changing and challenging issues with purpose, feeling and a wicked sense of humour. I really enjoyed this art (and joy is the correct word) because it takes real world issues, melds fantasy and pointed observation and reflects it back, as the artist observes, in a funfair’s distorted mirror. Magic! Dr Marcus Bunyan Art Blart March 2012 HMAS Obfuscation 54 H x 29 cm Ø 5

Independent Baby Boy Finally Gets Some Attention 23.5 H x 37 W x 21cm D


Dodgem Discourse 30 H x 95 W x 60cm D




Pollie Dollies in: Blue and Green Should Never be Seen Without a Colour In-Between 31 H x 42 W x 13cm D


The Bodyguard 24 H x 16 W x 16cm D



Rudd’s Travails: Backbenched, Bound and Gagged 16.5 H x 79 W x 45cm D


Faceless Forces Foil Rudd’s Return 32.5 H x 79 W x 59cm D


Slippery When Wet 21 H x 60 W x 70 cm D


Pollie Popularity Poll 64 H x 70 W x 50 cm D


I Love Julia: Australia’s Wackiest Sitcom 28 H x 27 W x 16 cm D


A Three-Ring Circus: Federal Fiasco 62 H x 61.5 W x 59 cm D



Duel 2013 18 H x 18 W x 110 cm L



Judicious Juggling 24 H x 30 W x 16 cm D

Seriously Over Carbonated 22

34 H x 16 W x 16 cm D

Don’t Call Us, We’ll Call You 28 H x 30 W x 16 cm D


The Sound Of Defeat 24

45 H x 60 W x 16 cm D

A Canberra Chorus Line 47 H x 58.5 W x 49 cm D


Through a funfair’s distorted mirror I focus on the problem of translating the idea of the satirical or animated cartoon into a complex threedimensional form. Through the process of slip casting I create inter-related 3D cartoons, featuring caricatured images of public figures engaging with each other and with the viewer. Sporting arenas, the circus and Hollywood blockbusters offer metaphorical sites for politicians such as Kevin Rudd, Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott, to compete for their survival. By placing our favourite politicians in bizarre and ridiculous scenarios that borrow heavily from popular culture, I aim to highlight the interaction between the carnivalisation of our cultural experiences, and the increasingly debased character of political debate. While casting a disparaging eye on the world, the work retains a playful, humorous edge. I am not interested in producing depressing or macabre images. Rather, my work sends up and parodies the status quo as though we are glimpsing it through a funfair’s distorted mirror.

Robyn Hosking 26

With thanks to Anita Traverso for her guidance and support Photography: Jeremy Dillion Catalogue design: John Nairn Media: Stoneware and porcelain slip, decals, lustres and mixed media

Left: Pollie is Crackers–Tweeting Incessantly 38 H x 16 W x 16 cm D

Right: A Canberra Chorus Line? Back cover: Bad Dog Wins the Micturating Contest 15.5 H x 18 W x 18 cm D 27

Robyn Hosking - "Canberra Capers: The Gillard Years"  

Satirical artworks describing the Australian political landscape over the past few years. By artist Robyn Hosking.

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