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My Darling My darling someday I will have you in my arms And kiss you all day By: Cristian Delgado 7-2

My Love My darling let’s go To show our sincere love We are all alone By: Zuriel Negrón 7-2

The Love Love is beautiful And we can feel it so much Inside of our hearts By: Glendalys Rivera 7-2

Sweetheart Your eyes are blue pearls Because you live in my heart You’re the one I need By: Neileen Acosta 7-5

Extreme Sport Love is like playing An extreme sport it hurts you Still keep doing it By: Eric J. Ruiz 7-5

Kisses Your kisses gave life Dying of love every time My feelings are rife By: Paola Torres 7-1

The Teachers They teach us new things Their wisdom guide us through life I wish them good vibes By: Jediael Rivera 7-5

Comparing Love The sky is so blue It is like the deep ocean Next to me and you By: Sharlot Rivera 7-2

My Favorite Sport I love Volleyball, It is my favorite sport Bumping hard the balls By: Naiely Caraballo 7-4

The Animals They are beautiful Animals are smart and cute They are big and small By: Valerie Alicea 7-2

The Flamboyan Flamboyan flourish In the morning and the night Special to me! By: ElinĂŠs Verdejo 7-2

Puerto Rico Country of pleasure Beach, rivers and restaurants Enchantment island By: Michael Clemente 7-2

My God My God is awesome It’s good and is so prefect I love him so much By: Janelys Rosario 7-1

Friends Friends are so special They are the best thing I have They are good to me By: Raymond Romero 7-2

I Love You Darling I love you darling From the bottom of my heart Always be my star By: Carlos Lucena 7-2

Think About Before Future Think about yourself Don’t waste all you time in games Find novels all days By: Emanuel Muler 7-4

The beach The beach is so fun The kids are in the hot sand Building big castles By: Jennifer Asencio 7-2

Sister My sister is cute She’s little and awesome She’s the best sister By: Justmarie Tanco 7-2

The Heart It has love in it Difficult to understand It has memories By: Janeyssa Carri贸n 7-2

My Beach My beach is so calm There I can enjoy my self I do love that place By: Erica RodrĂ­guez 7-1

The Eyes You can’t see beyond Problems are hard to see close There are always hope By: Janeyssa Carrión 7-2

The Mind It has memory Beautiful pictures of love It remember us By: Janeyssa Carri贸n 7-2

My Brother My brother is big He is good to me and mom I’m happy with him By: Vicmarie Hernandez 7-2

The love Friends are a blessing, Full of peace and forgiveness Can’t lives without them By: Adrianely Garcia 7-4

A Girl You are so pretty I love your face, hair and eyes I’ll always love you By: Cesar Rodríguez 7-2

My Mother I love you mother My sweet heart, my mind, my soul A gift from God By: Peter SepĂşlveda 7-2

Best friends I love my best friends They love me and I love them I’m happy with them By: Shalimar Navarro 7-4

My People I love my people Because they are good to me They show me the way By: Naihomy M. Rivera 7-3

Dominican Republic It is a country And it has many cities Have fun in it By: Victor Marcelino 7-5

My school I wake up to school Then study and see my girl Then I’ll go home By: Aython Labiera 7-4

The Beach Let’s go to the beach It is a good place to go I like to swim there By: Kiria Carrión 7-5

Love Love is important It is the best thing ever It will never die By: Dianeliz Urbina 7-5

My Love My love is so bright Like the sun in the big sky Center of my life By: Aneshka Rodriguez 7-3

The PS3 game Let’s play tomorrow 2K14 sure why not And then play back…ops! By: Wilfredo Rodríguez 7-1

I Am Not Your Type I am not your type But if you open your eyes You can see my life By: Alexander Jimenez 7-3

Riding Bicycle I ride bicycle With my friends then someone felt Then he was ok By: Edwin Ayala 7-1

The rainbow They are very high Rainbows have lots of colors They come after rain By: Brandon Lozada 7-1

My Brothers My brothers are cool They always make me happy And I love them both By: Heidi Montalvo 7-1

Love I love him so much We’re forever together Our love is unique By: Esther Medina 7-1

The Love The love is so good It’s an unexplained feeling The love is perfect By: Yadielix Martinez 7-1

Godzilla The big Godzilla It’s destroying the city Humans know the end By: Otoniel Morales 7-1

My Friendship Friends are forever It’s a good relationship Between you and me By: Maria A. López 7-2

God God’s amazing love Sacrificed his son for us For eternal love By: Jouseph Del Rosario 7-2

Invitation My mom invite us To eat her wonderful meal Together in harmony By: Joshuan Marcucci 7-1

Invitation My mom invite us To eat her wonderful meal Together in harmony By: Joshuan Marcucci 7-1

Get out Love don’t cost a thing My heart is not open for you Get out of my heart By: Daniel J. Román 7-1

My mom My mom is pretty She always takes care of me She loves me so much. By: Shanishka M.Col贸n

The Volleyball I like volleyball It is a great and fun sport I am good at it. By: Zachary Ramos 7-5

God is God We should trust in God He is love to us always Like light in darkness By: Michael Bรกez 7-4

Nature The sun is yellow Nature is incredible Where trees talk to me By: Heriberto Ocasio 7-2

Thinking about you I think about you In the darkness of the night Your presence shines through By: Janymee Rosa

My Mom My mom is pretty She always takes care of me She loves me so much By: Shanishka Col贸n 7-5

The moon The moon shines through Like the sun shines my window In early mornings By: Miguel Vega 7-2

Love Love is above all It changes the heart and soul Magical feeling By: Liannette Nieves 7-4

God God is beautiful My friend, my savior, my love I will follow him By: Paola Caraballo 7-4

Basketball I love basketball It is my favorite sport It is the best thing By: Hectarlyn Nolasco 7-4

Chilling time The super cold wind On the early sunrise is Very chilling thing By: Kenneth Rivas 7-3

Chilling time The super cold wind On the early sunrise is Very chilling thing By: Kenneth Rivas 7-3

Haiku poems 7th grade  
Haiku poems 7th grade