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102 Topics in Principles of Health (1 s.h.) This course will cover current content related to specific topics in the Principles of Health. See the current course offerings list for the most upto date topic offering.

politics of identity and recognition. Destinations vary: Wales, Scotland, Ireland. Also found as ENG 254 in the English listing. 277 Studies in Philosophy (3 s.h.) Topics not included in regularly scheduled philosophy courses. Interests of students and faculty determine the subject matter.

122 Stress Management (1 s.h.) Students will be engaged in self-examination of personal stressors. Emphasis will be given to techniques for reduction of stress, as well as the construction of a personal stress management plan.

301 Contemporary Analytic Philosophy (3 s.h.) Studies the analytic tradition in contemporary philosophy with readings selected from the writings of philosophers such as Moore, Russell, Wittgenstein, and Ayer. Issues include the nature of realism, sense data and sensations, meaning and reference, the nature of language, and principles of verification and falsification. *Prerequisite: any other philosophy course.

123 Consumer Health (1 s.h.) Provides the student with knowledge and skills to become a wise consumer of health products and services. 137 Outdoor Recreation: Leadership Challenge Program (.5 s.h.) Experiential activities that encourage individual challenge, team building, communication, and trust. *Prerequisite: VWIL student.

305 Science, Religion, and the Search for Meaning (3 s.h.) An Honors inquiry into the domains and methods of the sciences and religion. Introduces methodologies of Western science in their historical, philosophical, religious, and institutional contexts. A parallel examination of theological thought focuses on models of inquiry, views of nature, language and symbols, and the relationship between the divine and the natural. Modern cosmology, human genetic engineering, and developments in quantum physics are topics for examining the interactions between religion and science. Also found as REL 305 in the Religion listing.

140 Yoga (.5 s.h.) Instruction in basic techniques of yoga. 141 Aerobics (.5 s.h.) Instruction and participation in various types of aerobics. 142 Weight Training (.5 s.h.) Instruction in basic techniques of weight training.

306 Morality: Human Nature and Nurture (3 s.h.) For course description, see PSYC 306 in the Psychology listing.

143 Fitness Walking (.5 s.h.) Instruction in basic techniques of fitness walking including use of Nordic walking poles.

320 Peacemaking: Gandhi and Nonviolence (3 s.h.) An examination of the life, writings, and ideals of Mahatma Gandhi and those influenced by him who are powerful contemporary advocates of nonviolent social change. Topics include the emergence of peace activism and peace studies and their roots in the philosophy of non-violent social change; sources of violent conflict; alternatives to violence; and cultural models of conflict management and transformation that aim at resolving conflict in non-violent ways. Also found as REL 320 in the Religion listing, and as AS 320 in the Asian Studies listing.

144 Beginning Ballet (.5 s.h.) Instruction in beginning level ballet. Leotard and slippers required. Consult the physical education department for fees. Students must provide own transportation.

390 Directed Inquiry

146 Modern Dance (.5 s.h.) Instruction in the basic techniques of modern dance.

400 Major Colloquium (2 s.h.) A culminating academic experience in which the student demonstrates a mastery of her major field by focusing on a selected topic or philosopher.

147 Historical Dance (.5 s.h.) Instruction in historical dance movement with emphasis on American and European social dance from the 16th to 20th centuries.

401 Senior Thesis (2 s.h.)

148 Ballroom Dance (.5 s.h.) Introduction to basic ballroom dance skills including: steps, styling, leading and following for American and Latin ballroom dance forms.

Physical and Health Education Lynda Alanko, Charles Angersbach, Patricia Davis, Sheree Kiser, Irene Sarnelle, Sharon Spalding, John Stuart, Paul Yee

149 Folk Dance (.5 s.h.) Instruction and participation in folk dances primarily from European and Middle Eastern countries.

The combined program of physical and health education educates through movement, cognitive development, and social experiences. The program emphasis is the acquisition of physical skills, which contribute to the development of healthful lifestyles and leisure-time pursuits. MBC students must complete one class from PHE 100 through 123 or PHE 221, as well as two classes from PHE 137 through PHE 193, for a total of at least two credit hours.

150 Performance Dance Group (1 s.h.) Introduction to group dance experiences through rehearsal, performance, dance technique training and technical theatre practice. In fall, the group presents a modern dance concert. In spring, the group presents a historical ball. The group presents programs and conducts dance workshops for schools and community groups. Course may be repeated for credit. *Prerequisite: permission of instructor.

Physical and Health Education Course Descriptions 100 Fitness (1 s.h.) Topics include assessment and design of a personal fitness and nutrition plan. Students examine wellness as it pertains to quality of life. Suggested for freshmen and sophomores.

155 Independent Activity (.5 s.h.) Activities to suit individual students with special needs or those who wish to do an advanced activity not offered on campus. *Prerequisite: permission of instructor.

101 Advanced Fitness (1 s.h.) Extensive fitness testing and morning exercise sessions are part of this course (required for VWIL freshmen). Current health issues will also be addressed.

167 Outdoor Recreation: VWIL Wilderness (1 s.h.) Provides knowledge, experience, and skills in outdoor adventures as a 79

Undergraduate Offerings

145 Intermediate Ballet (.5 s.h.) Instruction in intermediate level ballet skills. Consult the physical education department for fees. Students must provide own transportation. *Prerequisite: permission of instructor; one year of ballet instruction.

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