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Calendar September 14-15: MBA State Men’s Fellowship, Camp Friendship October 20: Fall Twin Cities Ladies Luncheon, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. January 21: MBA Trustees meetings: 12:00 p.m. Executive Committee; 3:00 p.m. Full Board

Volume VI, Issue 4

August 22, 2012

Report from the Annual Meeting This year’s annual meeting was a blessing to those who attended. The messages of Dr. Doug McLachlan were a great encouragement, and an exciting reminder of the Centrality of our Lord, Jesus Christ. The messengers were blessed by the fellowship and the hospitality of the host church, Community Baptist, New Prague, and Pastor & Mrs. Stephens. Election Results Pastor Jerry Stephens (2015) was re-elected to another term as President of the Association. The members of the Nomination Committee for 2013 are Pastor Bart Goetz; Pastor Dwight DePenning; Pastor David White; Pastor V. Richard Jensen; Pastor James Snow; Dr. Cary Flinck; Pastor Joe Haynes; and Mr. Dave Van Loh. The members of the Resolutions Committee for 2013 are Pastor Todd Williamson; Pastor Rob Adams; Pastor Joe Haynes; Dr. Timothy Barr; Dr. Kevin Bauder; Pastor Mark Fish; and Pastor Michael Verway. The members of the MBA Trustees, Class of 2015 are Dr. Tim Barr; Pastor Shad Vork; Pastor Steve Brower; Dr. Robert Fuller, Jr.; Dr. Lee Ormiston; Mr. Brian Boldt; Dr. Julian Suarez. The members of the Pillsbury Trustee, Class of 2015 are Pastor Rob Adams; Pastor Gerald Stephens; Pastor James Snow; and Pastor Joe Haynes. Approved Resolutions of the

Association The following is not a quote of the resolutions but merely a report. The messengers of the MBA approved three resolutions at their annual meeting this summer. The first was a statement of appreciation to the host church, Community Baptist of New Prague, and pastor, Pastor Jerry Stephens, and to Dr. Doug McLachlan, the speaker this year. The second resolution affirmed the Association’s Confession of Faith statement on the sinfulness and condemnation of man before God. It then went on to note from Scripture that the sexual perversion of homosexually rightly belongs under God’s condemnation. The Association went on the stipulate that it will not recognize such civil unions or homosexual marriages. Finally, the Messengers approved a resolution upholding the Biblical criteria for Pastors and Deacons. Consequently, the association does not ordain or call women to the pastorate. “We observe and promote local church ministry roles for women that are not scripturally reserved for men.” Adopted Amendments to the Bylaws of the Association The following is not a quote of the amendments but merely a report. The MBA approved several changes in the By-Laws of the Association and its Board. These changes dealt with areas of the By-laws that needed adjustment to reflect a

more streamlined approach to conducting the business of the Association. Changes to Article III, Duties of Officers In general, these changes placed the responsibility for the agenda of the Board and the Association with the President of the Association. Also, responsibility for advising the Secretary of the Association on the records of the MBA was moved to the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees. In addition, the Treasurer actions in disbursing funds were also placed under the President as duly authorized by the Board of Trustees. Finally, the duties of the State Missionary were brought into alignment with the other changes made in this area. Change to Article IV, The Board of Trustees One item was approved by the Messengers that dealt with the Board in general. An amendment to the By-laws was approved that allowed for “virtual meetings” (special meeting conducted by electronic means) of the Board. There were a few other amendments in minor areas to clarify issues that the other changes effect. Proposed Changes to the Articles of Incorporation of the Association The following is not a Continued on page 3

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North Star Update

Fellowship Foundations By: Rev. After our somewhat mild winter, what to expect for summer? It all depends upon which part of the Country in which you live. Heat in the winter, air-conditioning in the summer gives us needed respite from uncomfortable weather conditions. My A/C compressor in my car failed me recently, and the Lord provided a new one at cost, and no labor to install. Actually, He used a human instrument to accomplish that!! for which we do thank the

Robert J. Fuller, Sr., State Missionary

Lord. June was down somewhat on invitations from churches, but we enjoyed the visits we were allowed to make. June 17 – We visited services at First Baptist, Spring Valley, Pastor Joe Haynes (Cathy). We have many friends there, and are excited with them for the working of the Lord in that church. June 22, 23 – I attended the Board Meeting for Pills-

Preparations for Building for Sandcreek Baptist On June 23, the abandoned house on the property owned by Sandcreek Baptist Church was burned to the ground. The Jordan Fire Department used the house for training. They spent about one hour doing practice burns and then let it burn to the ground. This saved the church thousands of dollars for dump removal from the site. The place where the house sat will likely be a parking lot. It is a

blessing that there is a good functional well on the property. The church anticipates building in the next three to five years as the property is paid off. The church is in the planning stage.

First Calvary Inver Grove Bids Farwell to Juvinalls Recently, the First Calvary Baptist Church held a farewell event for their longtime assistant pastor, Chris Juvinall. Pastor Chris and Julie Juvinall relocated to Wausau, WI where Pastor Chris assumed the responsibilities of senior pastor at the Wausau Bible Church

( m). In addition to serving the Inver Grove Heights congregation, Pastor Chris Juvinall led the annual Parent/Teen Conference held each January at First Calvary. The conference was utilized by many churches within the MBA.

bury Baptist Bible College as an ex-officio member. The meeting was held at Community Baptist Church, New Prague. The balance of the day was for the purpose of the Annual Meeting of the Minnesota Baptist Association. Again, I attended those sessions as ex-officio member. It is encouraging to see the enthusiasm of pastors and church members (messengers appointed by their local Continue to page 4

Volume VI, Issue 4

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Annual Meeting, from page 1 quote of the proposal but merely a report. The Board of Trustees recommended a change to the Articles of Incorporation of the MBA. It dealt with the manner of appointment of the State Missionary. This change was read, and will be voted upon at next year’s annual meeting. 2013 Annual Meeting The 2013 Annual Meeting of the Minnesota Baptist

Association will be held in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota at Berean Baptist Church. The church is at 8825 West Broadway. Pastor Cary Flinck invites everyone to attend next year. Set aside these dates for next years meeting: June 28-29, 2013. There will be much more information coming in the new year. Pillsbury Campus Dr. Robert Fuller, Jr., Chairman of the Board of

P i l l s b u r y Baptist Bible College addressed the messengers on the status of the campus. The campus is now the property of the Community Resource Bank of Northfield, Minnesota. Dr. Fuller related the disappointment of the Board over not being able to sell the campus. However, he stressed that the Lord was in control. The Board is now considering how best to address the remaining issues before it.


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MBA Contacts Minnesota Baptist Association Rev. Gerald Stephens, President Community Baptist Church PO Box 212 New Prague, MN 56071 (952) 758-3287 State Missionary Rev. Robert Fuller, Sr. 1549 118th Lane NW Coon Rapids, MN 55448 (763) 568-4078 MBA Office Minnesota Baptist Association PO Box 527 Willmar, MN 56201-0527 Send Contributions to: Mr. Brian Veth, MBA Treasurer c/o Coon Rapids Baptist Church 11164 Hanson Blvd. Coon Rapids, MN 55433 Send Update Articles and Pictures to: North Star Update Editor 315 S. Payne St. New Ulm, MN 56073 (507) 354-3323

Fellowship Foundations, from page 2 churches) for the future of the MBA. July 8 – Following an enjoyable Fuller Family Reunion in Indiana, I was privileged to supply the pulpit at First Baptist, Preston, Pastor Geno Pyse (Michelle). It is always a privilege to fellowship again with those folk. We enjoyed a carry-in dinner before the afternoon Service. July 15 – We took the occasion to visit the Evening Service at Berean Baptist, pastor Cary Flinck (Nancy). Pastor Flinck acknowledged our presence as State Missionary for which I was very appreciative. July 25 and August 1 – I was asked by the deacons of our home church, Coon Rapids Baptist, to conduct the mid-

week services these two Wednesdays. The regular supply, Ron Gotzman, was ill. July 29 – We visited Harvest Baptist, Redwood Falls, Pastor Dwight DePenning (Shiela). Pastor gave me time to give a report of recent decisions in the Association. Rhoda and I had great fellowship with all the folks there once again. August 5 – Supplied the pulpit at Rockford Baptist, Rockford, Pastor Roger Louks (Sherrie) as pastor and Sherrie were on a vacation trip to Michigan. We always have great fellowship with our friends there, and luncheon (full meal with everything and dessert) was greatly enjoyed. They even sent home some leftovers from the meal.

August 12 – Again I had the privilege to supply the pulpit at First Baptist, Preston, Pastor Geno Pyse (Michelle) while they were on vacation. Not only did we appreciate that opportunity, but driving through the hills of “bluff country” on Sunday morning was beautiful. The folks there always treat us royally and are very responsive to God’s Word. Thus far, our schedule ahead includes enjoying the candidate for the pastorate at Coon Rapids and participating in the ordination council for our grandson, Rob Fuller, III, at Derby, Kansas. If there is anything I can do for you, or be of help to your ministry, please contact me.

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