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Hoffman Industrial Company 1510 Irwin Drive Erie, PA 16505 814/452-2698

A Proud History of Providing Professional Rigging, Machinery Moving Services In business since 1846, Hoffman Industrial Co. has the unique distinction of being the oldest rigging and machinery moving company in continuous operation in the United States, as well as the oldest of any company on record in Erie, Pennsylvania. Hoffman’s earliest work was using horses to move barns and houses during the mid-19th century when new areas were being developed in the Erie area. As Hoffman’s expertise in the moving of structures grew during the 1900s, the Industrial Revolution and the World Wars led to a major increase in manufacturing plants and the need for industrial services. Hoffman expanded and began to serve industry by rigging, moving and installing major pieces of equipment. To put the start of Hoffman Industrial in perspective, the telephone wasn’t invented until 1876, the automobile until 1885, and the first college football game not played until 1892 (Rutgers vs. Princeton). In 1846, the American flag had only 28 stars. While Hoffman’s history is dated, its equipment is not. Over the past three years, Hoffman Industrial has added 10 pieces of equipment to service its customer, including four material handling/ forklifts, three tractor/trailers/tilt-beds and three support vehicles. Some are highlighted below.

Art Hammond is the president and owner of Hoffman Industrial Co.


In a matter of seconds the system can quickly and effortlessly be opened and closed. Hoffman is the first and only rigging/machinery moving company in its market with a rolling tarp system. Working from the trailer’s deck or alongside on the ground, one person can operate the system in a couple of minutes. Walk tarp closed, tension the tarp, lower the flap door and depart… it’s that easy. A rolling tarp completely eliminates the handling of individual tarps and reduces the need to climb onto and off of a trailer, making injuries less likely. “Customers appreciate the professional appearance and superior protection of their asset from the elements and are happy loads are not touched by a tarp,” says President Art Hammond. “Hoffman’s crew, on the other hand, appreciate the ability to easily unload, load and tarp without ever leaving the ground.” Landoll 440B Hoffman’s 2018 Landoll trailer is equipped with the new hydraulic operating system. This new system cuts the overall operational time in half. The Landoll is a traveling axle trailer with

a capacity of 40 tons that can handle tough equipment with easy one-man operation. Landoll’s 440B are the first models with these standard features. “With strict maintenance standards and continued investment in equipment, Hoffman industrial prides itself on the reliability and presentation of its equipment,” says Hammond. “Our modern, maintained equipment offers operators and customers maximum performance and safety on the job.” Proud of its rich history and tradition, Hoffman has grown to become a premier rigging/ machinery moving company servicing the tristate area. With modern equipment, industry specific trained workforce and proper insurance credentials for its industry, Hoffman Industrial is ready for the next rigging project. “We are approved vendors for Fortune 500 companies because we meet their strict safety standards and insurance requirements,” says Hammond. “Whether you are a small, medium or large company with single or multiple machine moves, located locally or out of state... . ‘Let Hoffman do your heavy lifting.’ ”

Hoist 25/35 and 15/25 Forklifts The Hoist 25/35 and 15/25 forklifts are versatile and innovative, 100% Made in the USA, forklifts with key features that can’t be found in older model forklifts. Both have an innovative extendable counterweight system and are compact enough to maneuver in confined areas. Rolling Tarp Hoffman Industrial Co. added to its fleet a step deck trailer equipped with a rolling tarp system. • OCTOBER 2018


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