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Volume 7, Number 4

August 1, 2013

Fellowship Foundations


MBA Elections


2013 Annual Meeting Reprise

State Men’s Meeting


This past June 29th, the MBA held its annual meeting at Berean Baptist Church of Brooklyn Park, MN. The keynote speaker was Dr. Andrew


August 8-10: Family Camp at Lighthouse Baptist in Cottage Grove, MN. Phone: 651-459-6974 September 13-14: MBA Men’s Fellowship at Fourth Baptist, Plymouth. See page 3 for more details. June 28, 2014: MBA Annual Meeting at Prior Lake Baptist Church.

Counterman of Anchor Baptist Church in Millersville, Maryland. The theme of Dr. Counterman’s sessions was “Christianity 101: Back to Basics.” The messengers were challenged to remember their responsibilities to maintain holiness of life, and soundness of doctrine. Dr. Cary Flinck is the pastor of Berean Baptist Church. He and the people there were very gracious hosts. The messengers passed a unanimous resolution of appreciation regarding the meeting, Dr. Counterman, and the pastor

and people of Berean Baptist. The resolution reads in part as follows: “the messengers of the Minnesota Baptist Association would like to express our thankfulness to Berean Baptist Church and Pastor Cary Flinck for hosting our annual meeting. We also want to thank Dr. Andrew Counterman for his ministry to our messengers during the meeting.” In addition, the messengers stated, “the Minnesota Baptist Association affirmed our Confession of Faith which states that all sinners are ‘positively inclined to evil, and therefore under just condemnation to eternal ruin, without defense or excuse,’ we recognize the Old Testament prohibitions against homosexuality defined sexual relations between members of the same sex as sin (Leviticus 18:22; Deuteronomy

155th Annual Meeting While the 2013 Annual Meeting of the MBA is still fresh in our memories, it is time to start thinking about next year. The pastor and people of Prior Lake Baptist Church have invited the messengers of the churches to enjoy their hospitality for the 155th Annual Meeting of the Minnesota Baptist Association, June 28, 2014.

23:17). We also recognize that the New Testament affirms that homosexual acts are sinful (1 Corinthians 6:9-10; 1 Timothy 1:8-11). Furthermore, we affirm that a civil ceremony or legal license does not validate or give divine approval to homosexual activity and the Minnesota Baptist Association will not endorse or give Christian recognition to civil unions or homosexual marriages. Instead, we commit to sharing the life-changing Gospel with all who are tempted into homosexuality. We believe this sin, as all sin, leads to ‘just condemnation’ and ‘to eternal ruin’ but that Christ’s sacrifice fully atoned for this sin. We believe that godly believers can be tempted by homosexuality but that they will abstain from this sin in all of its forms.” In a related statement the messengers again affirmed the wording of the MBA confession of faith stating the following: Continued on page 2

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North Star Update

Fellowship Foundations By: Rev. Robert Fuller, Sr, MBA State Missionary Here in the middle of July, I am reminded that we spent the winter asking for heat, and now that we have it we might say, “Just a bit cooler, please!” The invention of air conditioning ranks right up there with sliced bread. I know that you are not complaining, nor am I, but we might remember that JanuaryFebruary 2014 is coming. Since the publication of the last UPDATE my opportunities of service have included the following: April 15 – I attended with

very good friends the Annual Family and Friends banquet of Central Seminary. It was, as usual, a very inspirational evening directed toward service for the Lord. April 17 – With a great number of folks who are graying somewhat, Rhoda and I enjoyed the Senior luncheon hosted by Lighthouse Baptist, Cottage Grove, Pastor Loren Bjokne (LaVonne) and the staff. Those folks prepare a wonderful time for some of God’s choicest people. May 5 – At the invitation

of Pastor David Rogers (Suzanne) I supplied the pulpit at Cornerstone Baptist, Willmar. Along with preaching, I also gave a brief MBA report. We are always encouraged with the faithfulness of the members there. May 6 – After an overnight stay in Willmar, I proceeded on Monday to attend the Meetings of the Executive Committee and Full Board of MBA at Community Baptist, New Prague. Important Issues are discussed

and necessary decisions are made at these gatherings. May 12 – I journeyed to First Baptist, Preston, to supply the pulpit for Pastor Geno Pyse (Michelle). Pastor Pyse has the privilege of leading a wonderful group of people at Preston. I also took time to give a brief MBA report. June 2 – I was asked by Pastor Nathan Huston (Marijoice) to supply the pulpit of my home church, Coon

and that involvement in adultery or homosexuality disqualifies a man from these offices. (1 Timothy 3:1-13; Titus 1:59). The uniquely pastoral duties are limited to qualified men who are recognized as pastors within our congregations; thus, we do not ordain or call women to the pastorate. We observe and promote local church ministry roles for women that are not scripturally reserved for men.”

In addition to the Annual Meeting, several pastors and leaders of the churches met the day before the Annual Meeting

in the facilities of Berean Baptist Church to discuss issues pertaining to the continued forward movement of the Association. The leadership of the Association requested the continued prayers of the people and churches of the MBA.

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Reprise, from page 1 “the Minnesota Baptist Association affirmed our Confession of Faith which states that the local church’s ‘only scriptural officers are Bishops, or Pastors, and Deacons, whose qualifications, claims, and duties are defined in the epistles to Timothy and Titus,’ we affirm that the Pauline Epistles uniformly and unambiguously teach that the local church officers must have a blameless character which includes a commitment to one woman

Election Results from 2013 Annual Meeting The messengers of the churches of the Minnesota Baptist Association elected new officers, board members this past year. They also ratified some committee members. The following is a complete list of officers, board members and committees that were selected this past June. Those newly selected have an asterisk. MBA Officers President- Pastor Gerald Stephens (2015) *Vice-President- Pastor V. Richard Jensen (2016) *Treasurer- Mr. Brian Veth (2016) Secretary- Pastor David Rogers (2014) State Missionary: Rev. Robert Fuller, Sr. (ex-officio) Executive Committee: MBA Officers plus ... *Class of 2014-Dr. Ron Groschel *Class of 2015-Pastor Steve Brower *Class of 2016-Pastor David White

MBA Board Class of 2014 Pastor Ted Clarke Pastor Dwight DePenning Dr. Ron Groschel Pastor Greg Linscott Dr. Lee Ormiston Pastor Jeremy Stephens Pastor Todd Williamson Class of 2015 Dr. Tim Barr (2) Pastor Steve Brower (2) Pastor Shad Vork

Dr. Robert Fuller, Jr. Dr. Kevin Bauder Mr. Brian Boldt Dr. Julian Suarez Class of 2016 *Pastor Bart Goetz *Pastor Loren Bjokne *Pastor Nathan Huston *Pastor Jim McLeish *Pastor David White *Pastor David Levy *Pastor Mark Fish

Volume 7, Number 4

Registration for the upcoming Men's Fellowship, being held September 13-14 at Fourth Baptist Church, Plymouth, is now online at: http:// registration-information/. The standard fee for the two-day event is $30. This

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includes a Friday evening meal, Saturday refreshments, and will help fund the activities of the event. If you are only able to attend either Friday or Saturday, the single day registration will be $20. Registration for students (Jr. High, High

School, College, and Seminary) will be only $17. Registration fees will increase after September 1. You may register either individually or collectively as a church. Please note, if you register with your church, do not register individually! Please contact Pastor

Greg Linscott if you have any questions or concerns. Pray that God will use this event in the lives of our men to strengthen our churches and the fellowship we enjoy together. Start now anticipating a great time together.

* Pastor Joe Haynes * Pastor Dwight DePenning

Annual Program: * Dr. Ron Groschel * Dr. Kevin Bauder * President Jerry Stephens * Mr. Brian Veth.

Election Results, from page 2 Pillsbury Board Class of 2014 Dr. Robert Fuller, Jr. Pastor Bart Goetz Pastor Lenard Huebscher Pastor Todd Williamson Class of 2015 Pastor Rob Adams Pastor James Snow Pastor Gerald Stephens Pastor Joe Haynes

Class of 2016 * Pastor Steve Brower * Pastor Loren Bjokne * Mr. Jim Gunderson * Mr. Brian Veth Nominating Committee: * Dr. Cary Flinck (Ch.) * Dr. Robert Fuller, Jr. * Mr. Brian Boldt * Pastor David White * Rev. James Snow * Pastor Bart Goetz

Resolutions Committee: * Dr. Tim Barr (Ch.) * Pastor Rob Adams * Pastor Joe Haynes * Pastor Todd Williamson * Pastor Greg Linscott * Pastor Mark Fish * Dr. Julian Suarez


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MBA Contacts Minnesota Baptist Association

Foundations, continued from page 2

Rev. Gerald Stephens, President Community Baptist Church PO Box 212 New Prague, MN 56071 (952) 758-3287 State Missionary Rev. Robert Fuller, Sr. 1549 118th Lane NW Coon Rapids, MN 55448 (763) 568-4078 MBA Office Minnesota Baptist Association PO Box 527 Willmar, MN 56201-0527 Send Contributions to: Mr. Brian Veth, MBA Treasurer c/o Coon Rapids Baptist Church 11164 Hanson Blvd. Coon Rapids, MN 55433 Send Update Articles and Pictures to: North Star Update Editor 315 S. Payne St. New Ulm, MN 56073 (507) 354-3323

Rapids Baptist. It is a rare privilege to preach and teach for your own pastor in his absence. June 28,29 – I attended the Annual Meeting of the Minnesota Baptist Association hosted by Berean Baptist, Brooklyn Park, Pastor Cary Flinck (Nancy). Friday included an open forum for pastors and assistants to share thoughts and suggestions regarding the outreach of the MBA. Saturday included the regular Programs and Business Sessions for the Messengers from our churches.

June 30 – I was once again privileged to supply the pulpit and give a fresh MBA Report at First Baptist, Preston, Pastor G e n o P ys e ( M i c h e l l e ) . Ministering at Preston gives us the opportunity to spend time with our son-in-law and daughter, Pastor Joe and Cathy Haynes in the nearby city of Spring Valley, Minnesota. July 14 - What an honor and privilege we had in sharing in the observance of the 125th Anniversary of First Baptist, Lake Benton, Pastor Mark Fish (Darlene). Three of their former

pastors were able to attend which was a blessing to all to see and hear from them. Their recently called pastor, Richard Riley and his family were able to attend from their present duties in Wisconsin. Richard is a son of our good friend, now with the Lord, Pastor Robert Riley who pastored at Richfield some years ago. I gave greetings and commendations from the churches of the MBA. If I can be of service or help to you, please contact me by phone or e-mail.

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