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U.S. Poverty Analysis

Women’s Studies Course Descriptions

Amy McCormick Diduch, coordinator

100 Focus on Women: An Introduction to Women’s Studies (3 s.h.) Examines the interdisciplinary nature of the field as well as its applications in non-academic contexts. What are the aims of women’s studies and how are they put into practice?

Requirements for the Minor in U.S. Poverty Analysis 21 semester hours ECON 101 ECON 215 SOC 248 INT 222 One of the following: ECON 210, ECON 247, ECON 280 One of the following: POLS 209, PHIL 102, PHIL 235, PHIL 320, POLS 245, POLS 260, PSYC 221, REL 130, REL 221, SOC 112, SOC 240 One three-credit service learning experience

200 Contemporary Feminisms and Gender Studies (3 s.h.) Why is any attempt to define one monolithic vision of feminism inadequate? Explores contemporary topics in women’s studies and feminist theory as it examines various models of feminism. Compares and contrasts principles of Marxist, psychoanalytic, essentialist, radical, and liberal feminism and analyzes ways these ideologies enter into dialogue and debate with one another. Traces evolution of feminist thought and articulation of Queer Theory as structures from which current thinking on gender studies develops. Also found as PHIL 231 in the Philosophy listing. *Prerequisite: WS 100 or permission of instructor.

Note: For course descriptions, please see the listings for Economics, Interdisciplinary Studies, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology.

245 Women and Sport (3 s.h.) Conversations will guide class explorations regarding current and historical performance, participation, politics and opportunity for women in sport relative to gender, race, class, and sexual orientation. Suggested for sophomores and above. Also found as PHE 245 in the Physical and Health Education listing.

Women’s Studies Martha Walker, program director

252 Biology of Women (3 s.h.) Cross listed as BIOL 252. See full description in Biology listing. Recommended background: BIOL 111.

Women’s Studies is a minor program at Mary Baldwin College. Students wishing to major in women’s studies may talk to their advisors or the director about designing an independent major in women’s studies.

277 Colloquium (credit varies) A one-time only special course, offered on an occasional basis.

Requirements for the Minor in Women’s Studies 21 semester hours WS 100 WS 200 Three of the following: ANTH 202, ARTH 221, AS 251, BIOL/WS 252, BUAD 250, COMM 285, ECON/WS 280, ENG 237, ENG/AS 239, FREN 261, FREN 262, HCA 235, HIST 203, HIST 346, MUS 218, MUS 318, PHIL 231, POLS 209, PSYC 214, REL 231, SOC 225, SPAN 216, THEA 219, WS 245 Not more than two of the following: ENG 377, HIST 213, HIST 277, MUS 151, MUS 152, PSYC 210, PSYC 211, REL 202, SOC 110, THEA/ENG 115

280 Women and Economics (3 s.h.) For course description, see ECON 280 in the Economics listing.

Undergraduate Offerings

Note: Directed Inquiries, teaching assistantships, and internships in women’s studies can be arranged on an individual basis.


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