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FALL 2012

LI PAM ANLI Abundant rains this season:

Hope for a good harvest!

PRAISE & PRAYER SILAS He keeps us entertained and on our toes. He loves to learn, and he has been in great health for the last several months! HEALTH Marcus continues to struggle on and off with a sensitive stomach and diarrhea, and Jen’s eyes get easily irritate and sensitive to light when she is tired, and has had some re-occurring bacterial eye infections. Praise God there are good antibiotic and steroid drops available.

As often happens in the weeks at the end of rainy season, people are wondering and hoping for a good harvest in a month or two. This year, the abundance of rain, although it may have come a bit late, is an assurance of fields loaded with grains. Driving along, you see Sorghum with its dark brown heads bent over, tall millet with full heads, and corn (maize) with plump ears on the stalk. The smell of roasted corn on the road-side gives one the scents of the African version of thanksgiving combined with the preparations to bring in the harvest in a few weeks time. We are grateful for the provision of abundance this year! Our gracious Father has indeed answered prayers, and a second year of borderline famine will certainly be avoided this time around.

HOPE FOR AIDS Pray for patience with frequent internet issues as Marcus relies heavily on a decent connection in order to collaborate with his colleagues world-wide TRAVELS & SLC Pray for protection as Marcus travels to Zimbabwe for a project visit and South Africa for the biaannual HOPE for AIDS workshop early November. Pray for Jen and Silas during his absence. Pray also for the preparations for the SIM Burkina Faso Spiritual Life Conference November 22-25 held here in Fada.

Sorghum is almost ripe!

Rainy season for the soul:

Learning and Rest While the rains here in Burkina Faso bring many activities to a halt, we also took a break and went to Switzerland in September. Marcus was participating in the Micah Network Global Consultation held in Thun, while Jen and Silas got to


spend time at Marcus’ aunt’s house. After the consultation, Marcus also was able to have a week of rest. We enjoyed time outdoors, on tandem bikes, in the garden, and most of all fun moments with family. It was truly refreshing for us as a family like a good rain!

Jen with Silas in Gwatt, Lake of Thun The consultation addressed several topics that are important in our journey towards integral mission, not only in our programs and organizations, but our personal lives as well. I was particularly struck by a renewed call for us Christians to be involved and aware at all levels of life and culture, and to stand up for issues of justice. The participants were very diverse and hailed from over 50 countries, which allowed for great discussions and exchanges - in particular around the idea of partnerships between the global north and the global south. It became clear that being part of a traditional white and northern organization brings forth the challenge of what it means to become a more integral organizations as we move more and more to a global “from everywhere - to everywhere” identity. It is an exciting time, filled with challenges, but also rewarding in new ideas and approaches!

Micah 6:8b


FALL 2012 Moments with Nona and Bazegner

The whole extended family

Rainy Season Colors in front of our house

Regional instability

Do we feel safe? Many of you have followed the news over the last few months regarding the crisis in Mali, our neighbors to the Northwest. By some estimates, over 50,000 refugees have crossed the border into Burkina Faso and are occupying mostly the northern areas of the country. Along with the occupation of northern Mali, there is a real increase in presence or activity of groups supporting the rebellion in Mali, and with that, warnings against traveling to the North of Burkina Faso have been issued by embassies. We are located quite a bit further south than where the potential problems are, and at this point, there is not a threat against us and we are safe, as are our missionary colleagues, even though some had to leave the northern region. Nonetheless, we ask for prayer that the conflict in Mali may be resolved with a minimum of bloodshed and that the leaders involved in the planning would have wisdom in coming up with a postoccupation solution, so that the refugees can return home.

Keeping Busy

Dates & Events Oct 31-Nov 4: whole family in Ouaga, Marcus participates in SIM Burkina Faso Area Council meetings. Nov 4-11: Marcus visits HOPE for AIDS Zimbabwe Nov 12-17: HOPE for AIDS workshop in Johannesburg Nov 22-25: Spiritual Life Conference

The Baeders SIM (Mission Protestante) B.P. 65 Fada N’Gourma Burkina Faso Skype: baeders J: +226 71 28 69 29 M: +226 74 61 31 51 Landline: +226 40 77 00 12 BLOG:

THANK YOU for all your support and care - we know and feel the love you have for us, and are privileged to be able to serve here in Africa!


Much love, Jen, Marcus, and Silas

Micah 6:8b

Lipamanli Fall 2012  

The Baeder Family Newsletter

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