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LIPAMANLI Bi-monthly Newsletter from the Baeders - Serving with SIM in Burkina Faso, West Africa

February 2012

The Heart of Development

P R A Y E R Podjama (picture above) One of the girls Jen has been able to spend time with. Pray for continued growth and hear t development, as well as good success in school for her. Health: Jen has recently recovered from a bout of malaria and a bacterial stomach infection and is doing well. Silas is growing, and besides the normal ‘battle scars’ of an active boy, he is healthy. Marcus has a few stomach issues here and there, but nothing major. Praising God for our health!

Living Life to the Fullest: Developing our own Hearts What a trendy topic: development! It is used in all kinds of settings and contexts, but with it comes the big question of reflection: What is my own development? During these last months, we have come to appreciate the priority of time away from the burdens of everyday life and ministry. Before Christmas, we spent some time as a family, trying to see what it means to create the space necessary for personal and family development. Not an easy task, as there were many things to get done and organized. Over the holiday season, many visits contributed to our heart-development as we got to spend time with old and new friends, talking, ‘hanging out’, eating, fellowshipping, and enjoying the season. It is amazing how much God encourages our hearts and helps us grow through the words and wisdom of others. This, I believe, is also key to our own development. Of course, family visits, such as that of Jen’s parents in January, are encouraging and fun, and the generation before us certainly has life-wisdom that we can learn from. Finally, we are learning as a couple and as a family to be more intentional about sharing from the heart with each other and trying to create the space to do so. More and more, we see our own need for development, because it is only when we learn and allow God to develop our own hearts that we can encourage others in their own development. What a blessing to be here in Burkina Faso, where the many relationships provide us a chance to develop, and where God provides opportunities to spur others on in their journey.

Ministry and Family: With the increased travel for Marcus, pray for protection of our family and for increased quality times spent together. Pray also for strength for Jen during the times when Marcus is absent. Silas: He is becoming a talkative, kind, active, and smart little boy. Pray that he would grow in his understanding of God and turn his heart toward Jesus. Support: You have all been faithful and we see God’s hand in His provision for us. Thank you and praise God!

Sayings of Silas While watching the news, he sees the chimney of a nuclear plant and says “Look, there is steam in a bucket!”

Daddy asked Silas “Where are grandma and grandpa?” He responded “In the computer.” (many skype calls!)

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While mommy was cooking, Silas says “Smells good, mommy. Thank you for cooking!” After having a blast at his friends house, Silas tells the mom “Je veux sleep ici!”

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While daddy is holding Silas before bedtime, Silas says “When I’m big and you are little, then I can hold you.”

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An international opportunity for development After almost six months of reflection, prayer, discussions, and heart-searching, I (Marcus) agreed to become the international coordinator for SIM’s HOPE for AIDS projects. The appointment was made official at the beginning of December and a few days later, I was on my way to Ethiopia for an international AIDS conference, followed by a workshop organized by HOPE for AIDS. In this new role, I’m being stretched as I learn to understand our 40 projects in eleven countries and listen to the project leaders as they share their wisdom, insights, and ideas. What a blessing to work with a wonderful group of people who seek to serve God as they respond to HIV and AIDS. I will continue to be involved with the AIDS program here in Burkina Faso, and continue to help with SIM responsibilities. It is truly amazing that with internet and decent flight connections, it is possible to do international work while living in Burkina Faso. If you would like to know more about this new role, feel free to write, call or skype me.

The Millette Family On January 13, we were able to welcome Charles, Sarah, and Lucie (9 months) here in Fada. They come from Montreal, Canada, and have joined us here. It is good to have neighbors on station again, and we are looking forward to this new friendship. Charles is getting involved in youth and sports ministries, while Sarah is seeking the Lord to show her what her involvement might be alongside her role as mother.

Upcoming Events and Visits: - February 28 - 29: Marcus visits training session in the Gnagna Region of Burkina with the HOPE for AIDS team - March 3 - 7: Beth Prado, friend from Jen’s days at Georgetown University visits Fada - March 8 - 11: Deborah Haldemann, a short term missionary stationed in Ouaga visits Fada for a few days - March 11 - 14: Jen and Silas go to Ouaga where Jen will help organize a few things for the guesthouse - March 6 - 26: Marcus flies to South Africa to visit several HOPE for AIDS projects - April: Marcus goes on one or two training session visits in the Tapoa region of Burkina - May 9 - 27: Family vacation in southern France (thanks to timeshares from Marcus’ parents). We will be joined by Marcus’ parents, his sister Claudia, Silas’ great-grandmother, Marcus’ brother Johannes with his wife Christa, and Lee, one of our best friends from the US. top left: Silas learns how to make dumplings. top right: Marcus with three Burkinabé coworkers at AIDS Conference in Ethiopia. bottom right: with the Millettes. bottom center: with Jean and Honorine. bottom left: with grandpa, grandma, and Bouama


CONTINUING THE JOURNEY... Even though there are many kilometers between us and most of you, we appreciate the care you show us via email, facebook, phone calls, and prayers. Without your partnership, we would not be able to do what we do. Thank you! Merci beaucoup! Tuon tuon hali boncianla!

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Jen & Marcus with Silas

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