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LIPAMANLI Bi-monthly Newsletter from the Baeders - Serving with SIM in Burkina Faso, West Africa

October 2011

Loving Relationships!

P R A Y E R Life in Burkina With many oppor tunities to serve and help others, we need daily wisdom to decide when to help and when to say no. Health:

Living Life to the Fullest: Appreciation of Community The mixed feelings we experienced last fall when we first settled in as the only SIM missionaries on the Fada station have long been replaced by a great appreciation of all the relationships we’ve been blessed with. Missionaries from other places, such as Mahadaga (picture above), have blessed us when we have had a chance to spend quality time - even if it was just a meal in passing. Our local co-workers here in Fada have become closer partners and friends. In fact, when we came back from our vacation in BoboDioulasso, the station employees had organized a welcome-back meal on station for us (grilled pizzas by Esther). We’ve also enjoyed visits from family members including Claudia, Marcus’ sister, who enjoyed her stay in Burkina, her first time in Africa. With relatively good internet access, we’ve been able to keep in touch with many family members and close friends. What a different world we live in compared to those who served here when there was no phone, no electricity, and no running water. The little inconveniences of daily life do not compare to the joy of living in community with others and enjoying the depth of understanding that arises through time spent together. We hope and pray that we would also be able to extend love and fellowship to whoever happens to pass through Fada N’Gourma. Will you pray with us that Christ’s love would be made ever-so-real through our presence here? It is no small thing to be serving here, but with His grace and strength, we are encouraged each day to cary on and find the things He places in our path that lead us to praise Him more.

Sayings of Silas During story telling time one evening, Daddy asks “Can you tell a story, Silas?” to which Silas answers “No, I can’t. It is too tricky for me!” Playing hide-and-seek (toddler version), Silas shouted from behind his hiding place, "Where's me, Daddy?" Hmmm... maybe we need to work on his strategy...

Jen’s symptoms of dryness have declined significantly in the last two months - praise God! Marcus has experienced some problems with his lungs, but is feeling better now. Silas and Marcus have fully recovered from Malaria! Pray that we would stay in good health so we can be fully present. Ministry: The busy travel season for the AIDS program will star t in October - pray for protection and strength. With school starting back up, Jen is figuring out how to spend time with the girls she disciples. Pray also for one of the girls who had to move out of town for her schooling. Support: What amazing testimony you are to the faithfulness of our Father.. Our support requirements are increasing a bit for this coming year - and we trust God to take care of our needs as he has in the past! Enter our name and/or account number: 72741, then select “Support” from the menu.

Silas farted. Daddy: "Was that an airplane?" Silas: "No, it was thunder in my butt."

Mail checks to: Receipting Department P.O. Box 7900 Charlotte, NC 28241

Silas: “My belly is not feeling well, I drank too much juice. I eat some fries and I will feel better?”

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include 72741 Baeders’ Support on the memo line. Thank you!

How do we deal with cultural and environmental issues? Many of you ask us how we put up with the challenges of living in a developing country and what that means for our lives. First, we consider it a privilege to live in a small town and in a nice house, with many friends around us. I believe that it is essential for us as missionaries to have strong relationships that are part of God’s way of carrying us through difficulties, like experiencing sickness and cultural challenges. Yes, there are moments when we don’t feel well or are simply exhausted by these challenges, but it is because we have a strong calling to be here that we are able to persevere - there is nothing superhuman about us. We simply serve an all-surpassing God who has provided for us even in the hard moments. You can rejoice with us as He continues to care for us in many small and great ways. And you can trust with us that He is able especially when we are not!

Upcoming Events and Visits: - The new semester for our HOPE for AIDS program is underway - several road trips planned - New missionaries, Charles & Sarah Millette, with their baby girl Lucie, will be arriving in January - Spiritual Life Conference - all SIM and associated missionaries meet in Fada for a 4-day conference November 17-20 - ICASA - International AIDS Conference in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia - Marcus will be gone December 3-12

(clockwise from top left): visiting Murdocks in Benin; Silas at his best; with Johnsons in Banfora; with Aunt Claudia; dessert on vacation with mommy; fries on vacation.


CONTINUING THE JOURNEY... What a blessing to be here and know God ’s peace! You have played a major role in caring for us, praying for us, supporting us, and partnering with us in the calling God has placed on our hea rts. Tha nk you! Merci beaucoup! Tuon tuon hali boncianla!

P.O. Box 7900 Charlotte, NC 28241

The Baeders SIM (Mission Protestante) B.P. 65 Fada N’Gourma Burkina Faso

Skype: baeders

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Jen & Marcus with Silas

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