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African-American Studies

Aerospace Studies

Requirements for the Minor in African-American Studies

Amy Tillerson, coordinator

(U.S. Air Force ROTC)

21 semester hours PHIL 232 REL 232 HIST 265 HIST 266 ENG 264 Two of the following: MUS 151, HIST 213, REL 310, ECON 215, SOC 240, SOC 248, THEA 260, or SOC 264 Any colloquium related to African-American Studies and approved by the director of the minor.

Mary Baldwin College offers the aerospace studies curriculum through the U.S. Air Force ROTC program conducted at Virginia Military Institute. Participation is limited to students in Virginia Women’s Institute for Leadership.

Aerospace Course Descriptions 103 The Air Force Today I (1 s.h.) Focuses on the organizational structure and missions of Air Force organizations, officership, communication, and professionalism.

Note: For course descriptions, please see the listings for the departments noted.

104 The Air Force Today II (1 s.h.) *Prerequisite: AERO 103 or permission of instructor. 203 Evolution of USAF Power I (1 s.h.) Designed to facilitate the transition from Air Force ROTC cadet to Air Force ROTC officer candidate.

American Studies Laura Van Assendelft, program director Gordon Bowen, Kenneth Keller, Catharine O’Connell, Amy Tillerson, Abigail Wightman

204 Evolution of USAF Power II (1 s.h.) *Prerequisite: AERO 203 or permission of instructor.

303 Air Force Leadership and Management I (2 s.h.) Emphasizes the concepts and skills required by the successful manager and leader. 304 Air Force Leadership and Management II (2 s.h.) *Prerequisite: AERO 210 or permission of instructor.

Requirements for the Major in American Studies

313 Leadership Lab for AERO 303 (No credit) Covers experiences in officer-type activities.

39 s.h. divided between 18 s.h. of required courses and 21 s.h. in a concentration. Students interested in American Studies must meet with the director to plan and organize a focused program of study within any concentration.

314 Leadership Lab for AERO 304 (No credit) Covers experiences in officer-type activities.

Required courses 18 semester hours AMST 230 HIST 111 (recommended) or HIST 112 ENG 220 (recommended) or ENG 221 One of the following: HIST 265, HIST 266, or ENG 264 One of the following: POLS 100, POLS 101, or POLS 200 AMST 400

403 National Security Forces in Contemporary American Society I (2 s.h.) Designed to provide future Air Force officers with a background on U.S. National Security Policy so they can effectively function in today’s Air Force. 404 National Security Forces in Contemporary American Society II (2 s.h.) *Prerequisite: AERO 403 or permission of instructor.

Concentrations Courses in a concentration may not double count with those selected for the requirements. For any concentration, a student may, with the written permission of the director, substitute an appropriate course not on the approved list for one of the courses in the concentration.

413 Leadership Lab for AERO 403 (No credit) Officer-type activities and orientation for initial active duty. 414 Leadership Lab for AERO 404 (No credit) Officer-type activities and orientation for initial active duty.

American Studies for Educators HIST 202 An additional course in American History An additional course in American Literature INT 125 Introduction to Geography ECON 101 or ECON 102 One of the following: POLS 100, POLS 101, POLS 200, or POLS 203 31

Undergraduate Offerings

American Studies is an interdisciplinary field that focuses on the study of the cultures of the United States, including transnational, global, and comparative perspectives. Through requirements that span history, the social sciences, literature, art, and music, the American Studies program encourages students to cross disciplinary boundaries, thus exposing them to differing perspectives on American culture. Students majoring in American Studies choose one of the concentrations. Their academic work culminates in an interdisciplinary thesis tied to their chosen concentration. Students can earn a major, minor, or certificate in American Studies.

214 Leadership Lab for AERO 204 (No credit) Prepares students for Air Force Field Training Camp. Required only for students pursuing a commission as an officer in the U.S. Air Force.

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