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January 2011


MBB Propaganda

Adam Souter, our Vice President, playing with a winter toy in 2010.


! !






- Clay Marzo, Young Gun Surfer from Hawaii who lives with Asperges Syndrome

You know, Summer’s great. "

It’s festive, it’s fun, it’s hot.


Well, sometimes. Lately, it’s like we’ve seen the death of seasons - a warmish winter with

few big swells, then a cloudy & wet summer with cold water & random swells. Climate change? Go figure. "

Regardless, we ride. We persisted through some wild comp days, and we get out there in

the water every other day of the year. Why? ‘Cos it be fun. Damn good clean fun. "

This year, we’re joined by a number of new members, particularly a heap of younger guys

from the local high schools. You groms are most welcome, and we’re stoked to have you onboard and riding with us! You’re the future of our club, and also of our sport. It’s been great to see you already getting involved with helping out! "

A few of our guys are also now really stepping it up, are entering the NSW state rounds &

riding in the state team at the nationals. Entry forms can be found on the website for anyone keen to have a go at riding in events outside of just MBB events. There’s a few coming up, so stay tuned for plenty of info about these, because we love going away as a team to compete. It really pushes you to surf against different people, and not just your usual mates! Best of luck to all involved, and we’ll be looking for more of you to join us. !


Yours in bodyboarding,



Goodtimes Don’t throw fins, kids. More deadly than a ninja star, as Jackson’s board found out!

! !





Dilan Carestia


2010 Season Wraps Up With


Another Monster Preso! Each year, we finish the season with a huge preso at the awesome Maroubra Bowling Club,


just a block back from the middle of the beach. Our 2010 preso went off. We had a killer BBQ

Cadets 1. Sam Doane 2. Brodie Coutts =3.Tom Gilmartin =3.Jordan Stephenson Juniors 1. 2. 3. 4.

cooked up by our Maori connection, fresh sushi from Nori, hundreds of sausage rolls from Carla & Vilma, pasta, salads, cakes - the works! Cheers to all who looked after the food. All our sponsors chipped in with a heap of prizes, I think we needed 2 big cars to get all of it there on the day! There was enough for eve-

Jackson Johnstone Scott Barry Max Anicic Shannon Mason

ryone to walk away with something, but the best loot was taken home by those riders who showed consistency by showing up to the most comps though the year to earn valuable points.

Open Mens 1. Diarmid Heidenreich 2. Michael Clarke 3. Alex O 4. Matt Foster






Through the course of each year, we look out for a couple of members to hand some special awards at the preso. They might not be the riders that come 1st at every comp, but they’re the ones that demonstrate some awesome displays of sportsmanship, selflessness, and club spirit.


This last season, the President’s Award went to Jimmy Sloan. He really earned this by putting in a stack of hours judging heats, and always asking how he can help out. One particular deed that stands out to me was Jimmy showing up when he couldn’t surf due to being unwell, but he still sat there with clipboard and pen, judging more heats that anyone that day.

Women 1. Eveline Mussi 2. Noriko Smith Masters 1. Ian Teather 2. Stephane GuyLartigue

Open Elite 1. Jonotan Giacomelli 2. Adam Souter 3. Scott Barry 4. Marc Abbott

The Captain’s Award went to Jordan Stephenson. Jordy earned himself the prize by the way that he showed up, helped out, and always had a crack at it, regardless of conditions, determined to push himself. They say you get respect by giving it, and Jordy definitely showed a heap of respect towards other riders in the club.


Massive congrats to you both, guys!

Grand Masters 1. Andrew Yeates 2. Cyrus Avesta 3. Blinks Smith

1. 2. 3. 4.

Dilan Carestia Adam Souter Marc Abbott Ian Teather


Here’s all you need to know if you’ve never surfed in a competitive heat before. Read on, take note! This is how MBB rolls... " We will park our trailer in the middle carpark and begin setting up our equipment at 6:30am. Many hands make light work, so help out with this and we’ll get more surfing time. While this is going on we inspect conditions and secure a contest area for the day. This will be marked by two large flags near the shore. All competitors must surf within these flags, as any waves caught outside the comp area will not be scored. " While gear is being taken out and set up, you’ll find one crazy little dude with a clip board calling out for people to come up to him & “check in”. This lets us know who’s there so we can try and draw up heats asap. If you are late, you will not be included in the draw for the day, and will unfortunately miss out. It’s tougher than you think to organise all the heats, and reorganising the day for one person is unfair to the rest of the club. Moral of the story? You should be there to both help set up and sign on between 6:30 - 7am, or you miss out. No excuses! " Heats will usually be either 15 or 20 minutes, depending on the turn-out on the day, with finals being 20 – 30mins. During that time, riders will be able to catch up to 10 scored waves. After the 10th wave is caught, the rider must return to shore. There will be 3 judges scoring rides, and each wave is scored out of 10. The best 2 waves of each rider are then tallied, and the top 50% of each heat make it through. Thus, in a heat of 4 riders, the top 2 make it through.

! Riders will be given 5mins paddling time. This will be in the final 5mins of the previous heat, as heats will be continuous. This means that as one heat ends, the next heat begins. ! Heat start and finish will be marked by coloured flags on the beach, as well as a hooter. A green flag and call from the hooter signals the start of a heat. The green flag remains up until the last 5mins of the heat, when it is replaced by a yellow flag. While the yellow flag is up, the riders in the next heat can paddle out and wait (but may not catch waves or get in the way). At the conclusion of the heat, the hooter will sound twice and the red flag will be raised. Riders of the concluded heat must exit the water quickly so that riders of upcoming heats may receive their rashies. The next heat will then begin immediately, and the green flag will again be raised after a 30sec break and sound of the hooter. ! It is up to the riders to keep an eye on when their heat is and which heat is currently in the water, as the structure and order of the day is always subject to change. If a rider misses their heat, they may not surf in another. This keeps it fair for those who are doing the right thing. " Everyone always wants to squeeze in a freesurf on the day, but we really need you to spend as much time as possible around the contest area. It looks bad when we send empty pics to our sponsors, and try to explain that the 70 people that were there were “all in the water”! Also, we need all riders to judge at least one heat each day, otherwise the comps just won’t run at all. Never judged? Just ask, we’ll show you how! Understanding the judging will help you improve your own results, too.

The boys, preparing for battle. Always serious.

2011 COMP DAYS As of now, these are the days that MBB will be run: 1. 5th March 2. 2nd April 3. 7th May 4. 4th June 5. 2nd July 6. 6th August 7. 20th August 8. 3rd September 9. 1st October 10. 22nd October 11. 5th November

So, throw these dates in your diary, iPhone, write them on your hand, whatever. Just make sure you’re there! Generally speaking, as you can see, we’re given the 1st Sat of each month outside of summer to run an event. The two dates in blue are the exception. These are extra dates, so we’ll see what happens with them, we’ll try do something cool. On any comp day, don’t call at 7am to see if it’s on, just be there. Even if it’s dead flat, we’ll try do breakfast & a swim or something fun, just to keep the community spirit kicking strong. Make sure you befriend Maroubra Bodyboarders on Facebook, as any changes and updates will be posted there.



New to Judging or just want to be sure about how to surf a heat & win? Read on... The following pointers are a basic starting place that you should try to use as a guide to improve performance by knowing exactly what the judges are looking for when applying the basic judging criteria. The basic judging criteria reads as follows:

“A bodyboarder must execute the most radical maneuvers in the critical section of a wave, with the fluid linking and combination of maneuvers, combining speed and power throughout. The bodyboarder who executes such maneuvers on the biggest or best waves for the longest functional distance shall be deemed the winner.” While this sounds a bit long winded the most important points are: “must execute” -must complete an attempted maneuver on a wave, then regain controlled momentum on the same wave, in order for that maneuver to count. “the most radical maneuvers” -the most extreme, physical difficult and visually spectacular maneuvers. “in the critical section of a wave” -near the most powerful, breaking section of the wave, and if conditions permit, underneath/behind the breaking lip of the wave, within the “tube”

or “barrel”. “with the fluid linking and combination of maneuvers” -with smooth transitions between maneuvers and by performing a number of appropriate maneuvers on one wave in succession. “combining speed and power throughout” -demonstrate the ability to effectively harness the power of the wave so as to travel fast on it, gaining the speed essential to perform radical maneuvers with control (as opposed to soft or weak maneuvers). The most important thing to look for while judging is to determine how the rider is surfing the wave. Are they in the power pocket (critical section)? Is the surfing flowing or is it being forced, like rolls (floppos) or multiple spinners? It is much better bodyboarding to wait for the sections and bust rather than force moves. At events where the waves are small and there are lots of spinning going on the better riding will come from riders doing a forward and then gaining speed for a strong reverse rather than 3 quick forward spins.


The scoring guide is as follows:

" " " "

7.5-10.0### Excellent wave 5.0-7.5## # Good wave 2.5-5.0 ### Fair wave 0.5-2.5# ## Poor wave

Learn to Judge We all started out the same way - rocking up to our first ever comps, and not having a clue. Just ask someone. We want all our riders to be able to judge a heat. Volunteer & pull up a seat next to someone who’s judged a lot & they’ll talk you through it. Knowing what judges look for will make you a better competitive rider!

The epic tents provided by World Bodyboards


Sponsor Love! Listed on this page are some of the main supporters of the club. They show us lots of love, so make sure

most cases less costly, purpose built, and who

If you get the chance, flow a “thank you”

pump support back into our sport. Zion is the

email or letter their way, and say something to

brainchild of former pro rider Ryan Mattick. He

the lifeguards, who also play a big role in eve-

rips, and so do his Zion suits. Ryan flowed us a

rything running smoothly for us. Also, let’s

suit to give away at the preso, and everyone

continue to keep our beach clean every time

was wishing they could walk away with it!

we use it.

Again, check them out at

Clothing Sponsor: Unite In the late 90’s a lot of the big surf labels

that you and your buddies support them in

Drink Sponsor : Nudie Juice Nudie juice were one of the first companies that wanted to jump onboard and sponsor

return! If we want our sport to grow, we need

began pulling out of bodyboarding, leaving a

MBB to be a part of our healthy lifestyle. They

to stop buying Quickgold and those other

vacuum which gave birth to our own industry.

provide us with a heap of bottles for each

brands that take from your wallet but would

There were only a couple of labels, and one of

event, and they taste pretty damn amazing

never throw a cent back our way.

them had a rider named Joel Taylor, an Aussie

after paddling in from surfing a tough heat!

grom who was the next big thing.

They also give you plenty of energy to fuel your

So, let me introduce to you the main

However, disaster struck when Joel

sponsors that made the 2010 season happen

snapped his back at Pipe in Hawaii one winter.

for MBB...

Most of us would probably throw in the towel,

Store Sponsor: There’s a heap of places that carry body-

including Ryan Hardy, Damian King & “Parkway Drive” frontman Winston (who rips, too). Joel flowed us a stack of shirts, some that be awarding at some of our next comps. Sup-

Maroubra, who is just like you & me, so he

port the man and our sport by picking up Unite

knows what you need

threads at

- It carries only the best brands, especially the other labels that support MBB! - It pumps a heap of help into our little bodyboarding community, not just helping our club but also sponsoring some big events like the state titles in 2010 at Soldiers Beach

Board Sponsor: World Bodyboards This is the premiere stable for the best boards (and team riders) on the planet. These

Mag Sponsor: Riptide Riptide Magazine is something I can’t live

new bodyboarding brands have you covered with wetsuits

Zion Joins MBB!

that are better, in

4hrs in the water, and is 30+. Most of you grabbed some to take and try at the preso, but there’s still some left, so

70 when you’re only just exiting your teens! Buy SunSense.

Riptide sticker? I got plenty - just come see me at the next comp and I’ll slap one on your board. Buy this mag. Also, it’s a great indicator of which other

Swimwear Sponsor: Hive Hive make bikinis for girls who actually surf, while still looking awesome while laying on the sand. A heap of our local girls are realising just how good they are. Hive provide us with a few vouchers each

the range of sleds at

excuse for it, as the

quickly, non greasy, non ghosting, stays on for

shirts to flow to you at the preso. Haven’t got a

damn club t-shirt you’ve ever seen! Check out

there’s absolutely no

called “Sport Milk”, and it’s thin to rub in

ing us stickers, subscriptions, mags, posters &

see the brand in Riptide, steer clear!

months. These days,

tubes to keep you covered. The product is

gathering. Stay sun-safe, you don’t wanna look

with some epic prizes, and also with the best

through the winter

boxes of perfect little pocket sized sunblock

come over and grab some at our next MBB

labels you should be purchasing. If you don’t

option but to wear a stand-up surfing brand

These guys have just jumped on the MBB support train, and hooked us up with a few

and also shows a lot of love to MBB by shoot-

NMD, VS, LMNOP & Stealth. They provide us

A few years back, bodyboarders had little

Sunblock Sponsor: SunSense

without. It covers every aspect of our sport,

guys are the Oz distributers for Morey, BZ,

Wetsuit Sponsor: Zion

Drink Nudie, they’re rad!

and sponsored some of the best riders around,

I handed out at the preso, and others that I’ll

- It’s run by a bodyboarder, Brad from

those wack chemical energy drinks out there.

but Joel did the opposite. He founded Unite,

boarding gear. Why do we love iBodyboard so much? Let me explain..

surfing in a healthy & natural way, unlike all

Council Support : Randwick City Council

year for the women’s division. Tell all the girls you know, they can grab them from

We live in a crazy & busy little corner of planet Earth. You can’t just pull up at a beach and hold a comp, you need months of planning, risk assessment, insurance, and money. Thankfully, we just happen to have a rad local council that wants you to enjoy the benefits of a beach activity and a friendly club community. "

So, to make it happen, they waive a

heap of the fees that we would otherwise have to cough up - fees that total in thousands of dollars! "


Food Sponsor: Guzman y Gomez These guys love what we do, and quite frankly, we think what they do is amazing. I spent a month in Mexico, and these burritos are legit. They gave us a heap of free burrito vouchers, shirts & hats to keep you stoked. I think it worked. Find them at Bondi Junction, outside Westfield.

SEASON STARTER GIVEAWAY! Sponsors team up to give 2011 MBB members one crazy start to the new season! Let’s be honest - sometimes, no matter To kick start our 2011 season, we’ll be

how good we’ve been, Santa just doesn’t de-

It has to be YOU, and YOU have to be a 2011 member of MBB to win!

having a sing-on day on the first Saturday of

liver the goods we really want at Christmas.

February ( 5th of Feb). We’ll have the tent set

So - from the sign-on day until our first

up on the grass between the skate park, life-

comp date ( the first Sat of Feb until the first

fore the first comp, and we’ll be giving away

guard office & the Pavilion. We’ll have some

Sat of March) we’ll be running a huge competi-

the prize at the beach.

tunes going, some feeds, a heap of stickers


and stuff for you to come and steal, and we’ll

The winner will be decided the night be-

A MASSIVE THANK YOU to In that one month period, we want you to

be using the day to collect your membership

get proof of your best wave and get it up on

forms and money.

our MBB Facebook page by emailing the

Download the membership form here:

It’s that easy! for providing the prize, an NMD board and a pair of Stealth fins! So, what are you waiting for? Get out there with your mates, and get snapping!

photo with your full name to 2011_membership_application?view . We’ll then get


book, so they’ll be grouped and you can view

them all together in an album on our Face-

MBB Website

them all. Get it filled out, get a parent to sign if you’re under 18, and gather your cash.

The website will get updated from time to

It can be a picture, sequence, or video footage.

time, and will contain vital info for new members and sponsors.

This year, it’s $100 to join (or $50 for a

For more regular updates, then read on

social member, where you get a shirt & invite to all club stuff but can’t compete in heats). If you

about our Facebook...

sign up, you can also enter the DK division on

Facebook Updates

any comp day FOR FREE! Yep, we’re pushing

Most people are already our friend on

DK this year. If you’re signing up to one divi-

Facebook - if not, we strongly advise that you

sion, but want to do another (eg your division

log on, sign up & make us a friend.

is juniors but you also want to enter in the opens) then it’s another $20. Pass on the link to all of your mates. Tell


them about all the good things about being a part of MBB, and convince them to sign up. The more members we have, the more sponsors we’ll have, and the more prizes that will oarders Emails & websites are ok, but Facebook is so easy & fast to communicate, that we’ll be using it a heck of a lot to keep you in the loop. Also lets you see who else is in with our club. Most documents you need through the

be flowed in your direction. GET RECRUITING!

year will be put up on a cool little site called , and a link to that page will then be

Season Starter Competition!

put up on our Facebook, so you can downloard them without any fuss.

Thanks / Mahalo

Wanna Contribute?

Massive thanks to the rad committee for

• pics • articles • footage

all the incredible stuff they do. Our club is really going from strength to strength, and we owe a lot of it to them! To Blinks, for talking the talk when needed (lifeguards, sponsors, etc...). Thanks to da riders! And, of course, all our sponsors - you’re the best, thanks for keeping the stoke


Send them this way:


MBB Newsletter

and I’ll try get it in here, or use it in our end of year vid. Thanks!

alive! Mahalo!!!






by Dilan Carestia

MBB The Shizzle 2011 Issue 1  

Maroubra bodyboarders regularly irregular newsletter. Info on club comps, registration, judging criteria and even a competition!

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