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MARCOS BASSOLS Industrial Design Engineer

ABOUT ME I would say that design is essential, we have been using it since humanity began, and now-a-days design has many aspects to consider. That is why it has the power and importance to change the world. My name is Marcos Bassols, I was born and raised in Barcelona 1992. I am a young enthusiastic industrial designer who has studied at several design schools. During my studies I gained strong skills and experiences in the field of product design. Throughout my young design career I have worked for ISM Objects in Melbourne, and participated in different design competitions in Barcelona including the Premis Voilà and the Roca Challenge I and II. Technology, materials, design solutions, innovation and esthetics fascinates me. When designing, I think we need to understand and like what we are creating in order to offer the best possible solution. I would like to reach in a near future good, effective, efficient and useful design in all my works. I enjoy team work and understand it is a key factor in this industry. Challenges motivate me, and I am the type that keeps on trying. Sport forms a part of my way of life and I try and practice it as often as my time schedule allows me to do so. Music and friendships are also vital for me. Reliable, enthusiastic, positive and hard worker, I find motivation essential for any worker’s good performance.

01 MULTIFUNCTIONAL SUPPORT Contest’s requirements Search for new solutions Made out of shop’s material Simple Original Can be produced in series

02 PIEZOELECTRICS Aim To develope a project where led’s are lighten up by the deformation of piezoelectrics. Solution To create a point of light on the back wheel of a bicycle by using the energy gained at the deformation of the wheel, therefore, the piezoelectric sensors.


Design a new home product. Through a 3D modelling, produce the product with rapid prototyping, Create a silicone mold using the prototype Finally produce the final product with polyurethane


RP model

Cuts were fixed with staples, polyurethane was poured.

Silicone was poured over the RP model to create the mold.

The polyurethane Stool was obtained and polished.

Some cuts had to be made to pull out the RP model

Final piece, scaled 1:5

04 ISM OBJECTS (Internship)